“Israel will find itself against the world, not on the same page, as it holds on to the old.” Spirits Voice

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  1. Gaynor Avatar

    Does this mean your guides are now political…….perhaps they can also vilify the rebel cannibals that are murdering and raping Christians in Syria… I feel sorry for Israel trying to protect itself from the fanatical murderers all around……
    Do the guides also foresee the rise of the fascist Muslim caliphate….
    God help but someone’s on the wrong page or putting forward their own ideology and agenda and trying to state their guides told them…..interesting by highly unlikely…..more like a personal agenda…
    The thought of Islam destroying Jerusalem like they destroyed all other non Muslim churches and places of historic or religious history….will become a case of I told you so.
    But then it seems that the dark ones are not only destroying Israel and the Jewish people but Christians….

    1. teletech Avatar

      Way over the top there Gaynor …. take a chill pill. Israel is about the most evil and corrupt country on the planet. The have their own version of aparthied involving the Palestinians. ELP’s prediction or message is nothing more than that, I seriously doubt that any of his personal feelings or beliefs are involved in the message.

      1. Gaynor Avatar

        Lol Israel is not evil or corrupt…..let’s talk about the dictionary definition of apartheid…Saudis Arabia and most other Islamic countries has separate toilets for non Muslims, women are kowed their is no religious diversity and I could go on…that’s apartheid and I have experienced this first hand in Islamic countries, I have also been to Israel ….they have a great government which include Muslims and Christians , how many Islamic countries have non Muslims in government…that’s apartheid. These countries also enforce halal meat on everyone that’s apartheid as well as animal cruelty…ELP always stated his predictions are in advance not when they are happening….funny he comes out with this when the G5+1 have agreed to lift sanctions on Iran today…..some prediction…therefore, it is his own personal view…. Thing previously predicted have been wrong like prince William will have a baby girl, gosh 50/50 chance of getting that right, but no he was wrong, he just ran with what others were saying, again, it was his own personal view and there have been other wrong predictions. I don’t know maybe his spirit guides were having an off day or he interpreted wrong….but I do know this is a wrong interpretation because it is without meaning…just a wide sweeping statement so unlike his predictions…….

    2. Sheri (@capserone) Avatar

      Gaynor:: I think the one with the ideology issues here is you.

  2. Linda Avatar

    Don’t let this stuff get you down, Eric. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  3. Sheri (@capserone) Avatar

    Eric: Methinks Gaynor doth protest too much. Don’t let the trolls get you down…they are everywhere these days….they live and breath negativity.

  4. Gaynor Avatar

    Sad, but see what I mean….you suddenly get classed as a troll when you disagree….does this mean we are all supposed to accept what ELP says……funny the people who call you a troll only come out and answer when you disagree with ELP…..funny they never comment on other
    posts…just blindly accept and follow I guess….. However, I question and so does ELP as he often
    states he will go back to his guides and get clarification…. Guess it brings out the left wing, let’s storm congress lot which are known anti-Semites…..and they trust Muslims….Taqiyya ….
    It’s so funny you get one person that wants to question and suddenly all these left wing wannabes throwing the usual political words like apartheid, negativity….troll be damned I have probably been commenting good and bad on here before you all joined the group… But it just goes to show what’s happening around the world the minority have found a way to attack the majority….Its as if ELP has joined the one world order…and his minions do the bidding……after all wasn’t it on here the term one world order was first coined….

  5. TeleTech Avatar

    Eric … don’t sweat this. When someone starts calling people anti-Semites you know you are dealing with a troll or someone that is so biased in their view that they do not, cannot or do not want to see the truth. Today, the world powers are attempting detente with Iran and Israel is opposed to these talks. That says it all about who is the odd man out. Pointing out this action of Israel has nothing to do with ‘anti’ anything and everything to do with Israel and its intent. Israel, like all nations, will reap its spiritual reward or karma for the nations actions.

    I have yet to see any post or prediction made by you that had even a hint of political or religious overtone to it. You do a very fine job at keeping your ego out of these predictions and presenting just what the Spirit tells you.

