The End? December 21, 2012

You have several doomsday dates, 12/21, Nostradamus and “the comet running” as well as 2060 which is Newtons calculated date. I have asked them several times to shed light on the information and the spiritual realm continue to say nothing happens. This Century has three massive changes:  First Climate Change in regards to the consumption of land by the ocean,  second massive war and finally the fall of a certain church. Yes,  massive shifts for one small Century especially when all of these subjects have held on for thousands of years unchanged. This Century brings more change then the last few millennium and is a reflection of our new advances as a species colliding with our old ways.  Perhaps that’s really what the prophets were talking about all along, a new path is required. But nothing comes to an end. From what I can tell it just does not happen. In asking when humanity ends they simply answered by saying is some distant time after humanity has explored the far-reaching stars it finds new planets to live on which drastically alter the culture, physical look, and historical connections to that very old ancestor called humanity.

The violent Climate Change and the consumption of lands is expected to start unfolding in the next few years.

703 thoughts on “The End? December 21, 2012

  1. star 48 jules 104
    O.k. im here too .
    we are way back ..
    That was a good song .
    hmm our choice makes me wonder if some really old predictions are about to surface .
    probably reading to much into into it ..

    1. Rhona I had to look up that song. I was like, what song? 😆 I’ve been thinking yes, some really old predictions are about to surface. Hm🤔

      1. jules 104 the song is The way back .

        not way back oh my goodness the other is like whaaaat .😕😕😕😕😨😲😲😲😱
        sorry should have said The in front of way back .

    1. Star48…mass extinction, apocalyptic? 😬😆 Hope not. Did you see this link also talking about what’s under South Africa? I thought it was interesting. Thanks

    2. Star48 Jules 104
      Having a bit of a chortle with you .
      I think we are safe ..not sure though about some of the electronic etc effects .
      just add to the list of glitches we have to put upwith anyway ..poor techos will really be out of their fepth depth. .will give them another excuse for bad management …
      Oh i can hear them say ..Just another magnetic glitch due to flip .

    1. Star48
      Thats a real problem those poor people having to put up with all that volcanic smoke.
      incredible blast from Popo..reminding everyone not to get complacent ..
      4 explosions .
      Thank you

    1. That’s deep Rhona. I’m saw these also you two.
      3.4 Romania, 124 km depth
      3.7 Jujuy, Argentina, 226 km depth
      4.4 Guatemala, 104 km depth
      4.4 Saumlaki, Indonesia, 149 km depth
      5.1 Solomon Islands, 148 km depth
      3.5 Salta Argentina, 226 km depth.

    1. Rhona, Star48…that’s just amazing and would not want to be caught in one of those! Did one part of that article make you think of what’s been going on with the tides going in and out in Brazil and such? It was sort of in the middle of the article. Thanks for the link. Our planet is amazing and scarey all at the same time.🌎💫

  2. Rhona, Star48. This s is way off subject..well it is “The End”…😆 But daughter at University sent me two links on mushrooms save my the planet. Mycelium I guess 🌈🍄👀 Wel it’s actually pretty interesting. I have two. Here’s first link.
    The next I’ll send in a second but is a 17 minute video but really good two. It’s amazing what fungi can do. Wow!🤯🤩
    I thought it would be hokie buts actually pretty great. Hope you like them.

    1. Jules 104
      wow i love this guy ..he is a treasure of everything to him and his wife ..I hope they achieve all their goals heartening for the
      future .. amazing …praying for his work and live and light to the planet mycelium..the name is great my…cel ..i ..
      Econol yes yes brilliant.

    1. Jules 104 thanks yeah thats close to those 5+ m from last year Coral sea Flinders Island .lets see if they get a higher one ..

    1. Star48
      Oh Popo thats a real worry prayers for Mexico …Thanks for update
      the receding tide in Baja ..probably was the super moon ..great pic ..

  3. Star 48
    Jamie would be least impressed haha but so would my great great uncle sir Joseph Banks ..
    The botony is quite diverse in both regions .

  4. Star48 Jules 104
    remember singer mentiined Croatia …
    4.4m at 24km u usual..

    and it just occured to me his slow boat to China flags in Louisiana thread could have implied Napal quake was going to take time in occuring and it would resound in the ocean ..
    (SLOW BOAT) being symbolic

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      now im wondering if Croatia quake is a marker for Napal Sri Lanka quake .

    2. Star48 Jules 104
      emsc isnt reporting coatia quake .
      but global link has it listed

  5. Rhona, Star48. 😂 No, Jamie would not like that one bit! Can’t wait for the next season.😉
    Rhona I think you may be onto something…slow boat to China. I was thinking of a time marker before you even said it. Good catch on that one.

    1. Jules104 star 48
      do i have the wrong Jamie ..what season .
      oh put me on the right track …
      I thought it was James cook .

      1. Well I assumed Jamie Fraser the fictional character from the Outlander series. 😍🤩😉😆 But I could be wrong. You know how those assumptions go. 😳

      2. Rhona2,
        Only one “Jamie Fraser” “Outlander”. Not as wonderful as the books..but close..

    2. jules 104
      now who’ s on the slow boat to China ? 😂😂😂
      it seems me hahaha .James Cook verses Jamie Frazer no comp .
      but Cook did name Frazer Island

    1. Jules104 star 48
      It looks like Dutch is bringing in California as Eric said ..
      South East of San Andreas. .
      Riverside was Mentioned too. Yellowstone ..Craton edge pumping oil and gas ..
      Middle East .. Iran …and South America ..west coast alert for San Francisco area ..
      Thanks for posting
      blessings …

  6. Star48, Rhona. Oh yes I agree. Read the series eons ago. The books are much much better. Still have them just incase I need them for reading material during the apocalypse/ mass extinction time period. 😆🤣

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      well my bad i havent seen one episode ..
      but do know of him ..
      Jamie Frazer of course ..Outander …

  7. Star48 Jules 104
    I just watched some clips .
    oh my Goodness I couldn’t watch all of that .
    I was crying watching all the clips …
    “Fathers and daughters never say Goodbye “.and the scots accent oh dear ..
    phewee! !!!!

