Egypt Bus Bombing

This tragic prediction has happened. Please stay safe if your in Egypt.

Predictions 4-11-17    “In Egypt.. the spider attacks.. 20.” 

Notes on 7-29-14 I had a visual of a man secretly getting on a bus, avoiding other individuals, in the vision the bus had tinted windows.

I had a visual of a poster on a table, it showed a picture of a man with a wolf’s head, howling upward. — Perhaps a message of a ‘lone wolf’

388 thoughts on “Egypt Bus Bombing

    1. Star48, Rhona that area is really getting a lot of activity lately. Glad they are looking into more preparedness for the real thing. We are doing our earthquake shakeout preparedness drill on the 17th here also.

    1. Thanks for the update Star48. Wow that fireball caught on camera is crazy looking. Glad FRIPON puts up all those cameras to catch them at night time.

  1. star48
    Fireball over France..they just keep coming ..
    New Madrid Shakeout drill is a must glad they are encouraging preparedness ..with all the creeking and sall indications it could be any time..hopefully it is just slow easement..
    thanks for links

    1. Thanks Star48, I agree with Rhona. Hey didn’t one of you mention the Calaveras fault a while back where the big one may hit? It seems familiar. 🤔

      1. jules 104
        yes I dont recall who brought it up but we did talk about Calaveras .
        great memory there Jules ..we even talked about the way the energy jumps over faults ..
        triggering perhaps others..

  2. Star 48
    Thats is a watch 1% /2% chance of a larger quake is a window to be cautious …
    prayers for SF and easement ..
    Thank you for unfo

  3. star48
    Metis Tonga ..Merapi Indonesia both code orange …😦watching especially Metis eith all the deep quakes they have who knows how high she will blow ..and resound NZ way .
    The Aztec volcano chain 😨my lord they really unvieled some info there ..
    lets just hope it just stays that way another hudreds of years or so ..That massive crack shewee no way 😲😲😲
    Jersey beach sinkholes oh hec ..they are a huge problem ..same cliff erosion happened here in Margaret River a few years ago killed and burried some kids when it collapsed ..just aweful . No sink hes though ..
    we lost Quinns beach same way about 2000
    trees and everything went ..Its never been the same beach since ..
    thanks for interesting articles Star ..

    1. Jules104,
      Thank you for alert…
      I sent u email just now too.
      Please ignore….luv u 😘

  4. star 48
    Storm quakes …Wonderful news ..we have always suspected this ..exciting they are into it .The idea topography of ocean floor and shore have an impact and bearing on it is facinatig research for them this info
    thanks star

  5. star 48
    The volcanos are all picking up again ..
    thanks for updates ..
    watching wondering which one is next .👀

  6. star 48
    unbelievably scary sink hole for all in Santa Lucia ..230ft deep ..😨 That is gobsmaking..
    prayers for those teatering on edge may all their needs be met ..
    Trnidad metor now wow Brazil still in the mix for possible strike ..

  7. Rhona2,Jules104
    Vanuatu 🇻🇺
    Eq just updated…
    Very very deep…✔️✔️✔️now deleted..!!!

    M 6.4 – 59km NNE of Isangel, Vanuatu
    2019-10-21 02:52:29 (UTC)19.041°S 169.453°E226.1 km depth

    What the heck?

    1. Rhona 2,Jules104,

      Weird….listed than deleted….now listed again!

      So ,they have utterly 😐 confused me…

      1. Star48, Rhona … that is pretty odd. Why would you do that? Maybe a mistake but ….🤔🙃
        Thanks for all the updates Star48.

  8. star48
    totally confusing as to why they would do that ..maybexa newcomer hit the delete button on wring quake …then had rectify ..

  9. star 48 jues 104
    thats another sizable one for sth pacific ..
    6m in Samoa ..thanks Jules ..
    Sink holes the Dead Sea what terrible sight to witness but its amazing at the same time to see the change taking place ..something we all grew up with a certain image in mind and now poof thats gone ..must be so aweful for those that its their land their historic sea ..oh my its sad …very sad ..

  10. star48
    Iceland 👀
    Asteroid coming within 11 times distance to the moon ..Funny Ben Nevis got a nention lol .
    here is hoping o sunlight interferes with her trajectory … 😯😊

    1. Star48, Rhona …Just a thought. When I was reading the article it reminded me of Eric’s prediction of the Southern CA vs the Northern CA earthquake. He at first wasn’t sure if it was a Southern one or a Northern one. Was sort of confused. But in this article it talks about how it starts down in Southern CA in the Gulf of Mexico and is pushed from there sounds like. Maybe that’s what the Spirits were saying. If we get an eq in S CA I wonder if that will be the foreshock??
      What do you think?
      Also great link Star48!🙂

  11. star48
    informative article good with the maps of faults and well explained ..It confirms the SF pnw concerns we are watching for ..praying all stay safe …

    1. Star48, Rhona.. that’s amazing scientific news. They are getting closer and closer to being able to predict and warn people days ahead of an earthquake happening.
      Can’t wait to see what’s next!
      Thanks for the link Star48.

