Thailand Hotel Fire

This prediction has happened. We failed to provide the correct location, but it was always in question. Please pray for all those affected in Thailand and their safety.

Predictions 1-20-18  I had a visual of a set of Cabanas that looked like huts from a resort. The visual showed one of the Cabanas engulfed in flames and smoke. “One catches fire and then another, and another.”

The location was mixed, first they said the Philippines but then they implied Myanmar. The message could be symbolic, its possible the message could be about small houses close to each other that are on fire in the Philippines.



454 thoughts on “Thailand Hotel Fire

  1. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Is this the place?🎇 I am here….I am calling youuuuu🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

      1. Jules 1o4
        that’s hilarious ..when I’m calling you u
        Will you answer too. .haha 💓🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

      2. Star48
        Thats so funny I love Nelson Eddie and Jeannette McDonald ..very witty Star ..

  2. Star48, Rhona. I was totally out of the loop on that one. Thinking…what is Star48 asking, did I miss something?😆 Good thing you’ve got Rhona your “partner in time” here. Ha cracking myself up now.
    Seriously though, did you see that extremely severe weather warning I added for tonight into tomorrow night for the Midwest. Not liking the looks of it. They already had a huge wedge tornado in KS today. I’d hate to see that occur in OKC, or a big city someplace. Also didn’t Eric have a recent prediction for a tornado? Here’s that link.

    1. Jules 1o4
      A 7m replaced by a 4.6m fir goodness sake what are they thinking ..
      Or not..
      Saw that Easter Island and Hawaii swarming .

    1. Star48, Just an FYI…thanks for jogging my memory…it hit me today when I saw this that it is where my sister and her family lived. She actually worked in the ER at I believe Mt Diablo Hospital I think it was back then. She lived in Walnut Creek and Concord. The area was really pretty I thought. Not sure why I hadn’t thought about it until now.
      Anyway she passed away years ago.
      This does seem to really be swarming lately. Praying it calms down soon. 🙏🏻

    1. Star48, Oh wow! That is absolutely amazing. Reading that article made me think about how cool it must be for all the scientists out there.🧐🤓

    1. Thanks Star48, glad Mary’s updating everyone on that up there. Sounds like magma on the move for sure. Hope it calms down soon.

    1. Well 💩 Star48. That’s not good. Ayyiyi! Praying Mother Nature calms down. Feeling like she’s going through a bad break up with humanity lately.😐

  3. Star48 Jules 104
    Love it when I wake to all your updates..
    Yellowstone seems to be drawing much activity ..
    seeing Mt Diablo is featuring as well ..thats indicitive it seems of something to watch for.

    All the sea creature deaths I don’t know its just happenning everywhere..

    Last night I had a great buzzing in right ball of foot the type that is earthquake related now the right usually indicates eastern land masses it was so strong its a big quake or closer than usa to aus could be our eastern states I would say from intensity it’s about a 7 to 8 range + possibly ..I have not had that in a long time perhaps a year or so ..
    And I have no problems with that foot or leg ..
    It used to happen years ago on a regular bases thats when I discovered it was quakes I would have been about 20 something at the time .
    So yes it’s big ..

    Hawaii is a watch and indicates Japan too given that sometimes the seem to correlate movement sometimes ..not proven but dutch has mentioned ..
    Also off to your Pnw when hawaii gets over active ..we will c .

    I see Eric and spirit ha e added to expected two quakes about to happen ..

    If I get anything I will post .
    Blessings you two .

    1. Thanks for foot update Rhona. I think it’s talking to us! 😉👣 Sheesh I agree on Hawaii. Just saw two more eqs pop up there, a 3.2 and 3.0. Seems indicative to a larger event happening in some other part of the world. Tic-toc. Just got that. Hm well hold onto your pants. Where do you think the Charlotte King Affect would say this issue with your foot would indicate an EQ would be. She somewhat had explanations on where it would be compared to where your pain was on the link I had added. I’ll try and find it again. Here it is. If you scroll down she starts describing where the pain is related to specific locals. But maybe each person is different.

      1. Jules
        Thank you for link maybe all my stuff is specific to me as over the years I have developed a system .
        Most of the time I trust my spirit to know where to send the light where needed and be more pro active rather than just let all the symptoms come for no reason ..
        Also maybe I get them on opposite side being in Aust.
        I feel this one was for sth eastern land mass on map for me like Chile Mexico or NZ .
        I have herd bells before and tones magnetic …I kinda new what they were .
        Ok thanks heaps she is amazing .

    1. Thanks Rhona for deep EQ updates. That 548km depth could definetly lead to a larger one and then there’s that Philippines area that has been mentioned in Eric’s older predictions. Praying all is calm.🙏🏻

    1. Okay just checked this eq spot out on the google map. So it’s rather a swarm for the whole area isn’t it. Made me think of 39 different areas affected. Just being in the middle there could be trouble. Sending light to the area.🙏🏻🌟

  4. Star48, Rhona. That has me really concerned. Minute 4:45 – 9:05, could be a repeat of what occurred prior to the 2011 Japan megaquake. Interesting that earlier USGS had taken the 7. mag off the list. Now I get it.
    I haven’t finished watching yet, though I know Eric has the old prediction for EQ/tsunami in Japan and the massive flooding there.
    I’m not so sure it’s for Japan but I’m feeling that something is about to happen soon. NZ, Mt Marapi and Agung eruptions and deep EQ update prior to the focus on Hawaii. Just wanted to mark those minutes for you.
    Here’s that update.

    1. Jules104
      Oh my goodness he sounds really hyped up and with good reason ..what a telling update .
      I thought about Japan with Hawaii from 2011.
      Oh and he is so warning pacific west coast and Indonesian quakes ..60 deep quakes in last 2 weeks yikes 😨😨😨😲😲😲something is about to go crackers as spirit says ..
      Ok be safe
      I’m onto it too good luck .
      I have all those things he said in a bag just incase you never know ..ever since Eric said Indian Ocean ..
      I have a plan . I KNOW You do Jules .Star at least your not ocean side like Jules and I ..
      Blessings you two .

      1. Rhona2,
        I had visions of a huge wave ..over the years..
        I left in 2013 …after the last one..I know it will come…I wanted to move to prepare a place of safety for family and friends for after.. that is the reason I asked for guidance will searching..
        And I was guided…

      2. OMG I haven’t been able to watch the whole thing yet, too busy. Will watch it tonight after grandies school function. Ayyiyi.😳 Maybe I can sneak the video update in inbetween songs. 😆😎🤪 No I’m kidding I’d never do that. Okay hopefully nothing coming my way but… think it’s only a matter of time. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Star48, wise decision I think to listen to your dreams and move away from the Coast. It’s just a matter of time before something goes around here. 🙏🏻🌟

    1. Star 48
      That is one heap of magma ..very concerning
      Not seen Hawaii like that ..
      She is not finished for a while yet ..
      And as dutch said watch out for Japan ..
      Pnw ..Aluesians ..and all around there .
      Love and light to Hawaii and mother earth .

  6. Star48, Rhona. Just adding slow slip tremor map for PNSN again. Click on link and then click each number to go through the hours at top right up to 48 hours. Think it starts at 3 then, 6, 12, 24, 48 hours. I haven’t seen it looking like this at 48 hours for a while. Plus Vancouver area is pretty active again.

  7. Star48, thanks for the Hawaii volcano updates. I feel somewhat like it is a flag for what’s to come soon. Like when she acts out be prepared for a megaquake somewhere. Mother Earth trying to give us warning signs. That must be horrible for the people living over there with magma moving underground into their neighborhoods. Surely they knew not to build there though right? I’d think ancient lava tubes underground. Maybe I’m wrong though.
    That Chinese firing of lasers is crazy. Sounds like it’s been going on for a while now also. Times are getting pretty crazy. As if we can claim the seas and land and skies for ourselves.🙄 Mother Earth has a lesson for us all I imagine. I sure wish people would wake up to the fact that we all are one big global village no matter how much some dislike it. Ugh.

