The Plan

“Nothing in the future is stable and we have every intention of shattering its tragedies.” – The Conductor

The Plan for 2014, our meeting:
We have two focus points in 2014, to be more accurate than we have ever been before and by the end of the year shatter at least a small piece of one of these tragedies that are predicted. The glossary is up. The Spirits opinions will continue. The summary page stays. We also discussed summarizing predictions at the end of the week a sort of recap of the daily posts, but also feel it might be repetitious. My opinions will be separated and presented in blue. We don’t plan to add any new type of predictions as our focus is more accuracy. Finally a new name other than “Notes”, I leave that up to you my fans, any ideas?

Glossary Reference: ‘Conductor’

11 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. I think those are great ideas! Do you see anything with comet Ison as it passes from the 28th till December 26th?

  2. I like the “notes” part, so changing it may confuse people who are already accustomed to your style of writing. The idea of making a summary week to week is a great idea. I like that idea, because it’s less to search when I haven’t had a change to check in here. My job and kids keeps me very busy…lol. To recap a week on one page would be great!

  3. suggestion: not that you arent great at tagging, but could you be a bit more thorough? im looking for a specific post about the earthquake in california. it was up a few months back. It says something like “when you see this happen, know that the california earthquake is next” but i cant find it… ive looked up key words earthquake, california, alaska, flag… i cant remember the exact wording of the prediction but it gave a specific event that is different than the other predictions and is not under any tags that would identify it! thank you!

  4. I must be an idiot, I can’t find Conductor in glossary and nothing comes up in search.

  5. Hi Eric,

    All great ideas. Would you consider putting the Glossery up as a menu item on the top bar?

    thanks 🙂

    1. Arrrggggghhhhh … ‘never mind’, as Emily Litella would say. 🙂 I see the Glossary on the menu.

  6. I love what the Conductor said and how he said it. You should add that to the header section, top right:). I also love the notes and your comments the way they are. Your insight and overview is essential and I like to see it identified apart from what the spirits actually communicated to you. The site works really well, at least for me. Better tagging is always great and the 2014 Plan’s focus on more details should improve that. BTW, I’m OK with the spirits being themselves so I would like for everything to be out there, without any censorship, but I’ll leave that to you. I appreciate the work you guys are doing.

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