  12. star48 jule 104
    ok that one worked fingers x maybe singer
    to rescue ..He will confirm
    Thanks Star

  13. star48 Jules 104
    shattering sight at Lotto Kututo
    these poor people praying for their water supply.those cracks and lad slide are enormous
    never seen anthing like it .
    prayers also for Mt Washington Fiji and surounding areas .

    1. Star48, Rhona Thanks for all the updates and links. There is a lot of pressure on the plates with so much volcano activity it seems.
      Star48, hopefully you got the issue fixed with posting. 🙏🏻

  14. star48
    oh dear gremlins 😫🤔 are at work with your postings now ..
    At least above one worked ..let us know if you have more probems ..
    vocano Mexico added to the list ..

  15. star48 jules 104
    oh my thats just up the chances of Beazil Prediction ..🤔🙁🎆

  16. star48 Jules 104
    waiting for damage reports ..Testimonies say it was very strong and alot of swaying in buildings ..computers nearly falling ..
    a 6.6 at 30km could trigger Indonesia as well we will see .

    1. Rhona, Star48 … there have been way too many upper sixes for the Philippines it seems to me. I was thinking the same thing about the Indonesia EQ Rhona. Praying for a calm planet. 🙏🏻

  17. jules 104
    yes I agree prayers love and light over that way
    for easement we said concerned for trigger of Indonesia ..

  18. star48 jules 104
    singer just gave us Masssachusettes…
    He is saying event is that a quake ?
    yes but watch the news as well ..

  19. jules 104 star48
    New York came up …briefly ..I dontvthink it is attack related 👀

  20. jules 104 star 48
    San Francisco just came up .
    within 5 days for notable quake seems .
    not sure big one just notable

  21. star 48
    asteroid passing within 6200 km 😫🤓
    wow they were saying we are getting better at picking them up …so who knows what we didnt know before ..Freaky …
    White Isand is a Watch 👀 Mt Rainer too.
    will be watching November 1st Fly by of Asteroid ..
    thanks for updates

  22. star48 jules 104
    oh my that is incredible its so close 😲
    and Japan is a watch its had a few 4+ mags in last few hours ..

    1. Star48, Rhona … WOW! I love the description from the individual saying that you had to see it with your own eyes and it was a massive red fireball! I bet that was amazing and a bit terrifying at first. Like… what the heck?😯

  23. Star48, Rhona… I noticed that the Tonga EQ came up as a 6.9 first off. I wonder how much they downgraded these two quakes, Tonga and Chili.

  24. jules 104 star48
    hi Jules ..hope all is well ..great to see a post from you ..😁
    yes I would think more than two weeks supply would be a more like it ..
    wow imagine they have bern through it all before and now waiting to see if they experience a Cascadia quake 🤔😩🙃

    1. Thanks Rhona! I know right? I’m not on the thread as much. If better get my bum in gear!🤣🤣🤣 I’ll try to post more often I need to go reread the latest “Truth”! That is really interesting I think. Eric’s doing a great job. Hugs You Two!🤗🤗

    1. Wow great info and links Star48. I glanced at that Switzerland swarm the other day but then saw the Cascadia article so…😳 Glad you added it. Hugs!🤗

  25. star48 Jules 104
    wow Switzerlad
    .Wildhorn people will be on watch ..imagine how unusual ..
    and the Barre Volcano makes me watchful for around bay of Begal too ..not sure about this one ..👁👀

  26. star48 jules 104
    a watch for Japan 👀singer just brought in suki aki song

  27. star48
    Herd Island lava flow wow ..
    there has been some movement around there lately ..quakes south of there ..

  28. star48 jules 104
    Sukurajima volcano could be singers Japan warning on 7th November above ..

