Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

This prediction has happened, nothing about Ecuador

Notes on 6-30-15    I had a visual of a very strange storm forming but Spirit showed it from the reflection of the ocean that swayed back and forth. Then I had a visual that people by the shoreline racing to get above ground, or racing away from the beach.
It sounds like they are predicting a Tsunami, but they make no mention of damage, hopefully its just a scare.
I was asking about Ecuador at the time and I assume this Ocean prediction is an unverified message regarding South America.

Notes on 9-3-15    I was falling asleep and felt the ground shake under me, I felt like I fell about 3 inches. I asked Spirit
Where? They responded with a paper roll, and it read ‘hear’.
In my opinion they could be saying ‘here’ as in California or they could be referencing to hearing their word as if its a previous prediction:

Also there is this prediction that I question is apart of the Chile Tsunami: The news has not reported on any ship, and the date would be wrong but again they mentioned South America.

Notes on 2-23-15  I had a visual of several ships and boats, they were enjoying their day of relaxation and fun when a massive wave swept in toppling the ships, crushing everything in its path. Spirit showed a man who was rescued and survived.  In the vision he was recovering in a hospital bed, what a miracle.
I had a visual of South America
I had a visual of 727. Which implies the 27th.
Eric’s Comments: This could be another Tsunami or a massive storm, but it was quick and destructive. Clearly we are talking about a location in South America, but I question the 27th (March?) The 27th was used to describe a bombing in previous predictions, are they reminding me of that or is the timing related to this prediction?


26 thoughts on “Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

  1. Eric’ , info on sea leve rise in chile.. Excerpt
    “SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A major earthquake just offshore rattled Chileans, killing five people and shaking the Earth so strongly the tremor was felt in places across South America. Authorities worked into the early hours Thursday assessing damage in several coastal towns that saw flooding from small tsunami waves set off by the quake.”

  2. Eric, N.Z. Put on alert Excerpt
    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said waves of more than 3 meters were possible along the coast of Chile and waves of between 1 meter and 3 meters could hit French Polynesia, which includes the popular tourist island of Tahiti.

    The warning center said waves of up to 1 meter could hit a host of countries and islands, including New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, American Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

  3. Eric could the, “paper roll”, and Spirit saying, “hear”, be the expected smaller tsunami wave there in California also? As though you would “hear” the warning and the tsunami wave would be “here”?

  4. I just wanted to let you know that 727 is the area code for the Tampa Bay area in Florida which flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Could Spirit have been pointing to South America as in the south of N. America?

  5. Hello Eric, I’ve a question for the Spirits. Please forgive me that it’s not related with this post. I wonder if something will happen when the Pope Francis visit USA this month. I hope nothing bad will happen.


      • Harvey, Thank You for asking. I wanted to know also…. for he is such a blessing to so many in my opinion. That is great news then. Blessings to You and Yours in Texas!

      • Dear eric since it was asked about the pope could the spirit guides give there insight on the agenda 2030 plan the united nations is going to put in effect i feel nobody’s talking about it

      • Hi Jules! Just wanted to make sure nothing bad happen to the Pope when he visits New York, even around the world. I really like his example of being caring and passionate for all people. My vibes picked up great energies from him. He is very humbled. I also like his witty and honestly as he wishes one thing to escape for his favorite pizza without anyone following him. He is human being! 😉

        Blessings to you, too!

      • Thats ok by the way 2030 is just the year all goals are supposed to go in effect starting with u belive this week when pope comes to united nations. So would spirits know about it and just figure its not a big issue im sorry just scares me cause it seems like a total control thing like where we lose our freedoms

  6. Eric, I remember seeing the older post mentioned of crowd cheering at stadium then looking up the sky and screaming. Is this related to Pope’s visit event? I wondering if Pope visit the stadium in US somewhere. If not, ignore this.

    Another question, is something going to happen btw now and Sept 28th? Cuz there’s so much rumors about asteroid impacts the earth then caused wave side by side.



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