      1. Oh my my Rhona. I believe the next season is the 4th yes. I really loved the books so much more than the series, though it isn’t bad and will have to do eh? But i think you’d love the books if you can find them at a second hand book store. 😎

      1. Jules104
        Well I vaguely remember..someone in My family has them so will check it out .

  8. Jules 104 Star 48
    Just got ” LA International Airport .”
    flag ..
    singer says one flag ..he is confirming Erics prediction .for CA..
    im sure its quake and not plane ..will let you know if he gives me more on this .

    1. Rhona, Star48. I had been researching old predictions. I’m a bit worried for the Super Bowl tomorrow. Maybe our Bloody Sunday? I think there’s going to be some terrorist acts soon and maybe have to do with the planes. Atleast one. Three maybe? Could the 777 be three attacks? Now LA but that is more than likely the EQ. Then the tsunamis EQs. On one prediction there was mention of 5 then10. There’s so many old predictions that seem to relate to one another my brain gets jumbled. Anyway thought it strange you got a flag for LA now. Hm. 🤔

  9. side note
    on that flag …I was watching .a u tube on San Francisco 1989 was purely synch..had no intention of watching quakes but it came up on my u tube when looking for something else .
    The radio announcer is heading for LA next Sunday 😕😨

      1. Jules104,
        Syncs update..
        Commercial on TCM classic movies popping up with the move “San Francisco”
        About Eq..
        playing his week..(j.McDonald,Tracy Spencer, Clark Cable)
        🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶San Francisco open your golden gates🎻🎶🎶🎶🎶

    1. jules 104
      re reading 1-3-18…5 comes straighr after spirit says muliple attacks 5 the number of attacks and then the tsunami does look like a 10mag ..good lord …
      blessing and prayers for all

    1. jules 104
      10-10-17 hasnt happened .
      There is so much in that prediction .
      VA…and all …Hawaii…Sri Lanka …
      when I looked at previous one with 4 or 5 if we date that from 3rd of January it comes out at 4 or 5weeks bringing it to 7th Feb .
      The plane is bothering me too .
      777 could be 7th emphasized …10 could be mag I darn well hope not …
      So we have two tsunamis ..and a horrid terror attack possible plane..
      we could also date these loosely between 5th of Feb and 10th of Feb ..
      Im concerned for super bowel as well .
      Its so frustrating ..
      Im thinking maybe attack on 5th abouts and Tsunami Back to back 7th to 10th .
      There is definitely two tsunamis .
      Its coming for sure The attack its overdue .
      plane or superbowl ? ???
      Im getting The Plane The Plane Fantacy Island in my earhole .
      hmm wish it was clear cut .
      will.let you know if i get more on plane seeing as im swaying attack way .
      207 is to me 7th of Feb you think itvisxa flight number .will check .

      1. Rhona, Star48. Wow I hadn’t even read down that far to Sri Lanka. Didn’t see that. Yes lots in that one. Sheesh.🙇🏻‍♀️
        I think yes two tsunamis to come. Attacks in the US soon I think. Back to back type ordeals. I think the LA is probably an EQ and I sure hope it’s not too bad. Wasn’t there a 6.5-6.8 somewhere in an old prediction for S CA? I did keep getting drawn to the area around the border of CA and Mexico near the Anza Gap is it?
        Could be plane also it’s weird you got the airport song at the same time I was thinking of planes being used for attacks and researching. Hm.
        I just kept going from m one old prediction to the next to see where it would lead and they start seeming to all have things in common. They are saying something is coming to me. 🙏🏻 Hope I’m wrong.

      2. Rhona, Star48. Yes I thought maybe 7 emphasized and maybe 3 attacks on the 7th even. I found this link. It has a lot on it. I’ll post it below. I also wondered about the Parade the hometown city usually has for the winning Super Bowl team. Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots will win. North East US? And I sure hope no 10 magnitude either or we all are in trouble. Wow 39 countries affected, I’d say and then some. There is a prediction I saw while searching that had South CA and North CA also. Think Spirit was trying to figure out which spot or side. Oh did you see in the Dutch video where he points out those EQs up north in CA that went across in a line? Same place I had asked about a while back pretty sure. Hm.

    1. jules 104 Star 48
      My heart just sunk Its obvious .
      I just had shutters on .
      around Indian ocean there are at least 23 countries that can be affected .
      around Vancouver BC a big enought Tsunami would affect at least another 10 to 15 maybe more countries .
      so yes two opposing West and East disasters .
      back to back draw the line East is back to back with west ..
      for the world .
      It doesnt bear concieving
      even if its Japan not sure result would be the same ..

      1. Oh that’s a thought there Rhona. Amazing. I don’t mind saying I hope you are wrong. It’s a wait and see I guess. Maybe Eric can get some more info from Spirit soon. 🙏🏻 Real soon.😐

  10. Jules 104
    yep im tempering down that thought.
    love and light for lessening .
    fairy dust

    1. Star48 Wow! All I can say is now may be a good time for them to clean out the garbage and gunk on the bottom of the canals the link talks about. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That is rather strange for a city that’s sinking??

  11. Rhona, Star48. I’m thinking we are going to have a terrorist attack soon. Then EQs. That’s what Spirit has said. Though they could have been world terrorist attacks, I’m not sure. But I found this while looking. MEX, could that be for the Mexico International Airport? Not the EQ? Could Disneyland attack be connected/happen before the EQs? What do you think? Have the attacks happened already overseas then or no? Here’s MEX link. I added Disney link on thread.