  29. star 48 jules 104
    wow 3 time larger Island in Tonga ..mother nature in a very creative mode 😁

    Apolaki coldra phewee thats something .isnt it ? 🙄 absolutely facinating ..the Fillipinos chose a brilliant name Giant Lord ..
    thanks star good read

  30. jules 104 star48
    California Blue just played .
    simger heads up keep watch for quake 👀

  31. star48 jules 104
    just recieved Arizona song .
    implying near Yuma California/ Arizona border san andeas ..Salton sea perhaps .
    blessings ..watching 👀

    1. Rhona2,
      Okay. Thank Singer for heads up…
      Will be watching..
      Eric would feel it if a Salton Sea…or Yuma…( right on Border)
      I have a nephew in SD as well as loads of friends in the region…
      So I will be alert 🚨

  32. star48
    thank you good point to pass on info .
    sending love and light for easment and relief of stress /pressure gradually.
    blessing to your friends and nephew

  33. Thanks Rhona and Singer! Wow will be keeping watch. Feeling like somethings coming up nearer to Thanksgiving for N CA time. Keep thinking of that diner time quake. Sending light energy for slow calm release. 🙏🏻🌟💫

  34. Star48, Rhona… this prediction has the 11th, 12th for San Francisco. Then it has New Zealand also. It seems like what they always have in common is SF, NZ. Giants Stadium or sports event seems to come into play with some type of meteor or something coming in that does damage. Sometimes I think it’s either a time line or we are having attacks and earthquakes around the same day! I also have noticed in the past that N CA and NZ sometimes follow each other’s quakes, usually NZ area first. Either way it makes for a really busy time period right?😟

  35. Star48, Rhona …I was just remembering this old N Korea nuclear power plant prediction. If you click on the predictions within one has the terrorist were in N CA and has to do with fires. I’m of the mind these fires aren’t all caused by natural means. Just think it’s interesting when you look back at some of the old predictions and they correlate with predictions now.

    1. Star48, Rhona Is never heard that term of “medicines” before… but those both look ominous especially the 2nd one with possible winds of 93 mph! Praying for everyone’s safety.🙏🏻

      1. Jules104,
        Should be Medicanes…(Hurricane in Mediterranean)
        Auto spell checker changed it to be Medicines…(really to fast for me to catch) ugh 😑

    1. Star48, Rhona… do you think these Ventura area swarms area related to the off shore oil wells and all of the oil and gas wells on shore? I remember a few times where dutch pointed that out on his videos. It makes me think of the prediction Eric has of seeing black off the CA Coast. Do you remember that one?

    1. That doesn’t look good. The fire seasons have just been horrific lately. I hope that people are not intentionally starting them. Praying for some rain there.🙏🏻

    2. star48 jule 104
      N.S.W. FIRES are just horrific never have they experienced it this way…
      Tuesday is flag by warnigs for more flare ups given weather conditions ..the residential Greater Sydney is now at risk ..first time in history ..
      prayers love and light to them ..they are constantly in my thoughts ..praying weather conditions change to help fire fighters ..and stem any further tradgedies ..

    1. Star48, Rhona that’s really interesting. If you think about it all, it seems like it might be a no brainer right? I love all of the new thought processes and discoveries scientists are making these days. Giant leaps almost.

      1. star48 jules 104
        Jules thats so funny ..I had the same thought .Its actually a no brainer..but sometime in science you cant see the woods for the forrest ..Frozen ground and seasonal changes yes of course the quake is going to affect things in entirely different ways ..

  36. jules 104
    i agree we have suspected some of these fires are a new terrorist type attack ..
    looking at one of the predictions
    ( Terrorists for north Cal ..Bagals in a box ?not sure on that one..Freddy Mercury neck less it says …:::Mercury close to the sun recently an article was published on it ..)
    do you remember this one
    could this be a time flag ..Neck less is mystery to me..
    Koreas at war Im hoping that was resolved last year …
    There is the remote chance they are referring to a time indicator for June or July based on the old Korean war June 1950 to July 1953..
    long shot but worth a ponder .
    oh my I dont know the mind boggles .

      1. star 48
        there it is orders to set ABLAZE new paths of terror and destruction..
        fires deliberately lit..
        the thing that worries me it gives arsonists
        a way of shifting blame to terror ..🤔😕

      2. Star48, Thanks for the link. I don’t doubt this is happening already in places. And agree with Rhona, it will give other groups and persons a place to lay the blame for what they’ve done.
        This I think is where the drones are really going to come into play in the future. Environmentally speaking this is really catastrophic for the planet and those on it. Something will need to be done to stop people from burning down the whole world. Craziness.🙃

    1. Rhona, That’s what I was thinking when I read that article on Mercury and the sun. Didn’t you add that one Star48? I’m thinking there are a lot of time lines going on. For Freddy Mercury I remember the movie on him came out. So maybe related to a car and a timeline?
      Bagels in a box threw me off also. Wasn’t there a dozen? May be the number 12?
      I just hope some of these predictions don’t ever happen except for the good ones. 🙏🏻

    1. Wow that is just horrible. I can’t imagine how these people are feeling right now and there aren’t even any fires as of yet. I am very glad the fire fighters are getting ahead of it though what can you do if there is no where else for you to live except there in the danger zone. I guess like they said get out as soon as possible because you will be on your own basically. Praying for rain and for safety of all animals and individuals.🙏🏻💦☔️💦🌧💫

      1. jules 104
        The fires are still raging over in NSW and Queendland ..
        The article didnt say that te fires are still flamed up .. ..but yes the are closing schools that the fire hasnt reached yet in the pre empting its possible ..
        Easy to think they are out but the article wasnt the best for that ..

