Israel War Predicted in 2017 and Things to Come

Predictions 12-22-17 In; 6,5,4,3,2,1, now. Hundreds of people. Violence on a epic scale.The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs. The implication was Israel. Notes on 8-3-14 “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice Predictions 6-5-18 I asked for clarity on the ‘Spider’:“They are creating a bomb” I had a visual of a group of middle eastern individuals huddled around an old table making plans. Several of the people were women who hid their face with a hijab. Then I had a visual of a building in flames. Then I heard the words “Hezbollah.. Jordanian.. Hamas”. Predictions 12-12-16 I had a visual of crowds of people running out of what looked like a shopping mall or strip mall. I could hear gun fire as people ran. I briefly saw the shooter in the background. Then the police arrived. “Shooting spree, in less than 3 minutes.. Suicidal” — There is a bombing coming.. Israel”

Nothing but bad news today. (Except the last part) Seriously break out the stiff drink because this prediction has started and we would remind you this moment comes with two other horrifying moments, the Tyrant of tomorrow, Predictions 2-5-18 and “2 Wars” was the cue that this is coming below. During the vision I saw two or three wars, and was confused on its location Predictions 4-7-17

A reminder of the wars we predicted:

ISIS: The First Predictions 10 The reign of a dark leader comes to an end, The leaders of the US and other nations cheer. A new dark leader takes command less patient more aggressive. Notes on 5-8-14 I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity” “ A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now. His brutal strategy plan spilled. In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort. 4 songs “apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one in between two gulfs fire started, fire started, huge explosion 9.. 10.. now.. US these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice — At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction. Predictions 12-19-16 “Secretly the leader unclear if he is sitting on dirt or gold.. contemplates his decision to strike.. boldly the eagle strikes the spiders den.. the king of terror is dead.” — Spirits Voice Predictions 4-8-16 I had a visual of a man walking in all black, wearing a black turban, his face was charcoal looking and his eyes were like large black grapes. This imagine has been used before to describe an evil man with an evil intent. As he walked towards a stage you could see all of these Daesh troops lined up like an army standing in front of him.

Russia: Predictions 5-28-16 “The cold war is back.” I had a visual of multiple leaders staring at a poster board that had a picture of Russian land, on it was a looming threat seen from afar. Predictions 8-2-18 Putin plans to conquer Ukraine (East Ukraine) but there will be an unexpected heavy resistance from Europe. World Predictions 12-26-18 “Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.” I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’. I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

Al Assad: Predictions 4-1-18 “Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning” Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?

And the War to come, if you don’t have that stiff drink, don’t open this, because its not for the faint of heart: World Predictions: World War 3

Have you noticed my World Predictions slow down? But they actually haven’t! The Spirits and I are fast forwarding to timelines where all of these wars have ended. Racism is over. Violence is next to none. We live to be well into 700 to 800 years old, and now literally eat knowledge. It is so utterly AWESOME! But how? How did racism end? How did war end? What changed?.. That knowledge is coming! Coming! Are you ready to learn how the future ends all of its problems. Because for the last 10 years I have predicted all of the horrors again and again of today, but now I am about to share the solutions of tomorrow and the accuracy will be equal.

Share or donate to our work, because we aim to truly change this world. A taste of information to come:

Introduce your child to the world they will inherit, and the weight of knowledge will crush racism before it begins.

34 responses to “Israel War Predicted in 2017 and Things to Come”

  1.  Avatar

    I thought these predictions were already attributed to prior events?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is truth to what your saying, but then we started to notice all of the 2018-19 predictions started to happen now, so we immediately started posting all the old work again a few weeks ago. Here is one example of what I am talking about:

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      To add to the conversation we also posted this, the 2019 World Predictions that we are pretty much expecting to follow suit and unfold next year. A pattern is emerging I did not see before:

  2. Michael Avatar

    Hamas would likely not exist today if the Israeli govt hadn’t aided in it’s creation back in the late 1970s and continued to secretly finance them over the decades. IDF generals have admitted they funded Hamas to begin with to drive a wedge between Fatah and the secular PLO. How do you undermine your predecessors’ support for a two-state solution and make it impossible? Find a partner who also opposes a two-state solution and actively support them: Hamas. Here’s Netanyahu back in 2019 admitting this:
    “Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” he told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Spirits voice- I hear you vs them, them vs you. Consider it is the violence itself that should be seen as the enemy, in any form. It’s our opinion that this divide, this them vs us, this act of put everyone in s separate box, because we all belong to a separate groups. That’s the reason for this horror. So please Michael let’s remember, our creator never drew lines on the world, we did, it was never meant to be that way.

      1. Tirin Avatar

        How do you see this ending with Israel, Palestine, and Iran?

