Indonesia Aid Helicopter Crashes

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in Indonesia.

Predictions 4-6-17    I had a visual of people trying to escape a volcano, but failed to do so.


533 thoughts on “Indonesia Aid Helicopter Crashes

  1. Star48
    I believe thats quite possibly right day those islands just may disapear ..amazing article it makes sense ..
    I think i read somewhere someone said Fiji would sink ..I think it was a prediction some distant time ago …
    hmm im just imagining whats gojng on down there at that depth phew ..

  2. Holy schmoly! Got to do catch up. 😆😉Okay I made it. Better late than never. Oh good not so much scrolling up and down now. 😳😁

  3. Star48, Rhona…Thanks for all the links. Wow on the three strand DNA and ancient plates and temps. Pretty interesting.
    Rhona I remember Dutch saying once that the area between NZ and AU was rising and will eventually connect and become one. I’m not sure if that was actually based on a scientific study or what. It was dutchsinse science. 😉 Anyway not sure how that would affect Fiji if it happened that way. Blessings You Two

  4. Star48
    Im really happy to hear the proif of this change in our DNA ..
    Though i wish the little one orayers and live and light…I believe he will be documented and will lead in this area ..
    blessings to his parents what a shock and respisibility …
    Kryon has spoke and written of this change for years and did note in some of his writing these new children were coning in and to watch for it ..
    I add a link to his 12 steands of DNA info
    he wrote a book of it as well ..
    blessing and thank you so much for discovering this article and posting it .

  5. Rhona2, Jules104,
    I put on the India Nepal thread due to the reference..

    Ref.. “Then horribly destructive Hurricanes for the Gulf in October”
    (Only diff is Timing. Oct..)

    Hurricane Harvey .. from .Gulf…is going to hit Texas ,Louisiana..
    Govenor of Texas has declared 30 counties disaster area in prep

  6. Star48 thanks for the link. That looks like it’s going to be pretty bad. Just the rain totals alone due to it stalling out which may be up to 35″ is going to cause major flooding. And then a possible high tide storm surge of 6-12′ on top of that! Hoping people listen to the evacuation orders and everyone stays safe.

  7. Star48 Jules 104
    Yes the timing ..Sending love and light to Texas and lessening prayers for intensity of Hurricane Harvey ..
    such a wide area I too hope everyone evacuates to safety ..
    keeping watch ..

  8. Star48 Jules 104
    This is not a biggy ..but worth noting .
    we have had 3 tremors in last 8 or so hrs all at 10km depth but in a radius of about 400km or so this is indicitive of South west Seizmic Zone in west aust ..
    They are usually inraplate ..but south ?
    3.2m 10km Revensthorpe
    2.5 10km Hyden
    1.7 10km Beverley
    Beverley is a close 102km from Perth .
    now this zone can trigger a quake in perth as we sit on a silent fault ..
    in the past it has been Meckering which was substantial ..we have spoke of this before ..
    Im keeping a watch on this as intraplate means something off shore is possibly brewing but this is unusual ..Im wondering it may be off our southern coast where an anomaly was noticed some time ago ..
    Just curious …

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      Thanks for keeping us in the loop..
      I think there are ___no …more silent faults ___ the mantle showing stresses in so many s mind boggling…
      There s something significant going on n the southern hemshere…still ramping up..
      ( what does singer say?)

  9. Rhona glad you are keeping watch on these quakes. I was watching a short update from Dutch today though it was from yesterday the 23rd but he was expecting the central and northern part of AU to be hit with a smallish quake soon. So like you said EQs usually hit intraplate. Then why the EQs where they are now? You know that area best I think and are wise to be curious and to keep watch on it. Keep us updated. I’ll post if I see any quakes close by.

  10. star 48
    good question.
    When i was posting Africa came to mind but i was discounting it .
    so Singer nudged African plate i googled .
    yes its splitting …Ear( East African Rift )
    so im thinking yes there is maybe more activity to be had over that way too .
    Thanks for that tip Star ..

  11. Jules 104
    thanks for the dutch info i will check it out ..
    hmm i understand northern and central as you were saying too..but yes it is a little reminder
    that area does get struck on sw faul zone ..The birds have been playing up oddly lately ..
    and i can feel static in the air ..
    we will c

  12. Rhona thanks for all of those links about the EAR. That is simply amazing info. I keep rereading, trying to take it all in. One of the things that I noticed while reading and keeps popping out to me is the mention of the “lithosphere”. It’s interesting in that we are now in a time period of experiencing so many really deep EQs in this layer of the earth, the lithosphere. I’d say there must be a connection. Another triple junction area too.
    Singer is on to it I’d say. Definitely gave you those nudges and within a short period of time before that 4.5 EQ.
    Glad you are tuned into your environment. Birds picking something up and electricity in the air sure signs of more happening than the eye can see.
    Will let you know if I hear or see anything pop up on EQs over your way.

  13. Jules 104
    Im.with you I thought the article was well written in that it kept getting more and more interesting and the enthusiasm of the writer was contagious ….
    Yes well done to singer …He has a real love for humanity and mother earth ..
    will keep you pisted if i notice anything

  14. Star48, I saw that on Dutch the other night. He actually thought it strange since it matched up with an EQ inland right about the same time. I think it happened twice actually. Also he found d that USGS did not report a 4.8 off the Oregon Coast yesterday but numerous other agencies did. Interesting I thought.
    Thanks for link on Pope. Praying for his safety.

    1. Jules104,Rhona2,
      OMG…continental shift? Or a huge bulge? Mantle disruption…
      Something. BIG is happening….
      Rhona, can you ask singer? This cannot be overlooked.. or dismissed.,

  15. jules star 48
    Jules just had a look at dutch ..
    oh my prayers to his mom ..that must have been a doozy of a fall .
    Japan a watch and how can they not report the Oregon one ..thats a 5m ..hoping it stays at easy low ones for you ..
    Mississippi region got a mention ..
    side note
    been watching Texas Harvey Hurricane ..It is bad enough but one death so far …hopefully thats it which is amazing ..prayers for family of the victim …
    Now people need to heed the water boiling and be vigilant in the flood waters for next couple of days ..
    stay safe where you are you two

  16. Rhona, Star48… I agree on that anomaly needing to be checked out more. I just have a bad feeling for what’s to come. I feel that the plates are just really shifting all over the world right now. 😐 Something big is going on down under and I don’t mean Australia Rhona. 😂
    That 4.8-5.0 EQ not being reported off Oregon Coast amongst many more. Why? Just to mess up Dutch’s predictions? If so someone needs to seriously be fired like yesterday. Too many time it’s happened. Would like to see them get their karma real soon. These are serious matters not be trifled with. Their ego needs to go. Argh!😤
    Thanks for keeping the US in your thoughts Rhona. I’m afraid there’s more rain on the way for those down in TX and LA unfortunately. Stay safe you two.
    6.6 EQ PNG, 10 km depth

  17. Jules 104 Star 48
    The 6.6 in png is probably in response to Fiji
    Dutch has sais sometimes it pushes west .
    and n.z. should feel it soon from Fiji soon

  18. Star48 Jules 104
    Im sorty i didnt read your post till a couple of minutes ago. .
    Holy Holy thats something i have never seen nor heard of …
    He is telling me to let you know that for the past 3 hrs i have been watching mega Tsunami probabilities ..Hawaiian tsunami s of the past ..Chile.. Banda Aceh ..
    Land slide tsunami s and Aluesians tsunami .
    Now while i was watching spirit /singer kept saying something big is coming ..I actually felt sick and couldnt stop watchingvthough it turned my stomach ..Then I checked in to site and found your post on receding water Brazil Guatamala . and waves hitying Chile .
    now in the video it spoke of a similar senario ..where the Tsunami wave hits a land mass and splits coming round the island and sendingva second energy wave to the other side of the island ..
    Something has occured way down way down .inmeasurable depth under sth America .
    and the result is two different sides reacting in tandem to this . I think extremely deeeeep quake or bulge as you said star ..
    Singer guided me to that video before i knew the question ..
    the cause of which im not sure but he is saying magnetic forces ..powerful magnetic forces ..he is saying natural event ..a shift ..yes he is saying a shift ..
    its not over …
    Stars he is talking stars so celestial maybe it is the asteroids magnetics ..
    If He makes it clearer i will let you know ..
    look out Chile he says ..
    not sur why see as the had the waves ..but that it centered around Chile ..
    sorry guys if thats not clear
    still a bit seedy after watching it its only been an hour ..

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      sorry that should read
      “Not sure why.. but seeing as they had the waves . that it is centred around Chile .”

      just adding

      I think Chile is where the results will be manifested ..
      This is really weird and scarey a bit ..

    2. Star48 Jules 104
      another correction ..i said guatamala .
      it should read Uruguay.. .
      I Was doing antipods and Chle has antipod of Indian ocean between west Aust and Banda Ache ..Indian Ridge ..hmmm
      and Brazil Uruguay Philippines sea or if you go off shore due east it takes you to Fiji appoximately ….Surprise ! well i kinda thought maybe …

  19. Rhona, Star48… I was wondering what the antipodals would be the other day if I looked them up…not surprised that you did then. 😉 Very interesting. Just another thought, Dutch has shown where the pressure transfers “underneath” South America and comes out the other side, may have been down towards South Sandwhich Is. I’ll check where it normally goes.
    Also my first thought when you said “stars” was the prediction that Eric/Spirit said “the constellations are changing”. Do you remember that one? Think it was this year fairly recent.
    This was another thought the other day when I read your comment Star48 that something is happening in the Southern Hemisphere. I thought about that lever affect and how when one side is getting pushed up the other gets pushed down or when one side is getting hit with a bunch of EQs the other side needs to compensate to even it all out. Anyway just a thought. Oh just remembered Dutch saying that South America is rising. I’ve heard him say NZ area is rising will connect to AU. So what’s North America, Northern Hemisphere doing then?😳😬 Just all silly thoughts I’m sure since I’m not the scientist.🤓
    Anyway glad Singer is giving you a heads up from the other side Rhona. Keep us posted and take care of yourself while watching all the tsunamis from past.😒😔🙏🏻 Do you think that could be related to Eric’s old prediction for South America?
    Blessings You Two.

  20. Jules104,Rhona2,
    South America has had no eq over 2.5….for the past few hours…

  21. Star48, Rhona. 4.1, 547 km depth Kapulauan, Barat Daya Indonesia
    4.3 Off Oregon Coast, one says 10 km one says 33 km depth. Off of Bandon, OR. But I noticed it is basically across from me and Boston is South of here.
    Also…Antofagasta, Chili 3.3, 110 km depth.