  37. I was looking for the prediction that mentions something about a new type of terror or terrorist and how the way they attack is very effective. Maybe it’s them starting fires. It definitely is terrorizing for all the people involved. Do you two remember that one? I haven’t found it but found this old one with multiple predictions for attacks. So just adding for future reference.

    1. Wow thanks for the link Star48. I wonder what is going on under there. They said no magma movement but things going forward will depend on the pressure on the crust? Last eruption in 1961. I need to look that up and see what all was involved with that one.
      That and Hawaii’s Mauna Kea…🤔

    1. Rhona, okay now I see there are fires still burning. The last article made it sound as though this was a preemptive measure or I just read it wrong. 🙃 Wow that is just horrible though for everyone involved and in harms way. Praying for safety and white light to surround them all. Praying they get these fires under control soon. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Star 48 Thank you for EL central update .
      watching all activity very closely
      something is gonna give..👀
      I think as eric sais first sth then nth Cal
      seems trending that way .

    1. Rhona, Star48… just got finished reading all those comments in the old prediction. Yes I agree interesting. 🤔 Thanks for that link Rhona.

  38. oh yes just became aware All American replaced Alamo …
    the Dam is concerning tying in to prediction
    2017/12/04 ..

  39. jules 104 star 48
    singer brought in By The Sea song as I was posting Canal info .
    Now I believe this is an added tef to Salton Sea .subtle as it may be the pics came with the song in my mind ..
    Maybe confirmation ..will ask for more if im open to it ..
    will keep you posted

  40. star48 jules 104
    Askja Iceland .
    Wow i would be just wainting with bated breath ..she does seem to be moving magma
    or like Jues says Wonder whats hig on under there .
    lightning strike on Guatamala Volcano is stunning photgraphics ..

  41. jules 104 star48
    The After shocks are coming thick and fast ..
    high 5+ most …
    very alarming as we never know how its going to swing there or surrounding area..

  42. Rhona2,Jules104,
    I have been focusing on the depths…
    The original 7.1 was at 33km deep..
    The aftershocks have been weird in the depths..all over the board..
    Check it out…than a deep one in Fiji…ummm…

  43. star48
    I see what your saying …though the main source seems to be near Bitung with more than 15 at 35km to 43km then there are several at 10km swinging to 104km
    Bali region is around 10km depths ..
    it feels like slips being brought on by maga movement maybe ..Im curious to know what is happening there ..

  44. star 48
    im hedging Phillipines one of late hve triggered a reaction and its edging south from Bitung to Bali area ..this cuould throw the Banda Sea into the mix soon .

    1. Star48, Rhona … I am wondering if this will trigger something else also. I’m thinking up towards an 8-9 mag. I surely hope not. Praying for a peaceful planet all around!🙏🏻🌏🌟💫

  45. Star48, Rhona … I was just reread ing the latest prediction of Eric’s from Nov 15th. Look through that and click on the links he has. There are lots of similar airplane predictions, attacks within those as from when I had linked an old prediction on the 12th Nov. Hope that makes sense. Look at my post on the 12th.
    Anyway it seems to me to be a type of timeline I think with similar things all happening around the same time period. Spirits always trying to give us clues beforehand.😇 Praying any attacks can be stopped.🙏🏻 Oh here’s the link I had added earlier.

    1. star 48
      the research is so making sense it will be a great tool of indication for them..degassing
      stops smoke stops silence ..pressure builds then bang …Now they have the scientific analysis of the changes in the plug to understand it better ..
      well donevto them and for those living at risk near a strato volcacano .

  46. jules 104 star 48
    yes jules prefect sense …and Funny I read the one linked above only a day ago ..
    The train tracks over and over could it be multiple train bomings as well or is it symbolic
    of events on the same tracks as before ..
    history repeating itself ..Like another plane event that is identical to one in the past ..
    “Tomorrow your always a day away ”
    Hijacked BA 7.7.7. I was reading that one last night😶🤔 and how New Zealand was involved
    A qantas plane had to make emergecy landing at airforce base in Nz due to flap broken or such …It made me start looking up all the attack predictions and plane hijacking ..not thatvi believe thats the reason for this one to emergency land but triggered curiosity ..
    Time line could be ..What will happen to confirm the start of the time line.
    Have I missed something Jules ?
    Let me Know ..
    singer just played Dock of a Bay ..
    SF alert ..
    I noticed a low mag quake smack bang on San Andreas at San Juan Beatista ..2+m ..sorry forgot to look up before posting this ..
    Im hoping these attacks can be thwarted casualties 0 would be a blessing spirit ..
    stay safe you two ..