  8. Star48, Rhona. The Realtime Tremor Map I added earlier and commented on…just watched this dutch update from yesterday. He mentions the same for Vancouver/Seattle area swarms going on around minute 37:00. Also it looked to be NW Nevada activity is a flag for when something is to occur on Juan de Fuca I think it is…then travels down to CA. I think that’s separate from slow slip though?
    And also I’m I bit worried for Indian Ocean Sri Lanka/Eastern Australia/NZ activity coming soon. Hm…hopefully not all back to back and or I’m wrong.🙏🏻 And then there’s Japan. 🙏🏻 Just praying for everywhere.😇🌟🙏🏻 Getting to be a lot going on.😐

    1. Star48, I saw that too and added to thread. They had a 6.5 prior to that 6.9. It’s really swarming. A bit worried what’s next.

      1. Jules.
        What? I thought they had 5 yesterday a 5.3 ( later upgraded to a 5.6)
        Than the 6.9,,,with Many high 4’s and high 3’s

        There were 2 in the 6 range?

    2. Star48, unless it was upgraded and same yes. Let me find it. I added it on todays main thread. Okay not there anymore. Must have just been an upgrade.

    1. Thanks Star48, no worries on EQ upgrade. Thanks for update on South African gold mine collapse. Yes very sad. I can’t imagine.😢

    1. Star48, would not live there. No thank you! Agree with Rhona too many occurring anymore all over. Plates moving, waters changing course?

  9. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    ALOHAAAAA…I have never seen such big red circles in the middle of Pacific like I saw this morning on checking earth quake map .
    Wow Hawaii big island Kilauea. .
    We knew it would intensify but I didn’t expect 6.9m ..she doesn’t seem content yet ..happy there was only a few cm rise is ocean levels then subsided but there is prob more to come

    1. Rhona, Star48…. that’s my thoughts too, not finished yet. I’d say that’s right up there for Eric’s prediction of the earth becoming violently active. Praying nothing too big to come of this.

      1. Jules 1o4 star 48
        I Noticed on Iris globellink earthquake map usgs has removed the 6.9 it was there half hour ago now it’s gone ..
        There is still a 5.3 m they left there but for what purpose ..

  10. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Those sink holes overlapping is just aweful .
    There is just too many occuring lately all over there has to be more to it it sub terrainian water levels changing? ..I wasn’t too concerned before but im increasingly more suspicious .

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      STAR thanks foe usgs link I suppose I should have checked that list before commenting .It was on globalink map it dropped off bad 😆
      Wow Thats jyst incredible casting a net 😂😂 so amazing how these things happen ..makes sense about tornado whipping up and then they are latter released ..even so sooo many countries makes you wonder goodness there tons of fish there all over ..It is so weird to see it like that ..fascinating doesn’t cover it ..

  11. Jules104 star 48
    4.2m ar 600km deep
    Side note mid Atlantic Ridge has a couple of quakes just thought a watch for some reason .
    Low mags sorry didnt memories mags but thought I would add as an after thought .

  12. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I just got the word Sacramento ..
    Pray for Sacremento is what I got .spirit said it..
    Earth shattering… .so I think a quake .
    By springs first bloom budding time …im guessing
    End of May beginning of June ..
    I didnt get anything on San Francisco .
    Bit odd but spirit is saying buds of May early blooms ..
    so Maybe earlier than I think ..
    Im just writing this as I get it ..
    Ok I could be wrong hope all goes well for Sacremento ..
    Will pray with love and Light .
    Blessings you two .

    1. I just looked up your seasons .
      So march is beginning of spring ..where does buds of may early blooms come in ..thats weird ..I was presuming spring …summer flowering maybe early summer blooms .
      Oh you guys can figure on this one ..
      I was seeing like rose buds sort of this is confusing me ..

  13. Star48 Jules 104
    I have just read up on Sacremento quakes and they say it’s not high risk .
    So im even more confused with this one .
    Its very strong ….
    Thanks for listening to me .

  14. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Am I on this thread alone ..?
    When I’m Calling yuooo ooooo.
    🎶🎶🎶🎶feels weird ..
    Are you two ok ..

    1. Rhona…Oh my my.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
      So sorry I just woke up and got my cup of joe. Okay my chain of thought had gone exactly like yours did as I read each one of your comments. Of course right?😉. I think Rose Parade maybe happened already. I’ll go lo K that up but only thing off top of my head I can imagine. Maybe some event like farmers market happening? I always worry for that Oroville Dam breaking during a quake. Think Sacramento would be in the way of water downstream. Thanks for sharing that update. Going to go look and see what’s going on about now down there. 🤗

    2. Just a quick thought…it’s our first bloom here up North of them. Flowers and trees just now blooming. Maybe it’s a reference point but about Sacramento? Seems unlikely but…
      CA is a bit warmer so it’s going to have a different season for blooming time I’d think. I know Southern CA does for sure. Sacramento is pretty much north and across from San Francisco though. There is a Roseville and Citrus Heights in the same vicinity. Googles spring this year for them and it actually came early in February. Here’s that link. Praying for Sacramento. 🙏🏻🌟😇🙏🏻❤️😇🌟

    3. Youhoooo……I am here..😜

      Regarding the early buds..his year winter has been longer..spring is now here in I would have to say the early buds are opening up..

      Regarding..Sacramento. States capital…also that area is vulnerable…will search …get back to you…both..

      1. Ha Star48…it’s about time.😵😁😆😉😎 Okay so as to clarify, the winter season has been longer for you up north correct? I added link for the Spring was early for Sacramento area.

    1. Star48…Not liking this feeling Im getting. The Oroville Dam is a big worry for me. I’m going to be praying hard for that area and Sacramento. I think we should ask Eric about Sacramento or maybe Rhona should add her message she got to the main thread but I think she’s sleeping. 😴 Maybe when she wakes up.🙏🏻😇
      Also had a thought yesterday on Spirit mentioning recently about seeing something on the tv or watching something on the tv??? The North CA earthquake will be next. I’m going to look for it. I think Eric was asking about the N CA EQ. Need to find it. My thoughts were the Hawaii Volcano activity has been in the news lately on the tv as it becomes more active.

  15. Rhona, Star48, just got that Gulf of Mexico quake.
    Okay what’s up right?!
    Saw the Cleveland orange yesterday. Need to add the latest update from dutch also. Well yesterday’s latest probably can’t keep up at this point.
    Okay dutch mentioned going to have large increase in volcanic activity so what’s under the waters down there in the Gulf of Mexico? An oil rig or actual volcano? Thinking about Jodi Senkirk old prediction. Do you remember it?

    1. Jules104, what is under there?
      A. End New Madrid fault or B. Massive Volcano..already identified.

      2. Re: volcanic activity..
      A, Hawaii lava fissure opened the 7 th..lots of Toxic gas..
      B. Alaska…explosion triggered new 🚨..

      3. Jodi Selkirk
      No, I do not remember..old prediction..sorry..what is it??😳

      1. Star48, my thoughts exactly…end of New Madrid…massive volcano. Okay was not sure if I was imagining it was real. 😉
        So that’s a ….Yes yes and yes to all of the above. 😫

      1. Oh wow thanks Star48. I always hear about the Newberry Volcanic area getting hit with swarms. And I know about Mt Bachelor and Three Sisters area but didn’t realize Mt Jefferson was just north of there.
        I really would love to live in the Bend area but at this point in time not really sure about living right on top of a “dormant” cinder cone that’s connected to the Newberry Volcano/Caldera just 20 miles South! We all know just how well that’s working out lately eh?😟 Sheesh it’s so beautiful though.
        Oh just got a 2.5 San Fran Bay pop up.

  16. Star48, Rhona. Sorry spelled the name wrong. Think it’s Jody Senkyrik?? Anyway fyi Jody is a he. He had 3 of 3 World Events. If I recall it was a large volcanic eruption with tsunami down in the Gulf or area affecting Venezuela maybe? I’ll add the link. If you scroll down you will see the events in blue on his list. I’ve not been keeping up with their blog but I did see he’s calling for the winters to last longer up north Star48. I know that’s not what you want to hear right?🙁👎🏻🌬🌨☃️❄️

    1. I will have to start planning for indoor growing of food…in the future…oh joy..😝🤡

      1. I am hearing a lot of blogs pushing for the indoor growing lately…and I may not talking the wacky weed type of growing.😆
        Can’t really eat and survive on that. Guess people can try but…I’d stick with the heirlooms Star48! 😛

    1. Thanks Star48, Just finished watching the video for updates on Hawaii with head scientist Tine Neal. I’m sure these scientist are working overtime just trying to keep up with it all. Praying for them there. And there is loads of geat info for what’s going on all over the planet in this one link. Thanks again.