  22. Star48 Jules 104
    Iceland volcano ..could be a watch for Erics ice peak explosion ..
    Jules I saw that quake and located it to just south of you …hmm that two in as many days almost ..
    its gearing up a little ..lets pray it stays a little 😟😨…but you are well aware and if you hear any bells you know what to do ..😊😊😆
    right? love and light to PNW..
    Jules I thought of south sandwich too there we go again ..thanks for reminding us of what dutch was saying about sth America rising ..
    oh so New Zealanders of the future wont have to fly here they and us will be as one ..
    hmm that could be interesting ..😊😊
    We have been great nieghbors for so long ..
    Yes 27th for you guys but 28th for us ..
    hope it passes peacfully ..or nearly has considering ..its 6.00 pm in Oregon and i believe 7.00pm Idaho that right ?
    close enough ..
    sleep well you two
    pixie dust ..
    I will be keeping watch

    1. Rhona2,
      Idaho is in two time zones…Northern and southern

      I am in Pacific time zone…northern area

      Southern Idaho is in mountain time..

      I am in the same time zone as CA and Jules( Oregon)

      I know crazy.,,

  23. Rhona, Star48. Keeping a watch on Iceland though Bogoslofs been pretty busy too now. Well that’s what Dutch says about NZ anyway…eventually one big continental neighbor. I’m starting to think maybe we are all going to have some different neighbors lately with all of the shifting that seems to be going on. 😆 Hopefully Mother Earth will be as gentle as possible with nudging us all out of our comfort zones eh? Glad to hear we are in the same time zone Star48.🤗🌟
    Praying for all those in the storm paths and flood zones lately. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long year with this type of weather/natural disasters. Sending light and love your way You Two.

  24. Star48, Rhona. 3.3 Arizona, 4 km depth. It seems to me to be inside the Grand Canyon. Not sure what or if that means anything. 🤔

    1. Jules104,

      I am glad you noted it…unusual…patterns. Going on.,
      Side note
      Did you note the swarm going on for the past while in Puerto Rico?
      It seems to me to be noteworthy after that Brazil/ Chile anomaly..,

      Also all the weight of water on Texas and surrounding areas (a trillion gallons)
      Should put stress on Faults maybe even NM…let’s watch..

  25. Star48 I absolutely noticed both of those things you mentioned.😆 So funny we are on the same page.😉😬 Well not funny it’s happening but…Even with all the rain being put onto the faults…my same thoughts.
    Also did Eric have a recent prediction on an EQ or flooding of some kind in Puerto Rico? It seems I saw it somewhere recently.

  26. Oh my Star48, Rhona. So at 9 trillion gallons someone mentioned it would fill two Salt Lakes in Salt Lake City Utah. And now it’s up to 15 trillion so…. wow that’s a lot of water. Praying for everyone’s safety.
    Also, we’ve got a lot of forest fires going on over here in my neck of the woods. The air was quality was so bad earlier today it looked like the fire would have been just across the road. Yikes. Praying they get all these fires under control.

    1. Jules104,
      When I went out to get a few things…it was hazy..and a little smoky…
      I wondered where it was coming from…. o fires near me…

  27. Star48 Jules 104
    What to say about such a devistating amount of water ..Your right about the weight on the plate and faults and for Harvey to stall like this .Can just continue sending love and light with prayers and compassion for safety ..
    Its even spreading to New Orleans at fringes .
    I have been keeping track of it..
    Jules I will check out those fires near you ..
    prayers the smoke shifts to affect less people
    Stay safe ..hope none of you have asthma ..
    are the grandbabies ok …
    Wishing you all safety across all boarders of U.S no matter what the plight ..your sure having a tough time lately ..
    love and good thoughts ..especially for all your emergency service people no matter what area they serve in ..

  28. Rhona, Star48…looks like a lot of fires in MT and ID near you Star. Guess that time of year again? Hope they stay far away from where you are at. Rhona not too much to worry about with grand babies and asthma though there is croup and allergies. So far so good. Just decided to keep the windows closed and stay in mostly. Seemed to work out. We don’t have the smoke as bad as others do though I don’t think. Ours eventually move out once the Ocean winds pick up. Was a bit surprised by how bad it smelled and looked today though. Always feel bad for the animals out there. 😢
    Rhona thanks for all of the love and light and prayers of compassion and safety sent our way here in the US. Definitely can use it. The Gulf states have really gotten hammered with Harvey and all of the wind, rain and storm surge. Just unreal that it’s moving over to Louisiana now. I have a feeling this may be our new normal. Glad to see so many people helping one another out though. Humanity is always at its best during times such as this I think.
    You two stay safe. Blessings. 🙏🏻

  29. Star48 sorry to hear that. Do you have respiratory problems? If so I hope none too severe as to exacerbate them. The up side is that it’s probably due to no wind blowing it all out… which translates to no wind fueling more fires either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Our air quality seems to be much better today so I’m appreciating the ocean breezes right about now. 🔥💨🌤😉. Praying yours gets better also.

  30. star 48
    Glad to hear your looking after yourself ..
    thats not always done well by some ..
    your important..Keep well ..

  31. Star48, Rhona. Another deep one for Fiji Region. 4.6, 542 km depth.
    Lots more flooding going on in TX and LA. Praying for all of those people and animals in harms way. Seeing a lot of individuals coming from all over to help those in need, showing such love and compassion no matter their race religion or politics…”humanity at its best”.
    Also another tropical storm moving over called Irma looks to be a threat as another upcoming hurricane. Praying it falls apart. 🙏🏻

  32. Star48
    Venuatu volcano o.k.
    Thanks for the info ..
    will be watching activity around there ..
    wonder how much of the deep quakes is infact lava .
    mostly yes i would say ..

  33. Star48, Rhona… 6.4 EQ Kep. Mentawai Region, 60 km depth. 8/31/17.
    Thanks for info on Vanuatu Star. Think you could be onto something Rhona.

  34. Thanks for those two links Star48. It will be interesting to see if there are any new vents opening up in Yellowstone any time soon.
    Pretty mysterious goings on in Antarctica during the war. Would like to see what they find down under the ice once they’ve developed the technology to uncover it.

  35. Star48, Rhona…was away but got that one on my app and thought of you Star. Wonder what that means for what’s next . 🤔🤓

  36. Star48
    Is that quake a result of thermo activity or lava ..near Soda springs etc ?
    quite a notable gurgle there .

  37. Rhona2, Jules104,
    6 more…I sent you screen shoot of map and eq list…

    I think this is related to the possibility of NW eq?

    Swarm all shallow…in Idaho..
    Than you had Montana swarms near Longmont..
    Activity in Utah too.
    So I think this is a puzzle piece..definitely magma movement…

    Do not forget Mammoth is swarming too.

    What do you think about big picture…?

  38. Star48
    Im not sure but there is certainly a hint of volcanic activity to watch for .
    Im aware of Mt st Helens beinging north west of recent mammoth and soda springs .but its coming through for me or somewhere along that route leading there ..
    there could be more activity off shore pnw as a result as well im going off off shore for my bigger picture ..

  39. Star48, Rhona looks like Soda Springs is still active. I watched Dutch last night and a show on the tube. Said there would be a new vent made or something before a Yellowstone eruption. Now I am of the reasoning that there will not be one but it does seem weird that this geyser is getting hit. I suppose just the geothermal water down under. Dutch said there were ancient cinder cones around also. And I see the people in Salt Lake City are feeling the tremors from Soda Springs. Anyway I feel it must be reacting like Yellowstone and under pressure from the West Coast also. On the Dutch update he mentioned wondering if the USGS was hiding eqs again and said there should have been a 5. or so off our coast in Oregon. Then that 3.5 off Bandon showed up. Downsized? And well I always see it closer to Coos Bay when I look on the map and wonder why they use Bandon since it’s a really small town. 🤔 Oh well I’m keeping watch. You do the same Star.
    Also, I looked for the antipodal for N Korea just to check on what happens after. It’s in the Indian Ocean below Madagascar. Not sure if it would affect that area. Probably not deep enough though is what I am guessing.
    Okay Soda Springs still rockin and rollin.
    Blessings You Two. 🙏🏻🌟

  40. oh gosh i got toppsy turvy again .on links
    and the 6.1 was at 100km on some feeds
    it says 40km on emsc ..

  41. Star 48 Jules 104
    sending love and light with prayers for Puerto Rico and Florida ..
    but Puerto Rico is my main concern with Irma as well ..Star picked up on your post on other thread ..I have been tracking her vigilantly for days and will continue to ..
    oh dear
    blessings you two

  42. Star48 Rhona thanks for info. Marianna Islands. That’s deep, probably right about it being caused by N Korea blast.
    Star48 thanks for the link on Idaho. I’ve been seeing a lot of EQs happening on my iPhone app. It’s just crazy. Those poor people are probably worried sick since they aren’t use to that happening in Soda Springs, but if they thought about what’s actually below them…🤔
    Anyway it seems like that would be a precursor for something larger, (something that’s pushing the North American Plate) in the PNW or off the coast here but Eric’s Spirits are mentioning CA.
    Rhona yes I’m praying for Puerto Rico also with this hurricane Irma moving west. That’s definetly a big concern.
    Hey wasn’t there a prediction which said the third hurricane would be the devastating one for Florida. I think there’s another one coming behind Irma but I’m not sure what’s going on with that one. I’m going to take a look see.
    Hope you both are well and having a great day and night. 😉

  43. Jules 104 Star 48
    I have to catch up on comments .
    Jules im a bit late with response but yes it was the same quake we both posted lol 😉

    I do believe the GPS interference could well be directed at planes stands to reason .
    thats a very strange occurance a bit of a worry actually more ways than one ..

    anomolous situation Chile Brazil ..with southern plate activity ..yes I do think it correlates especially when sth America is so mobile ..its sitting sliding around quite easily at present and occurances that have not happened before are happening now because geo circumstances have changed triggers are more unique than previously experienced .

    The giant hole in ice revealing land oh my it brings about visions of how different earth has looked and will look in several hundred years time …

    CME Radiation. .o.k thats the heads up to confirm a sizable quake is on its way ..

    sorry so late with reply you two .
    blessings .

  44. Star48 Jules 104
    Just got first flag from singer .
    California dreaming ..
    I asked him this afternoon for a flag that was
    intended for as headsup for SanFrancisco / san Jose quake .
    will let you know if i get 2 more .
    This maybe a lone flag given Erics prediction .

  45. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh no Hurricane Irma Cat 5 now it heads for Burmuda and on to Puerto Rico etc ..
    our prayers are needed .
    love and light to all in her path ..
    It is going to be a rough few days coming up ..

  46. Thanks for the links on the Oregon EQs and on the possibility of a 7.+ EQ in SE Idaho Star48. Interesting. Batten down the hatches? It said that this is not related to Yellowstone. Hm🤔not sure I believe that one? I think all of these Earth changes are going to be a wake up call for everyone. Have you been feeling these tremblers they are having down south of you Star? Or just a lot of smoke? Sounds like you are getting hammered up there with all of the fires. We are somewhat but the coast is saving us here from too much smoke moving in. Stay safe. (Sorry no replies yesterday I was out of pocket somewhat.)😉🤗

  47. Rhona2, Jules104,
    Mary Greeley, on Yellowstone.activity…
    ( Lincoln swarm…and Soda Springs)

  48. Thanks for all the links Star48.
    The smoke here doesn’t sound as bad as yours due to the ocean coastal area I guess…smoked salmon for sure. Wow lots of fires all around you. Hope it doesn’t get any closer to you than it already is. Stay safe and have a plan.
    This hurricane is a monster looks like. Dropped to 916 mb now. I have family north of Orlando. They are watching and waiting. If any mention of evacuation they are ready. I tried to move them out sooner for a vaca west but no luck. 😉
    So now just waiting for an earthquake down south of me. 😳 You too? Hope that calms down in Soda Springs and Yellowstone.
    Praying the plane(s) crash is foiled. 🙏🏻🌟🙏🏻

  49. Star48
    It looks like a meteor strike in the video.
    It lit up the sky shook the ground ..hope it hit in in the clear ..

