Notes on 12-22-14

“Under the sea”…  New Jersey.. Palm beach.. where the palms are.. the ocean will come and consume the coast.. not just New Jersey but the east coast will be affected.. the tide will hit the coast hard in month (s)

Eric’s Comments: I honestly could not tell if they said month or months but they implied a winter timeframe.

Here is a comment from someone posted on the Senate Approves US Spending Bill  posting:

“Eric, I no longer have any faith in you I am not sure you are sincere or up and up to me a conspirator. If you were so psychic, you would have picked up on something ‘big’ that has engulfed an area of this country and destroyed a human life while the cops pimped that person out as bait to ‘find some of the players” I am not sue about you and it was that recent Portland shooting that changed things for you wrote about it the day before as if maybe YOU had prior knowledge of that event. If you were so ‘good’ at your craft and your informers were so talented you would have uncovered harm that has been done to one person, but you didn’t, as if that person’s plight was not important to your political agenda, and I do think you are political!”

And here is my response:

Have you ever noticed any time a negative comment is posted I rarely say anything, that’s because the Conductor insist that I should not engage, even when I am just dying to say something. He is adamant about not responding to messages of vitriol. But for the first time in a long time they want me to respond. “Give our answer”

Yes, we failed to predict the Ferguson circumstances, even after the rage was turning into riots I purposed to the Spirits to discuss the unfolding situation, but at the time we were focused on the Typhoon striking the Philippines and it was decided by them that we had a better opportunity to warn the people of the Philippines and the dangers they would be facing, than the uphill battle of breaking through the emotional strain of hate, racism and discontent.  You could debate which event was more important, but that’s not how they work. They are always looking for predictions with the greatest opportunity to facilitate change.  If we could just convince one person in the Philippines to take a different path that insured their safety, then we accomplished our purpose here.

Politics, yes we are always focused on the politics of the world and no I don’t have an agenda. Politics are key in the happenings of the world the idea we wouldn’t predict them would be a foolish mistake on our part. Imagine someone with my talents in the 1940s making political predictions of events to come. Imagine what I could have said about Germany, Italy, Russia, China, and Japan before the 40s and 50s ever took place.  We will consistently continue making political predictions, as they are a vital part of the worlds future. We will offend plenty of people especially those in the future who would follow a charismatic leader who we know will turn into a monster at a later date.

Finally, ‘faith in you’, that part scares me. No one should have faith in me. I truly hope I am misconstruing the situation. I am just a man, no better or worse than any other individual and no one should have faith in one man. I am just a normal person with a very unique gift to communicate with the Spiritual Realm and they have utilized that gift to share with you predictions that might happen in the future in the hopes to improve the world. Have faith in God, have faith in Christ, Muhammad, the teaches of Prince Siddhartha, the teaches of Lao Tzu but what your reading is not that. So please don’t have faith in Eric but instead help us change the future with the tools they have provided. Help us improve the future of the world and have faith that we will accomplish that one day.

We still have eyes for the terror attacks, they have focused their attention on NY, England, France, and Canada. But we need the details. On the 24th we unveil the Sum of 2015. We still need more details there as well.

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  1. Bella Avatar

    Lovely response. Eric. I believe that life is about learning lessons and there are things that we perceive as negative that have a divine purpose. Maybe some of the things we aren’t warned about need to happen for that higher purpose. Maybe that is why we don’t hear about them.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Bella

    2. Amazing Avatar

      No, that was NOT a lovely response, that was a response looking for pity and sympathy and not a man’s response. I read the comments and what he pulled and those who responded., wow when hit with something he runs to stir controversy where the almighty felt he was more important. Maybe this site should be investigated by the proper authorities and it just could be never be sure there isn’t an investigator looking for a reason to investigate possible for criminal charges, for if I ever got a statement like that I would ponder what could be there that I didn’t see not ever be a weasel and cry to those on this site looking for a confidence boost. His response was purely a weasel’s way out!

  2. star48 Avatar

    Eric, I have to share some interesting influences..
    1. 12/22—-earth is going through stream of Debris from Comet 8P/ Tuttle
    2. 12/21– CME hit– so we are experiencing a geomagnetic storm
    3. Comet 15P/Finlay is passing by Mars..
    4. Comet Lovejoy going by Malaysia,NZ, Australia ..
    So many aspects are in play…

    Blessings to all the positive, loving and giving souls who visit this site to
    Assist and serve mankind.. .. May we continue to send light and love extend to souls in search of

    1. allen Avatar

      thank you star48 . we all appreciate, all that you share with us.

    2. jollymystic Avatar

      Thanks star48, that is really interesting!