    1. Gaynor Avatar

      Lol well at least you know where most people who are true stand and that’s with Israel as per the bible..shame I’m not Jewish I might have been offended….the world is not attempting detente they are selling out to the Islamic nations for oil and since Israel has now found its own oil reserves the surrounding countries do not like it… by one countries are being manipulated and over taken by dark forces and they don’t even know ..I refer to when the spirit guides said all Israel’s enemies will fall….and that was back last year….perhaps the political leanings know something we do not…..time will tell….Israel now has it’s own oil reserves and the surrounding countries do not like it….countries have already been outflanked, manipulated and invaded by forces contrary to that countries beliefs all for the surrender to what the spirit guides class as the one world order….seem we all now have to tow the mantra…fortunately, I was born with free will and my own prophesies to thy own self be true….(for the mark that is now being made upon every human will be erased……..Israel will be the beacon that will prevail, that no man must turn from)…..(Nostradamus)…

  6. t-hest Avatar

    The term “one world order” or “new world order” “NWO” has been around for a very long time. it was not coined on here and he has definitely not joined it. i do not think his post was political, you interpreted it is such. “holding onto the old” is very vague. It would mean land, it could mean leaders, it could mean religious views, it could mean old aqueducts or ways of raising crops, it could mean a way of schooling, and yes it could mean politics… but you went of on a tangent when it is clearly you who has the bias. Im not saying his prediction is right or wrong, just please have some etiquette and if you disagree, dont attack him personally, thats where it crosses the line. thank you.

  7. t-hest Avatar

    and yes, i cannot spell correctly today- hopefully my post is still understood.

    1. Gaynor Avatar

      I did say in the previous post above it was a wide sweeping statement…..I went of on a tangent in reply to teletech above who basically provoked my outburst. I did state at the beginning it was a sweeping statement that needs more clarification….I have no bias I just disagree with people who put forward wrong analysis when they have never been to the country and apparently only have their view by listening to propaganda….I was not attacking ELP personally….I only asked for clarification based on other issues….my attack was towards Teletech…

  8. azar Avatar

    Gaynor…why are you still posting on this site? You are talking all this BS but yet you keep reading. Seek attention else where please, let Eric do what he does best..if you dont agree then stay off of it. Bottom line.

    1. Gaynor Avatar

      Funny….who said I disagreed….were you jumping to conclusions….

      1. Sheri (@capserone) Avatar

        You did! Read what you wrote, over and over! If that was not disagreement with a huge bias and a pretty nasty tirade….well, you know what they say about if the shoe fits!

  9. Sandy Avatar

    Thank you Eric and please thank the spirits for us too for the effort. Keep up the good work.

  10. Gaynor Avatar

    Bless….and my shoes fit pretty good….does yours..? Remember these pages are only for entertainment purposes and not to be taken literally or as the gospel truth. Lol

    1. Sheri (@capserone) Avatar

      And why are you here? Clearly you don’t think much of the prediction….just want to see if you can cause problems? That’s what trolls do. It is fine with me if you don’t agree but putting different meanings, political, religious and otherwise into the prediction that were not there to begin with seems to have no purpose except to cause discord. Why?

    2. AZAR Avatar

      Gaynor… once again.. why are you here?? NO ONE HERE said it is gospel truth. You did. Stay off the site. YOur just a waste of time. You say and DISAGREE on most of the things on here… it amazes me how you read up on it though… delete yourself from the site. Tie your shoes on tight. Maybe instead of reading the gospel/bible you can get a dictonary and find other words– other than FUNNY AND LOL. (which lol isnt in there).

      1. Gaynor Avatar

        Wow such hate……lol, lol, lol ,lol what a waste of intellect you are.

  11. Gaynor Avatar

    Lol….I’m here the same as you….it hasn’t become an offence yet, that I am aware of…..trolls, what trolls, oh, the ones that have jumped all over me because I asked for clarification of a status….I put all those things forward because has I have stated time and time again and I will say it again because you are obviously not getting it…..”it’s such a wide sweeping statement so unlike his previous predictions” and I asked for further clarification…..putting forward what it could mean or could we have further clarification…..but no everyone got a bums rush….and what discord…why are you even replying…..I have a personal view like ELP and like you…..agree to disagree….after all if we were all automatons this page wouldn’t exist, would it…

    1. Sheri (@capserone) Avatar

      I am done, Gaynor. You are a troll. Please do it someplace else…maybe at the kid’s table? I will waste no more time or energy trying to talk to an unconscious person.
      Buh bye.

  12. Gaynor Avatar

    Thank god for lol

  13. Cody Avatar

    “Dozens of Palestinians injured in police clashes as Jewish extremists chanting ‘Death to Arabs’ march in Jerusalem”

  14. Cody Avatar

    Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of ‘apartheid’ crimes against Palestinians

    New York-based Human Rights Watch published a 213-page report which, it said, was not aimed at comparing Israel with apartheid-era South Africa but rather at assessing “whether specific acts and policies” constitute apartheid as defined under international law.

    Just weeks ago the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it would investigate war crimes in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, with the Israeli military and armed Palestinian groups such as Hamas named as possible perpetrators.

    In its report, HRW pointed to Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movement and seizure of Palestinian-owned land for Jewish settlement in territory occupied in the 1967 Middle East war as examples of policies it said were crimes of apartheid and persecution.

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