  50. Rhona, Star48. Here’s some latest deep EQs. Fiji and Russia are pretty deep ones.
    4.8 EQ, 527 km depth, South of Fiji
    4.2 EQ , 186 km depth, Potosi, Bolivia
    4.1 EQ 390 km depth, Vostok Russia
    5.5 EQ, 142 on depth , Hihifo,Tonga
    4.0 EQ, 141 km depth Northern Columbia
    4.1 EQ, 248 km depth, Jujuy Argentina

  51. Jules 104
    Thank you for posting earthquake updates
    I too just noticed them all .
    Russian on stood out for me ..out in the ocean
    wondering if it will resound higher for Japan or
    Aluesians area ..maybe close to Russia itself .
    so much going on nature wise ..

  52. Star48, Rhona. I wonder then if Bardarbunga could be the volcano in the north. Though Eric said they pointed towards Alaska.
    That’s a large deep EQ for Japan then. Hopefully no resounding EQs. I think people are expecting N Korea to fire off another missile for their holiday on the 9th. I wonder how that will affect things over there if so.
    The food poisoning by ISIS is a bit of a worry eh? It reminded me of the prediction for the calculated attacks by them which would be effective. The driving over people has been pretty effective also. Just what we need to worry about… guess I’d better work on those gardening skills.😉
    Praying for Florida and the Carolinas and all in the storms path. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  53. Star48
    Volcani discovery seem to have problems relaying any noteworthy info .
    and oh we wont be updating or advising soon
    um we cant see whats happening so you will have to guess ..
    aviation advisory i beleive said nil ?
    oh dear ..

  54. Star48 Jules 104
    yes San Francisco Del mar no coincidence
    It seems eerie ..but yes still.may get that one in San Francisco Ca and San Jose .
    G4 Storm funny you mention headaches .
    I usually get one an a little dizzy when they strike ..I noticed with last one and small ones before .
    Another quake will strike as you say star .
    but hoping its not as big as 8.1 but poor Mexico City with hurricane rain from Katia as well coming soon not a good combination .
    prayers for them
    blessings you two .

  55. Thanks for all those links Star48. I agree with Rhona on volcano site…Uh nothing happening here move on…. let’s see how boring we can make it now. Right.😉
    So I did notice there was some EQ movement in the San Francisco Bay and up north CA after the Mexico EQ. And could Hurricane Jose be mirroring San Jose? Like a clue? Also a few nights ago on Dutch’s update…not sure about this but he mentioned the Soda Springs swarms being connected to a possible future large EQ down south on the edge of the craton like CO or TX. He made a mention of where but I don’t remember what he said. Anyway I thought it would be an interesting watch for what happens with that.

  56. Star48, Rhona. Here’s the 10:00 pm 9/7/17 eq update from Dutch with multiple warning areas. He talks about the CME X Class 9.3 Flare and how it will cause a lot of activity and worries over West Pacific Japan area among other areas like Mexico. Well that happened soon after the update. But there are more to come I believe.
    Here’s that link. Blessings and Keep Watch, Stay Safe🙏🏻😇🌟

  57. Rhona2,jules104,
    G4 ….affects..
    In case no one knows where to get info from this post…here is G4 effects..G4 (Severe) Geomagnetic Storm Impacts
    Power systems: Possible widespread voltage control problems and some protective systems will mistakenly trip out key assets from the grid.
    Spacecraft operations: May experience surface charging and tracking problems, corrections may be needed for orientation problems.
    Other systems: Induced pipeline currents affect preventive measures, HF radio propagation sporadic, satellite navigation degraded for hours, low-frequency radio navigation disrupted, and aurora has been seen as low as Alabama and northern California (typically 45° geomagnetic lat.).
    More about the NOAA Space Weather Scales

    I had previously posted study about CME and whale strandings…please note correlation..

    1. Jules104,Rhona2,

      More activity…I think more to come…off Oregon…
      By the way Soda Springs. Still going strong.3’s and 4’s
      Too much unrest…connected somehow…

      Definitely watch territory…

  58. Jules104 star 48
    Im watching with you both for both areas
    Im really confused with Soda springs .one part of me says release safety valve and another says the effect will be felt further south or off shore ..
    Im feeling whats happening off oregon will pick up a bit Jules its just taking its time ..
    mot anything too big though you would hope ..
    San Francisco. ..San Jose getting another 8 days roughly ..around 18th your date time .
    anyway im doing an Etic Spirit here 8 is coming in loud and clear ..
    will ask singer for a heads up two days before
    Im so focused as we all are on Irma and her travels into the Gulf and intensifying. .
    Jose looks weird doing a crazy turn and loop the loop on itself on the point forcast for next 45 or so hours …must be jet stream presdure i saw on a map olaying with her .
    Im with you Jules Im going to be looking at Lee as the next big threat .

  59. As if It wasn’t bad enough, the toxic Superfund sites in the low lying areas may be flooded. Well that’s a, more than likely will be flooded by storm surge. Reminds me of one of the Farsight Projects Remote Viewings. Here’s that link.
    I think Tampa and Fort Myers, Naples area is going to get hammered by the storm surge. And did you see it’s path is looking to go up into Georgia and Mississippi I think.
    It seems like an end of October Hurricane would be too far outg so I guess another wait and see.
    I think Oregon will pick you too. I looked up Axial sea mount but I think the area hit is further south of that. But I could be wrong. I think Soda Springs Yellowstone and Oregon are all connected. They are all feeling the pressure.
    Praying for Florida. 🙏🏻🌟
    Okay nodding off so pixie dust for me.

  60. Dutch update from 9/9/17 10:00 pm. Talks about Soda Springs, Oregon swarm and Axial Sea Mount. Possible Southern CA EQ. I didn’t finish yet but it looked good.

  61. Rhona na thanks for the links. Wow another CME and X 8! Is that four big ones now?😳😬
    That Swiss glacier collapse can’t be good but really glad it didn’t do any damage or hurt anyone. 🙏🏻😇🌟

  62. Star48 Jules 104
    Jules I did c those quakes in WA..
    The Derby one is a watch ..usually when intraplate his Derby Broome area there is something off shore closer to Sumatra..
    Indo …
    CME x8 phew here we go again ..
    the sun is pumelling us right now ..

    Star 48 ..THE TULIPS in N.S.W. will be loving this stap freeze ..
    there is that weather cycle showing up again
    … Canberra our Capitol can get pretty chilly ..thats in N.S.W.
    we even had snow down Albany a few weeks back ..thats south of Perth ..
    Bluff Knoll only happens occasionally. .
    Nothing like what your used to ..
    blessings guys

      1. Jules104,Rhona2,
        Three 4’s just today out of 13.. high 2’s and 3’s..
        4.3,,,4.1,,,,4.5 mag..

        In Mexican eq 32 ft lateral movement. Adjustment?

  63. Star48, I saw that 32′ movement also. And right you are. Where and when will that “adjustment” come into play? Yikes! I feel if not all at once…eventually it is going to unzip all the way up and down. 😱

  64. Star48, Rhona. What about this prediction. Could it be the N CA EQ occurs. Eric had a prediction saying once that it wouldn’t be the large one. (Unless that already happened and it is?) Then this happens and it is the large one? Was that 11 months time period pushing it to May 2018 then?
    Also Star looking at the 10 km depths on your chart. Spotted that earlier so easy to see on the chart you linked. Just another thing that caught my eye. Those depths that transfer around at times.

  65. jules 104 Star 48
    sorry been out of touch ..
    o.k. Earthquake lights are an ominous sign
    I like you two feel its got a whole heap more to come thata way ..and Soda springs is just out of control
    I keep feeling we are missing something or i am ..about this area .???
    Jules The Marlboro and Logan predictiin to me does tie in somewhat ..a time frame or an odd link …
    Im getting boiling water to be spilled .
    oh dear that sounds like soda Springs or around there .Its not magma im getting its water boiling water .
    unless its contaminated drinking water needs boiling but i got scolding to occur ..
    Thoughts ..

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,

      More on Soda Springs..,ID

      Eq’s not stopping..getting sustained high 2’s and threes and you saw more 4’s per day..,
      Increasing not subsiding..,
      I think they are starting to fiddle the numbers of eq’s ..Utah and USGS not on same page…interesting don’t you think?

      Side note…
      Shevaluch erupted..will put on right thread for Eric.

  66. Rhona, Star48. What about this… Dutch mentioned the swarm off the Oregon coast the other day may be related to an under sea volcano eruption that we are not aware of. The Soda Springs I believe is related to Yellowstone swarms which is related to getting pushed by something from the West. Like pressure from the plates (an undersea volcano near Axial Sea Mount?) they are adjusting? Boiling water? I think they all go together maybe.

  67. Star48, Rhona. Wow that’s a big lightening storm in San Francisco Bay Area.⚡️ Do you think it’s related to the CMEs coming in or just the unusually hot weather there?
    I have no doubt they are fudging the EQ reports Star48. I’ve seen it too many times. Why is the question. Hm…
    I’m getting a bad feeling about Wednesday the 13th for some reason. Hope it’s just me. 🙏🏻🌟 Not even sure what that would be about.🤔😐
    I just realized that Soda Springs is a cold water geyser 🙄 Silly me. I’m not sure if you two caught this but it was drilled into manually. Oops!😲💩😑 Anyway I found a list of geysers around the world. I will attach the link. wondering how or if they can be related to one another. Maybe even just the depth they are at? Hm. Those people in Soda Springs have to really be on edge. I would be with that swarm going on. Praying it stops with nothing more significant happening there. 🙏🏻😊

  68. Star48 I’m sure you already know about this place called “The Geysers” in N CA, maybe you too Rhona. I need to get out more. 😕
    I saw a low EQ on my EQ feed and said what in the world is The Geysers in CA? These are the areas that Dutch says get hit prior to an EQ off coast. That and the fracking, drilling and volcano areas. Sheesh we’ve made a mess of our planet haven’t we?
    Here is the link.

  69. Star48, Rhona… The link on meteor landing in Australia Star… “some podgy short daddy’s boy”? Rhona is that what they call little Kim over there?😆 Just glad no tsunami, just a scare.

  70. Rhona the scalding boiling water you were getting. I was reading Star48s link on Sheveluch Volcanic eruption right after I looked at the link of hot water Geysers. I went back looked up Kamchatka geyser area and thought well that’s Kamchatka not Shivalusvch. But found out later it actually is part of Kamchatka. Do you think it could be related to your picking up boiling water? Thought I’d add just in case. Here’s Stars link and then look at link I added for hot and cold geysers prior.

