Predictions 8-26-17

The water is poison.  Be careful ( I believe they are talking about storm locations)

I had a visual of the White House while Spirit said “false flag” several times

‘Attack on a stadium’ (it’s possible this prediction has happened, the day after the message their was a foiled attack on a stadium)

Please pray for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Though we failed to predict this tragic hurricane in Texas, Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.

I had a lengthy conversation with Spirit over some of our errors lately  and agree that to help with focus we need to halt all questions and allow Spirit to take the lead in making predictions. I made the mistake of focusing on North Korea, losing sight of what was coming right around the corner. We have also reset our work to help recalibrate our efforts. For the next few days there will not be any world predictions.   One positive note is we will be moving forward with ‘Truths’


109 thoughts on “Predictions 8-26-17

  1. Eric, are you sure you missed a prediction about Harvey? Didn’t you have a prediction more than a month ago about the same storm striking twice, although I think the prediction was for Florida but still on the Gulf? If Harvey does move back out to sea for a bit and strike again or even if it just moves over to Houston and dumps all the rain they are saying it will dump, couldn’t that be the same prediction? I think the prediction said the second strike would be worse than the first. It seems all of that rain in Houston will be worse than what happened as it came ashore.

    • I actually heard the weather channel guys talking about an invest (pre-trop storm) at Florida, so there may be one to come there. They said the water temps are 2-3 degrees higher than normal and that’s what made Harvey so big when it hit. So Florida might still be possible soon.

      Honestly, it’s looking better now than it was and I know a lot of people have been praying on both Harvey and the political unrest. I’m wondering if the prayer might be helping, this could have been much worse and late developments make it seem like it will still be bad, just not quite as bad in high pop areas. Several of my friends said they are praying these days way more than they ever did before just because it’s been one tragedy after another.

    • Hello Eric and SWC- I totally agree with the above commenter Richard WIlliams- From previous predictions- going back to last year and earlier this year- I know I remember you predicted these Deadly and Dangerous storms happening in the Gulf- You may have said Florida in one of the predictions but you definitely pointed to The Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane/Storm points of contact and damage-
      Again you are right with these dangerous storms-
      Also I remember Spirit stressed all of these events would be coming ‘One right after the other in quick speed’ and that is exactly what has been happening this summer-
      All of the terrorist attacks, …and now the storms… AND the Political events on top of it all and the Unravelling/demise of the Political situation. And sure enough, it is all occurring .
      Everything is as you and Spirit have predicted!

  2. The good news is that at least this hurricane was spotted in time absorb gave people enough warning so they could leave if they wanted to, still prayers are needed. Nothing we really could have done to prevent it.
    I think you’re doing a wonderful job Eric, we should allow Spirit to tell us what they feel is most important. I must confess I am one of the ones who asks questions trying to get more detail out of the predictions: what kind of clothes were they wearing, what did the buildings look like, things of that nature. I will do my best to keep my questions in check.
    As for asking about something that Spirit hasn’t mentioned, I feel that we have to just let go of those things and try not to feed in to the fear that gets whipped up in the media or elsewhere. At some point we have to go with the flow and accept that whatever is given to you is what we need to focus on and everything else will come in time. No matter how scary the world seems we have to learn to roll with whatever happens, we can’t control or know everything. A very hard lesson about life in general. Again, I will try to limit my questions of details.
    Take heart that you have been spot on with many predictions lately.

  3. Eric, you didn’t fail on location such as hurricane and floodling…I think I remember you mentioned the “Gulf of Mexico” about few weeks ago which its why I commented that it’s happening right now. You was right on spot. I did remember you mentoned of hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. 😉

  4. “If life is an opera the clear message of the August 21 Solar Eclipse is “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”. Blissfully unaware of astral implications, the US and South Korea decided that yet another war game exercise would begin August 21 eclipse time, regardless of rising tensions. And despite asking and receiving Russia and China’s help with UN sanctions on North Korea.”

  5. There’s a report of a 6.4mag quake on Manus Island New Guinea less than an hour ago at 2.30 AustEst.
    There haven’t been any reports in the news yet, but this is significant, and rather inappropriate in that the phone call from President Trump to our PM, that hit the headlines earlier in the year, was to do with America resettling refugees from Manus Island to the US.