  17. Star48, Rhona. That 4.9 Gulf of Mexico EQ was right near the Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill. Hope that thing can’t have a blow out still. Probably capped it but it is Mother Nature and a lot of pressure coming in. Here’s a link with dutch update showing where it is

  18. Star 48 Jules
    How are you both …
    I just posted Sacremento on 5-2-18..
    Hope spirit can clarify or confirm a little .
    None the less prayed as requested and sending love and light .
    Thanks for help you two .
    All I know is there are injuries it was for the people of Sacremento ..
    My guides don’t always show me because I don’t like to compound and Re enforce a visual
    Potential ..Sometimes if I see things it can manifests all the more . .so I just go with the trust there is prayer and light needed there ..

  19. STAR 48 Jules 1o4
    Thank Star for chasing up the article on Sacremento risk for quake ..dont feel so weird thinking its could happen ..
    Jules I dont recall singers flag for that area but you could be remembering where I’m not .
    Oh dear .. I remember the Jodi prediction .
    So im thinking a watch for a larger area than just the Bay Area San Francisco .
    Maybe Sacremento is an indication of how far reaching a big quake may be ..though it did sound ore specific ..
    Singer has given San Francisco many times .
    Along with everyone else ..

    1. Rhona I was thinking of the Mississippi Delta or New Orleans area maybe. Did Singer have something for that? It was in relation to the Gulf of Mexico which was a 4.9 today. Off Coast of LA. Sorry didn’t explain which EQ was rare.

      1. JULES 1O4
        Yes singer did mention Mississippi Delta and New Orleans area ..he was concerned in two directions ..hurricane at the time ..but also a quake .
        He kept saying Muddy Waters .
        And referencing that song .
        He says there is something still to come for that region and says mud flow is the biggest prob ..
        He is concerned for New Madrid fault for sometime ..
        But will give heads up I would hope .

  20. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Jules yes your right
    Singer said Guatamala or Costa Rica area .
    Wonder I’d the time lapse qualifies was roughly 6months ago or give or take a month .
    Goid memory there Jules 😉😆

  21. Jules 1o4
    Singer just brought in San Francisco flag on radio…
    There maybe another flag but at present it is not a 3 flagger .He is implying ..
    .Stop Press ..
    He has followed it up immediately with .
    Same song spirit gave to Eric a while back .
    Ok so im saying now it may be a 3 flagger if not the tone of these two songs is enough for me .

    1. Oh wow! Yikes. Maybe add that on main thread also??? Will be keeping watch.
      What I’ve noticed is Hawaii and Alaska seemed to be playing ping pong for a while there.

  22. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    HE just followed up with MR TAMBOURINE MAN now Bob Dillon wrote this on his way from New York to San Francisco.
    Thats a 3 flagger for me staight up .
    Expect something with 2 weeks ..thats me saying .

    1. Rhona I think you should add all of your messages to the main thread.
      Thanks for sharing. Singers definetly sending a strong message your way to pass on.

      1. Jules 1o4
        So sorry that was spell check again
        It should have read …
        “I Should have waited.”
        .before posting songs so quickly ..the songs came so fast I was posting about one and another one started .
        My bad ..

  23. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Just catching up to all your comments..
    Thank Singer for 3 flags,I remember his muddy waters and deep southern comments..Mississippi Delta.
    Also the New Madrid concerns…
    Your comments about Alaska and Hawaii being hand in hand…I totally agree..

    Regarding..SF/Sacramento connection…
    the Hayward fault seems the most likely possibility..
    I remember Eric/spirit intimated north East of SF?
    Sacramento is northeast..

    1. Star48, Rhona…yes I agree on the northeast area too. Rhona no worries on song or no song. 😆 Pixie dust for me now. 🧚🏼‍♀️🦄🦋

    2. Star 48
      Thank you so much for the information .
      Especially remembering Eric / spirit intimated north east of SF..
      Hayward fault ..of course ..Thanks Star thats a possible one …
      Singer gives👌 ” Oh what a night “..just started playing ..Elvis of course ..
      Cheeky singer .

    1. Star 48
      Ooo thats interesting ..thanks again ..
      Pacific rim awakening due to coronal G2.
      Hmm as if we need more .

  24. Star48, Rhona. Just wanted to add before I nod off…again. 😵😴😐 new Dutch update. His forecast starts around minute 32:00 though it’s still good prior to that also. Calling for step up now and possible large EQ in South Japan/Taiwan area within next 6-8 days. Looked like the Okinawa area to me. He sees lots of similarities with what’s going on with Hawaii and all over to prior 2011 Japan megaquake. I haven’t watched past that minute too much so may be more even for PNW/West Coast and CA also. But I had to stop, need some sleep. Our PNW and West Coast is pretty quiet compared to the West Pacific. I got a bad feeling with Singer piping in now on San Francisco/Sacramento also. Here’s that link. Blessings You Two

  25. Star48, Rhona. Just saw dutch update on FB. Kilawaeu Volcano draining out same as prior to 2011 Japan megaquake. 🙏🏻🌟😇. Hope this link works. I can’t find it on YouTube.

    1. Jules104,
      I put that – you tube link on Hawaii thread on May 6 showing the draining…

      1. Oh great thanks Star48. Just mentioned to my son so he’s sending out watches to his friends over in Japan. He’s in Seattle now. Praying the volcano draining is it but I feel like Mother Nature is sending us a big fat message. 😐😯 Blessings.🌺

  26. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Gran Canaria and Tenerife oh no im remembering we have been aware of that as a possibility .
    Jules thanks for dutch draining of Kilauea and apparently pu ..cant recall how to spell draining too ..
    Full alert We are looking at …oh wow prayers love and light to Hawaii.. Japan.. Aluesians. .
    Wishing it would just settle ..

      1. Star48
        Unexpected swarm there ..goid news no deaths ..Thats a watch for El Salvador area too now ….from one side of the world to the next and Hawaii in the middle of it all .

      2. Thanks for the link Star48. Wonder what’s going on there with all the swarms. Maybe linked to all of the deep EQs over near Fiji transferring over or they have their own slow slip going on? Glad nobody’s been hurt.

    1. Wow Rhona. I added they had an EQ to main thread but I love the link you added. You should add this link to main thread! 😆 Ha! I’ve been saying that a lot lately haven’t I…but lots of great info here.
      I was reading about the ancestral San Gabriel Fault and the ancient Vincent Thrust Fault at the bottom of the page. Very interesting. Did you read that part? Thanks for update and link.

    1. Wow that’s pretty darn hot Star48, Yikes! Think it’s job st going to continue with the extremes all over the planet. Thanks for the link and the other one with cities around EQ area in CA.

  27. Star48 Jules 104
    Reminded by singer he gave the song ..
    He is saying it’s on last thread ..
    So Hawaii heads up though he gave a personel song about Hawaii I didn’t twig or put two and two together till just now.
    So im sorry singer..
    He Adored Hawaii ..
    I WILL LOOK FOR song on last thread.

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Oh wow he is soooo right
      I Found the reference to
      ” I Don’t know where I’m gonna go when the volcano blows ” song
      He even hedges around Hawaii and I’m not onto it ..when I’m typing ..
      Its on
      Somalia twin car bombing thread
      11th of April at 7.25pm …
      Thats a hit for singer .

      1. Rhona2,
        Tell Singer sorry, I missed the flag…hope to do better in future..
        Glad he is on target! Thank him..

