Prediction: US Terror Attack in the NorthEast

I had a visual of a map that marked the Northeast, it looked like the Vermont area but could also be New York.

“United States.. 57.. 911.. bomb.. very soon.” —Usually when they show a number ending in 7 it’s a date, which implies the 5th. Related or not Spirit marked both the 5th and 7th.

This prediction might be related to a previous predictions:

I was standing up in the sky looking down to see a skyscraper in flames. Smoke bellowed up towards the sky. Visual of the letters ‘il’

I had a visual I was walking down a street when I saw a building explode.

I had a visual of people walking by, then an explosion throwing people across the hall. I had a visual of a sign that showed an airplane symbol, I had a visual of tracks of a subway or train.


I had a visual of a train that was tilted on its side, while a large crowd surrounded it. It looked like they were trying to either escape the train, or help trapped people inside the train.

i had a visual of someone lighting a fire, then setting what looked like a gas station on fire, which created a massive inferno.

Around the 13th.. I had a visual of an ocean begin to swirl, it will be massive. The start of a hurricane.

The earthquake with VA is still in question as they implied an area by Greece or Italy. We just can’t narrow the location down.

Odd messages:

Pierce one (won)

Wall green right under our noses. (Something shady or underhanded unfolding around us)



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    1. Interesting hurricane model. There is another area in the Carribean currently called “Disturbance 1” on NOAA map. A video posted a few hours ago on the weather channel forecasts that the tropical depression or storm’s path could cross Cuba and Florida from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic in about the same timeframe. October was noted as a favorable time for hurricanes.

      1. That tropical depression may become Nate. Right now I believe Ophelia could be the one that’ll form around the Oct 13th timeframe.

  1. VA possibly could be Vatican? That would place it in Italy, and Italy does get earthquakes. Vanuatu sounds like a more likely place for a large earthquake, though.

    1. Vatican would also count as a kind of island even though it’s inland. It’s a unique isolated state within a state. I just had a look at Greek and Italian islands connected to the letters ‘va’ but most seem insignificant. The only major one would be ‘Venezia’ but I can’t see any shortening to ‘va’.

      Does ‘va’ mean go in Italian? perhaps it’s an instruction to get away?

    1. That’s the first thing I thought, too, Carolyn. “Shady or underhanded” could certainly fit a corporate chain store, especially a drug store).

      1. That’s what came to my mind too. Maybe a pharmaceutical scandal? The opioid epidemic in the USA is scandal enough, maybe something leaks about how they’ve been operating?

  2. Could 911 mean that the location could be in New York, that would make sense with the subway tracks & skyscraper.

  3. I know someone posted something about this a while ago. but in California on the 405 there is a Huge Shimmery Green Building that looks like a Green Wall it’s somthing you can’t miss when your driving.and it Backs up against Disneyland.

    1. I had a vivid dream a week ago whereby a mentor of mine who had died visited and gave me a mickey Mose magnet…. maybe he was giving me a warning in the dream state. His last name was “ Pierce” and that was the second unusual message from Spirit that Eric saw. Pierce was a very high end consultant to the gov’t, so it would be in character for him to present clues to me of an upcoming terrorist attack.

  4. Anything for Philadelphia? Going from 6 to 10th; worried to travel now, but have to. Thanks

    1. Where did you hear that from? From what I know, it could be forming in the Atlantic and will grow massive.

      1. It is now the time of year for hurricanes to form in the Caribbean and gulf of Mexico. No more cape Verde storms.

      2. I think Nate isn’t the one forming on the 13th. The next hurricane after Nate is Ophelia. From some models I saw recently, Ophelia could be forming on the 13th and this could be one that’ll become a category 6. I could be wrong, but it’s the closest thing I could find that closely matches the description of a hurricane forming on the 13th.

      3. I follow another psychic group; one of their members predicted several months ago there would be a late season storm that would hit Florida and that it would be named Ophelia (as determined by NHC naming sequence).

      4. Happy to share: I follow a psychic group organized by Jeanne Mayell. It is open/public. The posts about Ophelia are in the category : Forum, under a thread for Hurricane Irma. The posts are from 2 psychics (Zoron and Fran), not me. I am not a psychic; but have more intuition and empathy than I would have chosen if it had been mine to choose.

