Predictions 4-11-17

“In Egypt.. the spider attacks.. 20.”

I had a visual of a picture of a child, on the back was written 83 people.

Spirit also said ‘earthquake’ an implication that one of their earthquake predictions are about to happen.

My heart pours out to the people of Germany, during the football bus blast. One player was injured, the game canceled. Please pray for the recovery of the entire team.

There are predictions that might be related to this German attack,  on Predictions 1-31-17 they talk about ‘Football .. Cancel it’ but implied it would be UK or US related.   A few days ago they accurately marked the 11th with a bombing, at the very bottom of  Predictions 4-9-17 . Both messages have clock references.

35 thoughts on “Predictions 4-11-17

  1. Any indication of where the earthquake will be? I posted to my page yesterday that my quake illness was coming back.

    1. Not sure if you heard about this. There has been a slow slip event going on over the past five weeks up in the PNW Oceansintuitive. It supposedly stopped finally up on Vancouver Island, BC. Though there were tremors going on in Southern Oregon and North, CA. also. There was just a 4.2 off the coast of Southern Oregon I noticed. Anyway supposedly after the slow slip event happens there will be a larger EQ. More than likely up near where the slow slip event stopped, but not an absolute.
      I’m a bit worried there will be a larger EQ in the Philippines. Hope not.

      1. I don’t think the Philippines EQ prediction has happened yet. The activity there in recent weeks suggests something larger might be coming.

        1. I agree LM. Sorry if it was confusing. The first was about the PNW slow slip event. There is actually what seems to be a swarm of somewhat high EQs in the Philippines going on now. Hopefully it does not lead to a much larger one.

      2. Not confusing at all Jules, I was just agreeing with you about the Philippines. The PNW slow slip event is definitely concerning as well, but something tells me the big EQ event coming is Philippines. Eric understandably thought the recent 6+ EQ there was the prediction unfolding, but although sizeable, that isn’t large enough to cause the destruction the spirits described. That’s why I think it hasn’t unfolded yet.

  2. Eric, Egypt Coptic Christians have suffered so much with the two bombings in two separate churches during Palm Sunday. Pope Francis is set to visit Egypt on April 28-29 in three weeks. What do the Spirits say about the safety of the people who will be near the pope in this very dangerous visit? I am concerned that this new prediction of 83 people might involve the papal visit to the Coptic Catholic and Orthodox communities. I am anxious about this.

  3. Eric,
    Any idea what the Buffalo in your other prediction symbolizes?

    Also, do you think the Egypt “spiders/terrorists” will carry out an attack around the same time as the ones in the “bad news…the spider is in New York” prediction?
    I wonder if the prediction with the world button could also mean multiple attacks in different countries around the same time.

    1. So the bombshell is that Trumps people really were being spied on during the last administration.

      “**Page has not been accused of any crimes, and it is unclear whether the Justice Department might later seek charges against him or others** in connection with Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The counterintelligence investigation into Russian efforts to influence U.S. elections began in July, officials have said. **Most such investigations don’t result in criminal charges**.”

    2. The Associated Press AP is reporting that they have evidence that Paul Manafort’s consulting firm received 1.2 M from the Ukraine “black ledger” which corroborates Ukrainian investigators reports that Manafort received payments from Ukrainian law makers as part of a money laundering effort.
      Sounds like another bombshell.

  4. Eric,
    Any news visions/clues about the shooting prediction or the terrorist attacks? Still can’t shake the feeling more is coming soon….

  5. I feel like this should say England instead of Egypt and fits perfectly with 83 children injured or killed matches the toll exactly.

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