      2. Definite hit from Singer I agree. Still wonder about the evacuate prediction from Eric too.
        OMG I did the update on my phone and it’s acting up now. Hard to copy and paste. Getting stuck, going slow. Those dang gum updates are worthless it seems sometimes. 😤 sorry had to vent.🌋😆

      1. Jules 1o4
        Good catch .
        I Agree I think its about Current Hawaii volcano ..not philippines.
        …add to thread maybe .

    2. Definite hit from Singer I agree. Still wonder about the evacuate prediction from Eric too.
      OMG I did the update on my phone and it’s acting up now. Hard to copy and paste. Getting stuck, going slow. Those dang gum updates are worthless it seems sometimes. 😤 sorry had to vent.🌋😆

    3. Rhona you don’t think he’s bringing it up because it’s going to like really just kaboom💥blow do you? As if it’s not finished by far?

      1. Jules 1o4
        Oh wow your onto it maybe that’s it exactly .He wouldn’t be brining it up just too be right ..I believe that could be it ..
        I will expect him to confirm .

  28. Star48, Rhona want to add this before I lose it again. It’s in reference to the “Wall green right under our noses”. Some thought it had to do with a pharmaceutical company scandal. Well now they’ve come out today with the Nova Company transferring 500,000. To Michael Cohen. I know their is ties with a Russian Oligarch and pharmaceuticals. Here’s the link with Wall green.

  29. Jules 1o4
    The green wall and pharmaceutical etc ..
    Are you putting it on thread .
    I think that could lead to a match .

  30. Star48…Rhona, okay I added to main thread.😆 You didn’t have a reply box but, I had a chuckle and wanted to say…hey that’s my line.😂.
    Ooo somebody just said the “nefarious” word on the news. I picked up on that the other day. “Nefarious things going on.”

  31. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Singer has just reminded me of
    One flagger he gave on 6th April 2018 on Somalia twin car boming thread
    For Gulf of Alaska imminent ..quake / possible Tsunami ..
    He played North to Alaska ..and that is the same date he talked of Hawaii Volcano so maybe a marker or they are tied in together .

    1. Rhona, Star48… uh oh. Did you see my reply to your main thread post just now talking about the “Tsunami…wait” in that old prediction for “evacuate”?
      Ayyiyi! That’s odd and Alaska and Hawaii are definetly ping ponging at times. I brought that up earlier on some thread.😳 Hm guess keeping watch on this closely. Not sure what’s going to happen next. I’ve not been feeling good about the 9th though here for US West Coast areas. That number nine again. Was thinking N CA but maybe North to Alaska?

  32. Jules 1o4
    yes I caught your comments on main thread .
    I’m. With you on this one ..I think singer is too .
    And the 2 ..7’s really got me and made a whole lot of sense ..two 7m quakes
    The 1 and 2 and wait tsunami .
    The lava flow in Hawaii just looks aweful so darn scary ..😨😲😦. .

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Singer is giving Hawaii I think he gave this once before yes Hawaii has more to come im sure .

      1. Rhona2,
        Another evacuation is being called for Hawaii…now 12 fissures

        Updated 10:41 PM EDT May 8, 2018
Leilani Estates, Hawaii
        Two new vents from the erupting Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island prompted officials on Tuesday afternoon to order the immediate evacuation of residents remaining in Lanipuna Gardens.

      2. Rhona thanks for all those updates on EQs and other Info.
        So is Singer referring to the song “Hawaii Tattoo”, or something else? I see a lot of people in Hawaii have specific tattoos.😉😎

  33. Jules 1o4 star 48
    3 quakes in Aust ..
    West aust 3.5m
    Nt 2.8m
    South Aust 2.5m
    Plate movement comung up significant I believe

  34. Rhona2,Jules104,
    One thing I have noticed along with others is that after a long lull in solar activity, a “proton event” (high solar winds with an elevated proton density) triggers large earthquakes. I actually predicted a “7.0 or higher earthquake” in an email to a dear friend days before the 7.5 earthquake in Mexico on February 16, 2018. I am not bragging (well maybe a little). The point is that there is a large number of casual observers on the Internet whose observations, though outside mainstream science, are not without merit.

    1. Star48, I thought I’d add that there was a 4.5 EQ in the Northern East Pacific Rise area. Thought that was interesting. I don’t usually see that area pop up and now this cyclone.

    1. Thanks Rhona. I’m a bit on edge feeling like something is going to snap or blow soon. That feeling you get you know? Where is the question? According to dutch he’s looking over there in West Pacific for a bigger big one possibly soon, but you never know. Hawaii is putting her two cents in for sure!😄

  35. Rhona, Star48… thanks for the links and updates. Geothermal swarm interesting. I feel it’s just a matter of time before something goes in CA somewhere. That’s the question though isn’t it? When and where it’s a big state. Spirit did say San Francisco and Mexico. Also Japan, Indonesia. Are we suppose to have some type of an attack prior or no? I thought Spirit said that once. I’m confused. 🤔
    Here’s another one for the Philippines though not deep. 5.6 EQ.

  36. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I WAS asleep ..then woken to a vision and audio of The Flintstones .Fred it said Fred Flintstone.
    Now after that they said
    “ONE of Erics Dino predictions is about to happen “.
    They don’t mean old prediction they mean the Dino one .
    then they said Bedrock ..
    So I looked up Bedrock ..
    There is a Bedrock Hotel in Kuta Bali Indonesia .So im thinking Indonesia and Dino prediction are the same ..
    Im too sleepy to look ..
    So passing you two the baton.
    It seems Indonesia quake is Bali area and about to happen ..
    They woke for this so im thinking soon.
    If I get more I will post immediately .
    I can’t put on main thread right now .
    I’m falling asleep would be gobble hook.
    JUST managing this
    thanks blessings you two.

    1. Oh Wow! Thanks Rhona. You may be right for Indonesia. I always thought that was for N California San Francisco area. But they could have been mixed. I’ll check. Pixie Dust. Will keep watch. 🤗

    2. Rhona2,Jules104
      2 bedrock references ..1 in Sacramento 2 no in Davis, (nCA) I will keep checking as one Dino ref was Bridge related..

  37. Jules104,
    I will also..
    By the way fissure in Hawaii opened near Geothermal plant..
    May lead to more evacuations due possible explosion..

    After a new fissure opened on Wednesday about half a mile from a geothermal power plant, Hawaii Governor David Ige set up an emergency task force to remove the pentane used in the plant’s turbines. He cited estimates that if the fluid ignites, the resulting explosion could create a blast radius of up to one mile. (1.6 km

    1. Star48, Rhona…I added to your reply on main thread Star. I’m getting a horrible sinking feeling. It’s a Hawaii or the N CA Geysers geothermal plant. Look at around minute 19: or 20:00 Rock Arky and Princess Janee at 1:00 hour. Both are interesting. I wish those scientist and everyone could evacuate from that area now! Where’s your cousin Star? Hopefully far away.🙏🏻

  38. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Thank you both for research .
    Bedrock city Grand Canyon area wow .
    And Flintstones city Arizona .
    Not feeling it’s around there but hard to deny the Fred Flintstone clear as a bell It was ..
    Jules what a lateral way of interpreting
    Bedrock especially the article mention San Francisco .
    I Need to clarity on this..but water was involved .Bay area but Maybe Flint Stone walkway like in Erics prediction by ocean .
    Found a ref to Balanese people worship of Bull

    Also some resorts in Bali have stone walkways ocean one side resort the other .
    And the ref to the west could be over this way .
    Far west of USA.
    There is also a jurassic type park in Bali ..
    Im going to double check on Fred Flintstone possible features in Bali too .
    My gut feeling was Bali and then before that I got Thailand come in for quake affected area .
    So it’s pointing me in this direction .
    Jules just goung to look at far sight now .
    If you two get any more let me know .
    I will keep you posted ..oh yeah remember singer kept coming in with Bali High song from South Pacific .
    Even though several weeks ago its still a flag ..

    1. Rhona I think you are onto something. The bulls and did you see where they try to outrun the demons? Eric had something about a demon jumping up out of the ground in that old prediction. And yes the Bali High from Singer. Let us know if you get any more

      1. I will Jules
        I Can feel this one in my bones .
        My sister is goung to Darwin for 4 weeks to look after nieces house while family go to Bali ..I think its in a couple of weeks .
        Darwin may be Aust affected area if Tsunami .

