Notes on 11-15-13

“10” written in a target center –  Around November 25th-26th

” in about 2 hours” later they showed 1:50. – Mid to early January.

Both are considered a countdown. So I wrote the expected timeframe, the first is perhaps a hurricane/typhoon because we were talking about that subject at the time.

In case you might be wondering where all the new predictions are, or the clarifications are, they have one focus right now and that’s the sum of 2014 which we should roll out at the end of the month or beginning of December. Then we will revisit our current riddles. As we move into 2014 they have two main focuses, accuracy and changing an outcome of at least one of these horrible tragedies, but they also want to make small adjustments to the blog itself for the reader. This is your time to give your opinion on how to we can better present these world predictions.  I want to hear your ideas, this is your site as much as it is mine and anything will be considered, here are a few things they will consider changing:

  • Rolling out/collect all the notes and post them at the end of the week, so that we have time to ask for clarification, and also when reading it you don’t have to look at previous posts to understand. This would also give us time to make corrections.
  • Changing the name of “notes” to “Spirits messages” or another name
  • We continue to be on the fence over the spirits sharing their raw opinion on subjects, it will be settled soon but boy did it create discontent and venom this year,  the core of debate is they want to warn you of poor leadership in the future, and realistically that would be an opinion.
  • Remove or separate my opinion from the actual prediction. (LOL on me)
  • Rollout of ‘tech’ predictions, what’s the next big thing. Adding new work though takes the eye of the ball so to say.
  • Scrapping the summary page, even though its used to verify, not many read it. Creating a glossary page, one that explains all the riddles we are familiar with like “spider”.

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  1. Lori Avatar

    I think a glossary page is a great idea and if it could include references to how the various numbers and their various presentations are translated into dates and times, that would also be great. I am not offended by the “opinions” presented. Everyone has an opinion, apparently even Spirits!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      LOL yes they do.

  2. debsay Avatar

    Hey Eric!
    My two cents:
    – Create a glossary to explain riddle symbols, time frames and numbers
    – Continue with the Summary page. New visitors need to see that, even if some us regulars don’t check it that often.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback

  3. Curtis Avatar

    Could the” in 2 hours” also mean two days…around the 17th?


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      LOL, That would go back to the glossary. Minutes are used for days, hours are used for months, and days represent years. It started with the old version of predictions where they only mentioned the year of a prediction by saying which “day” it would happen in. They connected the 12 months to the 12 hours. Now you could argue that 1:50 as late Jan too. But normally once they create a symbol however odd, they stick to it.

      1. Curtis Avatar


        I was just thinking that they were saying two big events would happen before the end of the year.. Maybe the one in January is something else.


        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          two disasters.

      2. Curtis Avatar

        Yeah sorry disasters. I have dealt like something life changing was going to happen in the US since September…that was how I found this site.. I take it the two disasters are still coming this year?

  4. Teletech Avatar

    A big plus on the glossary page, that would be wonderful. I think you should post the raw opinion of the spirits. This adds validity and transparency; if someone gets hurt feelings, … meh. So what.

    Maybe go to different text colours for your opinion, your comments, and the spirit message. Change the tag to be the title of the prediction. As an example, instead of Project Spade for Children Saved, use Children Saved. It would be easier to track the total prediction that way. Have an index for past and present predictions, not just a Summary with ‘notes’ and a date. Continue to post the predictions as they come to you. Holding off for a week or for definite time lines might mean that if you have a hit on a prediction and it was not published due to waiting for more information, you would not be able to show that prediction as a ‘hit’.

    Really, I like the site as it is … but since you asked for suggestions. 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Teletech, I think the thought of any prediction expected the next few days would be posted however rare. Its a thought right now. I love the idea of color change.

    2. Anon Avatar

      I agree with the idea of changing the titles. The summary page with a list of Notes-Dates puts me off. I imagine it would be hard to title each prediction since they often have info for more than one event, but could you do Date: Key word, Key word, etc.

      For example: 11-15-13: November, January, Countdown

      or something……not sure, but a bit more description in the titles would be helpful, and an index would be awesome.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Interesting idea for the title, thanks

  5. Irieone Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    I was hoping you might bold out the spirit messages, so I can differentiate your input. Sometimes I feel there is a bigger code with the numbers from the spirit we are missing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Irieone, yes someone else mentioned that we should have two different colors for it. I have had the same thought, not only in their code, but have you ever noticed several of their predictions seem to happen back to back, there is a pattern of when they predict to when it happens. I also know they use to use the moon cycles to present time, sometimes I wonder if they haven’t reverted back to that. I am starting to think the few predictions that mention “4” might relate to 2014.

  6. Marie Avatar

    All great suggestions. Being new to the site, a glossary would be fantastic, as I struggle to make sense of some things. Your explanation, Eric, of how the Spirits show time is very helpful. Please keep including your opinion as well. You are the one with the best connection and understanding of interpretation, But maybe separate or in another colour? Thanks for sharing and increasing our awareness.

  7. seeker Avatar

    I love to read the spirit message as separate from any interpretation or info about the history of the message. I very much like to know ALL of their opinions and if it ruffles some feathers, including mine, too bad. I also love to read your thoughts as you put all the pieces together and give your final interpretation. It would be easier reading if their message, the etiology of the message and your interpretation were clearly delineated. Thank you!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Seeker, the one thing to take about the symbols and riddles is the pattern. Using spider before sets the stage for any other prediction like that. They definitely follow patterns. So in some ways we have to wait till the ‘Kraken’ happens before we understand it meaning, but once we do the next time they use the symbol we will know exactly what it means. Its just a matter of time before all of you become the experts of interpretation.

