Summary of Prediction 45

Prediction 45 Sinking in the European Ocean Posted October 7th Reads: In October, in the European Ocean the sea vessel will capsize or begin to sink, a dyer emergency. Original Post with Notes:

CNN Reported November 2nd:  As many as 130 people may have drowned off the coast of southern Bangladesh after a boat carrying passengers trying to illegally get into Malaysia sank in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladeshi authorities said Thursday. Details have only recently begun to emerge about the sinking, which happened early Sunday (Oct 28th).  Quoted News:

Clearly not in the European Ocean. In the notes there are two references of importance, ‘A red vessel’ and ‘A blinking dot’ which seem symbolic to the red dot of Bangladesh (Flag).

In the world, there were several ships that either capsized or are missing in October. However when we created this prediction they implied there would be large casualties but they made it clear not to call it a ‘ship’.  It was originally written as a boat capsized but that made no sense to me at the time how a ‘boat’ could have such large casualties, so the word vessel was used in its place. It’s for this reason that I have concluded this is prediction 45 however wrong the location is.  My heart sinks to this horrible tragedy.



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