      1. Jules 1o4
        Thank you ..even though it’s over 1000 miles from Bali Timor .
        I’m looking at silent zones as dutch would point .out a watch .
        It may occur outside Bali but Bali be greatly affected .
        Side note
        I posted my nocturnal goings on ..on Hawaii thread ..thought most people are still reading that one .

    1. Star48
      Thanks for links
      See its the 32nd Asteroid to fly with in a lunar distance this year .
      Thats alot .
      Volcanos oh my what do you say about them .
      So many just puffin away so long as they dont do a Kilauea …yes best wishes to your cousin and friends star .stay safe all.

    1. Oh wow that’s deep Rhona. I thought about that Mt Marapi eruption when you mentioned Bali also. Thought to add it then forgot. I’m really getting that on edge feeling like when you know somethings about to arrive.

      1. Star 48
        I sure did ..I must have neglected to say .Things are hotting up over that way .
        Didn’t see mt Merapi coming ..but then that’s the nature of those dang volcanos .
        Thanks Star for posting .

    1. Jules104
      Sorry I meant to comment on this amazing article ..I. so in thrawled with it on the hope trail for this one think its amazing and makes absolute sense to me ..
      Wishing it turns out to be an early warning g system that can be utilized .
      We are getting there ir will come one day ..something of this type .
      Thank you for posting .

  39. Star48, thanks for the video link on Maraupi eruption. 50,000 feet is pretty high. I hope those people who were so close to the top got down okay. It’s really beautiful but I would not want to live so close to that Mountain.

    1. Star48, you know what stuck out for me was the time. 7:02…207. Wasn’t that the number Eric had in his prediction? Then I thought “tsunami…wait”… another thing from a prediction. It’s just what I thought though. Like it’s upside down /backwards. 🤔
      But yes this is absolutely ridiculous that people are making these sort of “mistakes” lately. Or are they?

      1. Jules104,
        I agree…questioning the motive behind this fiasco.. this is the third major incident this year..
        Starting to get that ” crying wolf feeling” tactic may be in play..

  40. Star48 Jules 104
    Im confused along with Alaskan I guess
    Why would they cry wolf star I’m not disputing your sense but why would they ? 2018 you think they would get right .
    Prayers for people in El Salvador …Mother earth is doing a little dictating these days ..

  41. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Yes saw that 4.1m mentioned to family thats creeping up there for that area in sth Aus .
    Star the wave yes we were all talking about the wave too outside NZ..
    Maybe just a side note on Hawaii thread its certainly worth a mention …they were saying g there may have been larger ones but the monitor only works on 3 hourly checks .

  42. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Star funny but not funny the comment on the Hawaii alert guy relocating to Alaska maybe .
    All said and done it is a real concern what the hec is going on ?
    THERE IS AN UNACCEPTABLE GLITCH IN THIS SYSTEM WHETHER HUMAN OR MACHANIC AL. it Beggs answers ..remember the debacle when the alert went out for tsunami wave last time Jules headed for the hills . Well slightly higher ground .hey Jules !
    Not conducive to any sense of security during a crises .

    1. Hey was watching The Greatest Showman” It’s pretty good!
      Oh that is funny Star. Maybe they thought to relocate the person to Alaska. Oops..😆😂🤣
      That wave off NZ…I am wondering where it went? Strange.

  43. Rhona, Star48… I think Southern Cal is starting to swarm. Also a 2.1 for Western Australia.
    Happy Mother’s Day Rhona! I hope it’s a great one for you.💐🤗

  44. Jules104,Rhona2

    Pardon me for not mentioning it earlier..Happy Mothers Day to both of you…💝
    Yes, definitely swarming..

    1. Jules 1o4
      Oh wow the Hilina slump .
      Thats amazing was due .
      Every 2 years ..maybe ……much bigger their saying ..

  45. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    STAR 48
    Thank you very much for wishes of a Happy Mothers day are so thoughtful ..blessings to you .

  46. Star48 Jules 104
    Two more quakes over night here in west Aust .both just outside Perth by 109km or so .
    One north one south with Perth in the middle .

    Cadoux 1.9mat 0km this was an area of a large quake way back 6+ I think will have to look up again .

    Narrogin 2.1m at 0km .

  47. Star48 Jules 104
    Yes Cadoux had a 7.3m in 1943 thats sizable .
    Meeberrie was epicentre ..
    Sorry I couldn’t recall details I last post .

  48. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Mexico 🇲🇽
    Giant Cracks and sinkholes Near Mexico last 21 hrs..

    1. Star48, those are some big cracks. WTH is going on? And most people are just oblivious to it all…which is disturbing in itself.

  49. Star48 Jules 104
    Those cracks and sinkholes know it makes me wonder how no one ever gets seriously hurt or it stops short of swallowing up buildings or houses ..
    Mostly it has been ok in that respect …
    Maybe everyone takes it in their stride till there is a tradgedy .
    Prayers not

    1. Rhona2,
      Your feeling it too….
      With the swarm at Ocatilla Wells..near Salton Saa
      .one end to the other…
      Will keep watching..( feel something ..edginess)

      1. Star48
        I AM Im definately feeling g something ..its slow in rising but its there .all Littlies along san Andreas etc ..

        Wonder if first named storm will
        Bring g Muddy Waters ..
        Singer is still subtle reminding ..

  50. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    CASCADIA Subduction zone is more where that quake happened ..isn’t it ?
    Where Juan da Fuca meets or breaks off I read …
    Im trying to keep up sometimes I need to look up again .

  51. Rhona, Star48… I think you two are onto it. It feels like something is about to happen. I am a bit worried Hawaii is just getting way too unstable amongst other volcanos. Yikes! Might cause a tsunami depending on what happens next. There’s so much going on all over the planet it’s hard to say whats going to give next you know? I think there’s been three or four more really deep Fiji EQs over the last two days now. I saw a 3.7 EQ in MT and a 4.1 in OK yesterday. So pressure is definetly coming in. Vancouver BC/Puget Sound area had a really big swarm on the tremors map the other day also. I’ll check it out again. But I’m thinking that rubber band is about to snap somewhere. 🙏🏻😟

  52. Star48, Rhona. Here is the 14th May. Start at the 48 go to 24,12 and on down. It’s been moving back and forth across the peninsula there up in Vancouver/Seattle area for a week or so again. Not sure if it will just cause a smallish EQ off Coast there or something bigger. Praying nothing much. 🙏🏻🙂 I too think the Cascadia may trigger something larger on the San Andreas…dutch has mentioned it too before. Hope this link works. Click through hour numbers on top right

    1. Jules104,
      6 hrs ago 21 eq recorder
      In the last three hrs 11 eq..
      Definitely slowing…pull up you socks..

  53. Rhona, Star48. I thought this was good. Gets more interesting as it goes along comparing the pasts events in history to where the planets are and will be heading in the future. She mentions US attacks, presidential and pope failed assassination, major CA earthquakes, financial lows etc.

    1. Jules 1o4
      Jon is spot on I believe
      Transformative change ..
      Trump not knowing who to trust .
      Quake in California .
      Thanks for the update I enjoy her forcasts.
      Lots to look out for ..
      Praying for the states with live and light .

  54. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Absolutely agree it appears to be slowing .
    Sending live and light to mother earth up there hope she recieved it in good stead .
    Take care

  55. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Just asked singer about Hawaii any movement soon ..
    No sooner asked and got a Hawaii flag .
    “Rock a Hoola ” by Elvis .

    1. Oh my “Rock A Hoola”! I’ve never heard of it but it doesn’t sound so great considering. 😉😬
      Thanks for passing the messages along Rhona. 🙏🏻🤗

  56. Star48, Rhona. Actually I don’t think it’s slowing too much. It’s just the hours that it covers. What is worrying me is it’s concentration up there from Seattle to Vancouver. It started out that way a while back and every once in a while returns to that spot in large concentrations of tremors. I’ll keep watch on it though. May be getting something off the coast there soon. I’d guess not too big…hope and praying anyway.🙏🏻

    1. Jules 1o4
      That makes sense the concentration of tremors ..
      Yeah that Elvis song from Blue Hawaii movie
      Is Rock a Hula . As in Hula dance ..I spelt it wrong ..yep a whole lot of shaking going on soon .

