Typhoon Haiyan Destruction

This prediction has happened,  the news now reports that Philippines Typhoon Haiyan has taken an estimated 10,000 lives and the destruction hampers rescue efforts.

Notes on 10-7-13
“Millions will be affected when the clay plate shatters, TIDE..”
..The clay plate is a reference to a previous prediction that implies mass damage, now they are adding millions would be affected, they keep using the word TIDE that points to a large Hurricane/Typhoon or the one event this blog talks about the most, a Tsunami expected on the west coast.  I am wrong on my opinion,  maybe 14 represents something else.

Notes on 9-27-13
I saw a large clay square plate that was shattered and crushed. Followed by the words TIDE.
I am unfortunately familiar with this message. They have used the clay plate visual before, the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. It’s a visual of how overwhelmingly destructive a situation is. If you recall it was a crack that described Mexico’s earthquake.  The key part is that when they provided the message for Japan, it happened a few weeks later. One would guess that it’s the Tsunami (key # 12) they predicted on the west coast. Also possible is a hurricane, or something we haven’t predicted, all of which is a guess.

Notes on 3-16-13
…Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.

My comments: This is such a tragic event and my heart pours out to all in the Philippines. We have to work towards changing these horrible predictions. This is the reason, the point of why we write these world predictions to warn everyone what is coming and give the possibility to change these tragic events through awareness.


5 thoughts on “Typhoon Haiyan Destruction

  1. Thank you Eric for your effort, the problem is that the message can’t be precise, look the first note was in March, 8 months before!!!!… from there we have more than one typhoon in philipines, which one will be the ONE??
    I mean of course you are making a incredible effort, but my question is if the spirits wants to save lives why not be more accurate??
    My experience indicate that they can’t…..they know what will happen because events in the astral world happen before (look first notes 8 months before) than in real world but to match that with exact time and date cannot be done by them, they are not incarnate and realtime is something they cannot get. Only humans can’t extract clues from this and that can be done by interpretation, since humans are in realtime world, but again so many signs …..
    Hope I”m wrong.

    • Hi Paul, please reference Major events predicted, for example.
      Mexico earthquake predicted between the 20th to 23rd of 2012 — happened on the 20th
      The spider will crawl on the 28th, spider representing a sinster terror like act — happened on the 29th at 1am,
      Earthquake, perhaps mexico, predicted for 8-16 — happened on 8-16 in New Zealand and Mexico.
      Prediction 3-16 was a message that summarized the biggest storms/hurricanes and the 3 places that would be hit hard, Philippines, Japan, and Florida for 2013. At the end of 2012 they said the two nightmares of 2013 would be revised terrorism and mass flooding/ big storms.
      I would agree though if there is anything on this blog that has room for improvement its our timing of the events. But it can be done and we will continue to improve on our mistakes. The real issue is putting all the pieces together, because they present these predictions in pieces. Thanks for the feedback

  2. We will work our best to get more accurate timing for the 2014 Typhoons and Hurricanes, because we really do want to change the outcome of these horrible events by making people aware and better prepared.

  3. it would be great to get a better reading for the next 6 weeks of the year. its seems there is a lot of cosmic activity, so there will be a lot of planetary activity as a response… earthquakes, blackouts… any help would be great! or more clarification on the “3 is the key earthquake”

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