  71. Jules 104 Star 48
    Storms everywhere the weather is just crazy over U.S. Those lightning srikes wow..
    atmospheric disturbances abound ..
    When i tead anout te family in Italy it mentioned steam as well ..matbe i picked up on that because as i was typing i saw scalding of skin …so sad ..poor little one to experience such a horrid event ..
    Jules I did think of the Geysers it could be that as well I actually got warm spring after that or hot spring ..
    maybe i tapped into news of Italian family as i was accessing Geyser springs so i think both are incidents that were potentials coming in ..
    Thanks for all the links you two was like my morni g newpaper with a cuppa ..
    The Volcano Jules . well believe it I was talking to my son about Kamchatka on the weekend ..He was unaware of it and prides himself on geography. so he was amazed he had never heard of it there you go we are becoming geographically knowledgeable to a point ..He actually said i think your pronouncing it wrong before he looked it up .
    No I had it right ..yay …

  72. Rhona I think you are probably right on with the Most m Dad and brother who fell through the Volcanic vent. I’d not even thought about that. Poor little one who will be without his family now.
    Oh well he thought you were pronouncing it wrong eh?😉 Ha worldly mum.

  73. Jules104
    I think your right ..I believe it was the Mum Dad too …yes very sad for the little one its just aweful ..prayers to him and love and light .
    pixie dust when you do sleep ..

  74. jules 104
    yes Thats what Kim gets called ..not the nicest
    thing to say but not the nicest subject to say it about either. ….
    noted the meteor was just someone panicking .
    but hey who knows sometime it ay not be just a small rock .

  75. Thanks for the link on permafrost melting in Tibet Star48. That’s just amazing scary. I can’t even imagine that happening nearby. The planet really is just changing so much faster now. I think it hit a point and now it’s anyone’s guess what’s next. Really makes you wonder what’s going on down under doesn’t it. Blesings 😇

  76. Star48, Rhona. There was a 5.7 EQ noted by Bahrain off of CA the other day. Not added by USGS or EMSC. See his 10:00 pm update in this link.

    Also just now 3.4 EQ in Southern, CA

    1. Jules104,
      I just saw that…you do know that there was a previous eq listed a few days ago. And than vanished….
      So when I saw this I thought zombie eq…it’s back! Had to share that..

  77. Star48, I didn’t know that. I guess I missed that disappearing act. 🤣 It’s just ridiculous anymore. Sheesh they are suppose to be professional scientists. What’s going on? 😦

  78. Hi Jules Star 48
    The permafrost. .oh my wouldnt you get out the way ..that car and house wonder how that turned out …I noticed the washing on the line too ..thats overwhelming for them .what was ir called ? ..Solifluction Phenomina. .

    The Sun ..well thats got them scratching there heads ..They will twigg to the answer one day .
    we are sitting in a different part of the universe now some changes ..
    more quakes to come

    I loved the Chrystals in the rocks ..and the diagnostics of determining the weakness of plates ..

    Jules Singer mentioned West Virginia sometime ago as recieving a lagish quake ..
    Funny I have been keeping an eye out ..
    we will see if the increases ..
    Zombie quake they’re pretty good arent they .fudging …oh dear …
    Going to Watch Dutch now .
    Thanks you two for info and links ..

  79. Hey Rhona, Star48. Star48, thanks for all those great links. I didn’t know there was a Wasatch fault that ran underneath Salt Lake City from there. So the Bear Lake Fault under Soda Springs area, could that trigger a large EQ on the Wasatch fault under SLC then? I looked that up and it’s over due. Look at this link. It reminded me of the kosher Salt being slammed on the table prediction. And Logan is just. North of there. Odd.
    Also that 11 year solar cycle and it should be weaker…they’d better go back to the drawing board I guess.🤔😆

  80. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for the links on Wasatch fault and Rio Grand ..
    Oh it is quite extensive ..
    Salt lake city Prediction could be linked Jules
    we will wait c ..
    so many places have been built on faults unbeknown given the era of establishment .
    like Perth we sit on one too .
    Noticed Geysers is going hammer a tongs .

  81. Star48, Rhona. I had no idea the Rio Grande Rift was so vast either. Very interesting stuff thanks for the link.
    Also did you two notice the San Francisco Bay Area seemed to be swarming?

  82. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Did you catch this..

    hacking is in regard to a massive flaw in the Bluetooth system. There are several zero day exploits currently active. This means that everything, and I mean everything, with Bluetooth can be infected.

    Imagine walking down the street and you have blue tooth on. Someone has an infected system on their phone and doesn’t know it. Their phone connects link without permission to your phone and you are infected. Now imagine you do to a concert, it starts with one phone, and all are infected if you have Bluetooth on. The government has known since April but just announced this week.

    This is exceptionally dangerous because of MITM attacks. A man in the middle attack means you have an infected phone and your phone is then used to do something without you knowing it. Just like the massive IOT (internet of things) DDOS attack last year that knocked out internet for half the country. This is serious business and the implications are huge. Imagine one cell phone shutting down a power grid of freezing stock market trading.

    Shut your Bluetooth off. Sync your fit bits and such as when you are only at home. Do not connect to public wifi, even with passwords required like at hotels and the like. This is where this stuff starts and spreads.

  83. Star48, Rhona all I can say is holy big hole in the ground! I would not be standing on the edge of those “funnels”? Yikes and not living anywhere in the vicinity of what’s going on there. That would scare the living daylights out of me! 💩 I read a while ago that was going on but it was hard to imagine it was true. That those holes existed out there. Oh my. Sheesh. Thanks for that link Star48. No trips to Siberia.

    1. Jules104,

      Is the wifi private? Under your control?
      (I went to staples and bought a wifi small system that I connected in my own house..).
      Check with Best Buy geek squad.( call) if you are unsure
      Ask the question…

      If it is than yes –use wifi….be sure to use wifi,,,,otherwise it will use up your data..

      If it is communal than the VPN ( look it up) needs to be protected..

      Make sure you keep off Bluetooth when you are in public places .
      Only use if you are sure they have security beyond passwords..

      Hopefully a patch will be developed…that can protect us eventually..

      Wifi they mentioned is public access …not private..

  84. Star48 Jules 104
    Star the Bluetooth article oh my.Thats just atrocious ….Will make sure I follow those tips and Wifi …what the hec is the techo world just folding in on its self .. not that i use bluetooth any more ..I did years ago when it first came out then my son warned me about it …
    and he also said Wifi always off mum and syncs he is fairly wary of these things ..
    but i never imagined the scale of this ..
    I dont even do internet banking ..He just had one of his accounts hacked one willing to investigate to a great degree though he is persueing with gusto …
    its really disconcerting to say the least ..
    Thanks for the heads up .


  85. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh yeah I meant to comment on San Jose quakes …may be things starting to move
    theres been alot of small ones right up and down between SanFracisco and L.A. ..
    been watching last two weeks .
    The videos from Antartica are mind boggling
    They certainly earn their money those researchers but they love what they are doing its certainly a calling ..

  86. Star48, Rhona. So I looked at the info on this blueborn bug/attack, and it says that if you are using iOS 10 and it’s updated then you won’t need to do anything. Mine says it’s up to date and ios10.3.3. I guess they already updated with a patch? Hope that is correct info. Also my wifi is private and when I looked on my phone it says vpn not connected. So I think my phone is good. Now the pc, I need to figure that out still. I have a kindle. Do I need to worry about that too? Sheesh, technology.😟 What a mess. Between the Equifax Breach and this… just ugh. 😧🙃☹️
    Wow that movement across N America was back in 2014 I think they said. Not sure what that would be. It wasn’t in the higher altitudes where it’s obviously cooler along the Rocky Mountains so…🤓🤔🕵🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍💻👩🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍🚀🤹🏻‍♀️🥃🍺🍹🍸🌎🌚🌞🌋👇🏻🔥💩🕳🚽🗣👀Just cracking myself up.
    But in all seriousness that was strange. Could it have been just the heat waves due to climate change or some sort of particles in the atmosphere that were charged and mimicking heat? Too bad they didn’t figure it out, now I’m curious.

  87. Star48, Rhona. Thought this was interesting. “Ute Indian Prayer trees in Colorado Springs.” I’d never heard of them. This is just the Ute tribe. Apparently the Native Americans did this all over North America.
    Here is that link with nice flute music. It gets better as it goes along. Hope you enjoy it.

  88. Here’s another one. “Ute Indian Prayer Trees of Moniment Preserve”. The ending is interesting talking about could these be time markers.

  89. Star48, Rhona. 4.3 EQ, 10 km depth in Antigua And Barbuda Region. Those two places got hit hard. Barbuda took the brunt of it and is now uninhabitable, they evacuated to Antigua. Now an EQ. Poor people.
    Also I found an article on NASA website explaining what that red pulsing in America was. “Photosynthetic Activity” free m agriculture in the corn belt I believe. Here’s the link.

    1. jules 104
      You legend thats great we know what it is .Photosynthesis. .good researching ..
      thats amazing ..especially as it helps heaps for them to know ..

  90. Jules 104
    Jules those Trees are just magnificent .
    I went on a beautiful journey through all of it
    Especially lived the Markers trees and the flute music ..what a wonderful tradition .they sure do love mother earth ..I feel we have so much to be greatful to our indigenous peoples yours and ours ..I thank the ancients and their wisdom ..
    I thank you for the journey ..

  91. star 48 jules 104
    Thats why bald men!! oh dear what a plight ..
    no intuition either ..
    That is sooo interesting ..Its the belief in the power of the hair ….There is some truth to the hair responding to the nerve pulses know the hair standing up on the back of your neck and arms ….actually i have never seen a bald Indian ..They are blessed with a good head of hair ..right..
    A spirit flag yes ..they are making them selves known at present ..wonder ..must be a reason …probably all the balancing that needs done for mother earth ..especially with Kim jung un and his capers ..
    I did give chuckle in reading though .
    Thanks Star..

  92. Rhona, Star48… interesting story about the Native American Indians long hair and the nerve endings. I never thought about that. Makes sense though.
    Rhona I hadn’t caught that deep Fiji EQ. Thanks that’s another one then. Hopefully no bigger ones to come.
    Star I didn’t see anything that had to do with the Earth grinding on that link attached. Not sure if I was looking at the right thing maybe?

  93. Star48, Looks like a lot of eruptions going on right now. 😳 “Aviation Ash Advisory”. Could it be related to the plane crash prediction?

  94. star 48 jules 104
    Hey you two you could be onto something there with volcanic ash and plane gears …
    Yes here is hoping its not one that catches them off gaurd
    .you know like bad timing ..urgh .