  57. Rhona,Star48…here’s Dutchs update fromthe 13th May 10:00pm. The new forecast starts around min 40:00. I found min 44:00 interesting Rhona due to Indonesia mentions and Krakatoa. I haven’t finished watching but around min 48:00-49:00 dutch says something extremely interesting. Made me wonder about those 9s popping up all over.

  58. Jules104 star 48
    Thats some full on update Dutch gave there .
    The all over quakes he said probably 6mags .
    Here is hoping he is spot on again and no mega quakes .
    I have been tracking the Madagascar area ..
    Its an island with 200.000 more residents .
    Surrounded my volcanoes and atol .
    They had a 5.8m after a couple of high 4s in last day or so …

    I’m sure that’s the correct link ..if not I will repost .

  59. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Yes the Island is called Mayotte and it had a 4.7m at 10km 4 hours ago still rumbling ..its a watch for Indian ocean quake .

    Off w coast of sumatra had a 4.2m at 15km

    N.Z. 4.5M at a deepish 15km

    1. Star48, Wow! That’s amazingly odd. I think he’s right though. Anything goes weather wise fromhere on out. Ay yi yi…😟😬

    1. Jules104,
      Yes ,super volcano..I was actually there on vacation..very impressive and totally beautiful..
      Spent a month on NZ. North and South Islands..

        1. Jules104,
          The Taupo, Rotorua areas..I remember the hot springs ..lots of Spa areas..also reminded me a little of Yosemite…in some places.. also sacred areas..
          Nice place to visit…not to live – unsettling…

  60. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Random …just got in car from shopping and
    flag from singer .
    Not sure if one flagger .or if more will come.

    Side note meant to comment on Dutchsinse
    Bringing up Orville dam quake and mentioning
    Sacremento area .hmmm

      1. Star48
        Oh I’m not remembering dutch said Oakland ..He just said there was a quake registered at orville dam .
        Then said something about sacremento area being a watch or words to that affect .

      2. Star48
        Geez im not with it ..
        If your thinking flag for Oakland area San Francisco .
        That could be a flag for more to come singer doesn’t usually flag smallish quakes unless they are a precursor ..
        Could be ..😉

    1. Rhona, Star48…I’m feeling it too, like I could hear a pin drop! I’m a bit up in the air on whether we will get some big attacks prior and then an earthquake. Or which is coming when. I’m feeling eruption (bigger than what’s already happened), attacks (hopefully foiled), CA earthquake, tsunami. I think we are getting all of them soon enough praying for a peaceful planet but…🦋😇🙏🏻 Praying attack’s are foiled too.

  61. Star48 Jules104
    A 5.4m Indonesia side of Papua new Guinea island
    And a 5m papua new guinea.
    Depths oh dear didn’t register one was 88km
    Indo one .sorry.

  62. Star 48
    The interactive with Hayward and San Andeas faults ..great location link ..thank you .
    Wonder why such a small downgrade .

    Kilauea Volcano Red Alert .yikes ..
    Here it comes 😲😨..
    Oh prayers for all .

    1. Jules 104
      Sad downed trees are always such a threat to life ..
      That was some storm surprised it wasn’t picked up on ..
      I dont recall it being on any news thread I have been reading..
      Mini tsunami and all ..I mean it went through a few states creating havoc .

      1. Rhona I agree. Pretty crazy storms up there. I think Eric did mention the Northeast but I’m not sure if it was attacks or storms.

  63. Jules 1o4
    2 more quakes for outside of Perth by few Hundred mile
    Kalgoorlie 2.5m by 0km
    1.9 by 0km .
    Thats total of 6 in last week ..

    1. Rhona that sounds like an unusual amount for one weeks time there. I don’t mind saying I’m feeling a bit on edge here. Have been as you know.
      If you read the prediction where Eric is looking at a massive eruption then Spirit says next comes the epic volcano eruption they’ve been talking about and then Eric crosses over the ocean. Doesn’t that seem like he would go from over in Hawaii or S Pacific to our West Coast. And then that is when Spirit says the earthquake is more than one place and everywhere when he asks where is it? That to me sounds like the slow slip on our Cascadia from Alaska then down on into CA. So the whole West Coast? And no our leaders that be now probably could not handle it. I sure hope I’m wrong. There’s so much focus on San Francisco now. So if it doesn’t happen by the 23rd/24th I think it will happen after Memorial Day maybe 30/31st. I looked up The Giants stadium and they do have two marathons coming up there. The first is the 7th annual Giants Race San Jose 5K on June 2nd. Second is Giants Race San Francisco on Sep 9th. A gathering? I’m a bit up in the air though because what happened to the bridge prediction? That to me seemed like San Fran. Is that from the EQ? A missile? Meteorite?
      Okay I know I’m blabbering on but lots going on in my brain. 🤯😜😆🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Jules 1o4
      OH wow its 8 years almost to the date .
      18th of may ..unbelievable especially Thomas Jager in the photo standing next to that Crack 😨😨😨
      I’m wondering too just a long shot .
      That every where means everywhere on Hawaiian Islands feel and have quakes .
      Then going over ocean as you say Cascadia San Andreas from north to south .then japan .
      Aluesians I’m thinking anything huge like that with Hawaii in the Pacific where she is its going to be a circle of shock waves ..
      Wouldnt be surprised if South Pacific feels it too ..this is beginning to look like a Krakatoa type explosion that was heard around the world ..when you think about Chile Tsumami
      The massive one it reached Hawaii and Australia ..NZ anything is possible .
      It will go down in History I’m sure ..sending so much love and light to Kilauea ..

      1. Rhona I totally agree on South Pacific, NZ, Australia…many other locations.
        Funny you mentioned anniversary. I was going to add the Psychic Betsey Lewis is warning that the Kilauea volcano will have a massive eruption and she’s picking up on May 18th. That’s the anniversary for the Mt St Helens eruption in 1980 was it?
        I’m wondering though…Eric in the prediction was looking at a massive eruption and then the Spirits said the epic eruption is next or something. Are they both one in the same? Or two different eruptions like a Vesuvius, Krakatoa, or Yellowstone eruption is next? “Massive” versus “Epic”? Hm🤔😟 Too literal?😆 It sounded like two the way it was written but probably not. I hope and pray. 🙏🏻🌟

    1. Oh thats 136 km spell check messes with stuff when I do a space bar it prints what it wants ..
      Will have to go into settings and change it .
      Sorry you two ..

  64. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Just adjusted predictive text 136 should read 136 when I type it in now ..much better not issuing its own numbers ..
    Should have done it earlier would have saved valuable posting spaces without having to apoligies for it .😉

      1. Jules 1o4
        I thought you could relate ..
        Maybe our spell checks and predictive
        Text are in cahoots ..😆😆😆😉
        They talk each others language .

  65. Jules104
    Oh yeah I thought two explosions same volcano Kiluea and seperate vents .
    Like Puu oo is a satellite vent or Kupaianana vent .
    Thats my inclination .

    1. Rhona2,
      Yes, he told me about his Bathysphere (sp?) ride…he is so lucky he has been on every continent many times..including Antarctica.
      He is an expert on the Islands..

      1. Star48
        Such a wonderful life he has been dedicated to ..He must love his life’s work with passion …
        Beautiful energy too I bet ..
        Like you …
        Hugs 😆😉

      2. Star48, what an amazing individual. He is so blessed to have such a wonderful life. I agree with Rhona on the energies from you both.🤗🌟

    2. Thanks for all the updates and the link Rhona. I actually was getting confused with all of the vents and volcanos etc., Buy thst makes sense that there would be one major eruption along with all of the other eruptions coming from the other vents or smaller volcanos. That’s so funny about your cousin writing the article Star48!😉

  66. Rhona, Star48. Here’s a shortish dutch update from today May 17th update. He puts things into perspective with Hawaii, goes over CA pressure coming in, the slow slip happening at Anza Gap and the other on Olympic/BC Vancouver Peninsula.
    Oh…he makes a comment at end about being ready because you never know, you could get an earthquake “during a baseball game” or while you’re sleeping… Made me think of the Giants games and AT&T Stadium. Thought that was weird.😳🤔

    1. Jules104,
      Not weird..
      Spirit is working in the universal sphere affected our connection with spirit..

      I thought just zipped across my you remember this from previous post?