    1. jules 104
      What was 12-27-17 about ..I can looknbetter if i know maybe just a side note ..
      you know in notes ..

    1. jules 104
      When I read through these I could only vaguely recall Germany train accident ..
      all the others are pending as far as i know .
      I had a look at Disney one on other thread .
      yep timing could be synched ..MEX well in not sure if its the airport ..
      To be honest my mind is boggling …
      so much to cross ref …
      some of these predictions may have been thwarted for all we know..You know like how can we be sure they didnt happen because of prayer and light ..not everyone of them will come to pass …some will change as potentials do .😆

      1. Oh that’s true Rhona. Possibility that some did not come to pass. Well we can hope and pray it’s so right? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thanks Rhona. 🤗

  12. Rhona, Star48. I’m starting to get a bit worried for Eric. Haven’t heard from him lately. I hope he’s okay. I keep thinking about the prediction with him being in the hospital when an EQ hits and then the point of saying Spirit doesn’t usually go that far out as in Feb. Hope it’s just Super Bowl and he’ll comment soon. Praying all is fine with him and his mother. 🙏🏻🌟😇 I’m sure it’s just me being a worry wart. 😥 Okay I checked…it’s only been two days since Southern CA prediction. 😬😆 Geez what a loon.🤣😂

  13. Jules 104
    did you get the link for hospital quake I posted
    above …

    Ok i will search for predictions with 27 in them
    ambitious but will try lol …

    1. Rhona I just got that. Had missed it earlier. Thanks. Well that sounds like the one for Mexico I think. Thanks Rhona. I just wondered if the dates with number 27 have anything in common.

  14. Star48, Rhona. Have you noticed that Argentina and Chili have been continuously the deep over 200 km depth EQs today. Wonder what that means.

  15. Jules 104
    CHILE deep quakes ..there has been a few .
    thats a watch …I get a bit apprehensive when Chile does that. especially around Antophogasta…
    The article on Ynantze river turning red and the research the person did was good .
    she covered alot of ground ..
    Yep maybe a landslide or more likely pollution as she said .
    Thanks for the article .
    I wonder what is causing your nervous energy.
    Your picking up something ..Ask spirit to bring you the reason ..relax and see what comes .
    its definately an energy shift your picking up .
    I think its California as you have been more curious in your searches since latest prediction ..
    I know The super bowel has had you on edge for a while and now its here Its like Yikes 😨
    There is so.much on the brink of happening ..
    we will just have tobwatchbit all pass ..we have done our homework dent out prayersxlove and light to all predictions as they rise we have to trust all is as it is meant to be…I say that with cautious positivity.
    what else can we do ?

  16. Rhona I agree some type of buzzing energy I’m picking up on. Not sure what yet but it seems just around the corner now. I will try and meditate on it and see what I get. I feel it’s attacks more so than EQs but that wouldn’t really make sense seeing as we are talking so much about EQs lately. Oh well. Going to pray theirs neither attacks or EQs. 🙏🏻🤗

    1. Star 48
      That is big for OK…
      Dutch forcast mentined to expect a high one
      out of norm for them ..
      I could be wrong but i its in the back of my mind .
      Thank you

  17. Rhona, Star48. Just read Eric’s latest prediction. That’s exactly why I feel so restless and buzzing type energy feeling I think. Like I know somethings coming, I just can’t see it, I feel it. Try explaining that one to the authorities right? OMG!🤪😆 Okay we got to stop these next airplane attacks. Praying🙏🏻

    1. Star48 I can’t barely stand to watch…those look like they are going to collide.😲 Sure has been a lot of those lately.

  18. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh wow what a weird horrid prediction .
    You probably were feeling it Jules ..clairesentient….We can pray send love and light ..
    will have to see if researching colors of clothes helps ..remember the sect prediction
    was itvJ
    James town .?

    star on watch on 6th and 9th of month for those asteroids .

    South Atlantic Volcano a watch nobwonder we have had quakes around there ..
    hope shecdoesnt cause too much myschief .

    Thats a watch for Japan so deep at a reasonably high mag …

    1. Rhona I think it must be it. I just felt like so fidgety and tense. Feels somewhat better now though. Maybe since Eric named it ya know?
      I was actually thinking of the “mass suicide for nothing but a lie” prediction. Had to do with the South. Now I’m wondering if it could be S America? Was that part of that same prediction for Jim Jones or no?

    1. Star48
      Saw that one yesturday.
      Seems like your spring being May .
      more floods for Australia ..The last Lot were bad enough up north WA and Northern Territory .
      May for Cal too though it could come a tad earlier..

      side note Sister starts chemo today .

      1. Rhona2,
        Still praying everyday
        For Eric, recovery
        For Jules’s daughter’s and children’s good
        For Anne..
        For me four too..

      2. Rhona will be praying for your sister Anne’s chemo therapy to go well and for a quick recovery time after. Praying for a full recovering with many new healthy cells to regenerate now and in the future. Praying for you also as I know it must be hard for you being her sister and loved one. Hugs 🤗

  19. Jules104 star 48
    Hey you two .
    Thank you so very much for your prayers .
    especially for healthy cell regeneration .
    I admit im feeling it deeply…
    but envisioning her laughing happy and healthy at the end of her 6month treatment ..
    (compasionate action ..)

  20. Star48, Rhona. For these plane attacks…I’m a bit confused on what is still relevant from the past predictions and what is not. I added on thread this old prediction which shows a US flag with numbers 901. In reference to 911 but on 901 maybe? Then there is the old prediction showing people in cowboy hats getting on a plane, British Air…hijacking…the passengers do not cooperate. Eric says Texas. I know there are BA planes departing from TX. Could that be where one of the planes departs from? My question is are all of those old predictions still relevant? I was assuming this all would happen sooner then September but does it? Then if not, is the big tsunami before that time period or after? Are Spirits referencing another terrorist attack that happens prior? It gets to be a bit discombobulated.😐 What do you think? Here are those old predictions I was referencing.