  3. allen Avatar

    hey eric it is so hard, not to be angry, for these people, who post neg things about you. it is a shame, that these people, are not using there gifts, in helping others, and teaching us all many things. please, keep up the good work, that you and the spirits do! allof us appreciate, everything that you do and then some…………..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks allen

  4. Laura Avatar

    Eric, I have been reading your predictions for a long time and I know that you are only trying to help people avoid the terrible situations that arise every day. I don’t know you, but I do feel that you are such a good and honest soul. It sounds like (from the response) that the spirits felt attacked in addition to you. Consider the source and don’t take what they said to heart. You just continue doing what you’re doing because you are truly a good soul.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Laura.

  5. Jules104 Avatar

    Eric please tell the Spirits I appreciate their answer on this one. And I don’t think most of us here expect You or Spirit to be the, “End All Save All”, of the Universe. Blessings to You and Spirits and may the light always surround you in the darkness.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
    2. rhona Avatar

      Oh goodness gracious me what a lot of fear anger and absolute judgement in someones post….so much learning and goodness has come fom this site ..the bigger picture that god and spirit sees happening here is nothing short of compassion personified…it is a meeting of like minds heats and a web of humanity drawn to a common goal..we are pioneers and who cares what negative opinion expresses ..on ward and upward friends…eric blessings to you you are forfilling your purpose

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        pioneers that’s a good way of putting it! Thanks

  6. Lou Avatar

    Eric … concerning the person that ‘lost faith in you’ … well, I doubt they woke up this morning knowing how their day would end, much less what would happen somewhere in the world. Your response to that individual is well written and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

    For that individual … I have not found Eric or his predictions to be ‘skewed’ by politics or religion. He simply reports what he sees. Nothing more and nothing less.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Lou.

  7. Lou Avatar

    Eric … regarding the East coast. Please ask Spirit if this event is tied to Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna having eruptions at a similar time. Thank you.

  8. Nessie Avatar

    Wonderful response Eric and Spirit.
    I replied to this person’s comment as I just can’t accept it when someone is being attacked only for wanting to help and do good. However, I think it’s really a good thing that you responded and set some clear boundaries.

    I wish I was able to contribute more to this site but to be honest I find it really hard to see the connections between the predictions and possible locations. I only want to post something if I know it’s helpful or meaningful, so that is why most of the time I’m just a lurker.

    I’m looking forward to the sum of 2015 as it can’t be all bad, right?
    It’s comforting to know that there are many good people who come here to try to make positive change and are so dedicated in doing that.

    Many thanks to you, Eric and Spirit and to everyone else here, who sometimes give me the feeling that I know them because of all the wonderful insights they post here ;).

    Happy holidays everyone!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you Nessie, and Happy Holidays to you too.

  9. Rose Avatar

    With regard to Ferguson – yes, one life was lost – compared to hundreds that could have been saved in the Philippines. So which prediction was more important “Philippines”. You could change savings someone’s life – but you’re prediction is not going to change people who are racist, criminals and looking to create a situation. Here’s, a prediction: if people got rid of the racist baiters and replaced them with doing something positive for that community that would help those people -that would be a very positive thing. Keep on following your guides. You’re doing a great job.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes Rose they seem to have a better understanding of things then we do.

  10. melbrake Avatar

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, your prediction about the wave that will consume the east coast is quite similar to my prediction of the same from 9/21/2014. All we can do as mystics and psychics is to get the message out.

  11. Rob Avatar

    “Under the sea”… New Jersey.. Palm beach.. where the palms are.. the ocean will come and consume the coast.. not just New Jersey but the east coast will be affected.. the tide will hit the coast hard in month (s)

    As soon as I read this Eric I know exactly where you are talking about. As a resident of NJ I go to the shore often.Obviously Palm Trees are not native to NJ. In Point Pleasant, NJ there is a bar that has a pier that extends into the ocean called Tiki Bar. The Bar also is known for Two Giant Palm Trees that light up every night. It can be seen from the Ocean miles away. They also have transplanted Palm trees.

    Here is a picture:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s got to be what they are talking about, they were very specific about the trees themselves.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Eric, do you see the tsunami hitting Massachsetts ( the coast)?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I honestly don’t know if its a storm or Tsunami. We plan to ask for clarity.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the great info.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      That was my thought. A place known for transplanted palm trees. That looks to be it Rob.

    4. Mary Avatar

      Rob, is there undersea volcano nearby the Palms in NJ, if so what is the name of it? So I can google for more information. Thanks for helping by giving a clue. Hopefully, that the Spirits tried to say this is the location.