      Then it shifted to show a large tree that was growing these beautiful white flowers. The flowers fell with the wind, and danced against the ground.

      The 🌺 could be spirit giving insight and knowledge to the world..
      ( tree of knowledge..ref)

      Am I off base?

  67. Star48, Rhona. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on the Hawaii volcanos? Dutch said really unless you live in the Leiana estates area traveling to the Island is safe. That there won’t be any slump into the ocean though all of the eruptions and EQs could cause some small tsunamis for the local islands etc.
    I think he’s probably right. It seems Hawaii is the middle point for pressure release right now for all of the deep
    Earthquakes that have occurred so far…I think it’s up to 131 deep EQs so far without any major mega quake which I believe he’s looking for over in West Pacific or Indonesia area. I’m not sure what or where the “epic eruption” Spirits mentioned is yet though. Kīlauea or one of her nemesis’s?😉 Mt St Helens (or Raiener) keeps coming to mind for me…though it seems strange.

      1. OMG Star48 so funny.😂😆 And I could be texting and copying/pasting faster but ever since that darn Apple update they made me do…😤🤯my phone constantly freezes up.

      1. Jules104,
        No, I did not see volcano listed on map..but you never know…
        About apple update freeze…yeap…if anyone understands its me..Don’t throw it against the wall.. or step on it..👹 Even if you feel like it..just laugh 😂 tomorrow is another day!
        (GWTW ref)

  68. Star48 Jules 104
    Well that’s reassuring from Dutch .
    But the breathing probs in the area must be aweful for people ..
    Im still not sure where this tsunami is supposed to come from but mother nature has always surprised us ..
    He is still talking about Japan 2011..
    I guess he is saying West coast is safe from Hawaii..phew ..thats cool .
    Indian ocean tsunami from Erics prediction will knock some socks off ..who knows ??..sounds like no one ..
    I give up .
    Hugs you two

  69. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Very quiet over night for mother earth ..
    I see ..
    There has been a 5.4 in Indonesia but all in all
    A breath..
    Nothing to catch up on this morning for me .

    1. Rhona2,
      We have had 3 eq near 5’s in Indonesia on the 18th .easter Iland and south sandwich..
      Hawaii non stop with eq’s

      Yes ,your right taking a breath….today is the day? The 19 th? I think it is marked…
      So we wait for a big event today….

  70. Star48, Rhona. Sorry I haven’t had time to add this latest dutch update from the am. He shows how quiet it’s been over in the West Pacific. 😳 Also how Australia has an usual quake/pressure transfer from the NW of AU to SE AU. Hardly ever does that he said. It’s in very beginning. I had to pause earlier. Grandies…🤪👧🏻👦🏼👀👀😂 But will watch in a bit. JUst the fact that he’s feeling the need to update so often speaks volumes I think.

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Im feeling a relief with dutches update for Hawaii ..I agree with him on Hawaii not landslidng but still meat under seamounts with caution for Hawaii. As He states.
      Ok blessings to Hawaii.
      Pretty interesting forecast .

    1. Rhona brings to mind old Plymouth prediction. Also just before you posted this I was looking up the prediction for the several actors reading lines for a play and someone comes in to say there’s been a big earthquake. Only because I am watching the Wedding from England I had taped lastnight and someone mentioned the English being the best at theater. I’d been wondering where that play was. Just thought at that time oh that earthquake is coming soon. Hope that made sense.😆

      1. Jules 1o4
        THAT Makes perfect sense .
        Amazing connection .
        Actors in UK hearing of quake while they are in England ..they would say ..oh there has been a quake ..
        I wondered how that would work ..
        You could be onto something .
        Side note
        Mayotte Madagascar 4.9m at 10km .
        Its still going 😕
        The Italy deep low mag is odd ..

  71. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Just had an unusual weird reaction to seeing this Tonga quake on earthquake report
    Tonga 5.5m at 9km
    When I saw it tears sprung into my eyes and rolled down my face ..I wasn’t crying in the sense of crying was spontanious only lasted a few seconds ..
    I wasn’t going to post but now I’m wondering .
    They also just had one at 4.9m at 35km .
    I prayed and sent love and light …

  72. Sorry seems my phone is still printing its own numbers .
    I double checked it before posting still put in 9
    Instead of 5.5m at 98km. ..
    Phew I had to put that in 6 times before it would print

    1. Jules104
      When I Re read the prediction it read to me .
      ” in 3″ could be 3 years taking to 2018 .
      ” Then 1130 ” could be November 30th .seeing as Eric did mention November.
      ” The 25 lost to this” has always seemed like people to me ..
      Though 25 is not a huge amount of deaths it could be significant in one spot ..
      25 deaths is not insignificant at all ..but I wonder two different dates 25 maybe and 30th .

  73. Star48, Rhona. Another bit the commentator just mentioned. I looked it up. Meghan has a double major in “Theater” and International Studies from Northwestern University near Chicago.
    I’m beginning to think this theater actors from a play bit in the prediction isn’t just a coincidence.

    1. Jules 104 Star 48
      They are honeymooning in Seychelles in Indian ocean in a month or so .
      Actors talking about quake could be linked to this if they are there at time of quake.
      Now I’m really hoping to change this or at least keep them safe ..praying for love and light to surround them .
      I hope they come to Australia and avoid it with timing ..
      They are coming here as well .hopefully not queensland. .I think its more remote part .
      Will check it out .

    1. Jules104,
      Just north if Carmel. ( Clint Eastwood territory)
      No, I do not think we took that into account..
      Bodega Bay , I believe we did touch that one due to Bodego being in a previous post..

      1. Star48
        Thanks amazed we missed it .maybe a timing thing ..
        Hmm wonder if it’s drawing closer .

  74. Rhona, Star48. We’ve not ever seen this Portuguese Beach area and I see what you mean by Russia and thenthe Bodego. Bodega Bay? It’s all too close I feel. I remember reading a history on the Portuguese up there but hadn’t seen the beach name. And always getting stuck on the Bodego.

    1. Jules 1o4
      That’s a really interesting point ..
      Good research .it just might be a link .25th in all ..anniversary ..
      Will be aware of this .
      Seems some things are coming together .

  75. Star48, Rhona. I’ve been thinking of Ohio with that extra O in Moore. Looked up Moore’s for Ohio and there’s a Moore Junction. Looked up railroad because I’ve been thinking there’s going to be a train wreck. There’s a railroad that goes through there. It’s pretty small but oil iand gas business there. This recent Spring Attack with four Os or zeros has Ohio and trains mentioned. Look down to 12-1-17 Eric added for attacks. Okay probably nothing but thought I’d add.

    1. Star48
      Sorry about delay .
      Thanks for noticing but im with optus .
      So far we are good.
      But my husband is with Telstra .
      At present it seems to only be internet .
      Which he says is minimal for him ..
      He can still use his phone .
      Thank goodness as he is away at present .

    2. Star48, Oh yeah I see what you mean. I know dutch also has a warning for the TX panhandle area this week. Think it’s the edge of the craton?

  76. Star48, Rhona. Here’s Dutchs latest weekly Sunday pm forecast. It starts around minute 27:00. Getting a bit worried about these swarms up in PNW Seattle/Puget Sound and N CA area. Sending light to PNW and N Ca. 🙏🏻🌟

    1. Thanks Star48. That animation they have always looks like they are colliding and so close even though the info says it’s further away then it was on the May 15th go around. Let’s just hope they are right.

      1. Rhona2,
        Synchronization is getting more prevalent..e.g. Reading article about Lafayette…
        Check Eq.. Georgia comes on screen I download it to post to you….when I notice the city..
        Lafayette….yeah..than i am going over posts about Mayotte 🇾🇹
        I pull article for myself about flatworms discovered.. in France ( huge). Than I read the article that they are in Mayotte..

        see article..

