Notes 11-30-13

Cuba will be devastated by one of the coming storms.
Syria will be attacked by its neighbor, fed up.

My Comments: They are still set on damaging weather affecting the Florida area, even though Hurricane season is officially over.


Comet ISON

Did this Prediction happen, if so it is flawed, perhaps the scorched ground is the Sun, explains the soft ground.

Notes on 10-22-13
I had a visual of a comet or meteor in the distant sky. Then it switched, in one area the ground was scorched, destroyed and damaged. I asked spirit for more clarity and they showed a soft ground being smashed.

The Facts on 11-28: Comet ISON Disintegrates in Sun

Prediction for Obamacare 2014

For 2014

Obamacare will take an entire year to get past its debacles and delays but when it does it’s all right.. it does work.. Those who oppose it will not give up their position even after it glides without issue… The Chair is missing a small piece. – Spirits Voice

Eric’s comments: Oh how I willingly open the flood gates.. remember just the messenger. There was mention of even more delays, not just computer ones. There was also mentioned of a doctor shortage. Chair? I could only guess they are talking about a missing piece of this large system that is rolling out, but it was very small.


Notes on 11-28-13 Australia Cyclone

In Australia, a cyclone.. northern.. Queensland.. when the gifts are wrapped.

Eric’s Comments: Late December? I have to assume the gifts are Christmas shopping making it the second half of December but before December 26th. Otherwise we are looking at March around my birthday. The location is sketchy are they saying Northern Queensland, or are they predicting a cyclone from the Northern Territory to Queensland. Please Australia take precautions.

Notes on 11-27-13

The whopper storm is forming, so massive, it carries quiet the punch.. in the northeast US.. twice.

December is a bad month.. with multiple disasters.

“Ok that’s it” as if fed up “One nation attacks another” I had a visual of a bomb falling from the sky, a nation was under attack. “It is a testament to whether or not the UN is a functioning purposeful body.”

I had a visual of a building wall with one very large hole as if a bomb exploded. There was rubble everywhere.

I had a visual of a man laying down with a sniper rifle, looking into his scope.

A Prediction is due: In half an hour.

Eric’s Comments: I have to assume ‘twice’ is a reference to their acknowledgement of the current storm crossing the Northeast, they seem to imply another. Which nation is attacked? We need to find that out, it’s not the US.

Glossary Reference: Whopper, hour under Minutes.

Notes on 11-25-13

I had a visual of several boats demolished by the coast. “China, the coast line damaged.” – There was mention of Taiwan but its unclear if it’s the same storm.

“The whopper storms aren’t over, there are more coming this winter.”

“The Kraken affects the US in the winter”

Glossary Reference: Whopper

Eric’s Comments: I believe we are talking about 3 different situations with a consistent theme that our stormy season is not over.

The Plan

“Nothing in the future is stable and we have every intention of shattering its tragedies.” – The Conductor

The Plan for 2014, our meeting:
We have two focus points in 2014, to be more accurate than we have ever been before and by the end of the year shatter at least a small piece of one of these tragedies that are predicted. The glossary is up. The Spirits opinions will continue. The summary page stays. We also discussed summarizing predictions at the end of the week a sort of recap of the daily posts, but also feel it might be repetitious. My opinions will be separated and presented in blue. We don’t plan to add any new type of predictions as our focus is more accuracy. Finally a new name other than “Notes”, I leave that up to you my fans, any ideas?

Glossary Reference: ‘Conductor’