      1. Eric thanks. I’ve been researching and there are so many of your predictions that seem to tie in together or one leads to another and so on. I can see they must be related but it’s really hard to pin point exactly how. My brain is just telling me they are. But how to put that on paper I don’t know. I think I may be driving myself a bit looney😆 I’m not sure how you do it all. No in all seriousness I really feel I may need a spread sheet for it all. I’m telling you I think there really is a key in here somewhere. Maybe it just is in the memory of all the info they’ve given to us. I think these Spirits are pretty darned smart.😇

        1. I totally agree, it’s like working on a large puzzle, looking for different pieces of one large message. This problem is one of the main reasons they are working towards just predicting the very next event. Then the search will be much smaller.

    1. Star48, I saw you added on blog earlier. I was rather shocked that so many of those buildings were all tilting. Wow! 😢 🙏🏻Praying for the people and animals there in Taiwan. How horrible that must be. Sending love and light and healing energy their way. I sure hope they are able to save many of those trapped in the rubble and under those buildings. 😔

    1. Star48…okay now I find this really interesting. I lived on the East Coast for years, have Family there, and I’ve never heard of anyone even talking about a tsunami warning put out by the National Weather Center for the East Coast. Makes me wonder what’s going on even if it was a “mistake”. Remember that buoy moving during the Alaska EQ. I believe Puerto Rico area has been busy too lately, and the Mid Atlantic Ridge, etc etc the whole planet…🤔🤔🤔 What do you think Star48? A bit suspicious?

  21. Star48 Jules 104
    Taiwan …Its sad some lost their lives
    prayers for families and peoples od region affected. That one was brewng for a week ..

    Oh no These false tsunami warnings are a worry ..not good at all …They best thatvsorted quick smart …but technology has its glitches
    when its most needed …
    nothing is fail safe is the reality .

  22. Star 48 Jules 104
    Here is an old article from a pastv6.4 quake in Taiwan where building folded
    Apparently they have polystyrene constructed into them .
    probably same forcthe latest buildings leaning to collapse.

      1. Oh Wow that’s horrible! I sure hope they don’t find the same thing has happened with these buildings during this earthquake. Those poor people. Praying the find people alive.🙏🏻

  23. Jules104 star 48
    some weeks ago Singer gave China for quake .
    I thought Napal but it seems he was correct
    Taiwan China .

    Its just right for me to acknowledge him on this one .


  24. Jules104 star 48
    Fiji 4.6m at 540km deep .
    contsistent isnt it around there .

    1. Rhona thanks for Singer Happy Talk update. 🙏🏻Praying it’s not too bad. I swear it does feel like the whole planet is having “seizures”, though I know Singer meant it for Baghdad. 🤔❤️🙏🏻

      1. Jules104
        Seizures I’m not sure he meant it for Bagdad. .. .
        Its was coming up for a few days and I presumed it was Bagdad after he gave Bagdad just out of Blue for a quake to directly hit them .
        so the seisure bit is still open 😆😉
        Im still thinking land seizure though of some sort..but i like your interpretation👍

  25. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for keeping us updated Rhona. I woke up early this am and saw those two deep Fiji also and was like oh here we go again. 🙇🏻‍♀️😟 Sheesh, I also saw New York had a 2.2 EQ. Here it is.
    Taiwan had another high one at 5.8, 15 km depth. Those poor people having to go through that initial EQ and still dealing with more. Praying for Taiwan.🙏🏻❤️

    1. Star48
      what a terrible predicament with those buildings too .praying for resue workers and people needing rescued ..
      such a disaster .no water etc its aweful .
      blessing for Taiwan

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Rushikonda And yes its sits right on Bay o Bengal .
      I hope they are right about the moon and its nothing to be concerned about ..
      Thanks for that one Star.

    2. Star48, I’d be running the other way! Oh my my. I’m m not one for waiting around to see why it’s receding. Only that it is. It amazes me that individuals do this all the time. Let’s take a look see why don’t we. Uhhh🤔😧 Whats going to happen when it really is due to a tsunami? Sheesh. 🙁

  26. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Volcano.Costa Rica..
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Costa Rica on February 07 2018 06:13 AM (UTC).

    The Tenorio Volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica is classified as an dormant or inactive volcano; however, the area presents six seismic faults which generate seismic activity. This year, however, the activity has been increasing, and since January 9 through date the area has been affected by an earthquake swarm that registered 505 events of different magnitude, the strongest ones registered were of 4.5 and 5.0. The situation has raised the alert of scientists of the National Seismology Network who are working on finding out whether the earthquakes have any link to the movement of volcanic fluids such as magma. Guillermo Alvarado Induni , volcanologists from the National Seismology Network explained that since his is a dormant volcano it becomes an investigation laboratory since at any given time it could show signs of activity; he also confirmed that the monitoring of the Tenorio Volcano has shown the presence of tremor (noise or vibration), but this is not a sign of magma movement inside the volcano since it could be related to geothermal flows, water or gases or a combination of both. This earthquake swarm actually caused landslides in the National Park, material fell in the rivers and caused a Rio Celeste to change color, from its typical light blue or turquois color to brown, this happened twice during the month of January. The Tenorio Volcano stands 1,916 meters high and is formed by three cones with several craters, its slopes have fumarole activity and hot springs. Scientists will continue to monitor the activity in the Tenorio Volcano and study its behavior from previous years.

    1. Star48
      Thanks for all the info on Tenorio.
      thats alot of activity in the swarm ..over the top really …
      wish there was a way they could find the difference between geo thermal activity and magma movement ..

    2. Star48 thanks for the info/update. Wow another one I’m thinking. They may have to reclassify this as “active” real soon. There’s just so much tectonic plate movement going on I think it’s changing up everything on the planet.

