Notes on 11-25-13

I had a visual of several boats demolished by the coast. “China, the coast line damaged.” – There was mention of Taiwan but its unclear if it’s the same storm.

“The whopper storms aren’t over, there are more coming this winter.”

“The Kraken affects the US in the winter”

Glossary Reference: Whopper

Eric’s Comments: I believe we are talking about 3 different situations with a consistent theme that our stormy season is not over.

9 thoughts on “Notes on 11-25-13”

  1. Could the Kracken be the N California earthquake which would affect the US in the winter if it happens in a chronological order stated from a previous prediction of seeing certain things happen which could possibly be… after the JFK flags at half staff and gathering of Americans at Thanksgiving time. I thought it was interesting that you said “we are talking about 3 different situations”. As in “3 is key 3” from the same above previous predictions. Just trying to put it all together. Also Thanks so much for the glossary. I am fairly new to all of this and was totally confused by what you were putting out there before you added it. I also think that the Spirits should be able to voice their opinions etc. If we are choosing to read/trust these words/messages they are giving you to help the world then I think we should be kind enough to also trust their opinions from a higher realm.

    1. I have lived in Colorado for the past five years and know that they don’t really consider Winter time here with the coldest temps until January and later. So maybe not even until 2014??

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