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The End? December 21, 2012

You have several doomsday dates, 12/21, Nostradamus and “the comet running” as well as 2060 which is Newtons calculated date. I have asked them several times to shed light on the information and the spiritual realm continue to say nothing happens. This Century has three massive changes:  First Climate Change in regards to the consumption of land by the ocean,  second massive war and finally the fall of a certain church. Yes,  massive shifts for one small Century especially when all of these subjects have held on for thousands of years unchanged. This Century brings more change then the last few millennium and is a reflection of our new advances as a species colliding with our old ways.  Perhaps that’s really what the prophets were talking about all along, a new path is required. But nothing comes to an end. From what I can tell it just does not happen. In asking when humanity ends they simply answered by saying is some distant time after humanity has explored the far-reaching stars it finds new planets to live on which drastically alter the culture, physical look, and historical connections to that very old ancestor called humanity.

The violent Climate Change and the consumption of lands is expected to start unfolding in the next few years.

Prediction 6: The Precipice of 2012

The decade of 2010 (12) is marked as the beginning of global problem, ‘climate change’. Tornadoes mount, Hurricanes grow in size, record summers and record-breaking winters, and so many floods upon floods ravage the world violently. The debate of the left and right ends as the oceans begin to consume pockets of the world’s land. Slowly each year the lands are consumed.

So many of you have asked about the infamous 2012 end of the world prediction. I am sorry but as December 2012 ends January 2013 begins, it’s just another year. With that said when I asked about this doomed hyped prediction they change the subject to the precipice of this Century which is climate change and how humanity as a whole is grossly underestimating the problem that is at the doorstep. This is the first of several predictions that discuss Climate Change and whats coming because of it. The closing of 2012 shows the beginning of a real problem.

Expected Time Frame: Starts this decade, second biggest issue of the 21st Century

Climate Change Part 1