    1. Oh yeah that’s a watch Rhona. I’m thinking for Japan. What do you think? Seems last time it went back towards the West instead of traveling East. Maybe I’m remembering wrong though?

      1. jules 104
        Your remembering right did go West …so yes watching for Japan …
        It seems if its western tip of Aeusians
        it goes west and if its higher up on curve it goes east …
        just seems that way will have to take more notice ..

  27. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Please note..
    No Eq over 2.5 on West Coast…
    Or,WA,CA ,NV,ID, MT,UT,etc..

  28. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Active tropical storms
    Name of storm system Location Formed Last update Category Speed Wind Gust Course Wave Wave Source Details

    02W Pacific Ocean February 09 2018 12:00 AM February 09 2018 05:35 PM Tropical Depression 22 km/h 56 km/h 74 km/h 250 ° 4 meters N/A JTWC

    Gita (09P) Pacific Ocean – South February 09 2018 12:00 AM February 09 2018 05:36 PM Cyclone 1 28 km/h 83 km/h 102 km/h 100 ° 5 meters N/A JTWC

  29. Star48, Rhona. Thought Ditraniums planetary alignment update was interesting. Calling for possible megathrist EQ from 21 Feb – 7 March. He makes mention of planets being in same alignment as prior Indonesia tsunami time period and Alaska tsunami time period. This combined with that large sun spot is concerning Pretty short.

    1. Jules 104
      wow what struck me is we still dont have a location ..its so elusive to get a point That is pin pointed …great about heads up but he mentioned the whole world just about.
      so everyone needs to be prepared. .I get it but frustrating .

    1. Star48
      hmm Iceland …a watch been wondering about that lately ..just a nagging feeling ..
      Thanks for that ..

  30. Jules 104 Star48
    Fiji 5.5m at 599km
    Indonesia has had two
    4.9m 116km 78mins ago Batudulang
    4.2m 163km kupulauan 5 hours ago .
    there a resonable distance from each other .
    just a watch

    1. star 48
      makes me wonder if some of those deep quakes are associated with Tuvala growth ..
      near Fiji and Samoa
      just a thought ..

      1. Rhona2,
        You and I have similar mindsets…I thought so after I saw it..a high percentage of accuracy.

  31. Star48 Jules 104
    side note on the three deep quakes in
    1. new Ireland 300km
    2. nth Marianas 211
    3. phil.Tabiauan 552
    all form a triangle of energy that can push west
    towards Sumatra and Thailand areas .
    a watch

      1. will let you know if singer gives anything ..I can feel he is going to chirp in soon

    1. I forgot. In this update Dutch mentions some newly discovered undersea Super Volcano north of Okinawa. I looked for something on it independently but haven’t been able to find anything. Have either of you heard about this find? Thought that was interesting also. 🙂

  32. Rhona that’s not it. This is South of Kyushu, Japan. If you go to around minute 4:40 on the link I added, dutch makes mention of it right after that. I think he said newly discovered Super Volcano the scientist are worried may have been triggered by EQs??

    1. oh wow Jules
      Thats two super volcanoes then .
      poor Japan is on a right poeder keg ..
      Thanks Jules had a look will see if i can find anything .

    1. Wow thats a whole magnitude downgrade, but I believe it. We had a 3.1 off the Oregon Coast here and my first thought was, that means it’s a 4. or 5. magnitude then. Oh my…it’s not good when you don’t trust they will put out the correct numbers anymore. I’m feeling CA maybe is going to get hit soon. Not to big I hope.

  33. Star48, Rhona. Lots of odd ball quakes seems to me. Feels like maybe a bigger one coming soon. Rhona You May be right about that Japan Super Volcano. Let’s hope she stays quiet. 🙏🏻

  34. Jules 104 Star 48
    The last quake is actually 1400 odd k from Sri Lanka but still nestles in Bay of Bengal.
    opposite Sri Lanka.

    1. Star48
      sink holes are sooo scary those poor residents in Texas and Virginia .
      There was a young man electrocuted having a shower a couple of days ago in queensland via lightning ..
      He survived ..they think maybe thw house wire want grounded correctly .
      Pretty scary ..
      Hope you get the ipad malfaunction sorted soon ..😕

    1. Oh my I don’t think that’s a good sign Rhona. That’s a pretty big eruption. Hope everyone stays safe there. Thanks for the link.

    1. star 48
      That is alarming to say the least .
      Cannaries isles location.
      Pico do Fogo …
      prayers love and light ..
      Yes volcanos are waking up ..hopefully as safety valves .

    2. I agree with Rhona. Very concerning. Canary Islands? Where the bird sits? Oh that darn elusive bird again. That must be a bit terrifying for those who live there. Praying all stays calm and just letting off pressure. 🙏🏻

    1. Eric. Jules104. star 48
      Happy Valentines all and so much love .
      Thank you

    1. Rhona will be saying prayers and keeping good thoughts for hubbies well being and safety. Prayers for coworkers as well.🙏🏻🌟😇

  35. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Costa Rica on February 13 2018 04:35 AM (UTC).

    The Turrialba Volcano registered yet another important eruption, this Monday, February 12 at approximately 4:30 a.m. with a column that reached 1000 meters above the crater and 4,340 meters above sea level (14,235.2 ft.). The impressive was even visible from the Irazu Volcano as you can see in the video included below. The emission of ash is continuous and of variable volume and has been constant for over one week now. Ash is being dispersed by the winds to the southwest and several communities have reported ashfall in the entire metropolitan area (Cartago, Alajuela, Heredia, San Jose). Health authorities in Costa Rica recommended preventive measures since last week in particular for the health problems that the small ash particles could cause to sensitive population that suffer from respiratory or skin allergies, asthma and other particular health conditions. Recommendations include the use of artificial tears, wet towels, long sleeve shirts, and in extreme cases a surgical mask. Pay special attention to children and senior adults.