  5. I’m guessing “911” couldn’t mean 9 + 1 + 1 = 11 or November since October’s suppose to be one of the worst months in 2017? Also, could the “skyscraper in flames” be a terrorist attack on Trump International Hotel and Tower in either NYC, NY or Chicago, IL (“il”)?

  6. Eric, maybe the “il” is not letters, but is an image of two skyscrapers next to ne another, one being shorter than the other.

    1. If you look at the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.Almost looks like that.

  7. I think il mean Israel
    Green wall mean the western wall in the holy city at Jerusalem
    The train can be the new train that built in Jerusalem that did had several terror attack !

  8. All alarming stuff.. I am in one of those frustrating positions where if I don’t share with my friends I feel guilty if it happens but if I share and it doesn’t happen (which is what I hope) I look like a fool. i live in NYC

  9. I am having trouble posting so please forgive me if this appears more than once.

    The “wall green” instantly made me think of the green monster at Fenway. It is the massive outfield wall at left field with seating on top of it.

  10. Almost every “airplane” post going
    back to 2014 has numbers
    9 5 7 mentioned including
    0957 and 9:57 and 9 57 and several
    have 77. or 777
    maybe we should go thru all
    of these and see if we can
    pull all the common threads in all
    of these posts and see if anythig
    fits together?

  11. Hello Eric and SWC- ! I need to share this with you– I dont know if this will help or not…
    Regarding the first part of your prediction above, about the” United States–911 — bomb- airplane symbol- train and/or subway tracks” part-
    Eric, right outside Penn Station in midtown New York City, – across the street from the 7th ave entrance to Penn Station- (Pennsylvania Station) There is a PICKUP and DROP off Stop of AIrport Buses (these buses will take you from Manhattan/NYC to any of the 3 airports in the NYC area- LaGuardia airport, JFK and Newark airports.)
    Penn Station itself is a train and subway station – and outside across the street from the 7th ave entrance is the Airport bus pick up/drop off location-
    At the PickUp and Drop Off spot, there is a standing sign that has an ‘airplane’ on it, to show people where to wait for the Airport Bus-
    Also this drop off pick up location is at a very very busy part of the street right at 7th Ave.

    1. That’s a good point, “cat”. Would you tell me, please, what does the “SWC” mean? Have seen that a few times in comments here and tried to figure it out.

      1. It stands for Spiritual Warrior Clan. I can’t remember who coined it, but it stuck!

    2. Thank You, anyway, BeachHut! (You must have posted as I was about to post my update that I’d searched and found the answer! I saw your reply to me as mine posted, lol. So nice of you to want to help me out. xo).

  12. Some may have seen my summary of the Farsight video a few days ago. I’m posting a link with another short description of the four scenarios in order. The segments are quite compact this month.

    7:52 – A protest or coup with crowds of civilians plus a parade of armed forces including tanks, who round on an important building and a middle aged white male leader figure. A lot of aggression and anger but little actual violence. The Army seem to be in a protective role rather than attacking, or at least trying not to harm the people. I think this might be the situation in Catalonia whose president is preparing to announce (unconstitutional) Independence from Spain. This was a complex legal issue until the national police went in like fascist storm-troopers on the day of the vote, pushing many sympathies in one direction only and giving the secessionists the moral high ground.

    16:24 – A masked gang, possibly political, go into a safe quiet mainly white neighbourhood, causing terror.

    29:06 – A ship in trouble on a rough or stormy sea (could this be hurricane related in Eric’s post?) It has containers which leak a dangerous substance, like an oil slick but not an oil slick. If you want to know the reason for the goggles, watch from the beginning of the video.

    37:27 – THIS ONE IS WHY I’M RE-POSTING HERE. Please watch this part if none of the others). A truck bomb explodes on a busy highway in or near a city in the North East or East Coast of the USA. There are trees, water and structures nearby, The truck is on a bridge over other highway/s, perhaps an intersection, and there are a lot of people walking around too. Vehicles crash into each other, cars are flipped over and people blown away in the blast. There is a large resulting fire but the bridge doesn’t collapse.

