Notes on 11-27-13

The whopper storm is forming, so massive, it carries quiet the punch.. in the northeast US.. twice.

December is a bad month.. with multiple disasters.

“Ok that’s it” as if fed up “One nation attacks another” I had a visual of a bomb falling from the sky, a nation was under attack. “It is a testament to whether or not the UN is a functioning purposeful body.”

I had a visual of a building wall with one very large hole as if a bomb exploded. There was rubble everywhere.

I had a visual of a man laying down with a sniper rifle, looking into his scope.

A Prediction is due: In half an hour.

Eric’s Comments: I have to assume ‘twice’ is a reference to their acknowledgement of the current storm crossing the Northeast, they seem to imply another. Which nation is attacked? We need to find that out, it’s not the US.

Glossary Reference: Whopper, hour under Minutes.

13 thoughts on “Notes on 11-27-13”

  1. I can firmly say that the nation attacked is Iran. With the new deals put in place last weekend, Israel is pissed beyond belief and is threatening to attack. However I see the mainstream media blaming the attack on Iran as a “False Flag”.

    The man with a rifle; Could it elude to something JFK related? Something about another shooter or the declassification of some file(s)?

  2. I found this prediction on another site… World War III. Saudis are leading the war. No one understands. Saudi and USA are partners against Iran and Russia. It will be posted as misleading. No USA media wants us to understand this. Middle people will be misled and die.
    Goal for Iran is to take over Islamic Arabic nation empire Shia. History has proven Iraqis had same plan as Iran to make Sunni empire. Saudis with help of USA eliminated power of Iraq. In 80s Saudi funded Iraq and trained Iraq by USA.
    Iranians funded and trained by Russians. Saudi is head of the snake. Innocents pay the price for this agenda.

  3. Check out the National Hurricane center! there is a “huge” storm forming that could hit the North East! Eric you “are” a blessing! I will be shopping for extra groceries Friday to be prepared just incase…. generator will be ready to with extra gas…THANK YOU ERIC!!!!! XXOO

  4. Well I hope that is wrong, with this first step towards Iran I had hoped it would eventually lead to another deal that solves the situation in Syria. Certainly Japan is flexing its muscle once again in its dispute for the turdy little islands China says are theirs. And the U.S. has sided with Japan by flying their bombers over the disputed areas. Sheesh.

  5. Thank you Eric! And the spirits too!

    Wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

    …Will try to get the word out for warnings.

  6. Well … I don’t think it will be a Chinese/American/Japanese event. All know better, especially due to the economies being strongly tied to each other and in the end China really has nothing to gain from it. I would roll the dice on Israel/Iran or Turkey/Syria.

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