  36. Jules104, Rhona2,
    Did I post this before?
    Volcano Activity in Azori Islands (Port.) on February 13 2018 05:23 PM (UTC).

    An earthquake swarm has been going on since Monday (12 Feb 2018) in central Sao Miguel island. The Volcano Observatory (Observatorio Vulcanologico e Sismologico da Univ. dos Açores, CIVISA) recorded dozens of mostly small quakes at shallow depths between 1-15 km in an area about 6-7 km west of Furnas volcano, half way between the caldera lakes of Lagunas Fogo and do Congro. The largest were 6 earthquakes of magnitudes 3.0-3.6, some of which were felt by local inhabitants. At the moment, the activity is still continuing, but has decreased significantly. It is unclear whether the earthquakes are volcanic in origin or not. If so, they could have been caused by a small magma intrusion at the lower crust and indicate an early sign of possible re-awakening of the volcanic system. The only recorded eruptions in the area came from Furnas volcano, one around 1439-1443 and a strong explosive one in 1630, which caused significant damage and fatalities. The situation remains to be monitored closely.

  37. star 48
    thanks for all the updates …
    especially volcanos …
    Cota Rica is a real problem for them prayers love and light they stay safe .
    side note
    Thank you for adding hubby to prayer list .
    especially seeing Eric said plane prediction is for Australia ..but mot sure if he means
    BA but I think its the other…

      1. jules Jules 104
        I got it, i got distracted and didnt read it properly ..😕😮
        your so right it is probably East of Aust.
        The pland dives into ocean .
        Thanks for link.

      1. Jules 104
        Thanks for Dutch ..lots covered ..
        intersting about Italy too .
        Mwxico is no surprise with the rumbling they had over last week .
        scary for them though at 7.5 m .
        hopefully it has settled .live and light to the area .
        Still waiting to see What Japan does .
        nothing from singer yet .

  38. Rhona, Star48. I was looking back through old predictions for Brazil and kept running into similarities. For example Eric asking what the 3.9 was, March, it’s not the big one, location seems off, more southernly but CA. I feel like this could be related to this new Southern Ca one somehow. I just find it interesting. Read through and read the new prediction and tell me if you see it also.

    1. jules Jules 104
      I see Eric actually states he too feels its a bit more southerly Cal than San Francisco. .
      so im going with LA San Jose from previous .
      At the endcof the day it could encompass a rolling affect from notherly to south and south being termination and bigger jolt .
      maybe thats why the both are coming in and confusing us .
      what do you think wonderingvtoo about thec23 and 24 your getting ..keep us posted Jules .
      Im not getting much from singer only light feeling when LA international Airport played today …
      Light feeling meaning it wasnt like a huge flag feeling …

      1. Rhona2,Jules104,
        Lots of action near Mammoth,Lone Pine, ..Lassen (Eastern edge of CA/Nevada)
        , Sacramento/Bakersfield is another..

        As far as crashing info..CME effect is active until tomorrow..
        So satellite and radio /Electric grids are affected..( ps..Animal strandings headache etc)

  39. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules I had a read of old prediction ..I see what you mean. ..It appears with the 3 March is indicated .but I feel given the Indictments of Russians being a marker as that is contained within Indian Ocean Tsunami prediction ..Also Gathering of Americans ..could be a memorial for recent shooting in Florida ..
    it could be sooner not sure if the date ..these numbers are always too speculative .
    Jules the 11 Eric Mentioned is😦 a bit scary hope thats not a magnitude .
    see how aweful interpreting these numbers
    are …
    Star the article for ring of fire just confirms something is on its way for sure .

    side note
    As I was typing this I kept getting a web crashed notice but then it would sort .
    wondering if heads up in a flag type of way plane crash is sooner than later
    ok you two pricking up my ears and on alert for signs .
    of coarse overlighting all situations predicted

  40. Rhona, Star48. Okay this is going to sound like a bit out there and it’s a “just in case”, but you know how someone brought up the fact that there is a Hamburg, PA and then I found they actually have a “Hamburg-er Festival”, there? Well I thought what’s up with this little town and so googled nucleur power plants in Pennsylvania because they just seem to go together due to old Three Mike Island melt down. Hamburg sits in the middle of three if you drew a triangle. Probably nothing eh? Here’s a link. You can touch the red icon and then click on the name and it comes up with a picture of each nucleur power plant. Hamburg is West of Allentown. I just found it really odd.

    1. Jules 104
      Hi ..I think it not odd at all ..I think its a possible watch zone ..
      those nuclear power plants might be involved Hamburger was mentioned in two predictions
      sorry didnt get link ..It was a related prediction to PA. ..
      impressive research Jules .

  41. Star48
    Yes thanks for reminding about CME affect .
    and all the activity around Mamoth Sacramento etc ..
    you not having a headache ?
    That was just a reminder right .
    If you are rest up and i hooe it goes soon .

  42. Rhona, Star48. Here’s latest dutch shows solar flare coming in around North Pacific. I believe it. Been strange goings on here at my house that’s for sure.😳 First total heat and air quits, inside and outside unit, coffee pot quit and night light quits, water heater leaking, dryer won’t heat, now I find fridge in garage not cooling. No I’m not going to ask what’s next this time. 😲😦🙄😂 I don’t think there are any more major appliances left to quit on me. Oh wait the dish washer. 😳 Well darn.😆😉 Somebody is trying to tell me something I think. Better not be any darned tsunami. Oh my my my.🙏🏻
    Okay back to dutch. He mentions Southern CA. among other good stuff. Here’s that link.