    1. Rhona, Star48… that’s so devastating on a grand scale. I hope people aren’t starting these fires but I have a feeling they aren’t all natural, just like here in the US.
      Praying they can get these fires contained soon and praying for all the fire fighters, people and animals affected by this situation there in Australia.

    1. Star48, Rhona….What the heck is going on under the crust there… and everywhere really? Lots of pressure coming in obviously. Feels like eventually there will be a big release somewhere.

  47. star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for posting the article on Australian Fires Star.
    and thank you both very much for your prayers ..
    This is so heartbreaking for the Eastern States and Queensland as well ..all resources have been expediated here we have crews from around the States …I feel we are to see more as its not letting up heat is travelling from WA .travelling Eastward to exasibate all efforts to contain these fires ..
    Love light and prayers ..Poor queensland had hail but it didnt reach areas where fires are burning…
    again thank you for your thoughts .

  48. star4 Jules 104
    thanks for volcano update Star ..
    Celebrating a Birthday today 😋🤔🤔how young ?????
    Young enough to have cake 🎂spring chicken
    🐣actuallly 😁😁😁😁

    1. Rhona2,
      Your birthday?
      Happy Birthday! 🎂
      Have a magnificent year! More off line…😃

      1. star48
        Thank you so far im having a lovely day ..
        Family here and a bonus with Hubby home
        this year ..zhe is usually away so we are going out for dinner toight 😄😍

    2. 🎂🥳Happy Birthday Rhona!🎉🥳 Ah yes a Spring chicken for sure. Sounds like you are having a wonderful Birthday surrounded by family. Cheers for another great year to come!🥳🎂🎉❤️

  49. jules 104
    Thank you …I love Birthdays and celebrations of any kind many smile ..😊😄😊😁😀😃😆

      1. Jules104,
        Could be!…you noticed that Eric in that post listed 2019, May
        So that may be a timeline beginning..?
        So a watch from 2013! Ohy

  50. Star48, Rhona… if you google in Eric’s blog search “9/11”…I feel the predictions are relevant to what’s coming regarding airplane and other attacks. I googled it and started looking at the predictions under… All of the old attacks are coming up again. 🙏🏻🌟

  51. jules 104
    I had a look and 9/11 type attack is mentioned often …
    it does seem as though its coming full circle as one prediction said ..
    Also saying planes and buildings involved maybe 3 locations …
    I dont know Jules i have been kinda hoping the potential for these attacks has lessened
    especially since Baghdadi is dead …
    I beleive this changes their moral and I dont think they feel as invinsible any more or motivated to be so …Maybe yes his death is motivation for them ..but I get a general sense of a weakened state of being for them …
    praying love and light these attacks dont happen ..
    Thanks for pointing it out

  52. ps that last post of mine was asuming the attacks are terrorst based ..
    It could be another source entirely . 😮🤔🙃😞😩

  53. star48
    wow so good to get answers on the activity over there ..I remember the 3 of us speculating
    on what was going on there ..I thik we even thought it might have been lava flow.
    shame about the lake but mother earth has her own agenda .
    Thanks heaps Star happy to have that info

    1. Star48, great article! I hope they can set this system up here on the Cascadia Subduction Zone soon.
      Also I’m wondering how this would work as they will need to put it deeper than 75 feet and then how the GPS monitor would be able to be attached to the system. And how do they make sure that ships etc don’t run into and damage it? Just some things I thought about as I read the link. I’m sure they can figure it all out, I’m just curious now.🤔🤓
      But all in all “WOW” I love to be reminded that with all of the political craziness going on in the world right now… scientists are still moving forward developing new things that will benefit humanity. 😇🌟
      Thanks for the link Star.

  54. Star48, Rhona … okay I know this seems out there but after going through old predictions recently my “brain”🤯🤪😆 is now picking up on battleships or some sort of incident involving a battleship. Something bigger then what’s already happened… a US battleship.
    Just wanted to mention.