  95. Rhona thanks for link. Pretty cool to see in person I bet. Wow space junk? I hope it all burned up prior to or without hitting anyone and anything .🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻🙀

  96. Jules104, Rhona2,

    Volcano erupts..Kamchatka ..,

    Zhupanovsky volcano on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula is about to burst its top, emitting ash explosions reaching heights of six to eight kilometers (19,700-26,240 feet) above sea level, the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) said Sunday. “Moderate activity of the volcano continues. Gas-steam plume was noted on the height up to 4 km a.s.l. Moderate fumarole activity of the volcano continues. Ash explosions up to 19,700-26,240 ft (6-8 km) a.s.l. could occur at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft,” KVERT said. The current aviation color code for this level of activity is yellow, which is the next step up from the safe green and indicates that monitoring continues. The Russian emergencies service noted that tourist organizations were advised against taking expeditions to the area. Earlier in September, Sheveluch and Karymsky volcanoes showed signs of activity.

  97. Star48 Jules 104
    Was just looking at Hurricane Maria .
    Those poor people on Bahamahs and other islands are getting hammered again I think its cat 3 at present … .

  98. Star48 Jules 104
    correction Car 3 in a couple of days cat 1 at present ..still its heading for Bahamas as a Cat 3

  99. Rhona, Star48. Watch this. Predicting a hurricane to rival Irmas based on height of clouds, sun shining in tip hours after suns gone down. Pretty interesting. I had heard that it will take the same path of Irma looks like. Poor Islands down there.

  100. Star48, Rhona I had no idea the Bismarck Sea was by PNG. Thanks for that link. That’s deep. Things are moving for sure. This San Josey EQ (far reaching?) I think is the land adjusting to that 32 feet lateral movement from the Mexico EQ… and everything else. Noticed a Chile swarm yesterday and lastnight. North and South adjustment? Got my running shoes on! Ugh I’m in path of possible old dam breaking. 🙏🏻🌟😇👧🏻👦🏼🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🙏🏻

  101. Star48, Thanks for all the links.
    Those two men in the boat were really, really lucky. Trying to save the fish? What about themselves. Holy Moly!
    Oh I saw that 3.3 for Utah but did not notice the Salt Lake area where it hit so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Also fascinating stuff going on under Italy. Hopefully no super volcano eruptions any time soon.

  102. Here is the Dutch update from lastnight. At about 15:30 minutes it has the US. Wait for slow slip swarms. Interesting how they are spread apart evenly and there’s four now. Here’s that link

  103. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Here is Mary Greeley, on Yellowstone, Soda Springs, Mexican eq,

  104. Jules 104 Star 48
    Blenheim New Zealand …5.2m at depth
    also two off shore above 5m one 6.1m at 10km
    Japan Namie 5.2m at 95km
    too many to post links ..
    Blenheim is a watch often has abive 5m quakes

  105. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for the info and links. So Marys picking up on the USGS not reporting EQs in Yellowstone. And now they’ve turned some of their monitors off? All of her info is really interesting. I didn’t realize they had those bore holes there like that. Well they are picking up a lot of seismic activity from all over looks like. Something to keep watch on for sure. And she’s noticing the Salt Lake activity too. Lots of volcano activity going on and she mentions ones on West Coast. They’ve been getting hits lately. I sometimes wonder about Mt Rainier and Mt Hood acting up. Hope not.
    Rhona I saw some videos on Mexicos 7.2 today. Those poor people. It’s just heart breaking to watch. Praying for them all. Will keep watch on Bleinheim. I’ll have to watch the Dutch update tonight and see what’s new. There’s just a lot going on around the world. I think we are stuck with it for a while unfortunately. I still feel like the Northwest Coast is going to get hit with a bigger one soon. Maybe next year? Need to be praying sending light and love to those in Marias path. I’m worried it’s the one that’s going to turn towards Florida though none of the models show it doing so. Maybe not. Maybe end of October time period. Wasn’t there a prediction for that time period for FL hurricane once?
    Blessings You Two. 🙏🏻🌟

  106. Jules 104 Star 48
    I missed this one for KING salmon Alaska
    3.6m at 244km depth

    emcs have it at 2.3m at 118km depth

  107. Rhona, Star48. Sorry haven’t replied yet. Helping daughter with packing moving back to University today. I’m reading all your updates though. Mostly see Dutch talking about something is locked right off Oregon Coast. The Juan de Fuca. Just a thought that there may be a third one and then another. Or this is the unzip going on. Oh and caught Mary G when she discussed the rubber band snapping in that video Star48. Did you two catch that? Yikes. Yes should have been a lot more small aftershocks at the least. Oh could this be “wed, 1 left” from old prediction? Just another thought. Okay driving on the road today to Eugene. Ugh. Will be following thread off and on. Blessings. 🙏🏻🌟😇

  108. Jules 104 Star 48
    drive safe lovemand light to you and yours .
    mexico is just devistating .
    I didnt finish the video so missed the jun da Fuca locked and unzipped but I had a phone call and didn’t go back to it. .
    our Australian Tsunami warning app said in their statement it was a 7.1 off shore quake .
    I was taken aback and had to check twice it was reporting the latest Mexico quake .
    Sure enough it was ..
    I mean they could have got that right !
    I guess Im just surprised they said that ..
    No tusami threat to Aust and N.Z.
    I know land quakes can do that but they specifically said off shore quake ..
    Hope someone alerted them to the error or they picked it up themselves ..
    o.k. im off to 😴😴😴😴
    Enjoy your day you two

  109. Star48 Jules 104
    Agung Volcano thats threatningveruption in Indonesia is 200km a2ay from this last quake in Java 5.7 at 600km depth ..magma on move at deep level

    Also Fiji 4.5m at 225km depth
    Tonga 5m at 223km depth

    Star I tried to read map of world article but kept getting a pesky add that i had to go out of article to escape it could only read snipets What i did gather is a very smart young man
    and I will c if i can bring it up another way .

    The poles shift article …well here is hoping it sorts itself out with out too much disruption in the future ..
    I know from what i read the young whales and birds recalibrate after even a small shift. .
    their parents are affected but they overcome it ..Sort of like all nature works in harmony with itself …
    thanknfor posting links

  110. Rhona2,
    On Voda NZ a few minutes ago they posted eq poem depth of 750 km? Can you check not listed on USGS…

    1. Rhona2,
      I saw that..posted on thread San Jose eq..
      I have been unsettled something. …. ….feels off…
      Did you see that 4.1 ,Brazil at deep?
      (prelim) USGS no show

  111. Rhona, Star48. Sorry no replies yesterday. I didn’t get home until 10:15 pm 😵 So holy moly of course the planet decided it would be the busiest day of the year right? Sheesh so much going on all over. Those poor people in Mexico and Puerto Rico and elsewhere. So very sad. Praying sending light and love their way. I can’t imagine.😢
    I wanted to add this latest Dutch from lastnight at 10:00pm. It’s very interesting. I’m pretty worried for the PNW and the areas above and near you Rhona. I’m not convinced that the USGS is reporting EQs off the Oregon Coast. More than likely not but if they are and there are none, than it’s under extreme pressure for sure. Either way it’s under pressure though.
    I’m not really sure if there will be a Northern CA quake now. Do we have an answer on that yet? Was Mexico it then? I have wondered about the “Y” at the end of Jose. Could that be plural? More than one Jose or just two EQs in that area of Mexico? I added to main thread, “the 25 lost to it” old prediction…is that the 21 children and 4 teachers totaling 25 in school which collapsed in Mexico during 7.1?
    Okay going to review all your info from yesterday now. Will get back with you.

  112. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Here is the earth Kapalala, Africa on Sept 13,2017
    I tried to show you before..

  113. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness I gasped with excitement and disbelief ..for what reason would you mot get out of there ..great footage .
    I loved seeing it happen ..they were even jumping on top .😨😲😱

  114. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Video lays it all out.whew…all the activity..also brings out more info that somehow got overlooked…( be sure to watch all of it)

  115. star 48
    Thanks for the videos .
    Yes mych is changing on our planet .
    Here is praying she makes her shifts and as in times gone by few of us will be in the way when she does her adjustments ..
    I pray many of us will be in areas that are not affected ..and well at least we are all in it together … i feel these phases and events will happen in many time frames of our history but we will and so will our earth will survive ..but I am sure these events are cleansing and she and the universal events asteroids and so forth will always be with us from time to time
    We have come along way and we wil travel a longer distance in our history I pray and believe ..
    Its very disturbing to see these events but we will survive no matter what ..So much happening at present .

    Just my opinion
    blessings and thank you again for video .

  116. Rhona, Star48. Two separate maybe three now just got another 5.7 EQ. Off N CA Coast. Is it the three then the large one after? The first two look like two separate areas. Need to check on the third one.

    1. Jules104,
      EMSC stream was frozen for a few hrs..
      Also USGS only showed 22 eq over 2.5 for a long time..
      Something with the raw feeds is goofy..

  117. Jules 104 Star 48
    saw the off shore Ferndale quakes when i woke ..Thought o.k. here we go ..I noticed USGS and feeds were not functioning properly for couple hrs ..
    Sometimes I wonder if solar flare could ever affect the monotoring systems ..what do you think ..or are they insulated from interference like that .?
    Take care you two watching faithfully ..
    5.7m is getting up there ..

  118. Rhona, Star48. Another deep one.
    4.4 Lambasa Fiji, 593 km depth.
    Was busy all day with grandkids things. Sheesh. Will try and get caught up tomorrow. Thanks for all the info. 🙂

  119. Star48, Rhona. Here is the latest Dutch update from the 22nd at 10:00pm. The beginning is mostly about North America. Warning for the LA Basin area. Not real large but may cause damage.
    Also over by you Rhona are warnings for Indian Ocean and East Timor and somewhere around Vanuatu/PNG area. So all around Australia. I think it’s around minute 31 maybe. He touches on the volcanic eruptions and Bali’s volcano Mt Agung and then Sinabung.
    Star48 thank you so much for all of those links. They are really interesting. I need to look at your new one still and a few others. Loved the Vancouver Juan de Fuca info link. Wow had no idea.
    Here is that link for Dutch.
    Blessings to you Both🙏🏻🌟😇

  120. Dtar48, just got done reading the little ice age link. I totally think its “multifaceted interactions with a chaotic trigger”, as someone else suggested. Volcanism and sunspot cycles etc. makes more sense that it’s not just one thing that triggers little ice ages. Looks like we may get there soon enough right?

  121. Star48 Jules 104
    oh man I give up ..just watched Dutch ..
    well west Pacific a watch ..Juan da Fuca ..
    Son going to Bali Wednesday ..Daughter and Grandson flying to ..Sydney ..tonight ..
    another Daughter and family going south warning ..
    O.k. its cool everyone will be a O.K.
    No Im not keen on latest prediction but sending Love and light all round .
    blessings you two .

  122. Star48, Rhona do you think this old prediction could be about the EQ? It says 2 then 3, then Spirit added 20, and it was on Sunday. The NOW with Australia, Plymouth, New Zealand. Did this one already happen?
    Also Star48, I wasn’t sure what the “great one” was referencing? 😳 Sorry my bad.
    Rhona they are going to all be fine. Singer is watching over them I’m sure. Saying prayers of protection for you and your loved ones. Try not to worry.