    1. Jules104
      Jules that is out there can all of those major appliances just get up and quit like that ..its just not making any real sense .
      No power surges .? ??
      I dont know what to is like a power struggle of some sort pun intended…
      i need to get my head around all of that.
      I mean the tv is ok so is dishwasher..
      so surges are out ..and thatvqouldnt explain leak .
      nothing is working ..comes to mind. .
      i know I’m not being silly i know its not .
      I just mean metophorically what is the nothing is working message ?
      not even … no name .
      well as my mum used to say .
      When your that far down there is nowhere else but up maybe you will turn the corner soon ..good luck is on its way ..
      unbelievable ..
      double blessings

      1. Rhona2,Jules104,

        Could this be affecting Jules appliances..? Hole open..

        Some more stray affects coming through hole? ( while CME continuing?)
        I have had a couple of odd situations..however I am going thru a severe snow storm ..
        so I am
        Taking that as a I do not have physical headache😃


      2. Rhona I agree. Out there is right. I did read a voltage spike or power surge can take out heating elements and fridge compressors. I am wondering if somehow the breakers being flipped caused something. Not really sure. As we have found in this area there were hardly ever any permits involved with building homes etc, prior. So maybe something like that?? Okay and then I’d forgotten about this….there is first grandkid 5, mentioned prior worry for our home being on fire. Recently the other three year old, says there is a little boy who she sees and calls “fire ghost” and the bad brother. Hm well really?!😦 Got daughter smudging! 😂😆😳 Sheesh. Really I’m laughing but so out there got to listen and mitigate. Sure it’s nothing. 😎🌟🙏🏻😇😆🙄🤞🏻

    1. Star48, I noticed that also. Odd places. I’d say for the US it’s all the pressure being put on the West Coast and on that side of the plate. That’s what dutch keeps saying. That sooner or later it won’t be able to absorb anymore pressure and will snap or break. For the rest of the world I’m not sure except there may be much more going on down under them we even know. Very concerning. It does seem to be affecting the whole world though like Spirit has said its for the world.🙏🏻Praying for calm.

    2. Star48
      Abdolute touches base .
      hHe still communicates about private things .
      just been quiet with quakes and so forth .
      Yes visiting friends …
      There may be news soon about that .

  43. Rhona, Star48. Remember the “chicken soup…boiling hot” prediction? Could that be for the location in Brazil? Rhona you found the area in Brazil for the large exporter of chickens. Eric mentioned meteor and Spirit mentioned it was for the World or a world prediction. What do you think? What I am finding is the predictions seem to link a lot of the times. Almost like groundhogs day.🤷🏻‍♀️😳 Just a different version maybe. One could be a meteor, another an EQ, another an epidemic…. Here’s that link.

  44. Star48, (no reply box for your comment on ozone hole). Thanks for the link. Hey so do you think mini ozone hole can let in bad juju?😆 Smudging the house! Jeepers creepers. 😳🙏🏻😇🌟🙇🏻‍♀️

  45. Star48
    put reply about singer in wrong box its under Jules comments .
    sorry .

    yes he is still communicating private things just not quakes .
    Visiting family and friends .will see something on that soon ..

      1. Jules 104
        Yes it is on Mid Atlantic Ridge that quake ..It could be Magma but it could also be a push from North American plate and Eursian Plates .
        we will see hopefully its magma and is released slowly .

  46. kules 104 Star 48
    JULES smudging is a good idea..tell the fire ghost and bad brother to leave no room at the inn ..right 😉…
    Jules it could be the breakers ..
    anyway maybe get an electrician to check things out .Take care
    Star 48 good to hear it wasnt a headache for you and just a heads up for the suseptable .
    Take care in your storm thinking of you .

    1. Thanks Star48. I expect there’s more to come. Brazil maybe? 🙏🏻 Praying not because those you showed were coming in really really incredibly fast. Yikes.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Star 2000 in 4 days ..not comforting at all ..
      and a 5.2m ..wonder where this will lead.
      I see they say not magma .
      The Fire balls are coming thick and fast…no doubt more on the way ..

    2. I was wondering about Iceland. Thanks Star48. Seems it’s getting squeezed from both sides almost. Lots of pressure there. Hopefully it won’t lead to an eruption. 🙏🏻

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        Will be a little out of touch till Sunday .
        Helping family move and do clean ups .
        all good so far ..Half house is moved now for Thurday Friday .
        blessings ..

    1. Wow well that’s saying something about how bad it’s actually gotten isn’t it? Sheesh. Thanks for the link Rhona. Also, I hope the family moving is going well and you aren’t overdoing it too much. 🤗

      1. jules 104
        im taking it real steady and feeling quite
        good its been real smooth.
        im happy .

    1. Hm that’s interesting Star48, Rhona. For some reason I don’t think it’s finished for Brazil yet. Unless that’s a time marker for an upcoming earthquake? 🤔

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        thanks for updates .
        Yellowstone keeps reminding us she is there .How can you forget Right .
        Seperated over NZ wow
        Me too Jules I dobt think it is finished for Brazil yet..
        The moving was a little more strenuous today..
        looking forward to bed tonight ..
        Thanks for thinking of us and me especially I need to pace myself ..😯😉

    1. Thanks Star48 for this link and Volcano updates link too. Hope all is well up North and you are staying toasty warm.🌬🌨☃️🤗🧦🧤🔥 Blessings

    2. Star48, this is the area dutch is calling for EQ off Coast. Haidi Gwai Near Queen Charlotte. And I don’t think he’d seen this on Volcano feed. Interesting. Guess we will see. Don’t think he was talking too big though. Hope not. He’s flying blind since they aren’t reporting things and no slow slip tremors map up and running. Sheesh. What next? Oh shouldn’t ask.🙏🏻

  47. Star48, Rhona. Here’s an “Alpine”, up in Alaska that pops up with EQs though small usually… it’s in my “round about” area 😉 “Sutton-Alpine, Alaska”,_Alaska
    I’ve been thinking about it being related to Spirits Alpine maybe and noticing a few EQs in Gulf of Alaska recently. Then you added the Hearts Volcano eruption warning Star so thought to add just in case.