  55. Star48, Rhona… just looking at old predictions and was wondering about this. The 4 metal rings in Eric’s predictions and these countdowns within this such as “0001”, “a larger body flying thru space, a piece of something” “the fragments were metal or iron”, it seems to be related to something that happens with a sports event or the Giants Stadium and San Francisco. I just was wondering if the metal rings were also a timeline and referencing the metal object. Could be reading too much into it.🤔

  56. jules 104
    I have read and te tead this one …its always been so cryptic to me as Eric said some symbolic ..The metal rings ? wish i could grasp it.. (3 to 4 days and 7.o2 )..
    its like meteor or space junks ..The stadium seems linked in with an explosion but random .
    im hedging San Frandisco stadium and gas explosion or such from earthquake movement .Jules ..
    the time line tie in could be something from space then the earthquake happens .
    im all over the shot with this one .
    The 25 lost to this resounds with a date as we all specuated before ..
    If I get more clarity i will post

    1. jules104
      I see what you mean
      .they started off shore and are creeping onto land …interesting movement there

  57. jules 104 star48
    Im not sure whats happening with this heads up type message I got this morning .
    whenever something comes through my radio
    and resounds with a spiritual message i take note .
    The Mascone and Harvey Milk assisination was mentioned this morning and how Leo Ryan U.S. congressman was killed at Jonestown ..
    It went on to say the proceedings for assasination of Mayor Mascone was put on hold till after Jonestown incident was investigated and in respect for Leo Ryan.
    Now my mind goes to SanFrancisco and also Erics ..Chemical attack that he says ” is like Jonestown much death ”
    Then Hijacked 27 ( 2.26.17)…You added this prediction Jules 16th Nov above in a post.
    The 27th is mentioned …
    27th is the anniversary date of assisination of Mascone and Milk ..Jonestown was 18thNov

    The 27th is jumping out.. San Francisco is jumping out ..on the Anniversary is jumping out..Chemical Attack is jumping out.. im.thinking attacks
    Blessings you two

    1. Rhona was going through the older predictions you had linked. That’s interesting about the heads up type messages you are getting. I’ve just been picking up on attacks and airplanes lately. But you could be right about the chemical attack too. I ended up on the Chemical Ali guy from the old prediction about an King of Spades and another card yesterday. Let me look for it. I start connecting different predictions sometimes because they seem to match up somehow.
      Okay found it. This is strange. So I have two comments on this thread. One has to do with King of Spades card for “Chemical Ali” and the other about the “Philadelphia in lockdown…29”. Read the full prediction too. Think we must be onto something. Also been thinking about the old prediction with the headlines of “NYC Attack. Shooters Attack the People.” I’ll add that one next.

  58. jules104 star 48
    yeah im sure it covered the explosion at chem plant but there is still more I believe .
    not complete yet ..
    Hopefully more has been thwarted simply by getting the message and light and love delivered in the awareness of it .

    1. jules 104 Star 48
      Happy Thanksgiving to you all 🤗🦃
      special thanks for havig you in my life 😇💖

      Jules I checked out the Buffalo ..cowboys ref
      Im thinking your onto something I see the Fortworth Airport is close.. 14miles from AT&T Stadium and Lovefield 23miles…
      It mentions Airport tower in prediction just not sure if it ties in or seperate time marker you noted before Jules .
      The clock striking 12 ? will think on this one will see if i can research some tie in..
      hmm will wate c if i get anything .

  59. Jules104,Rhona2,Eric

    First…Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🙏🏻❤️

    Will monitor and watch,,,
    I have been a little slow posting various articles…will try to do better…
    (Power was off 4 hours this morning..threw me off..had to get warm took a few hours..)😌

    1. Thanks Star48. Happy Thanksgiving to All of You! 🦃😋🍁🍂🦃
      Brr…🌬☃️❄️ hope your power stays on now. 🤞🏻🙏🏻

    2. Star48
      Darn Winter weather giving you problems again .
      thinking of you in your winter while we are in our summer 🙃😩
      but getting warm after power off
      to me is painful I cant even stand being a little cold ..
      praying you have no more power outs .
      Happy Thanksgiving wish I was there 😍😘🦃
      sharing your meal ..I will have some turkey ..
      symbolic of our frienship you and Jules .
      blessings for the coming season ..

  60. Thanks Rhona, definitely thankful for your and Star48’s friendship and for Eric and his blog. Thankful for all those on the site who are trying to help make the world a better place.🙏🏻 Hugs You Two!🤗❤️🌟

  61. star 48
    thank you for all the updates .
    Thats 6 volcanos nd significant ones all having a spectacular pressure release..
    Im always speachless when beaches and water disappears on such a scale as in Russia ..

  62. Jules 104.
    Looking at it it just might be ..good catch .
    shame the mag for Alaska wasnt aluded to
    it would have helped but thats a decents size quake 6mag ..
    👀 watching and listening too c what comes up to confirm on radio ..These two quakes have been soooo long in coming 🙄 could it be they wont happen ..though im sure something is brewing ..
    Thanks Jules

  63. star 48 Jules 104 …
    Mini Moon 😶😜😨
    unreal glad none have been any bigger
    like they were saying the one over S.A. would have been a sight to see..