  8. moosehead711 Avatar

    I am new to the sight and I really do like the summary page. It helps me to connect similar predictions and understand the flow of the spirit messages. I also agree with the people who want your opinion, but want it separate. Sometimes I cannot tell if you opinion is part of their prediction or if it’s your personal comments. I was thinking if you separate it in a separate paragraph with a different caption that would be enough, but anything would be nice.

    I understand the spirits not wanting to give their opinion of something like leadership, but I personally want to know the truth of the situation, good or bad – it’s one of the reasons I turn to spirits for information. It’s much easier to deal with something when you know the truth. When we humans believe a lie, it makes it harder for us to make the proper choices. It’s better to make a difficult decision when you have honest options.

    I’m all in favor of the glossary page. As a newbie, I get frustrated with the confusion of the symbols, and it would be nice to have a place to go for clarification. Also, it’d be nice to know if the punctuation they use is important (I think it could be). For example, a quotation around a number or two numbers separated by a colon. Does that give the numbers additional meanings.

    I love your sight, and thanks for asking our input. You seem like a stand up guy with a spectacular ability.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks well said, they want to add their opinion too for that reason. How are they suppose to point out the next Hitler without their opinion, but the flip side is that several times this year their opinion grossly overshadowed the message, which defeats the purpose. Punctuation is important in some ways, its almost as if they were separating the numbers, but that is a good question. The glossary is a clear go.

  9. Toedancer Avatar

    I just found your site today, love the Summary page and agree w/ delineation between prediction/your viewpoint either in colours or new heading underneath. Prediction/My POV.
    There is one thing I need some clarification on. I was visiting different pages and I see there is an emphasis on ‘changing an outcome’. Not sure what you mean or your boss means. Changing people’s personal outcomes if they are in the danger area by ‘spreading the news’? OR doing some sort of mass mind meld to actually change the event? I’m going with the first, but would like a further more expanded understanding of what it means. Thanks so much. Your a gifted young man.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi, welcome!! The spirits believe that we can change the outcome of these events. Through warning people of what’s coming, people will take precautions. They acknowledge though this happens after a consistency of accurate messages over years. With each accurate message about a hurricane/typhoon its a matter of time before people start reacting to what is said. How to do this? Making people aware of the predictions, social media, etc.

      1. Toedancer Avatar

        Thank you Eric. I do not think any outcome for the Philippines could have been much different. The open pit mining, deforestation by U.S./Canadian corp’s, the poverty, the gov’t corruption and so on made it 99% impossible for those poor people. The world responded, a bit late, but they did, the time will come when that stops too for the island nations with just 6 feet above sea level. The poorest in the world or even in north america cannot get out of the way, ntl, your mandate is just awesome and we can help.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think the spirits would argue that with each passing accurate prediction about the disasters of tomorrow could lead to those in the Philippines taking precautions, if their made aware. Even if we could just warn one person of the next tragic event and it changed their course of action we would be pleased. We have several individuals following the site who are from the Philippines making it more and more likely that we can accomplish change.

  10. paul2k99 Avatar

    Hi Eric, just to note that Comet Ison will be near earth around the time you mention in your predictions, maybe there is some correlation around this comet and what you see.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      interesting, thanks

  11. Toedancer Avatar

    Eric, could we please have an ‘edit’ button on comments?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will look into it, usually though that’s something I can only do. But I will check.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      WordPress only allows it to be deleted, and I would need to do that, there is only an edit button for my use. Sorry.

  12. Toedancer Avatar

    Jeebus U.S. upper mid-north is being hammered w/ tornadoes and horrible fast-moving storms!! Towns totally flattened, 3 dead already. Over 50 million effected and 26 states? No warning for them?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We won’t be able to hit them all unfortunately.

  13. Toedancer Avatar

    Umm sorry wrong url. Am in too many dif. conversations. (that’s why we need an edit button)

  14. Amy Avatar

    Eric – this may have something to do with your prediction of the Florida/Carolinas

    1. Amy Avatar

      NEVERMIND – this doesn’t appear to be having any effects on the east cost.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        where is it going, did they say.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Maybe that’s what they were talking about today.

      1. Amy Avatar

        honestly i’ve not really seen/heard/read any reports of where it’s headed but i’ve not been able to really watch the news. it’s moving slowly northwest at this point but it appears that it will skirt the coast entirely according to the projection map. but, in my opinion, you can’t always trust those. we never know what these things are going to do.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They did make it sound like it was ‘forming’ this storm has formed already.

  15. Anon Avatar

    Eric – overall I love the site. The one main thing I personally would like to see changed is a clear separation of Spirit and You. What about Spirit Message heading with the raw info from them, either “words” or description of images they show you. Then, another heading for My Interpretation with all your good insight, feelings, experience, etc. From my personal experience, interpretation is the key to spirit work, and I’d like to see the raw info on its own to see what I pick up, then go to your notes and opinions. Nothing personal, just my preference.

    I’m not a fan of multi-color, would prefer basic format changes, but will work with whatever you decide 🙂 Another vote for the glossary – could you also hyperlink things so you don’t have to explain in every interpretation? I also like the daily-ish posts. Waiting a whole week would make me crazy – what would I read over morning coffee?? 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      LOL on the coffee/my blog, as if it were a morning paper. Thanks that made my day.

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