    As soon as I read Eric’s new prediction above, I remembered this one. There may be details that don’t register with me that do to someone more familiar with cities in that region. All the different transport references in Eric’s blog post make me wonder if this might be a transport hub, possibly near an airport, where there would be a lot of mixed travel styles. The detail in the video about lots of pedestrians stood out to me as I know there are a lot of cities or parts of cities in the US where the layout makes it very difficult to walk anywhere or at least not the done thing.

    1. Thank you, BeachHut, for offering the video to back-up Eric’s prediction re/ the Northeast of U.S. I watched the part you pointed out, but finally had to give up, as remote-viewing videos take gruelingly too long for the time that I, personally, have, so I re-read your summary of the part you mentioned as being most important. Hope she’s mistaken, of course, about such an event — anywhere, so I’ll just stick with Eric’s site here!).

    2. BeacHut, I just mean that I only have time to read predictions, such as Eric summarizes and posts, rather than watch the videos of predictions. Thanks, though! I’m sure others will be able to watch and listen to the remote viewing process.

    3. BeachHut thank you so much for viewing and posting Forsight’s video. I tried to watch and just can’t. I am an Empath and get overwhelmed if I take in too much.

  13. antifa prepared to begun what he call revolution on November same time some antifa members convert to Islam .that is interest .this month or next month.big events looming .

  14. Regarding “earthquake with VA”, just a few thoughts: The initials “v.a.” and “V.A.” are sometimes used as an abbreviation for volcanic ash. Also, there are many cities, towns (places) throughout Greece and in Italy, including the islands of Sicily and also Sardinia, with place names that begin with the letters “Va”. Don’t know, though, if Eric saw those letters in Capital letters or not, and if separated, capital letters, or not. The first place that did come to mind is what others here mentioned, i.e., The Vatican and Vatican City). All of Italy and Greece is prone to earthquakes, so it could be anywhere in those regions, of course. Vatican City is located within Lazio, where Umbria had that devastating 6.6 earthquake early this year, to mention just one major incident, and which Vatican City ( Rome, et. al., in Lazio,) felt. Active Vesuvius isn’t that far from Rome and there’s the active volcano, Etna, in Sicily. Significant eruptions of volcanoes are usually, if not always, preceded by quake activity. Unfortunately, without spirit being able to offer more specific info., it’s a huge area that can be ‘smited’ by an earthquake and/or volcanic ash from a large, volcanic eruption.

    1. Forgot to add one more thought re/ the “..earthquake with VA” prediction from spirit and Eric: This could certainly be a long-shot, but the significant earthquake (about a 5.8) that shook the U.S. State of Virginia several years ago — and which surprised many who were unaware that the region has had registered earthquakes for a long time — was in a region of the State called the “Piedmont”. In Northwestern Italy, there is also a region called, “Piedmont” (Piemonte in Italian), which has had a few, significant earthquakes over many years, although it is regarded as an over-all, ‘low-risk’ seismic-activity area, compared with other parts of the peninsula and its islands. Being that the State of Virginia is abbreviated as “Va.” and “VA.”, I was putting the two facts together, just exploring an idea that, perhaps, spirit might have been trying to convey an earthquake in a relatively low-risk area for earthquakes, such as Piedmont in Italy and Piedmont in Virginia, USA, since spirit is very likely aware of the ‘big surprise’ that each of those two, distant — but now, in one sense, related regions that share the same name and important, geological events which are most commonly unexpected in those regions, thus very surprising to people when it occurs, especially to those people who are unfamiliar with the seismic history of those two regions, respectively. It seems that spirit has left Eric with another ‘riddle’ to figure out, but I guess that time will tell the meaning of “earthquake with VA.” — albeit, we really should hope not !

  15. The big Ocean Swirl … take a look at Windy Weather map for the 10th onwards. That ocean swirl is in the Hudson Bay, Canada (so it’s appearing at present).