        Nytimes right now seems to have a idea what led up to all of this, least there is a sane voice concerning how division and hatred created this situation.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          You guys ask me these questions and then I feel absolutely bad sharing. This moment will inevitably lead to our next tyrant someone marked as truly horrible,

  3. Carlo Avatar

    Hello Eric! I really think we need to readdress the focus here. We have been watching closely useless situations like Trump’s soap opera, and then this one, a very big one, probably game changing, came abruptly and without notice!
    The past predictions you listed above for this topic have no detail… I do sense they regard this one, but the conflict has been so long and repetitive that from 2018 they could have happened one hundred times.
    This one has been a whole in our web, I fear…
    Unless, this happens on purpose… I think that if the Spirit allowed you to be totally precise, you would become undeniable, and break Free Will for the other people?
    This is not to criticize, but to stimulate you to improve the work! I have been following you for many years and really believe in you and what you are doing, and I come every day to look for updates…

    1.  Avatar


      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Just so we are all on the same page on our direction. The Spirits want the world. They want us in South America, They want us in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, they want more. So more is coming. I think the shocker we will see is a move away from the US.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Trump, Johnson, Razak, Khan predictions. Political predictions. I get it, why would we focus on this? Circus Drama? But there is an unwavering reason and it has nothing to do with the man called Trump. I need to practice. I need you to see, I can predict political figures. You must see that with every time I speak about politics, it happens. It must be accurate and correct again and again and again. Because in a few decades I am going to point. Point to someone you will cheer and praises, and look with overwhelming admiration, and I am going to tell you that man is the devil himself. Either i have achieved my goal or I have not. But it is this act that we aim to stop tomorrow. This entire site is set to stop “Red” .

  4. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    This might be the end of Gaza and Hamas to be honestc Israel is not gonna show any mercy and I don’t blame them one bit after all I’ve seen and heard tbh

    1. Sara Avatar

      I just wish there was a surefire way to defeat Hamas without innocent Palestinian civilians getting killed. I don’t know what Hamas was thinking with the attack they did–besides being morally wrong to slaughter innocent civilians and babies, their actions did absolutely nothing to help Palestinians in the long run.

    2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
      Nathan Fleischman

      Biden is trying to make sure that it is not the end of Gaza.

  5.  Avatar

    Predictions 12-22-17 In; 6,5,4,3,2,1,
    can the countdown be years? 6 years from 2017 is 2023?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The number 7 has its weight. But this is not entire a message about the numbers as it its a message of a very coordinated attack, a prediction of tone, extremely planned.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You also have the part where it happens on the 7th. But this part of the prediction is more about tone. It’s showing you how organized, how structured the attack would be.

  6. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    I hope the United States does not start conducting its own attacks on Gaza. They would likely trigger a war with Iran if that happens. Of course, the reason the United States of America is if they were attacked first.

  7. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    The United States would only directly involve itself if attacked in some way. Like if the carrier strike force was attacked. I sure hope that does not happen. There might be a war with Iran if it does.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We have a prediction about a water explosion moment.

      1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
        Nathan Fleischman

        What would that be?

  8.  Avatar

    Eric forgive me if u have already answered this question but im a little confused. What is your theory behind why all these predictions from several years ago are happening now??? Did something get thwarted in The timeline???

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You have to be a real history buff on my site for that one. When we first started this site in 2013 we had this absurd idea to predict events that would happen years later. We had no idea what we were doing, nor did we have any example to base our work on. Best example was some old relic Nostradamus. So we did it that way, only to find out that wont work in the 21st Century. No one have the attention span to wait years for something to happen. So bit by bit, we shifted gears. In 2017 we started to ask what was coming soon? Which lead so some predictions happen months later. It was in 2019, literally the Covid prediction that we put our new way in motion, predicting the now. That prediction would come 3 months later, but we wanted something even closer.
      What I did not know is back in the day, while I was predicting events was they were putting it in clumps of order, the Putin predictions, the Gaza predictions, so based of the massive stockpile I have, you could make an educated guess on what’s is next. For instance, we are waiting for one of the presidents to get sick.
      All of this is about to be mute. We have achieve our mission, we can now predict the now. If you look at all our new predictions, however vague some of them are, they happen in weeks of time. That is the goal. Once I have that, we can go back to adding dates, and then the bigger goal will form. Places.

  9. javamyworld Avatar

    Meanwhile in Ukraine? The world is split.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We need to stop that split at all cost, it will lead to our undoing.

  10. Rachel Palmer Avatar
    Rachel Palmer

    Did you hear about Former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal calling for a day of jihad on Friday October 13th?

    1. Sara Avatar

      A teacher was killed in France during the day of rage, and two others injured, by an attacker who supported Hamas. And a little boy was killed recently in Illinois; the attacker targeted him and his mother because they were Muslim.

      The FBI warned that threats have increased since the Hamas-Israel conflict and the top danger is lone wolves being inspired by that violence, and the two incidents above are clear examples of that. Again, I advise everyone: if you see or hear something suspicious, report it to authorities.

  11.  Avatar

    When will it end?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      World Peace will come in 2150s

  12. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
    Nathan Fleischman

    A Muslim boy was killed by his landlord in Illinois. It was a hate crime.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I read about that too, it’s unimaginable how anyone could target a six-year-old boy and his mother over their religion. There’s too much hate in the world. I hope the mother recovers from her injuries and that the attacker stays in prison for the rest of his life.

  13. Mari Avatar

    Eric these are dangerous times and if you know something that could help keep some safe from harm by preparing or avoiding areas, then it’s important not delay in getting us information – thank you

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Mari, we plan to repost all the predictions attached to this war, there are several and unfortunately show a lead to rising terrorism. But a leader will come to change the tide. The post should be up tomorrow.

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