  48. Star48, Rhona.
    4.6 Banda Sea, 191 km depth.
    There is also a few deep ones over near Argentina, Jujuy…the usual spot.😳 2.3 in South Australia sort of near Adelaide? 2.4 on New Madrid in Arkansas. And the Sutton-Alpine area very small ones still. Think coast of Canada maybe near Hearts Volcano soon? Dutch has named a spot over there. Maybe it will just be the Volcano releases the pressure.

    1. Jules104 star 48
      Jules thanks for updates. .The Indonesia one is noteable ..they havechadca couplecof 5+ as well not far from there and Bali .Yeah maybe it will just be a release of pressure .
      will check out Hearts Volcano not heard of it a new one for me.
      Side note …its just gone 9.57pm Friday here and I just got home..We are all done ..old house clean new one full of stuff to organise and unpack ..but thats their job now ..
      im finished yay..

      1. Rhona glad you are finished up with helping family move. Yippee it’s done!👍🏻 I know you are relieved also. They are lucky to have you there to help out.🙏🏻
        I’d not heard of the Hearts Volcano either until Star48 added on thread. It is in same spot as dutch warned which I found interesting. Lots of pressure there I guess. I saw those 5s over in Indonesia area. That’s a watch for sure. Im a bit worried for Sea of Osktoks area. Japan area. Not sure if spelling is correct. That deep one. 🤔 Guess that’s a wait see eh. Blessings.

  49. Star48 Jules 104
    I agree with Jules ….Usgs is untrustrworthy for the tampering of quake reporting .
    San Francisco Bay area swarm is a watch. I raised an eyebrow when i saw that one.
    Hope all is well
    yes keep warm up there Star 48.

      1. Star48…”And now here’s what’s happening for the week ahead…
        Cold with snow accumulating overnight then some more snow with even more snow accumulations with bitter winds and freezing rain and imagine that…some more snow!😆☃️ Star48, I hope you have a fire place and a lots of wood just in case.🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Stay safe.

  50. Star48, Rhona. Deep EQ.
    4.8 Fiji, 617 km depth.
    4.0 Salta, Argentina, 223 km depth
    Also noted…
    4.4 Northern Sumatra (on land), 10 km depth

  51. Star48 Jules 104
    oh Snow snow snow and then a little rain come end of week ..that is yuk.
    oh im not a winter person here dont know if i could manage a real friaty winter .
    but love white xmas ..
    yeah those Fiji ones are awefully worrisome .

    Southern indian Ocean has a 4.7m at 10km .sri Lanka north west of epicentre

  52. Star48 Jules 104
    This isxthird time in several months had to to change my pass word …hope i remember it this time ..oh well im back on linecso all good .
    British quakes wow amazing ..just shows things are changing true sleeping fault ascwe know .

      1. Jules104,Rhona2
        Me three..I have 2 separate places in case one is lost../destroyed..

  53. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks you two i will have to do that write in a special place ..then forget where special place is ..hahaha .
    Just visited sister Anne she looks good and 2as very happy to see myself and other sister.
    she is doing well ..having moments of vomiting and tired ..but she is doing better than expected .they may teduce dosage of chemo tabs soon they maybe a little high .
    all good ..

      1. Star48
        Thank you for your prayers .I told my sister you two are keeping her in your prayers😇 and it lifted her spirits greatly
        at your compassion …

    1. Praying for Anne Rhona.🙏🏻😇 Glad she is doing better than expected and that you had a nice visit with both sisters.❤️🌟

  54. Star48, Rhona. Here’s dutch update from US last night. At 8:30 he checks Volcano updates. New Volcano activity over in Indonesia. Then at 15:30 starts US updates. PNSN for tremors slow slip still down. University of WA up but only 4 tremors. Wondering if it’s slowing down prior to a Juan de Fuca EQ. Off Coast. Here’s that link. Also I think ladtnight dutch called for in the 5s around PNG. If so this is the 2nd time he’s been off by 2 magnitudes. Call No for 6.8 off CA coast but he’s thinking it may not happen at thonce s point. Here’s last nights dutch EQ update link.

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        sizable quake for PNG ..was a surprise when i got up this morning ..
        Thanks for all updates ..

    1. Jules104,Rhona2
      Thanks for update.. the slow slip is troublesome…
      ( still do not have sound on iPad….snowed in)

      So you update appreciated….

  55. Jules 104 Star 48
    sizable worrisom 6m aftershock png amings many 5m since this morning
    Also Trops being sent in to aid incase of landslides and unconfirmed report of deaths though ni obe knows just how many .
    Japan has had a 5.6m 4okm off frim Fukishima in same spot as 2011 they report
    its in this article

    1. Rhona thanks for bringing up EQ near Fukashima. I saw that earlier and meant to add but forgot. I was thinking at the time that it had to be close or similar as last EQ. That’s a bit troubling.
      Do you feel it’s ratcheting up over there in PNG/Indonesia area then and not just aftershocks?

      1. Thanks for the link Star48. Do you think the oil and gas could be part of the reason they had a large EQ there? A huge copper mine there also but that doesn’t seem to have been affected.

    1. Thanks for the update Rhona. I think they are having some big after shocks still. Must be rather unnerving.😬😳🙏🏻💫

      1. Jules 104
        Papua is definately having some aweful aftershocks .
        but I was thinking the Indonesian Ceram sea one is a watch for a chain reaction in Indonesia .. .

  56. Rhona I see what you mean with this EQ and possible chain reaction. I took a look see at the map and noticed it’s in an area called “Banda Arc”. I’d never noticed that, only the Banda Sea. Thanks for the link.

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      oho Venuatu at that depth is a watch for a higher mag ..
      Star the fireballs are getting closer to Brazil
      its a worry .