  16. I tried posting this before, but I guess it didn’t get through.
    Here are some reminders about staying safe:

    1) Stay alert.
    2) Tell authorities if you see people trespassing in sensitive areas–for instance, employee’s-only sections of airports, subway tracks, military bases.
    3) Learn self-defense.
    4) Study what to do in mass-shootings, bombings, or hostage situations
    5) Considering the increase in vehicle attacks, be careful on sidewalks or in parking lots
    6) Note exits in public places.
    7) Tell police if you see unattended bags, purses, or packages in public places.

  17. Tried posting this a couple of times yesterday, neither time did it go through.

    “I had a visual of a sign that showed an airplane symbol, I had a visual of tracks of a subway or train.”

    In New York, the two subway stops that are closest to the area airports are Sutphin Blvd/JFK on the E line, which connects with the Air Train into JFK airport as well as with the Long Island Railroad, and Howard Beach on the A line, which connects with another branch of the Airtrain which goes into JFK airport. Sutphin is also the second stop out of the E line terminal, an incident there would incapacitate the entire line.

    The Airtrain runs in a loop through the airport and to various stops, as a monorail, and has no traincrew on board. An incident on that train would be quite terrifying. It got stuck once between stations and it was a mess..

  18. 57 th street nyc trump tower?
    911. US dialing code for
    emergency police, fire

  19. Tropical Storm Nate has already killed 17 people in Central America – flooding and mudslides. It is expected to become a Hurricane as it passes the warmer waters of the Gulf. New Orleans officials have already declared a State of Emergency evacuating lower coastal areas.

    Surprised to hear the storm after Nate is named Ophelia. I thought they retired the name after it forms a hurricane. The previous Atlantic storms named Ophelia were in 2005 and 2011.

    Earthquakes are common – and deadly in Italy. A 6.2 in August 2016 destroyed an entire town. Many historic buildings have been damaged including the basilica.

  20. Could “il” stand for Kim Jong il, he may be dead, but his memory is still very alive in North Korea.

  21. Eric, SWC,
    Reference..from this post..
    (could this be overlay..
    i had a visual of someone lighting a fire, then setting what looked like a gas station on fire, which created a massive inferno.

    Gas explosion in Ghana..

    ACCRA (Reuters) – A natural gas station in Ghana’s capital Accra exploded on Saturday evening, killing an unknown number of people, a government official said.

  22. Since we humans apparently have caused or contributed to these recent aberrations of monster-hurricanes-on-steroids, I guess we need to start earnestly and unceasingly practicing our purportedly innate capability of moving mountains by way of suspending disbelief or doubt and focusing the powerful energy of our minds on the urgent climate-healing task at hand — stat — (if we haven’t already been doing it). In this particular case, I’m referring to the possibly next looming threat to life, limb and land of the one named “Ophelia,” about which there has been discussion and dread. Ophelia is prophesied to impact this now pitiful and seemingly God-forsaken peninsula known as “Florida,” upon which I, too, am presently (still) stuck (and no doubt “through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault” — to quote an old, Latin prayer of abject human guilt, self-flagellation and contrition, the dramatic “Mea Culpa”) 🙂 Just one of many, I would so greatly appreciate any focused, positive visualizations and thoughts of similarly concerned others that would help in canceling such a tropical cyclone, that commands it in the name of Divine mercy to go take a chill pill, declares that it now go away and become a fish storm — somewhere far out in the middle of the Atlantic, removed from proximity to any land and fizzled out. (Grateful for all the good spirits and people already ‘at it’ ).

  23. Eric, SWC,
    Ref to this in post?
    i had a visual of someone lighting a fire, then setting what looked like a gas station on fire, which created a massive inferno.
    Massive 🔥 fire.
    Several massive wildfires burned out of control in Napa and Sonoma counties early Monday, destroying an untold number of homes, forcing the evacuation of many thousands of people and shutting down major roadways as firefighters sought to halt the advance of the infernos driven by powerful winds.
    There was no immediate information on damage and injuries — nor an explanation for the sheer number of fires — but structures including homes were burning in both counties, according to authorities and witnesses.
    Residents described fleeing for their lives in the middle of the night, in cars or on foot. Two hospitals in Santa Rosa, those run by Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health, were evacuated. People flocked to gas stations in cities that were safe from the conflagrations, to fuel up and buy water and other supplies.

