Comet ISON

Did this Prediction happen, if so it is flawed, perhaps the scorched ground is the Sun, explains the soft ground.

Notes on 10-22-13
I had a visual of a comet or meteor in the distant sky. Then it switched, in one area the ground was scorched, destroyed and damaged. I asked spirit for more clarity and they showed a soft ground being smashed.

The Facts on 11-28: Comet ISON Disintegrates in Sun

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  1. there is speculation that it hasnt completely disintegrated… some believe it is a false information to keep people in the dark about whats is really happening with ISON. believe what you will 😉 im not sure what the truth is.

    1. With all due respect, if you are not sure what the truth is, then why plant seeds in the minds of the readers here? The conspiracy crap really belongs on the boards that espouse it, not here. YouTube and Google are full of conspiracy crap about 2012, Mayans, Comets, Niburu and what not and not a bit of it has proved out.

      1. If it was all conspiracy, this blog would be labelled as such as well. You could turn it around and say that seeds are being planted in a direction on this blog, right? I said im not sure what the truth is, im trying to find out for myself, which is what the point is… im not going to completely dismiss something as conspiracy, because i have seen things with my own eyes and had my own experiences with things i used to think were “conspiracy” and call people crazy for even suggesting- once i woke up to a few things, they’ve been hard to ignore…. so im just presenting another side, it is up to the reader to interpret it as accept it if they choose. I only know the things that have proved out in my life, just because you havent experienced it, doesnt mean it isnt there.
        his posting (not attacking you personally ELP) ends with “The Facts”, but im not sure that they are. So, *with all due respect*, I am allowed to have an opinion, and though it might be different than yours- that doesn’t make it “conspiracy crap” 🙂

      2. It is unlikely you will ever find the truth as you are too busy chasing conspiracy. Learning to use discernment will serve you well.

      3. In response to your other posting. I have already found MY truth. The truth is variable by person and experience. Im sorry, when did i meet you in person and tell you all about conspiracy theories?! First of all, i’m not a conspiracy theorist so i wouldn’t be talking about that- and secondly, i certainly don’t remember getting to know you in a way that would warrant you to randomly negatively attack me….. But i do have more than enough discernment to know when someone is up on a high horse attacking others personally for having a differing opinion.
        It is a blog, i am allowed to contribute. It is here to engage the readers and the input of the readers often times helps to put the puzzle pieces together…that is why we like it, because we are trying to help. I personally enjoy trying to put pieces together and find things that may fit with the predictions.
        You will do no good contributing to the overall mission of the blog if you personally attack its readers because they differ in opinion from you or because they think something is relevant that you may not agree with, so maybe having a bit of discernment about that will serve you and the mission of the blog well. 😉

  2. My question is what scorched ground where they refering to? The comet or the Earth? Comets do not have ‘ground’ per se, but if they are using metaphor then I would guess this is a hit. Can you ask them again.

      1. Yep … but nothing like ground. It is a bit hot also. 🙂 But, pull away the 3d aspects that we see and it could appear as ground in a vision. Picture something along the lines of a firm, yet undulating surface of molten lava.

  3. Sorry Eric but I dont think spirits talk about sun , I mean what is the purpouse of talking about it?? If they are telling you something like this must be earth related.

    1. Oh no they love to talk about the happenings of the stars. There are 4 predictions that just discuss space. The solar flares turning off the radios, A green planet we will find, water on mars, and a star or planet being destroyed. In some ways the future is riddled with space exploration, and they are getting started now with predictions. The other more obvious reason (they failed this time) is the rare event space brings. So many critics say how easy it is to predict a hurricane since they happen so often, it would hard for them to say the same here.

      1. Worse than damaged. 🙂 It is now a mess of space ooze, still traveling but not with the same character as before approaching the sun. You stated it ‘Disintegrates in Sun’ which implies the comet moved into the sun, as a previous comet did and went poof.

        As we know, visons are not always clear and are sometime abbreviated; what you saw could well have appeared as the comet disintegrating in the sun. I believe you can take this as a ‘hit’ on the prediction list. The comet has all be disintegrated in its passing the sun. It now is space ooze traveling and producing no real tail or characteristics of a comet.

  4. If you look at the website they have an article in which they state that they now believe Comet ISON may still be intact but with a smaller nucleus. In other words, it did survive the close encounter with the Sun. There is also a video which is really interesting to watch. It covers Nov 27th thru the 29th I believe and shows what looks to be Comet Ison streaming away from the sun after it passes by it. So perhaps your prediction wasn’t flawed??

    1. Thanks Jules, Perhaps, either way it could be clearer, I will say the next time we see completely scorched ground we have to remember they might be talking about the Sun.

  5. Wrong comet, still many rocks heading our way…specially with that brown dwarf in the solar system 😉 to nay sayers, I would ask for you to prove me wrong before you discredit anything, nasa propaganda has no value, as they don’t tell the truth, look how many images are doctored, missing feeds etc…but seriously, what was that thing trailing ison on the secchi cams???

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