    • I’m embarrassed to have our current president of the US, Donald Trump. Praying our country will not be divided. His behaviors and words need to be halt immediately. He needs “OUT” of the White house. He is not suitable to be a leader for any country. So embarrassed.

      • There is another way of looking at this. Imagine how the US would be if he hadn’t been elected President? His being elected has been a catalyst to many sides of the US psyche. I agree he wasn’t the best choice for a future seeking America, but he has brought out the best and the worst of your country. A bit like the best thing that can be done concerning rancid and putrid hidden matters is for them to be exposed.

  6. Eric there was a prediction last year that a hurricane would come at the end of the season when hurricanes are usually over and would catch people off guard. Does this ring any bells? (I can’t find the search box for finding old predictions).

    • Yes it talks about 3 large hurricanes that would hit the gulf. The first hit Louisiana then Hurricane Matthew and a third, but unfortunately I never got the details, then to add they talk about October be devistating to the gulf and islands with a focus on Florida. You could argue we predicted this, they clearly warned us, but never gathered the details on the third one, my focus was elsewhere but live and learn.

      • Hi Eric, they are now saying that as of today, this is a 500 yr flood event and waters will continue to rise for next 7 even if rain stopped this second. Please everyone lift folks up in whatever form of prayer or worship you follow. And the FL invest (pre-trop) is apparently strengthening too per a weather channel post I just saw on Twitter.

  7. The “authorities” have opened two stadiums, one in Houston and one in Dallas, for refugees from Hurricane Harvey. They could have opened these in the 2 days before the storm, but did not. They could have overridden the mayor of Houston who told people not to evacuate at all, but to stay in place – but they did not. In addition to 50 inches of rain in Houston, about 30 of which have fallen to date, they are talking about opening the dam to flood part of the city to relieve the water pressure on the dam – so more flooding of a city told not to leave. The incompetence is appalling, and we are looking at something worse than Katrina, in both storm totals of rain and in incompetent “authorities.” God help the people of Texas, particularly in the devastated town of Rockport and the ever increasing dangers from flooding in Houston.

    • I believe they didn’t want 6 million people trapped on freeways as the storm rolled in. Tens of thousands would have died.

      • Not if they opened evaculation centers on high ground for the most vulnerable. Drowning on the highways is a real concern – but only if people stayed in their cars in the highways. Opening schools and stadiums as relief centers was a real possibility in the 2 or 3 days prior to the storm – but nobody did anything. Why? We heard the historic rain totals coming at least 2 days before. Why not open those centers and get the residents out of low lying areas, knowing that the rain would reach the rooftops in those areas. This is a dereliction of duty – it was the same in New Orleans with Katrina, get out if you can and good luck if you cannot. Trump even said those words to reporters as he flew out for the weekend, “Good luck.” Caring enough about a population is key – and we do not have caring leaders, just greedy ones.

  8. Eric,
    News media reports suggest that some kind of “chemical cloud” near the English coast has caused some people minor injuries. They’re still investigating what happened, but no conclusive proof. One theory is a ship in the English Channel could have leaked chemicals or something.

    Might fit in with your prediction, “The water is poison. Be careful.”

      • Eric,
        A federal safety Manual information
        “identifies hydrogen chloride as a corrosive poison gas that “can cause serious or permanent injury.” The guide describes the chemical as a “colorless gas with a sharp, pungent odor.” The non-flammable substance is part of the manufacturing process for “rubber, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and in gasoline refining and metals processing.”

  9. Eric, you and your Spirits were right on. They created the huge hurricane Harvey caused by manmade in chemicals. Unbelievable. So the main question is WHY would they do this?

    • I also wonder if people are safe from rainings after the hurricane Harvey like in Dallas and anywhere? Just a thought as if this is created by manmade in clouds from chemical ingredients.

      • I also thought it’s a little odd as president Trump watched closely before it hits the coast. I wonder if he knows something from the top secret government. Just saying and I won’t be surprised. Just thought it’s little odd that he watched the entire time.

      • Is it possible he watched the entire time because he knew that any chance to show him in a bad light would be seized upon? That he did not want to make the same mistakes as happened with Katrina?