    1. Jules104, Rhona2,

      I am positive everyone will be safe.i know stressful for you.
      ..let it go ,they will be fine!😍

      Another thought.for you. Two…
      .a great one is eq 8 mag or higher.earthquake …

      Will monitor too…

  123. Jules 104 Star 48
    yep I have let it go already .I will sleep in Monday morning and wont worry one lityle bi lol 😂 ..
    aside Thanks you two i feel more reassured
    I Cant say anything to her thats just not going to work so yes .
    as my mum used to say
    Whats infront of you ..wont go past you
    Just trust spirit and all will be well
    8 mag 😨😲

  124. Star48, Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen that yet. Interesting. Hope that’s all it does if it is erupting. Yikes. 😟 Do you think that could be a good thing if it’s releasing pressure then?

  125. Star48, I’d read a few months ago somewhere what the Inuits have been saying with the earths axis already shifted. Really interesting stuff. They’d be the ones to know too.

  126. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for update on Venuatu Volcano Star 48. This is a watch for International Airlunes coming in to sydney from est coast USA and Canada .
    as they the flight path is close to The area ..
    yes they woud get diversion warnings but timing can be a factor. .Just remembering Jules pointing out how volcanic ash can affect landing gear on craft..
    so yes a watch .

  127. Jules 104
    Im sure the prediction for New Plymouth etc has not occured ..I have been watching also .

    aside daughter and family in south west said its pouring rain down there and little fire risk ..
    NSW fires are more controlled so that daughter should be able to get up that Mountain ..
    Son and his Wife are still scheduled to leave for Bali on Wednesday my time ..
    Will keep you posted .

  128. Star 48 Jules 104
    Just got a flag from singer
    San Francisco played ..came in impromptu. .
    so thats a loud flag ..not sure there will be another will let you know if so

    1. Rhona2,
      thank singer for me..
      I have family and friends in the ” zone” for the eq…
      Keep me up to date..

  129. Rhona, Star48. Thanks for updates on San Francisco flag Rhona (funny I’ve had two people unknown to me strike up a conversation about EQs 😲, I’m like hm is this a flag? One was on the playground and another in an office. And I swear I’d not brought the subject up at all.🤔) and updates on Vanuatu Volcano Star48. Rhona I hope your son and family get over to Bali and back again without any hitches. Sending light and protection their way for safe travels. Star, loved the article on EQ swarms.😉 Besides that deep Fiji EQ I noticed deepish 200+ km EQs in Chile and Japan also today. Blessings🙏🏻

  130. Jules 104 Star 48
    Jules I think those eq conversations were flags ..Flags have been coming in unique form
    Im sure there is an uptick in an event coming soon .
    sure thing Star will pass on your thanks to singer ..though he knows ..and is having a crack up right now ..he is chuckling .
    cheeky ..
    blessings guys

  131. Rhona, Star48. I’m not sure if these are all separate.
    6.4 EQ, South of Fiji, 60 km depth
    6.5 Fiji EQ, 104 km depth
    6.4 EQ South of Fiji, 98 km depth

  132. Star48 Jules 104

    Bolivia 5m at 232 depth ..
    this could trigger Chile or Argentina ..maybe around Lima ..we will see

    1. Rhona2,
      Saw that …keep good thoughts..they are still planning on raving Wed?
      Maybe it will blow before than…😉🙃

  133. Star 48
    Thank you keeping good thoughts being reminded ..
    They fly out of Perth Wed my time at 1.58 pm
    I told them i can sit ..metophorcally on the wing but cant cork the Volcano ..though encoraged them to have some champers anyway ..They are going to my daughter inlaws friends wedding she is Matron of honor

  134. Rhona, Star48…I was wondering the same thing about if they were still going to the wedding, but if she’s matron of honor I guess no cancelling then. Will be sending light and protection their way. Prayers for safe peaceful travels.

  135. Rhona, Star48. 3.4 Jujuy, Argentina 250 km depth. If you look north and west of that area it takes you to Lima. I think Dutch has mentioned before that area can transfer north and west. Just a thought Rhona for Lima pop in.

  136. jules 104 Star 48
    singer just brought in another flag
    Streets of San Francisco playing after questionaire on radio of same …

  137. Jules 104 Star48
    Thats a good point I forgot dutch said that about the transfer north in that area ..might not be a radom thought after all ..we will c .if Lima gets a shake .
    We are getting news feed back here every hour or so on Bali volcano will let you know how all goes ..
    hugs you two

  138. Rhona,Star48. Have either of you two thought about the date of the 27th? That was my first thought when Eric asked if anyone remembered any old posts with numbers in them. that and the 31st. Anyway our 27th in the US is tomorrow Wednesday. I’ve tried looking up old predictions with dates and numbers but can’t really associate any except for this one. And I think we’ve discussed this one lately. I’ll keep looking but Singer may be right on Rhona.

    1. Jules 104,
      I saw that —thought of you…North ? safe..
      Looks like SF/SJ. On the way.. will keep watch..

  139. Star48, Rhona. That reminds me of the sneaker waves they get here. They come in just like that. For some reason this spot is really bad along the Oregon Coast. Maybe due to Volcanic activity we aren’t aware of off the coast? The depth leading up to the shore? That would be pretty scared getting pulled out in one of those especially where the waters frigid.
    Dead oarfish can’t be good. Interesting it’s BC. I’ve been wondering if they will get an EQ soon Maybe around Charlotte Island area or Vancouver? Then there’s the Dutch prediction around L.A. I think.

  140. Star48 Jules 104
    Hi been flat out busy so first chance to post ..
    oarfish is likely as you say a portend ..
    its happened often enough to be taken as a serious sign .
    Star I had read about the Netherlands tsunamis previous ..interesting events
    Jules keeping watch up your way and L.A has been on mind too given the activity around there last couple of weeks ..
    Well the wedding is going ahead and they are in Kuta about 34miles from Agung …Hope they all have their masks ..they’re medical people my son and daughter inlaw so they should know the drill and maybe if worse comes to worse they will lend a hand .


  141. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks Star for Zealander link ..
    It refreshed my interest as I did catch an article on it once before and promptly forgot till I re read it ..
    what a differentvworld if we all went back in time
    .. evolution of our world is a wonder to behold

  142. Star48, I just have to tell you. I finally got around to replying, sorry I’m late…had it ready to send and bloop, disappeared into the snap reload can’t send file. 😭😱😧😮😳😆💩💩
    Argh😤😠 Oh my well here’s a hug in the mean time. 🤗

  143. Rhona, Star48. Interesting, I had mentioned earlier while replying….that I wonder how the planet would be affected if more than one volcano erupted during the same time period. That was the reply that didn’t load and never came back.😝 Anyway I was referencing your link on Bali and Mt Agung. Hm. Rhona have you heard from your kids at all? As far as I know they aren’t in any danger other than having an extended stay in Bali correct? Far enough away if she goes and all that. Praying they do return prior though and other kids too. May be a bit of a flight nightmare after she blows with everything delayed and backed up even more. Soon praying those volcanos or volcano just sits tight for a while. 🙏🏻😇
    The Zealandia link is so cool and I love the map which shows where the continents were linked together at one time. That would be really fun being able to work as a scientist on all of that.
    Oh my USGS being delayed in reporting EQs. Hm. Well not the first time right? Not really sure what’s going on with them but I sure hope they fix it soon. Yikes. 😳😟
    I need to find that link on the CMEs and solar activity I saw you added somewhere. Looked interesting also.
    Thanks for bringing so many interesting and knowledgeable articles over here for us to read Star.
    Blessings You Two. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇

  144. hi you two I just had to reset my pass word again third time this has happened recently
    now i will attempt to repost
    Jules yes they are about 72miles from Volcano so gases and ash main prob
    They are due to fly out in two days so fungers crossed she stays calm .
    Daughter down south is home today .
    Daughter in Blu Mts is doing just fine .
    We had a snap freeze yesturday it jyst came in suddenly and it created fine wide spread hail kinda snow like thick coverage in local areas .
    might be volcanic gasws affecting atmosphere a little ..better get some good heat ready ..if she does blow and causes a no summer affect especially with all the other volcanos letting off steam ..not surprising given all the quakes recently its being released and venting .I hate the cooollldd 😬😨❄❄❄⛄⛄
    blessings you two


  145. Star48
    How sadly unfortunate for the hikers .
    yeah It probably is pre quake a watch for Yosemite. .

  146. Star48 Jules 104
    after thought on Yosemite
    .maybe thats thescolding waters flag I got ..
    hmm wait and see .

  147. Star48
    Oh I am probably wrong I know most are at Yellowstone ..but dont they have some at Yosemite too. .. you can put me right on this one ..but I was thinking a quake near a Geyser at Yosemite. .probably really wrong ..
    Thank you

  148. oh oh Im with you now wow thats cool ..It was stuck somewhere back in my lexicon .

    my Mum and Dad spoke of the area with my sisters sisterinlaw who is from the area .
    This is many years ago
    yeah but isnt it so True how we know things of other countries and not our own ..I do that too .
    Thank you for extra info you sent ..too I get it now I got a little confused ..
    all good now ..
    o.k. a wait and see then just a small possibility
    phew that was easily sorted ..yay

  149. Star48
    What a descriptive article on it
    Witches Calderon. .and Devils Inkstand ..
    and i could almost smell the mixture of Chemicals described Feel more filiar with it now 😀

  150. Star48 Jules 104
    here is ltest on Agung Volcano
    there is a crack at the bottom of th volcano .
    o oh not good .
    it also says there is a 2000 est. year old temple on side of mountain along with some others . Hindu temples
    do either of you remember the prediction about a Temple being destroyed by a quake or natural event ?.
    I hope thats the rigt link ..if not i will repost .

  151. Jules 104 Star 48
    Im not finding any reports on volcano wbs anout sinabung …If you find can you post .
    not sure if previous article is exaggerated ..

  152. Jules 104 Star 48
    They are saying Eruption Status of Sinabung is
    4 out of 5 ..
    a twist in the watch …
    ahhh holy smoke this is getting crowded on the watch it alert …make you wonder big quake may be by early October first week ..just my guess …

  153. Star48 Jules 104
    Im concerned for indonesia from Papua new Guinea to Sumatra
    This is 3 major volcanos
    Im really concerned for a big quake there too
    somewhere along that arc

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,

      Me too..concerned and hyper watchful…

      About Singabung..because erupted in Aug..2017.. and there are so many nervous people about Bali and Vanuatu…( low profile by media) yes hard to find pictures or video..did find it but you had noted already.,,

      Still waiting for CA…was that 2 or 3 flags from Singer ?

  154. Star48
    That was 2 flags from singer …Im presuming he will use the 3 flag warning this time .
    sometimes its been 1 flag but thats usually very loud in its presentation
    will keep you posted ..