      1. Nessie Avatar

        My first thought when the prediction was posted yesterday, my eye went to the Mid Atlantic Ridge. I’ve done some reading and it’s possible that an earthquake can cause a tsunami that can hit New Jersey and surrounding areas.

        Also in July last year there was a 6.4 earth quake on the Ridge that caused a minor tsunami in New Jersey. The ridge moves horizontally a few mm each year; where the quake takes place on the Ridge will be the major determination if this causes a bigger tsunami that will cause a lot of damage. Iceland lies exactly on top of the Ridge and for the past few days there have been a few earthquakes with a magnitude of around 4.5, so there is activity at the moment.

        The Cumbra Vieja volcano could happen one day, but it doesn’t feel like that is what Spirit means. Also under the sea clearly indicates an earthquake or volcano under seas, but the Ridge is what made me ping so to speak when I read the prediction.

        I hope that many people will be able to read this, so they can take the necessary precautions; but even better if it doesn’t happen at all.

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Thanks for the info Nessie. I’m not feeling the Cumbra Vieja either. Did I miss something or what? (Not trying to be sarcastic.). Everyone keeps talking about volcanos. Did Spirit/Eric mention a volcano somewhere besides the one in Iceland?

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            No I did not mention volcanos.

      2. Peace in the Garden Avatar

        This was my first thought. If there is either an earthquake or volcanic eruption on the island of LA Palma, part of the island will slide into the sea creating a tsunami to hit the east coast of the US, among other places.

  12. Katie Avatar

    I find it amusing that someone doubts a gift for a single event ..even if someone could pick up on every single atrocity (impossible ) who would have the time to sort through them ? Perhaps , someone else was meant to get that prediction . Agreed good answer ..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Katie, its only going to get worse with there expansion over the whole world. Then we will start missing major events too.

  13. anthony Avatar

    Yes eric you suck! your a terrible all i can say if it was not for your self and others of different sites the world would be in worse shape. Ask the man were is the hurricanes in the last two years. Were is the drought! Why has the usa had so many jobs.It must be becuase of this mans brains and decisions. The event for new york is going to happen along with another in canada. Like my friend said its not your job. Hopefully it does not happen.2015 is the year were the human population takes over in thought. Hope their thoughts are pure and have good intentions. Heaven and earth are connect. As jesus said this world is a corpse. People will curse you becuase they dont understand you. God is thought! i had a thought! thats what we pick up.BAD THOUGHTS! which turn into bad intentions which then turn into reality. Jan 12th is another bad thought thanks to you. In order to assend your soul free is the magic word. Thought being the highest. This site has attracted some really great souls who care and understand thought.Jesus was crucified,ridiculed,terrorized by the jews and rome,all becuase his thought did not match theirs.But over time people look back and say that bastard was right! Dam. Took 2000 years but time is irrelevant. I give you a GRADE A. Im a master teacher so that counts more then some politician.

  14. Jon Blue Avatar
    Jon Blue

    What a wonderful wonderful response Eric. You are completely correct. Faith should always be directed to our Higher Power not in a mortal human being. Rock on, my friend! This message made me smile and feel the power from the other side behind the thin veil beyond. Namaste!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Jon

  15. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Collegues
    , here is a small video regarding underwater volcanos..
    I will also put forward hotspot information. Next comment..

  16. kelly714 Avatar

    Light and love your way Eric along with the world! I am also a NJ resident and I Thank You for Sharring your messages with all of us. To those who dont believe or disagree that’s your choice but awareness I believe brings a greater want in all of us to believe we are strong willed enough to change some of these things with positivity or at least have an awareness. So again Thank you Eric and have a wonderful Holiday!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Kelly, happy holidays to you too.

  17. Mary Avatar

    Eric, I am very impressed for your courage, standing up and speak in truth. Unfortunately many do not understand and quick to judge them. The truth is that we are only small parts on this planet that we don’t know what is out there in this universe. You helped me understand what you and the Spirits are doing. It helps me seeing what the Spirits doing from the other side of this earth. So many questions and few answered. Also you helped me open the door to understand my gift of dreams. I wouldn’t know the gifts I have if it wasn’t for you. I’m learning pretty much on my own. Would love to have a mentor so I would understand better. So, please don’t let anyone ever discouraged you. You are very brave and thanks for sharing with us. May God protect and guide you in Jesus’s name. Amen.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Mary.

  18. Mary Avatar

    Eric, can you please help me to get a better picture where is the undersea volcano. How far is it from the palms in NJ? What is the active of undersea volcano? Is it on orange alert? Is anyone know exact location of that certain undersea volcano? We can look up the name of the undersea volcano and the history of what they know about this one. What is the possibility when it explodes and where it might affect such as coastline may consume by water as for example. The more information will help understand the possibility that it might be likely to occur and be ready anytime sooner or later.

