Predictions 4-7-17

I had a visual of a nuclear explosion, the visual showed it from beginning to end, showing the mushroom cloud and yellow glow.

Sounds like North Korea testing another bomb.

To clarify, the Spirits predicted ‘War is coming’ but unfortunately there are several predictions that might fit that message, it could or could not be related to Syria:

Predictions 6-5-16   “Russia will invade again..  To take another territory..  A cold global freeze follows.”

Predictions 1-3-17 “The Israel attack.. 19”  I had a visual of a large land mass with Israel in the background.

Predictions 3-7-17  “Both nations have grown tired of Kim Jong Un, his removal is imminent, the regime is ending.. it’s over”

Predictions 12-22-16  I had a visual of the eagle landing next to the crown and rooster. An alliance was formed. One that put the full weight of its military powers. The nations would strike back with force, it was aggressive and bloody.  (This message was in regards to a US attack)



42 thoughts on “Predictions 4-7-17”

  1. saying Kim Jong Un is on his way out. Also talking about US attack. Criminy….so glad we aren’t 25 any more.

  2. Eric,
    Any idea how long we have until this war will happen, or who it’s between?

    Also, any updates on the ports and airplane attack predictions?

  3. Eric is right…however, for the rest…war…whatever…so tired of this shit…yes, going to war…thanks to 45…shame on all of us for supporting this mess…

  4. I think ww3 is coming .end beguns .means end times begun in Syria in bible also tell us and hadhith .syria assad reaction hurt isreal tourism boats and hundered isreal citezens dead .then next day natanyahu decleread the war on syria iran and hezboallah .and even isreal use nuclear this war whithin a days .at same war begun in asia between north korea and japan and south korea .at same putin order to invesion some eurobe countrys .all this happend at same time after Syria event

  5. North Korea does not have nukes yet. Only missiles capable of carrying them. So I wonder what that image of nukes means.

  6. I remember one of the previous predictions said that the Russian sanctions will be lifted. From a conspiratorial standpoint, is there any chance that an underlying factor for Trump doing this in Syria is to alter the media’s obsession with Trump-Russia coverage? I ask this because the media — even the one’s who don’t like him — are now saying Trump’s actions in Syria is proof that there’s nothing to this Russian story (i.e., these actions make him look tough against Putin and his support for Assad). Also, one prediction said Russian sanctions would lift — why would Trump have Assad taken out and then lift sanctions on Russia, seems contradictory?

  7. I was just reading about Russia threatening military action against America. Both countries have large stockpiles of nuclear weapons. The world has become a very dangerous place this week.

  8. Eric do you have any idea a this nuclear explosion and who done it and where it was ? As all this going on with Syria is a worry xx

  9. Eric,
    In the ‘war is coming’ prediction, were there any clues which countries/groups will be involved?

  10. Eric,
    Sorry to keep pestering you with questions, but do you think the nuclear explosion in your vision is a nuclear attack, or are you fairly sure it’s just someone testing a bomb?

    I’m hoping the visual of the nuclear explosion is just symbolic of a test, not something more serious! Things seem pretty unstable, so let us know if you pick up on anything really bad.

    1. The striker is the USS Carl Vinson in which its homeport is San Diego, could this be the San Diego referenced in Eric’s predictions?

  11. Unconfirmed reports from locals of US tanks and ground troops moving into Syria from Jordan

    1. I’d heard about that too, but it could have been in response to a suicide bombing on a refugee camp near the Jordanian border.
      The tanks and troops may have been going after ISIS forces in the area, or doubling up on security in case of further attacks.

    1. He will not go quietly. I wonder their timeframe for allowing him to stay in power or if they will try to negotiate first.

    2. I hope China has agreed to side with us…it can’t be good for China’s national security to have Kim Jong Un in power either. Any nuclear attacks by the north on South Korea or Japan could blow radiation into southern China and endanger millions of innocent people. I hope Xi has realized his people aren’t safe with such a volatile dictator on their borders.

      Even if Xi doesn’t want the Korean peninsula to leave communism, surely he’d much rather have that than have millions of innocent Chinese citizens getting sick and killed by radiation from nuclear war Kim Jong Un could start!

      I’m nervous we could do a first strike…but the only reason we’d ever do that was if we had information suggesting Kim Jong Un was getting ready to do something horrible. KJU isn’t rational, he’s sadistic, and people like that sometimes do cruel things just because they can. So while it may not be in KJU’s interest to start a war, we should NEVER underestimate the power of sadism and arrogance in dictators like him.

      1. I am very worried about the military attack Usa starts ( Trump takes dangerous risks, is impulsive, without any experience!!) and North Korea uses their nuclear weapons!
        Usa drives also Japan and China to their war! Maybe Europe, too, UK and some others..
        There are also problems with Russia.. very dangerous situation in the world!
        The mad MANkind.. all money goes into weapons and this sick power game!
        Corals are dieing in the seas.. i am sad because of innocent beautiful nature, animals..
        those dictators do not care about any sensitive things.

    1. They are two separate attacks. They might happen around the same time. Keep in mind I live in San Diego so in many ways they might be using it as an example. But when I asked where they pointed down

  12. Eric,SWC,

    Israel warns they know about plot…

    In an Arabic video message, an Israeli general on Saturday publicly warned the Palestinian Islamic Jihad to abandon plans to carry out a retaliatory attack in response to Israel destroying the terrorist group’s attack tunnel that crossed from Gaza into Israel last month.

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