  155. Jules 104
    Heard from my Son they fly out of Bali this evening Sat. my time
    .They touch down in Perth after midnight my time ..
    about 8am Sat your time. .Its a 3hr 44min flight ..
    phew i think they will make it before flights are cancelled …


  156. Rhona, Star48. We got a 3.0 (possibly higher) EQ off Bandon, OR today. The spot Dutch predicted but said higher 4-5. He said it should cause activity in South CA…I think. 🤔

  157. Star48 Jules 104
    This amount of ash from volcanos wow Its bound to have an accumulative affect on the weather ..
    so Fuego
    Lopevi is that two for venuatu im thinking there was another i will check
    Terrialba .
    hmm thats alot of safety valves were are blowing the pistons ..somethings reving up down there

    1. Rhona2,
      I have a “feeling” that the sea floor off Cascadia has some of the same elements…
      What do you think?
      I know CA is going to have a tsunami…( I “saw” it…)
      So all kinds of suspects…Alaska, Cascadia, CA seafloors…
      Just do not know from where…?
      So, had to share with you both..knew you would intuitively get the unspoken message…right?😜

  158. Jules104,Rhona2,

    Volcano erupts today..Costa Rica
    Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica registered important eruptions of gases and ashes that have reached up to 800 meters above the crater and 4,140 meters above the sea level (13,579.2 ft.). The first eruption of importance took place at 5:30 a.m. this Thursday morning, and reached 500 meters above the crater, a second and stronger eruption occurred at 8:25 a.m. of 700 meters above the crater and the biggest eruption was registered at 3:23 p.m. The wind is carrying volcanic ash mainly to the west-southwest, and nearby communities register a mild smell of sulfur.

  159. Star48 Jules 104
    Star uncanny or not so uncanny you should ask about where We think ..
    Im saying its coming from Alaska ..I too have seen a California Tsunami. .But this was in 2002 I saw it quite vividly while giving a friend in Perth a native Californian a verbal reading and in it came ..
    I say Alaska for two reasons ..
    1…Intuitive coupled with deduction
    2… When I was reading your link on Alaska and the risks of Tsunami ” North to Alaska ” played on the radio just as I finished the last paragraph of the article ..
    Could be singer Chiming in ..

  160. Star48, Rhona I agree. I’ve felt Alaska for a while now. I’m just not sure what’s coming though. Is it Alaska is going to have a big one and it causes a tsunami to spread out over to Japan and Hawaii, PNW, CA.
    Singers “North to Alaska” would seem to be the Cascadia Juan de Fuca area I think. Which goes from N CA to BC area maybe?
    I just found this map that’s pretty neat. The 1964 large EQ (pink area) is the spot I’m wondering about. But the whole area is a potential hazard for a large EQ/tsunami. Here is that link. I hope you can see it. I had to click on the pic in order to read it.

  161. jules 104 Star 48
    Jules the map is great quite a few 8+ well more than anticipated. .
    Its hard to pick a spot up there thats most sus.
    but it will effect all the areas you mentioned Jules.. anything along there would affect Hawaii…Yep Anchorage area but i wouldnt bet on it its all potential..singer yeah could have been implying Anchorage area but I think its more he was pointing generally up that way Alutians etc as well ..

    side note ..Japan 4.8m at 496
    you probably picked up on this one though

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      I Noticed..interesting data…on that map…2 eq in 1933
      One in 8 range …I in 7 range…and of course that brought back information of 1933 eq in LA..( Inglewood /Newport fault)
      So I wonder if we are on the same cycle..?

  162. Rhona, Star48. I agree Star48, that was my thoughts too. Sort of a repeat of history, but which history?🤔
    Rhona, yes I did see that Japan EQ, thanks for posting. Meant to add but was out most the day. Hope that deep one won’t cause shallow larger one over there. 🤞🏻🙏🏻

  163. Star48 Jules 104
    Star im liking the idea of an invisible forcefield around earth ..just another part of the wonders of this planet ..we are so special .
    and the cme 60 miles into earth wow and then it would have reverberations possibly for a bit more of a distance thats maybe undetectable .

    Thanks for the links

  164. Star48 Jules 104
    Fukushima… Have but one thing to say #!/:”‘;,,,@@””–^thats my attempt at cusing
    seriously..I get irate because when they first started using nuclear power ..I was against it being that you cant pre empt some of the disastrous prob that can happen ..and here we have it ..It cant be fixed ..brilliant ( sarcasm )

    popocatepetl well isnt she not letting her sisters across the planet have the only say ..
    amazing ..
    also they said in the article about Fukushima
    that the Japan earthquake was an aftershock of Chile Quake while the Popocatpeti article said the dont think the mexico quake is affecting Popo..
    the author of article said i doubt that ..meaning it did affect it ..
    just thought i would comment on that tickled me ..

  165. Star48, Rhona. I actually heard this would happen eventually. Maybe it was a John Hogue prophecy a while back(?), so I’m not surprised. Really it’s just amazing to me how Fukushima was/has been/is still handled. I guess I will be glowing soon then eh? 💩🤢😬😧
    Oh Star48, I love those articles you added. That invisible force field, well how amazing right? I love it! And the meteors, wow, what the heck is going on with that? And the volcano eruptions, I watched the video in the link you sent for Popo and it’s just unreal. Going to show that to my grandkids tomorrow. I know the grandson will just be so amazed by it.
    On another note, I am getting a wee bit worried about what’s next and where. An earthquake, another eruption? What do you two think? Mexico, NZ, Chile, PNW, Indonesia, CA, Alaska, Japan… Sheesh, too many to name and watch for. 😐😬

  166. Star48 Jules 104
    Star the Mississippi loosing water like that Oh my I think he has hit the nail on the head ..
    It is more than Feasible that its a crack ..kinda scary if I was in Missouri or around there I would be really worried ….
    and how come no news reports ..this is news ….
    Watching.. scanning that area for any signs from here on in ..

  167. Star48, Rhona that’s concerning about the water disappearing above where the New Madrid should be. Geez I guess I shouldn’t have asked what’s next and where right?😦
    Also another deep EQ for the Fiji Region, 5.0, 604 km depth.

  168. Jules 104
    funnny but laughing anyway ..
    yes could be Alaska. .PNW ..chile.. Mexico. .
    Sri Lanka …Imdonesia ..Sumatra ..L.A…
    San Francisco. .
    back to throwing a dart ..😊

  169. Star48, Rhona. Do you think it’s possible the meteors are still yet to happen? I was looking up some of the older predictions and it just made me wonder about that. Okay this is getting weird. I just looked up Vanuatu and it was first explored by a Portuguese man. I can’t add a bunch of links or it will kick it off, but here is that explorer of Vanuatu link and then go to “Fireball Crashed into Atlantic” prediction and other old predictions having to do with the “V”, five months, meteors etc. I’m just getting that odd feeling. One even speaks to the Warriors in white all lining up to strike back. SWC Meeting via Skype? May be my imagination but I don’t think so. Tell me what you find.

  170. Jules 104
    I had a search for the meteor ones and I kinda get it but it seems the meteor ones are pointing to San Francisco quake as well
    the link for Venuatu with Portugeses im not sure where your going with it ..because it says a large land mass in prediction ..
    here is one link

    Help me out in understanding what you mean ..
    im so curious and feel im missing something that could be important ..
    sorry ..

  171. Jules 104
    oh Dear I hadnt read the latest predictiin from Eric on Venuatu .
    That also ties in with possible Tsunami that was going to flood Brisbaine Queensland ..remember that one ..
    I was just driving home from docs and on radio as i asked question about Venuatu
    South pacific started playing ..
    so thats a flag from singer ..and i believe a one flagger ..
    so ties in with Erics latest confirming ..

  172. Star48
    Im really anxious about the Mississippi..
    I had a thought though im not sure i believe my thought or not . anyway when the narrator mentioned preticipation I thoght about what happened during the hurricane when the waters receded and thought is it up there in atmosphere wating to reform into another hurricaine bug time . then remembered Erics big 6 hurricane warning recently ..
    Im swining more to earth movement reasons but where the drainage area wish there wss more superficial or topical evidence of where .
    Singer has been Prattling about Mississippi Delta for sooo long maybe this is what he is talking about.
    side note…. He went into giggles when i said prattling ..he thinks its a crack up word to describe his way of speaking he is slow precise and does not prattle .
    (according to him 😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😉)
    I for one should ask him what the cause is
    wonder if he knows or just knows there is a problem hmm .
    I will wait for a musical response ..
    you c sometimes I hears him sometimes i dont ….
    who is prattling now then hahaha ..Me

  173. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Follow up. 3 small eq recorded over the area that is drying up…
    ( before I forget). Side note…only 11 than 13 today. eq’s world wide over 2.5 –quiet time after 5’s all over..

    So the big one is soon? Where?

  174. Star48 Jules 104
    Seams soethig is going on Rivers disappearing in 4 days thats an alarming phenomenon. .The answer they found kinda makes sense but not completely satisfying my curiosity …
    The early winter in Montana ..Colorado.Wyoming is a prelude of mini ice age coming in a few years the London one when the Themes river froze ..cant recall the year will look it up .
    Our Melbourne and Sydney are usually not too
    hot but they have been warned of 50%c more regularly in the coming years ..
    and sunny Perth is definately getting colder for longer ..we have all noticed ..
    Thanks for links good to be informed

  175. star 48
    oh lordy lordy that is perfect match the quakes and the Mississippi river missing water..
    Yep there is a sign of some sort going on in the New Madrid ..
    prayers its a worry ..

  176. Star48, Rhona. The New Madrid missing water and EQs match up exactly. That’s pretty strange. It reminded me of Singers messages to you Rhona.
    The early snow fall. Hm I remember a few early snow storms but usually it didn’t snow until the end of October atleast. Well sheesh the weather just is getting so bizarre for everyone everywhere. The planet is trying to fix itself I think. It’s like an eviction notice. 🙃🙂 Star that EQ music was pretty eerie. I could almost imagine the rocks breaking and rubbing against each other like I was down there watching it.
    What do you two think of the Va letters? Hey would that match up with the Roman numeral V and 5 as in Vatican? 🤔

    1. Jules104.
      What VA letters? Did I miss a post?

      Side note….I experienced in 1952 Tehatchepi eq..I sound of a roaring train sound coming from the ground truly a frightening memory..
      So a couple examples had that roaring sound for a few seconds nothing like I heard…ifrom all my experiences..Northridge,Whittier,etc.,

      I was always fascinated with the mini ice age experienced in quite a few books on the unique way it played out on the Thames…

      Rhona2, I hope that the heat index does not get too bad for you in the future.,
      At least with cold you can put things on…in heat you could take off everything and it is not costs for cool air, etc could be prohibitive. ( IMO)

  177. Jules 104 Star 48
    Absolutely Jules Va is as you and I synchronisticly posted is Vatican City.
    and the 5 ..I have no doubt this next big quake Eric predicted is for Italy Va ..
    I think the meteor and V 5 was a couple of messages jumbled together maybe a yime linevlike quake theneteor hits Brazil ..
    we will c ..and spirit said everything has come full circle so old predictions are unfolding .

    Yes and remember singer brought in the song Muddy waters too when he mentioned the Mississippi Delta ..
    Im still thinking there is a reasonable size quake heading up Aleutians Alaska are too ..