  77. Star48
    Cool sequence of synchronisticy there .
    MAYOTTE coming up is amazing and those nasty” Blue” worms what a potential pest .
    Or is one already ..not liking them .oh no not liking them 😮😛
    Yeah I have noticed how synch is on the rise .
    Its happening more often. .we are so in tune with each other us 3 especially .now we just need to fine tune ..the signs .
    Mayotte is a watch some how or the area around there .even Petemedium brought it up on thread .
    Thanks star

  78. Star48, Rhona. That was some synchronization you two had going on there.🧠👀💪🏼☺️ Mayotte a watch.
    Those blue hammer head worms are really crazy looking. Thanks for the link Star.
    I’m beginning to think this CA earthquake(s) is going to be after Memorial Day. Our flags are at half staff here now but mini flags to me means Memorial Day. 4th of July or 911 could be also but I’m feeling it’s sooner than that…the 30th or 31st maybe?
    Praying for the Planet and Humanity in general. 🙏🏻🌟😇

    1. Jules104,Rhona2,
      My brother is on his way with many others to be in DC for the Run to the Wall.
      Memorial Day.. I pray he and all the veterans will be safe…

      1. Will be praying for your brother and all of the riders safety and well being along the way and during the Memorial Day festivities Star48. Sending light and love to Wash DC area. 🙏🏻🌟😇

    1. Rhona2,
      May 13, 2018 · The 10-day trip begins in California and ends at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The finale is the Rolling Thunder Parade on the Sunday night before Memorial Day, where bikers ride from the Pentagon to the Wall. … Mission:M25 serves as chaplains, chase teams,

      1. Star48
        Oh wow thank you I will be with them and I will ask my two brothers in spirit to watch over and join them
        One was a Vietnam vet ..the other a biker.
        Love and light to them .

      2. Star48
        I ADD to that a legion of angels in spirit of all Vets to watch over them ..
        Amen ..

      3. Star48, thanks for the info and link. I went to the map to see where they are…is your brothers route in orange? Are they in Arkansas going into Memphis soon? How cool is that. I hope the weathers holding out for them. Praying for safety for your brother and all of them out there on the road.

        1. Jules104,
          He is on CR 1 (Central) this year..he is in West Virginia..He is hanging in there..tomorrow is a shorter day.. they go to an elementary school tomorrow. ..they donate every year..$ from the riders..@ 20, 000 the school really looks forward to them arriving..

    1. Rhona was that the correct link. I couldn’t figure it out just looked like the EMSC link. The article sounds interesting though.

    2. Jules 1o4
      Yes I noticed it did that ..but if you click it twice fast it tales youvto article .
      Go figure ..I dont know why .
      Sorry ..try that it worked for me

  79. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    I’m posting Mayotte article on Thread and “Dominique ” in French is playing on radio .
    As I type .
    Is that a flag to expect more from Mayotte ?
    Singer pipes in again .thank you singer

  80. Wow Star48, what a great thing your brother and the others are doing. I’m sure the school there is so grateful to them all. I’m with Rhona…praying for a legion of Angels to surround and protect them while in DC and until they arrive home safely. 🙏🏻🌟😇

  81. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I posted this earlier but its not here .
    So Re posting .
    I got a Japan flag from singer ..He says one flag to confirm Erics prediction .
    Also we are having a storm this evening so batten in down .

    1. Star48, I’d heard about this a while back, but reading it now just disgusts me even more knowing how irresponsible people can be. Sheesh.

  82. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Star I too have searched and can’t find a thread for scandal …
    Uganda cracks wow the splitting is really making its evidence spring through .
    Yikes 😨😲😲

    Side note
    I Posted on main thread fires we have in south west .Albany region being spurred by horrid storms and wind .
    Eric did have a prediction of it so posted that also .
    Will pist news item of fire below .in another post

    1. Rhona those are some really big fires going on there with those winds fanning them. Praying they can get some rain for relief. Prayers to keep all of the fire fighters and people who are in harms way safe. 🙏🏻🌟

  83. Star48, Rhona. Thought this was interesting. Looks like these people are going to get a lot of rain. I hope they’ve been warned and are trying to mitigate prior.

    1. Jules 1o4
      Oh my thats just aweful the area he is pointing out is in trouble .
      Prayers love and light .for shearing winds to lessen impact ..
      I hope they are aware ..
      Aman should be aware hopefully .

    1. Jules104
      Temp anomaly is a curiosity he could be right subterranean volcano heating things up .
      And muddy waters comes to mind for Gulf Mexico areas …good luck to all ..

    1. Corrrrrection 3rd map down in scrolling shows swarm .
      Hmm im making a few mistakes lately .
      Sorry getting over a virus and bad back pain
      From veribrae ..

      1. Rhona prayers sent you’re way for all those issues and aches and pains with your vertebrate.
        Thanks for all of the updates. 🙏🏻🌟❤️

  84. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Interesting …antipod for Moyette is sth east of Hawaii a 1000miles or so but thats not far in earth terms .
    Just thought a mention .

    1. Rhona I’m not surprised since we all realize how interconnected everything is on and in this planet. Things are really heating up now.

      1. Jules 1o4
        Yep they sure are …heating up .
        Interconnected. .
        Funny that word should be
        Intercontinected ..ha like continents .I’m
        Having a ramble …
        Pay no mind ..

  85. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for the well wishes .
    Prayers would be great .
    Upped my vit d and potassium and mag .
    I’m wondering if its like the pain for my sister .
    I have prayed and asked for relief from it if it is .but it’s hard not not to not to take it back on.
    I have to remind myself to stop worrying .
    And trust more ..
    But im so hard on myself ..your advise is spot on star .be kind to myself .
    Blessings you two .

  86. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Mayotte again 4.8m at 10km ongoing swarm
    Bart Daya Indonesia 5.2m at 175km

    1. Rhona thanks for the updates, that area is really swarming. That and the Namibia area has been pretty active lately.
      Side note. I’ve come to realize that my phone is only freezing up for some reason when I’m on this blog trying to comment or reply. I thought it was the iPhone update but it’s only freezing up here. I’m wondering if I need to delete old account and make a new one or what? It takes me forever to just get a comment written out. How did you fix your account when you changed it?

      1. Jules 1o4
        I get it ..
        I deleted the website ..Then did a Google search for Web site and reloaded it ..I had to change my pass word and user name .but you may not have to .
        Other than that I also changed my internet browser apps for Internet browsers .
        Not sure about I phones from apple .
        I only use Samsung phones.
        Failing that phone Apple and ask about the browser you are using see if they have an alternative for you ..
        Hope this helps ..

  87. Jules 1o4
    I Just recalled my daughter has an apple I phone ..her battery is not removable .
    If your is .
    Turn phone off …take out battery and replace after 5 minutes.
    I know Apple admitted to slowing down battery power ..
    They said they fixed but hey who knows ..

  88. Rhona, Star48…can we switch to another thread? For some reason when I get on this one back thread my phone starts to freeze. It doesn’t do that on the main thread or on regular iPhone. It’s really weird. 😐 Not sure what’s going on.

  89. Rhona, Star48…can we switch to another thread? For some reason when I get on this one back thread my phone starts to freeze. It doesn’t do that on the main thread or on regular iPhone. It’s really weird. 😐 Not sure what’s going on.

  90. Jules 1o4 star 48
    There is two maybe
    Jules ..rhona ..sara Eric .or

    There are 3 comments
    Lossie ..Sara Eric

  91. Star48 Jules 104
    There is also
    one comment .Nathan
    Blessings let me know where we are off to .

  92. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Ok im moving to United Airline Loses Engine Cover .
    See you in Portland you two .
    Jules Mt Gambier incredible is it not.
    Thanks for article .
    Hope this works for you .
    Blessingsx you two

    1. FORGET portland comment .
      I’m. Tavel weary I think 😆😆😆
      Already on UNITED AIRLINE thread .

      1. Oh shoot .

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