Predictions 4-6-17

“The ocean will bring insecurity, sorrow and threats.”

I had a visual of a ship or boat that capsized, hundreds had died. It was a horrible site.

“There are troubled times coming for the Asian seas. Tensions rise, threats of battle unfold.”

I had a visual of people trying to escape a volcano, but failed to do so.

Afterwards they showed the UK symbol. Perhaps the capsized event takes place around Australia or the UK.  We have this, the bombing, and now what looks like tensions with China. The ocean will become a focal point in the news soon.

In regards to the capsized ship, we are expecting it in the next few days. It falls under the new system of predicting events that are ‘next’.



About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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53 Responses to Predictions 4-6-17

  1. jules104 says:

    Eric could you tell if the capsized boat or ship was a natural or terroristic event? And I can’t find it, but recently you had another post for tourist on a volcano trying to flee so I’m guessing it was related. I believe that may have been in a tropical area. Were you able to pick up on the terrain at all? Thanks

  2. jules104 says:

    This may be the one I was thinking of for volcano predictions. Did this happen yet?
    This more recent one also speaks of a possible volcano eruption in Indonesia area.

  3. Linda Blair says:

    Eric, sounds like war to me. The world’s nation’s are very unstable and it is getting worse by the day. Something big is due to happen.

  4. Sara says:

    Could “the battle” refer to a country besides China? For example, North Korea’s been making threats lately, and it’s possible Japan, South Korea, etc might have to defend themselves.

  5. Pat Fletcher says:

    Could this refer to the UK’s situation with Spain and the EU threatening to take over sovereignty of Gibraltar. the Spanish border guards have also been pointing guns at people trying to get back to the island, very intimidating.

  6. Lisa says:

    Could it be China Eric and the tension in the south china sea. Could this be the war coming soon ?

  7. Luna tic says:

    “Duterte orders troops to occupy South China Sea reefs
    Philippines seeks to assert its claim over disputed Spratly islands, reefs and cays in a move that could provoke rivals”

    “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered troops to occupy and fortify all Philippine-held islands in the disputed South China Sea to assert its claims amid what he says is a race to control territory.” China may not be at all happy about this since they assert sovereignty over most of the islands.

  8. Linda Blair says:

    President XI Jinping is at mira lago with trump for a couple of days…hope trump somehow finds some diplomatic skills in the process…USA does not need another enemy..

  9. oceansintuitivehealingblog says:

    Apparently yesterday they tested a tsunami bomb off the coast of NZ

  10. Casey says:

    In order to strike right now in Syria we have the uss ross and uss porter in the Mediterranean Sea just waiting for the call. The uss porter was recently in close contact with Russian fighter jets. Hopefully our ships are safe!

    • Linda Blair says:

      Just read he is sending in troops next…Casey, you were dead on with your statement

      • Linda Blair says:

        Also, Putin is now upset with the USA for this bombing…seems the Syrian regime was onto this action and removed most of their aircraft before the bombing

      • jules104 says:

        Casey, Linda. They said the US Military gave the Russian Military a warning the tomohawks were coming, knowing they’d warn the Syrians. I could see it really upsetting Putin that he was not in that mix. Then you have the Chinese President and wife sitting down for diner with Trump while at the same time the US is bombing Syria. Now I’m not a psychologist but it seems to me that Putin and the Chinese President are feeling a bit made fools of. That to me will become the bigger issue. Really glad something was finally done though. Oh and let’s not forget Congress didn’t get a say in any of this.

  11. leah815 says:

    US just bombed syria

  12. Nicole says:

    Eric – Could the “U.K. symbol” be referring to the flag the ship was flying (i.e. The country of registration/origin), rather than the geographic location if happens in? If you think this is possible I would take ships registered to Bermuda into account- they register a lot of cruise ships and there is a U.K. Ensign in their flag as well.

  13. Linda Blair says:

    Now it begins. War

  14. Perry says:

    Iceland volcano is ready to blow with a large gathering of tourist watching

  15. Lia says:

    Eric – did you see there was a truck that rammed into a crowd in Stockholm, Sweden, killing 3 & injuring many more? Probably another terrorist attack… but not absolutely sure. Did you predict that? I forget. Peace & prayers to those impacted.

  16. Rob says:

    Tensions in the Asian Oceans to me points directly to military involvement against north korea,

  17. Linda Blair says:

    Yes. The United States will be fully engaged in a world war…this makes me sick

  18. Karen says:

    It isn’t hundreds, I think the count was twenty, not sure if this fits your prediction or not.

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  20. star48 says:

    Eric, SWC,
    Barge capsizes in SFO/Oakland…
    Fuel and oil …spilling..

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