  10. As the earth/weather events increase in intensity chemical spills will become more and more of a problem. As the plates stress and screech below us it is letting of gases from deep within the earths crust combined with chemicals above. As world economies have imploded the safe storing of chemicals and well run facilities has been abandoned. The plate movements will break underground pipes so fires from the ground will become more frequent as with chemical spills.
    The plate movements tie in with the social upheaval as man’s fight or flight instinct is triggered. This is why people who are in rural locations are getting off grid and those in cities are staying around for the fight.
    Video’s surfaced on you tube yesterday of looters in Huston taking TV’s it seemed to be a free for all fest. This is distorted thinking. With so many serious events occurring and building up in intensity crops world wide will fail. The people of Huston have suffered terribly but for now there are emergency services and communications. Safe places and food.There may come a time when this is not in place we will have to rely on each other. Moving forward who would you align yourself with in an emergency? If people can loot for electrical goods when there is no electricity they won’t hesitate to take your foods and medicines when they go into panic mode.
    Something we can all do which will greatly help the planet is to plant hemp seeds where ever possible. They have so many benefits to the environment. We need to be discussing growing our own foods, medicines, food storage and farming. Making alternative structures and how to access fuel in an emergency. If we have so much going on under our feet imagine what is going on above us. The chem trails are blocking us from seeing the sky

  11. You’d think this event would trigger a turning point since Harvey hit an area that’s littered with petrochemical/gas/oil stations, yet I doubt it will — politicians/presidents care more about $$$ and their financial donors in the oil and gas industry than the health of us and our planet. Wind and solar power have averted 3,000 to 12,700 premature deaths in the past decade due to cleaner air benefits — “Health benefits of wind and solar offset all subsidies”:

  12. I feel like you should really do more Truth sections than prediction. They are so vague that not a single one has been stopped. If anything it just causes fear when its near your area. The time and the specific location are never specific enough. I don’t understand how these spirits can know so much but not even give a prediction with accuracy and precise time and location to be stopped. You should just tell your spirits to not give you any prediction that can’t be stopped if they are not accurate enough and rather give you only the specific ones that they can give. Its just upsetting and seems pointless now.

    Im not trying to be a hater but Ive been on this website for a two years now and none of them have been stopped because of this website.

    Id rather get educated than be scared to fly for the whole month because you say plane will go down or go around my city London because you will say there will be an attack but its never specific enough so it just cripples the life experience and causes fear.

    • Your in error, a handful of predictions have been altered , we have accomplished our goal, however the changes are small in scope compared to the tragedy. It’s important to Spirit that we stay grounded and humble so we don’t publicize our success, it would be inappropriate to come off as gloating during a tragedy.

    • In regards to being vague, I agree at certain points it flusters me. For instance the car attack in Spain, they showed the car, described the setting and consistently warned us the car prediction was around the corner, but with all that we were missing one key piece the letters s p a I n .it could have made all the difference. But to say all of my work is vague is again not true, to name two.. hurricane Matthew and the Ohio attack were both detailed and accurate. I am open for you to share someone else that predicts events with far more accuracy, another seer with similar skills, I could adopt and mirror their process to improve on my own skills. Maybe a fresh perspective might help.

    • What do you know of the Spirit World? What do any of us know? How many historic predictions have ever been accurate to say 80%? By historic I mean the likes of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Joan of Arc etc?
      There is far, far more to just an individual here in the earth plain….the calibre of Eric….receiving totally accurate predictions. And that is our journey to discover. The ‘why’ is the journey you have to follow.
      A hint. The closer to the Source the majority of us here in the physical world are to that special Oneness, the more accurate will be the messages the likes of Eric and quality psychics will receive. If Eric is not good at world predictions, as you believe, yet excellent in his one to one predictions, and there are more than a few here who will attest to that, you must ask why?
      Is America 50% attuned to their Spiritual belief, or is most of their religious claims a mockery to that Source?
      Please, I mean no harm in My directness, only that you open your heart to The Source so that you may receive the very Message you seek. Pete

      • Thanks Pete, I would add that practice makes perfect i am still learning how to use this gift, and over time I will get better at it. Take a look at the old predictions and compare them to now, there is a striking difference. But I do share your frustrations.