  64. star 48 Jules 104
    Thanks for white island update
    .👀 whenever she rumbles there is a reaction to look out for in N.Z.
    JULES Those swarms (Cascadia)..
    would be having you on awareness ..prayers live and light to you and yours and mother earth in Juan de Fuca zone
    Thanks for articles Star
    blessings you two

  65. star48 jules 104
    just a thought maybe the 6.3m Alaska has transfered pressure over to West Coast and affecting Juan da Fuca

    1. Star48, Rhona…that’s not good. Sounds like eventually they will have a larger more damaging earthquake. I know they say they are built for earthquakes in mind, but mostly for how big the past ones have been. Things have changed.
      Same thing going on over here on the West Coast with big business trying to get a liquefied natural gas terminal (Jordan Cove LNG) built right here on the bay. Everything’s to go to Asia. Trying to tell us they can build it to withstand a seismic event. I believe they determined a mag 7. 😂😆🤣 What about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the imminent quake someday and any accompanying tsunami? They think we are all stupid I guess.

  66. star48 jules 104
    spent fuel and dry casks its always a concern even when a plant isnt operational..
    prayers love and light to Pilgrim area and the plant ..It must have been a strong 2.1m then ..
    for people noticing the sounds ..

    1. star 48
      This is just aweful ..what a terrible thing to happen to them ..a construction site ..oh wow
      it could have taken so many more but 3 is tragic enough and a wee one just starting life .
      prayers for family …especially mother and wife .

  67. jukes 104
    Thus is a giant leap in understanding ASD
    Not sure if they can find a way to stimulate growth to help synaps in brain ..but cognitive
    exercises have been helping ..wonder if they will test early as bubs and eventually to modify gene ..
    Also for those with bi polar etc it is a big step in hopeful advanced treatments ..Thank you for Posting

    1. Star48, Rhona…that’s interesting because I suspected this was the case and had happened before. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s why it seems to me that the N CA area is triggered when Fiji has movement. Some type of pressure release on the other side of the plate?
      Thanks for the link.

  68. star 48 jules 104
    I need to clarify ..Our radio news said 20 injured fears for up to 100 on island ..
    will have to wait for more info ..
    prayers love and light NZ

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      What a tragedy! So preventable…
      My thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families….🙏🏻

      1. star48
        I thought the same so preventable we had seen the signs the week before ..
        the knowledge is there ..
        as a wise precaution …no one one should have been near White Island that day ..

  69. star48 jules 104
    😈🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 5 days startng my Wed tomorrow 40+ degree heat that 110f ..
    oh my i will be seeking out airconditioners .
    ours wont be replaced till just before or after xmas 😭😭😠😳😳
    not loiking forward to it …

    1. Rhona2,
      Any relative, or neighbor that you can sleep over?
      Even an air mattress on the floor in air conditioning is better than none…
      I hope that some kind of accommodation can be obtained…?

    2. Rhona, oh my that’s really hot! I hope you have fans and maybe are able to go shopping somewhere… even just to hang out in the air conditioned stores for a bit off and on. Make sure you are drinking lots of water too. I’m with Star48, any family members near by that you can visit or have a sleep over with when it gets too unbearable? Praying for cooler temps for you there. 🙏🏻🌟😇

  70. star 48 jules 104…
    yep I checked in with son and daughter ..
    they have aircon ..
    i will take them.up on offer…
    its going to be too hot to bare ..
    i will hit the shops too …was thinking that ..
    thanks you two ..

  71. Star48, for the NY shooting you added on main thread….the words “Bodega” and “kosher” stuck out to me. I just recall researching way back bodega or bodego and then there is kosher salt?

    1. Jules104,
      There is a reference to Kosher salt being slammed..

      Cannot find Bodega ref…scratching my memory cells I think we researched it as possible Eq area? I think we researched a CA connection…?
      Cannot find it under that spelling…I will keep trying.

  72. oh thats wierd when i checked to see if double posting worked after moderation it was gone .
    so i posted first one again and after i posted the previous one came back 😂😂😂😂🤗

    1. Rhona2,
      Communications are weird at this time..

      That shoot out in New Jersey said..male female were attackers..

      Than many multiple reports said male,male attackers..

      🔴NOW today…Female ,Male are listed as attackers…and they are named!

      So needless to say…something us wobbly….🙃

  73. star 48 Jules 104
    seems receptive now..🤔🤗
    did you see i found Kosher salt and Bordego ( Berrego) CAL PREDICTIONS above ..
    so sorry for families such a tradgedy .
    they say a 60% chance of another eruption..
    on our news broadcast too.