    1. Mary Avatar

      I looked it up with little to no success finding the live, active undersea volcano that may trigger tsunami towards east coastline. Hope someone will find it and paste it. Thanks.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not sure about any volcano connection.

  19. travis Avatar

    Very great response eric you have such a beautiful gift sir with upmost greatrst intentions and with this precious gift will come blessings and troubles just like everything else but i am for one greatful that i stumbled upon this site and am proud for the fact you came out to share this gift im sure it can be scary at times but keep up the tremendous effort and hopefully we can all together make that change happy holidays to all and bless everyone of you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks Travis.

  20. roxiee Avatar

    Great response, Eric! I don’t find you political. You are compassionate! More blessings to you!

  21. roxiee Avatar

    Eric, I read that scientific research is predicting that an eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, at La Palma in the Canary Islands would result in a massive mega-tsunami that would reach the East Coast of America. Check out this link….

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      This didn’t seem ‘mega’ damaging yes but not massively huge.

  22. roxiee Avatar

    People in the East Coast must make the necessary preparation. Oh I pray this will never happen! Here’s more…”Within 10 minutes, the mega tsunami – travelling at the speed of sound – would hit Gran Canaria, within 60 minutes Morocco, within 90 minutes Portugal, within 3 hours England; within 6 hours the Caribbean. Most devastating of all, however, by virtue of the geography, within 7 hours the entire length of the Eastern seaboard of the USA would be hit almost simultaneously.”

  23. travis Avatar

    I have a question for anyone who can help i found a short book written about how to contact your spirit guides because you all got me interested in it so i been doing some research and everything i come acrossed says we all have one. Anyways like i said in another post how i should go about it so i thought about the meditation practice and was watching a show and the character reapeated to the other one about practicing your meditation so i took that as a sign. Then I read you can be contacted by spirit guide in dream state and i believe i got a message about that to cause i was sitting and the livingroom the very next day and mom was in another room on the phone with sister and instantly the only thing i picked up from her saying was her saying dream cause appearently my sister had a dream the night before. So on to my point basically i tried this meditation exercise out of the book very nice one actually then also downloaded that calm app and i had a short dream where jim carrey which is one my favorite actors was having a conversation with my mother i cant remember what was said that part was a blur and i woke up. So I asked to myself in my head if my spirits guide was named jim and also are you my main spirit guide and I got that happy excited feeling in my stomach. Now my question is can your guide have a name in particular yet still show up as another image of a male persay if that makes sense.

  24. Lou Avatar

    There have been a lot of fear mongering about Cumbre Vieja. So much has been misstated about the matter it is beyond belief. Even Day/Ward agree that they have no time frame to give anyone. A later study showed the impact on the East coast as nominal due to ocean depth, basin structure and water temperatures. I will post that link if I can find it.

    Fact is that there is a greater danger to the East coast of the USA from subduction zones around the Dominican Republic, Carribeans area and Purto Rico. Any sort of slide or upwelling close to the East coast could cause issues.

    A link of interest:

  25. Tim Avatar

    There has long been debate whether a flank collapse of Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands could generate a megatsunami. TV shows have hyped the devastation of Europe and America’s east coast, while others more close to the research support a less catastrophic event. Regardless, perhaps this has something to do with this prediction?

  26. Lia Avatar

    Hi Eric, I have a system for knowing the central thought In a person’s mind when they type a paragraph or more of text; in this case, the central thought was focussed on ‘knowledge’ as it pertained to the Portland Oregon shooting that you had posted as an accurate prediction. Your making the Portland event connected to one of your previous predictions is apparently what created his anger. My own interpretation therefore is that he felt that that was a huge stretch and that the event did not match the prediction. Just my two cents here – nothing more. Thanks for being open in sharing.

  27. jules104 Avatar

    Here is some info I found on the “Hudson Canyon” off of New York and New Jersey. It states, “Some scientists speculate that the methane gas pockets in the underwater shelves could cause undersea landslides that might produce tsunamis.” Of course it is only speculation.

  28. jules104 Avatar

    Here is another article. It states, “If melting ice caps trigger rapid sea level rise, the strain that the edges of continents could experience might set off underwater landslides, new research suggests.” (Though this research is based on 395ft of sea level rise!) It also states, “Submarine landslides happen on every continental margin, the underwater parts of continental plates bordering oceanic plates. These underwater avalanches, which can happen when underwater slopes get hit by earthquakes or otherwise have too much weight loaded onto them, can generate dangerous tsunamis.” Here is the full article if interested.