    ——-video included..

    1. Eric,SWC,
      The fire, dubbed the Tubbs fire, exploded from 200 acres to 20,000 acres overnight, ABC 7 reports.

  24. Eric, SWC

    Explosion., Detroit ,Maine..

    Multiple people have been hospitalized Wednesday afternoon, including one person who was air-lifted to Portland, after a chemical explosion in Detroit, Maine. Police, fire, and emergency officials were called to North Agriculture Sales around 1 p.m. in response to the explosion. The explosion caused a fire, which has since been put out. Authorities say the explosion was caused by sulfur dust being ignited. The conditions of the victims who were hospitalized are unknown at this time.

  25. Hi Eric! Glad your doing better and out of the hospital like everyone here you are loved and wishing you good health stay healthy and take more care of yourself! Thanks again for all you do first website to read about predictions and educate myself about what you do and your awesome abilities to see the future and all that good stuff! 😊 The spanish Colombian Psychic i follow said a major earthquakes would hit up around the 13th – 14th on October between 3:30 – 4:30 am in Los Angeles i wish she would of been more detailed but she says she can’t say because then the date will change and it will happen another unexpected date and time so she informed her followers this earlier this week to prepare for the earthquake coming then she mentioned the earthquake will strike before the 20th of October this year. 😐💜🕊🙏🏻

  26. Eric, SWC,

    ISIS fanatics are ‘plotting new 9/11’ and plan to ‘bring down planes to cause maximum devastation’


    Elaine Duke, acting Secretary of Homeland Security says the plan is to recreate the 2001 atrocities where four planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda – two of which were crashed into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center.

  27. Eric, SWC,

    Meteor💥Bright Daylight ( See. Video).
    New York..,Long Island

    A bright daylight meteor was observed and recorded disintegrating over Long Island, New York at around 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT) on October 18, 2017. The event reportedly lasted from 3.5 to 7.5 seconds. One user reported seeing it for about 20 seconds.

    Although the fireball was primarily seen from New York and New Jersey, witnesses from Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Hampshire also reported seeing it.

  28. Hi Eric – hope you’re feeling better. I had a vivid dream yesterday am about terrorists attacking a sporting event on Saturday ( not sure which Saturday, but I felt that it is imminent from the dream). I am not sure where the planned attacks were to be, but I was in the Boston area in my dream. Could be NYC or another city – not sure. The terrorists were 2 men, tall and lean: one looked like the shoe bomber from 2001. The other had very large brown eyes, about the same height. Anyway, in the dream, I got a clear message to not go to any athletic events on Saturday. I have no such plans anyway, so maybe this is for me to get out to others like you.The weird thing about this message is that I was told there were bombs planned, some not being marked. Not sure what that meant. Well, rest up Eric. Take care of yourself.

    1. Could be Saturday, November 4th. In one of his other predictions, Eric said the 4th and 5th were marked.
      I have no clue if there are any sporting events in November.

      This may or may not be related…..but on November 4th, Antifa groups are planning demonstrations nationwide. Some people think they’re planning riots or violence, but no idea if that’s true.

  29. Eric, SWC,
    Italy 🇮🇹
    had a visual of a train that was tilted on its side, while a large crowd surrounded it. It looked like they were trying to either escape the train, or help trapped people inside the train.


    3 dead, many injured..Train Derailment..
    Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

  30. Eric/SWC in reference to “Wall green right under our noses”. Just today the Russian owned Columbus Nova pharmaceuticals company found that they put 500,000. in the Michael Cohen account and had hired him as a “Consultant”. This company is owned by a Russian Oligarch with close ties to Putin. Waiting for more to come out on it. Seems they could be money laundering though, funneling money.

  31. Eric this brought to mind the part of the prediction, “wall green”.
    I found this “compromise” of using steel instead of concrete from Trump interesting considering I’d heard something a while ago about how Trump and certain elite people were actually set to make a bunch of money in the stock market or steel manufacturing by getting this wall built. As if that was what it was really about…People making a ton of money!

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