    1. Rhona2,Jules 104,

      My opinion us that they are separate..
      NZ are two different events …

  74. ps scroll down to paragraph aftwr Erics Aust in Blue comments …massive Pompeii like eruption ..

    1. Rhona2,
      Let’s wait until the next eruption ..that is possible…
      The one just experienced is not “Pompeii enough”

  75. star48
    yes I agree …though the ash and all was reminding me explosion not massaive enough .
    oh my I pray not .

  76. Star48, Rhona..thanks for all of the input on bodega and kosher salt!🤗. I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to reply. Will look at all your info. Thanks You Two!

  77. jules 104
    no worries ..hope your work load eases up soon..or at least runs smoothly ..thinking of you all ..

  78. star48 jules 104
    Thanks for SHISHALDIN UODATE..👀
    THE Brazilian sinkhole oh wow so lucky no one injured amazingly so…
    there seems to be some engineering issues with these construction sites seems to me .

      1. Thanks for always adding them onto the main thread in the right spot/prediction Star48!🙏🏻
        You contribute so much to the site. Don’t know how you do it all. 😇🤗

  79. star48 Jules 104
    yes thatsxa good size one in philippines
    thanks Jules .
    side note ..
    Yay that it did my xmas shopping today for grand kids …all finished and wrapped allin 41 degree heat..mind you shops were packed and airconditioned soni didnt mind the crowd..
    They are putting our new aircon in on 20th of Dec yay aircon for xmas day can get warm now ..for us ..sorry for those with non or who have lost homes in fires .in NWS ..
    WE have had a terrible blaze in yanchep a special place in perth for holidays and day trips since I was young ..still is ..but it was just ravished by bush fires last 4 to 5 days ..its only 15km from me here.. north along coast ..
    not a good xmas for so many ..
    bless them prayers lovecand light to anyone in hardship at xmas

    1. Rhona, glad you finished all your Christmas shopping up for the grandies. Wow those are some really high temps there. Good to hear your air con will be going in on the 20th!🥵. Yes just in time for Christmas🎄
      Sorry to hear about the fires hitting your special place for holiday/day trips. I’m sure there are many fond memories of this place for you in your heart. Praying it can make a come back and be rebuilt soon. I’m just so thankful there are no fires going on within close vicinity to your home or other family members homes there.🙏🏻🌟
      Praying for all of the firefighters who are battling those bushfires throughout AU and for every person and animal who is being affected by them. Such a difficult time for them this Christmas. 🙏🏻🌟❤️

  80. Jules 104
    Thank you it means so much
    .your prayers ..yes itsxhas many memories for all of us especially the kids growing up had manyvfriends in Yanchep …yes many family outings as a child ..
    Im with you glad the kids of ours that live reasonably close to Yanchep are safe and have had lityle smoke as the wind has been blowing the other way …one is only 10minute out of there the other with baby is 20min out of there .
    so lucky as there is alot of.shrub and bush sand hills around there ..
    I eas up there 3 weeks ago with son and daughter in law …as e were driving by some bush near ocean Just before Yanchep I daid to them ..I dont know why but I have to send light to this bush area we are passing and prayers .
    the fire started about 5klm north of there .
    im glad because it would have affected son ‘ s home area more …
    wish i had listened as we approuched Yanchep petrol station that was burnt out inand fire ..I was recalling as we entered Yanchep a fire in a house my friend lived in up there ..and I thought what and odd thought but didnt put two and two together .

    1. Oh my gosh, yes you should have faith in your inner self/knowing as you are very in tune with your surroundings and the spiritual realms Rhona, but right… sometimes we don’t put two and two together until later. I do the same thing …🙃😇 and then as with you I’m like, oh now I know why I was feeling that.🤦🏻‍♀️ Just glad you said prayers for the Bush area that you did!🙏🏻😇🌟 So happy everyone is safe. 🤗❤️

  81. star48
    Thanks for articles.
    The superlightning strikes are awesome Im glad aI dont do sailing alot ..😨
    all that energy has to go somewhere that is what i would love to know ….does it get absorbed into submarine sea foor must i guess but sheesh ..
    Submarine volcano Tonga ..well im glad they found the source..
    Iceland quakes….im also wondering ..even though its not inhabited area registering them it begs the question Will it resound is it going to cause risk in the inhabited areas i future .
    thats large swarm and no magma they say i the move 🤔

    1. Rhona2,
      I only posted info because related to North American continental plate
      And Eurasian plates..
      Quote from article
      “The Reykjanes peninsula is a highly active geological area due to the rift between the Eurasian and North American continental plates,” said Elisabet Palmadottir, a Geohazard Specialist at the Icelandic Met Office.”