Predictions 4-6-17

“The ocean will bring insecurity, sorrow and threats.”

I had a visual of a ship or boat that capsized, hundreds had died. It was a horrible site.

“There are troubled times coming for the Asian seas. Tensions rise, threats of battle unfold.”

I had a visual of people trying to escape a volcano, but failed to do so.

Afterwards they showed the UK symbol. Perhaps the capsized event takes place around Australia or the UK.  We have this, the bombing, and now what looks like tensions with China. The ocean will become a focal point in the news soon.

In regards to the capsized ship, we are expecting it in the next few days. It falls under the new system of predicting events that are ‘next’.


Philippine Ferry Sinks

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 6-28-15   “In July the ship will capsize.. sink.. around 180.. due to neglect.”

The Facts on July 2nd: MANILA (Reuters) – “A ferry carrying 189 passengers and crew capsized off the central Philippines in heavy waves on Thursday, killing at least 36 people but the majority of those on board were rescued, the coast guard and police said.”  Quoted News:

Ferry Captain Arrested

I believe this horrible tragic ferry capsized relates to this prediction, my heart goes out to the people of Korea,  Seacrest could be a reference to the ‘Sea’ captain who is now being arrested. Ship under attack could be seen as more of the circumstances and scrutiny,  the prediction is not very accurate and has several mistakes.

Notes on 6-10-13

“The Ship is under attack” I saw what looked like a large ship either a cargo ship or battle ship surrounded in smoke.

“R Seacrest is going to jail.. terminator.. terminated” It’s very possible they are using R Seacrest as an example, and has absolutely nothing to do with the person. Perhaps they mean the announcer or Television host is going to jail and then fired soon afterwards. They have used famous people to represent a specific type of individual, or it could be a message in his name ‘See Crest’. On a side note they do not normally do predictions like this, it goes against the grain of the blog to change predictions through awareness, so I am not sure why they presented it.

314 people will pass, — we need to figure out which prediction this goes with.

World Prediction Glossary Reference: Smoke represents destruction or the level of destruction, it does not require a fire, for instance a heavy smoke was used to describe the chemical attacks in Syria.

Quoted News: “The captain of a South Korean ferry carrying 475 passengers that sank on Wednesday, killing 28 and leaving 270 missing, has been arrested, according to a South Korean news agency.”

In other news:

Today the 18th, there was a 7.2 earthquake in Mexico, even though the last prediction on an earthquake pointed to Chile I can’t help but notice the numbers they used ‘1-8’. The Prediction: Notes on 4-6-14  “Chile another one.. hold still.. hold on.. lights out.. that way farther south.. the oreo broken..”  I had a visual of two numbers being pushed 1 – 8.

They implied a fairly major or accurate prediction is about to happen.


Notes on 5-24-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit for May 24th.

Coming next.. The ship in the ocean with disturbing issues is coming soon..  it will taint the water.. not good.. — This message could be referring to a previous message on Notes on 5-9-13 it reads:

From a distance in the air I watched a ship in the ocean engulfed in smoke, smoke billowed out in different directions. It was unclear as to the scope of the fire or damage as the smoke hindered my view.

Smoke could be symbolic to destruction or just smoke. In some ways it sounds like a tanker, and or oil spill. It should be interesting to see if this is the next prediction that unfolds.

Summary of Prediction 45

Prediction 45 Sinking in the European Ocean Posted October 7th Reads: In October, in the European Ocean the sea vessel will capsize or begin to sink, a dyer emergency. Original Post with Notes:

CNN Reported November 2nd:  As many as 130 people may have drowned off the coast of southern Bangladesh after a boat carrying passengers trying to illegally get into Malaysia sank in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladeshi authorities said Thursday. Details have only recently begun to emerge about the sinking, which happened early Sunday (Oct 28th).  Quoted News:

Clearly not in the European Ocean. In the notes there are two references of importance, ‘A red vessel’ and ‘A blinking dot’ which seem symbolic to the red dot of Bangladesh (Flag).

In the world, there were several ships that either capsized or are missing in October. However when we created this prediction they implied there would be large casualties but they made it clear not to call it a ‘ship’.  It was originally written as a boat capsized but that made no sense to me at the time how a ‘boat’ could have such large casualties, so the word vessel was used in its place. It’s for this reason that I have concluded this is prediction 45 however wrong the location is.  My heart sinks to this horrible tragedy.



Prediction 45: Sinking in the European Ocean

In October, in the European Ocean the sea vessel will capsize or begin to sink, a dyer emergency.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • A red vessel floating along then, a red vessel that begin to sink. Red being an emergency. I could not tell what exactly was sinking.
  • A map of Europe around the UK area of the Ocean, a blinking dot.