  13. ExxonMobil’s large oil refining and chemical campus: “A floating roof covering a tank at ExxonMobil’s Baytown oil refinery sank in heavy rains, dipping below the surface of oil or other material stored there and causing unusually high emissions, especially of volatile organic compounds, a category of regulated chemicals.”

  14. Hello Eric and SWC and Everyone-
    REGARDING ‘The White House/False Flag’ prediction you posted above-
    I may be really off on this and maybe this is not a ‘false flag’ but could THIS be it??- That there really is NO Trump Tower Moscow and it was all about something else— a cover up for something else???
    I don’t know if I am on the correct track…and I don’t think I understand all the details about these ‘false flags” but this is what I found-

  15. Eric, SWC

    Explosion imminent..Texas..


    Arkema: No way to prevent explosion at flooded Texas chemical plant
    All residents within 1.5 miles of a chemical plant in southeast Texas were evacuated on Tuesday because of the rising risk of an explosion.
    The evacuation was taken as a “precautionary measure.”
    The owner of the plant, Arkema, said in a statement the situation at its Crosby, Texas, plant “has become serious” and evacuated all of its staff from the facility.

  16. They are looking for crisis actors, American Crisis Casting. Check out their facebook page, something could be coming soon.

  17. Scientists: Harvey’s floodwaters shockingly contaminated
    Sep 2, 2017 06:28 PM
    SAN ANTONIO, TX (KSAT/KPRC/CNN) – Results from testing of the floodwaters of Houston are shocking, say the environmental scientists who are testing them. Not only is the water contaminated – it is highly contaminated, with numbers that some experts have never seen in their experience.

  18. Eric, SwC.
    Sweden, Denmark…

    Heavy rain over Skane in southern Sweden caused basements, garages and shops to flood while hail also proved a nuisance. The emergency services were called out to over 20 cases of flooding in central Malmo alone following downpour on Sunday afternoon, which included both rain and hailstorms. “The biggest damage was to the Hansacompagniet Malmo shopping gallery, where water broke into both the basement and bottom floor,” Mattias Skold from the southern branch of Sweden’s emergency services explained. The water levels would only begin to sink once the rain stopped and pumping does not necessarily help due to flooded drainage systems, the emergency services explained. Residents were also warned to avoid driving if possible during the worst of the flooding. Across the bridge in Copenhagen, a half-marathon was called off due to the weather, and several people were even taken to hospital with injuries following a lightning storm. Bad weather earlier in the weekend meanwhile caused more than 70 calls to emergency services in Gothenburg due to floods, as well as from people stuck in their vehicles following rising water.

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  20. Eric, SWC,

    Ref;;;;The water is poison. Be careful ( I believe they are talking about storm locations)

    You notice the ref is PLURAL…!
    🇨🇷 Costa Rica

    Heavy flooding–500,000 without drinking water, water mixed with sewage..

    One excerpt..
    When water and sanitation are compromised, waterborne diseases and other related health risks become a serious concern,” said Walter Cotte, Regional Director for the Americas of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). “More than 7 000 people have sought refuge in shelters and require emergency healthcare and clean water to prevent disease.”

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  22. Eric, SWC,

    Ref;;;Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.”
    At least three people have died and several are still missing after an intense storm swept through several parts of eastern Bulgaria late Tuesday into Wednesday, October 25, causing floods, mudslides and widespread damage. More heavy rain is expected in the affected area over the next 24 hours.

  23. Eric, SWC,
    Ref; from this post..
    Though we failed to predict this tragic hurricane in Texas, Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.
    Central America floods..5 dead.,

  24. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Another asteroid.
    A newly discovered, very small asteroid designated 2017 UL6 will flyby Earth at 0.16 LD or 0.00040 AU (~ 59 839 km / 37 182 miles) at 11:24 UTC on October 28, 2017. This is the 42nd known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year and the 6th closest.

  25. Eric, SWC

    Ref from this post..
    Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.
    Another anomalous tropical storm in 2017: Selma is the first northeastern Pacific named storm on record to make landfall in El Salvador after forming in an unusual location


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