    1. Jules104 ,Rhona2,
      I looked on google Greece the V is not usual in starting a name of a town,village, or city.,
      However in Italy…VA.e.g. Vesuvius …or other named areas could be..
      and Greece is not far..
      I know You can take ferry from Italy to Greece..

  178. Oh man! My darn phone keeps doing that “Awe Snap” reload thingy and I lose my message. Second time today. Sheesh. 😕
    Well I was saying…Rhona, Star48, that must have been truely terrifying hearing a freight train sound. 😱💩 I hope I don’t ever hear that sound coming from below my feet. Yikes.
    The DART project. Holy Shabang! They are going to smash that thing into the meteor? Veer it off its path a bit? Do they have to actually smash into it? Yikes, hope nothing goes wrong with that. I can only imagine the heavens looking down at us saying…”Uhhh🙄…Michael, Gabriel, Raphael… there they go again trying to “fix” things. Oh my. Get somebody down there quick like before they mess up Gods plans.” 😇🤣😉 No wonder we have an invisible force field right?😄

  179. Star48, Rhona. With all of this volcano activity I think we got to be in for some major quake somewhere, like 9 maybe?What do you think? Or absolute major eruption somewhere. Feels like the whole world is moving and shaking. Praying for swarms of 4s instead. 🙏🏻 😇🤗

  180. Star48, regarding the new prediction with the letters “il” in it. When I google areas then a “+ il”, it shows me a lot of different fancy restaurants or stores that are Italian with the letters “il” before the names. Do you know is that common in Italy?

  181. Star 48 I see Jules pisted the link to predictiin that started the whole VA Vatican city thing off .
    Vanuatu is not Va as Eric thought maybe but is VU and VA is Vatican City so we thought yep Italy quake ..Then Eric in a followung post said spirit were now hinting to Greece or Italy .
    so that confirms th VA as Italy ..yes ?
    then that lead to the V prediction from long ago and the co inciding Meteor prediction
    all you missed was confusion ..😁😁😁😊😉
    I will now check your other links .thanks

  182. Star48
    Just read the Brazil weakness in crust link .
    wonder if it is so thin the magnetics could leach more and a meteor could be drawn to that spot like a magnet ..hmmm out there but worth a thought ..Gravitational pull .

    The snow capped mountain to explode ..prediction came to mind when i read this one on lLaima Chile ..thats a watch too now ..

    Im with Jules I hope no pieces ricochet of onto an eath path when the test the interception out …oh dear ..trajectory precision
    would be great .. Im sure it will be fine ..
    strange synchronisticy with meteor coming up again Its way over due ..

    1. Jules104
      I see the coincidences…all the time almost like a .loop or mirrored events..( overlaid?)

  183. Jules 104
    I see it too like time fractals that repeat themselves ..on the circle of time ..carrying same energy only with some tweeks ..changed a little maybe by comciousness or prayer previously but still holding an energy of potential for outcome ..
    good catch ..

  184. Jules 104 Star 48
    Little Elvis and his Mum are flying out of Canberra to Sydney Melbourne then Home to Perth this afternoon my time 30pm flight .
    she seems better to fly after her infection though only 2 days doc said its ok to fly .
    keep goid thoughts .

  185. Star48
    Holy Moly now all we need is Vesuvius Etna
    Mt st Helens or Krakatoa Heaven forbid ..
    this is unprecedented. .All i can say there must be alot of pressure requiring release ..
    Im remiss in adding a flag from singer but its not as much a flag as a chime in on our discussion on Meteors and Brazil .
    This morning in car radio played
    On my way to Brazil ..unusual song to play .
    never heard it before ..
    just letting us knowvhe is in on our convos
    ps Thanks for keeping them in your thoughts .

  186. Rhona, keeping daughter and grandie in prayers for a good flight home. I know all will be well.
    Also I caught this on Dutch last nights update. Around minute 18:00, Dutch says Sinabung has not erupted, as in keep an eye on that. Could that affect Sri Lanka? Here’s that link.

  187. Star48
    Jules 104
    had a thought VA wouldnt be Volcanic Ash would it a huge quake due to massive Volcanic explosion ..
    If Agung or Sinabung blows massivelybthat could trigger Sri Lanka quake from Aceh area .
    just a thought .
    oh dear still swaying to Vatican city though ..

  188. JULES 104
    This is getting Soooo Synchro
    look at the times we were posting ..we were typing about Sinabung etc at the same time to post .there is something in that for sure .

  189. Rhona that’s weird. Synchronicity and now Volcanic ash. Hm.
    Star48, wow that’s unreal with how much is going on around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Though did you notice something’s wrong with that picture…of the volcanic map? No eruptions on our West Coast…that we are aware of anyway. Pretty empty. Maybe the Axial Seamount?
    Hey just thought about this. Pluto, Juno, the stone dinosaur and worshipping the bull, Roman numeral V, Va. Sort of some things in common.

  190. Star48 Jules 104
    Symchronicity to max ..We have a volcanologist on radio explaning Magnetic Pulses coming from granite rock during eruption or before detect eruption .
    centering on Japan ..
    There talking current ring of fire eruptions now
    Its Curtain University Volcanoligist

  191. Star48 Jules 104
    Should have recalled
    1960 Valdivia. 9.6
    Vallenar as mentioned 1922 8.5
    Valparaiso 1930 8.7
    maybe We are all off recently and Chile is a contender .

  192. Jules 104 Star 48
    They are home yay after a 3hrs of the flight across the Great Australian Bite Ocean ..from melbourne to perth ..
    Melbourne is far south of Sydney so when you go West you fly over the southern portion of Australia ..

    1. Rhona2,
      My friend the Scot with the Viking DNA.lives in Melbourne and recently bought a house for holiday in UK…he emigrated to Australia 40 yrs ago.,
      MCALISTER , Ron.,He was born in Orknay Islands.,

      So I know a little..we have been friends since ’75/’76.

  193. Star48
    Thats a good Scots name and a long standing frienship sure he has explained many things of Australia and Scotland to you Star.
    Though im aware you spent time in Scotland too ..
    Happy your familiar with the Bight then and hopefully so much more …Sometimes its easier when a buddy knows the areas you speak of ..though googles pretty handy .lol .😂.

  194. Star48 Jules 104
    Singer just brought in first thing this morning on waking another Mississippi flag .
    The song is one I have never heard ..
    ” I Rode the Mississippi waters “..
    It does of coarse mention in the song how the waters turn Muddy..
    This is the second Flag ..
    blessings ..

  195. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Polar shift caught on film.,,
    ( the guy has a wierd sense of humor)

  196. Star48
    More water it was about the waters running
    and thats the feeling i got flooding …
    sounds odd when we have seen the drying up
    but the emphasis is on Mud like mudslides ..just like lots of mud ..

  197. Star 48
    Popo video is classic …ballistic is a good word for it and a watch for Japan ..There is so much pressure im we have only had nominal ounts of quakes above 4m in last couple of days silence all round a breath .
    The magnetic shift one was enternaining love it was caught that way ..well done to him ..

    1. Star 48
      He is getting good at this ..even using different forms of flags though still the radio ..
      .well done singer

  198. ps didn’t mean deep for Indian Ridge .it was just 8km depth

    Its just what i say because its so deep there
    sorry ..habit ..

  199. Jules 104
    Absolutely he kept showing me that area in my minds eye …
    though he is implying they are going to be swamped this season down in the Delta region New Orleans. .He has brought it up so much it must be going to go from bad to worse ..
    He keeps showing me areas he has been to often in that area ..I will have to check it out he keeps showing me him tromping around there in the past ..
    hugs star sister

  200. Star48 Jules 104
    Yes singer has added to the area of concern and suggested Lake Ponchartrain .He said thats where he spent a lot of time many times
    He also brought through
    “Blue moon Of Kentucky” on radio as i was researching his stomping ground ..
    I have no idea what it implies ..wait c but not surw it ties in with the Nate Hurricaine or not .
    so a watch for Kentuckey

      1. Star48
        Thank you I wasnt sure if it was correct .
        Thanks for confirming he is on target .
        it like implying once in a blue moon for Kentucky to experience whats coming .
        You guys would know best there .
        Side the link for Brazil didnt catch ..i will look it up ..

  201. Jules104 Rhona2

    It has happened again… Brazil..
    Sea disappears..
    I beginning to think it is bulging up!


  202. Star48 Jules 104
    The research along Aleutian Alaska should shed or is shedding some interesting light on the area …it makes sense given the water content up there ..

      1. Star48
        very interesting USGS posted in red .
        could well be a foreshock ..
        im watching closely .

  203. Star48 Jules 104
    Just a comment on how the map is looking
    decidedly Nth Cal ..and Alaska ..
    they are dotting all over the place with quakes .I would like to say swarming but its not exactly ..
    There is precious little anywhere else in the world map at present ..hmm

  204. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Did you ever have that forehead slap moment? I wonder ?

    When I posted about Gran Canary swarm..and the video with the impact of tsunami on all those countries..

    All of a sudden I thought..I wonder if that is the ref to “where the bird sits” (canaries)

    And the largest city is VAlverde (VA). It is an island..

    What do you think? Am I nuts?

  205. Rhona, Star48. I haven’t been able to comment, sorry. Family visiting and a lot going on but I’ve been reading and keeping up with all of your wonderful links and comments. Don’t know what I’d do without them.😳 Anyway, I just had to mention that “Where the bird sits” was my very first thought when I saw Canary Is, which then made me wonder about the “il” prediction. But was that for terrorist attack?
    I haven’t had a chance to watch Dutch either. Oh my.😐
    Keeping watch. Blessings.

    1. Jules104,
      For Dutchsinse week forecast…
      Checkout –comment by Beachut on –10-10-17 post he has written out the entire you do not have to watch video..

      Your and yours is true in my 🙏🏻

  206. jules 104
    Hi Hope all is going well
    Yes we are missing our Jules ..
    but family first .as doctor Phil wouls say.
    Jules i know you cant respond to this question now ..but do you mean il as in Island ?
    so much to keep watch on ..
    The fires have been tragic absolutely blowing our socks off over here ..everyone is talking about it and sending well wishes to our Californian neighbors across the seas ..
    hugs .till your back

  207. Rhona, Star48…thanks for keeping me up to date. My family leaves on Saturday then I’ll be able to hopefully get back on and comment/reply/think straight.😆 🙏🏻

    1. Jules 104
      Hi keeping you in our thoughts ..thanks for touching base ..irs great you had some time with your sister journey home for her and her family…

  208. Star48
    Goid to hear they dont expect Yellowstone to erupt any time soon and its so closely monitored. .The volcano pics from around the world in the article were a bonus ..

  209. Star48, Rhona. I’m back. Schwoee! 🤗 Did you want to pick another thread to comment on? I know you asked earlier Star48, did you have any in mind?

      1. Rhona2,
        Yeap,over there –put info on Ophelia –
        Oh by the way.plstform fire just happened in Louisiana..
        Your going to think I am woohoo.i wonder if grey terrorism?
        See you in Alaska.🎼. north to Alaska.🎶🎶🎶🎶

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