Prediction 6: The Precipice of 2012

The decade of 2010 (12) is marked as the beginning of global problem, ‘climate change’. Tornadoes mount, Hurricanes grow in size, record summers and record-breaking winters, and so many floods upon floods ravage the world violently. The debate of the left and right ends as the oceans begin to consume pockets of the world’s land. Slowly each year the lands are consumed.

So many of you have asked about the infamous 2012 end of the world prediction. I am sorry but as December 2012 ends January 2013 begins, it’s just another year. With that said when I asked about this doomed hyped prediction they change the subject to the precipice of this Century which is climate change and how humanity as a whole is grossly underestimating the problem that is at the doorstep. This is the first of several predictions that discuss Climate Change and whats coming because of it. The closing of 2012 shows the beginning of a real problem.

Expected Time Frame: Starts this decade, second biggest issue of the 21st Century

Climate Change Part 1

5 thoughts on “Prediction 6: The Precipice of 2012

  1. But this change is natural as well as whatever influence man has had. It’s not anything we could actually prevent, though it is different somewhat because of our thoughtless behavior (ripping up vast rain forests, pollution of the land and water, living “in control” of the Earth rather than in harmony with her). Climate changes. There’s nothing to be done about it. Our concept of controlling the environment started millennia ago, probably with the advent of agriculture. This patriarchal attitude is to blame for our part, but planetary climate changes with our without our input.

    Or do your sources tell you differently?

    1. Change is possible. Not in preventing it, I think we are past that, but to contain it by reversing course on all the pollutants. In coming predictions they plan to share some scientific solutions or inventions that right now we would find laughable. Thats seems to be the silver lining of the climate change nightmare; an explosion in science, technology, and understanding of our planet. The prediction is also a warning over how massive the problem will be and bracing ourselves accordingly. With all of that said you do bring up a good point, a small handful of predictions won’t fall under the banner ‘change through awareness’. For example I would love to share positive predictions as well, I get tired of them showing me all the horrors of the world.

  2. I see a lot of good coming from all these “horrors”! It’s fantastic to think that all of science could move now toward actual knowledge and bettering life for Earth and her inhabitants (not just for humankind) and doing so outside of any financial incentives. Science should be outside of financial gain, it should work purely for Good. I see little actual intelligence in our kind presently. I see a helluvalotta greed and betrayal though.

    Personally, I see this as a purely beneficial thing. Chasing money is what has landed us in this pathetic situation. There is no good in money. We would sell anyone and anything for a high enough price. That alone shows the corruption of our values as beings. Let it all come to an end and let’s start building ourselves back up into creatures worthy of this planet, and worthy of ourselves. Whatever befalls us, we deserve – and then some! Let it all fall down around our ears. The sooner, the better.

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