  29. Compassion Avatar

    I am disappointed that the Spirits have nothing to offer on the genocide of black Americans by a power structure. Are you saying Philippine lives are more important? Are you saying isolated acts of terrorism is more important than almost daily acts of murder? You don’t think what is happening in NY, threats of war by the police put people in harms way in such a way that they should not be warned? This lands as another black lives don’t matter message. But it is further than that… You masses in America don’t matter unless it is an isolated terrorist attack. Very disappointed.
    By the way, the Philipipines had an early warning system, several governments tracking the storm, hundreds of humanitarian organizations on the ground with resources who are still cleaning up from Haiyan, locally handled evacuations of 1 million people, many countries with assessment teams arriving in advance of the storm and ready to go in if called upon. I attribute none of this to the prediction but to disaster preparation.

    1. Compassion Avatar

      With that said, Eric, I have been reading your site for a while and without question, I believe you genuinely want to help people. Peace and blessings.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No their saying at that moment they were seeking out the best possible opportunity to bring about change. Ask yourself if I had predicted the Ferguson situation, what could I accomplish, who would be saved, would I make a difference? Then ask the same question for the Philippines.

      1. velvetmaggot Avatar

        In wake of all the current events, I have made an effort (a huge one for an introvert) to smile at people in my community. I’ve been reaching out, visiting, talking and listening. The positive impact that it has had on myself has been amazing. People have been randomly stopping in to visit me and meet my fellow work folks, etc…so I believe it’s having an impact on others as well. Bringing on change could be as simple as reaching out to people in your community. I think that we can begin to bridge the gaps in religion, race and sex.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That’s very Christmas like!

    3. Lou Avatar

      Then your disappointment should be with Spirit and not with Eric. Have you considered taking it up with God? Perhaps God will have an answer for you?

      1. Compassionate Avatar

        Lou, re-read. Perhaps pray to your God first so that you can read carefully rather than with outrage for Eric. I expressed disappointment with the Spirits not Eric.

        It is Eric who made it about himself. As you see from Eric’s response, he makes no difference between what he and the Spirits predict. “if I had….., what would I accomplish…, would I make a difference?” Well we will never know the answer to that question.

        Hear what I am saying – this is not about one incident, Ferguson. It is about extra-judicial killings of black people, brown people and others. People have taken to the streets with peaceful protests across the country against this systematic abuse of citizens. They are being met with police in riot gear and attacked. The Spirits are silent except for storms and terrorists attacks. I remain disappointed in what they choose to prioritize.

        Peace and blessings.

  30. Peace in the Garden Avatar

    No one can predict every single thing that will happen. There isn’t enough time in any one human’s day. Also, time and events are fluid. So much can change from moment to moment. The fact that Spirit is providing predictions in order to give us the chance to change proves that change is possible. We, as a species, need to grow the heck up. We need to stop blaming each other and start working together to save the planet and to be better people.

    1. Nessie Avatar

      Well said Peace in the Garden, couldn’t agree with you more!

      1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

        Thank you, Nessie.

    2. Jules104 Avatar

      Yes Peace in the Garden…well said and Thank You. I wish people would be kinder to one another. We all need to work together and stop attacking one another and/or “the messenger”, Eric. He is only one man trying to help make the world a better place for us ALL! Blessings and Peace.

      1. Peace in the Garden Avatar

        Absolutely, Jules! Hugs!

    3. Lori H. Avatar
      Lori H.

      I agree Peace in the Garden, particularly the part about needing to ‘grow up’. We can’t change everything, but one thing we can change is our own attitude. Best to you!

  31. swampy11 Avatar

    Don’t know if this fits the bill, but there is another undersea volcano that’s newly discovered:

    1. Jules104 Avatar

      Very interesting article swampy11. Thanks.

  32. Lou Avatar

    @Compassionate ….. you should really get over yourself and your singular focus to what you consider the single greatest fault with humanity and Spirit’s failure to address your angst. As your issue is with Spirit then press the matter with them … not here.

    1. Compassionate Avatar

      Lou, you should get over yourself and your need to police the comments of others. I can express my disappoint wherever I chose. You don’t have to like it. I am unmoved by your opinion. Press that matter with yourself.

      1. Mary Avatar

        That’s enough. Merry Christmas!

  33. Mary Avatar

    Found this thread related with flood in NJ coastal. There was fireballs falling into NJ area last night. Think there will be more meteor come and crash into the ocean and flood into NE coastline? Pray that it will be prevented.

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