Indonesia Volcano Erupts

This Prediction has happened it reads:

Notes on 7-26-13
Here are the Notes from Spirit on July 26th, these are countdown messages of what prediction is expected to unfold very soon.

“Next” I had a visual of an area of land turned to ash, completely destroyed. I then saw a burner raging with a boiling pot bubbling over. My Opinion: Bomb, Horrible Fire, Volcano? All of them fit, and again they are pointing to it and saying this is coming very soon. There was mention of ‘Honduras’ but uncertain if it was related.

The Facts: On 8-10, JAKARTA, Indonesia Gushing hot lava from an erupting volcano killed six people sleeping in a beach village on an eastern Indonesian island on Saturday, after ash and smoke shot up to 1.2 miles into the air, officials said. Quoted News:

Though the location was incomplete, they accurately presented this as their next prediction and one that would be coming “soon”. Next time they use “soon” we can expect a 2 week period. They also mentioned a second prediction that would be coming next or soon:

“An ancient prediction is about to unfold, ‘the leader’, old one, three, three empty plates, look it up, the countdown to zero has almost arrived”

556 thoughts on “Indonesia Volcano Erupts

  1. Rhona2,Jules104,
    I am here …🎶🎶🎶where are you..🎶🎶🎶,where have you gone without me.🎶🎶🎶
    ✔️Ing in..

    1. Star 48
      Never never without you 🎶🎶🎶🎶. We just blazed the trail then awaited your arrival .
      Now we can adventure forward .
      Onward and upward

    1. Wow 60 fires in Sweden alone. It’s not that big is it? Oh I see it says the US is 22 times bigger. That’s a lot of fires for a small area. Yes I agree, poor Sweden. Must be really dry there.

        1. Eric,
          No set number..they can only keep up the number of fires..from 60 to 80 in a few days..
          100 hectares a minute is the term they use..
          One fire was 10,000 acres..
          They have help from Italy, Norway…tankers and water dropping helicopters coming in..
          Very very bad..seeking EU help..
          Drought has made silage to feed animals this winter problematic,now with the fires….it will be brutal.

    2. Star 48
      Oh my goodness and the risk of unexploded
      Ordnance. .Sweden 😨
      ARCTIC at risk 😲
      Unbelievable ..

    1. Star 48
      You made mention on the 16th of the lava tubes subterranean .. connecting Kirishima and sakurajima
      Volcanoes ..
      But not sure of video and haven’t checked current thread .I don’t recall it .

  2. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness Venuatu volcano
    Etna .
    Sorry been at calisthenics all day with grandaugher.
    No phones permitted .
    Those fissure Grand Tenton .😰
    I don’t know I wondered what might be happening while I was not looking .

    1. Star 48
      Thats interesting and even more so that you enjoyed spa – ing there ..happy memories to be sure fore you .. it went up quite a distance .

      1. Star 48
        How lucky you are ..I would have loved to have seen it then .
        A heaven at the time beautiful in nature .

    2. Wow that’s really amazing. I can’t imagine seeing that erupt in that unusual manner. There must have been a lot of pressure being placed on it.
      Oh how nice for you to have been able to go spaing there Star48…and without the tourist!😉

    1. Jules 1o4
      Wow a shifting shore line as well most times .
      But the new Island is just enthralling .
      Natural relics as well like it emerged
      Like on a lift ..phew that just amazing .
      I loved it .
      No I wouldn’t be walking it not with that disposition to change .

  3. Jules104,Rhona2,

    Washington state..slow slip article.

    Most of the year, the offshore Juan de Fuca plate pushes against the North American plate and moves parts of Washington and Vancouver Island to the east. Then, around every 14 months, a series of tremors slides the North American plate back a few millimeters. This year’s tremors moved the eastern portion of the Olympic Peninsula and southern Vancouver Island about 5 millimeters.


    1. Star 48
      Thanks for the green comet news Panter.
      Hopefully she won’t cause any undue problems ..
      Amazing it her first time we know of .

    1. Thanks Star48, did you see Petemedium said it showed up as a 5 at first? Sorry haven’t been on as much. Schools out and these two are keeping me busy.😉

  4. Star48, Rhona…just now 5.6 EQ off Gold Beach, Oregon. Then 4.7, getting some 4.3s now. Odd not sure how many there are.

    1. Jules104, Rhona2,
      Sent you screen shot with listing if swarm of eq’s off Oregon… is starting?

      1. Star 48 Jules 1o4
        Thanks star
        I noticed the first one then checked out Jules Location 69 miles I think from you Jules …
        I hadn’t checked since ..
        So your list sparked a raised eyebrow and a warning of a watch .

      2. Star48, Rhona. Thanks You Two. Was noticing that. Same thoughts. Not too far away. I am leaving for dental appointment😲😬😐…hopefully a calm peaceful no bumps day!🙏🏻🌟😇

        1. Jules104,
          Niot to much novacane…okay? Just in case…do nit want you zoning out!😜🙃

  5. Jules 104
    Did you say ouch ? Open wide …brrr
    All good ..your free to go home work required ..
    Dont we wish …thinking of you ..😆😷

    1. Star48
      Now thats got to be scary ..those poor Russian Siberians. .
      I cant imagine how that would feel .I’m hoping they get an explaination soon .
      Wish we knew too .
      The club color is like tropical storm color in some storms ..but it wasn’t a storm .😨😲😞

    2. Star48, Rhona. I found it interesting what some of the residents were saying. That the US picked up on their satellite, a light flash followed by an increase in radioactivity and an unusual movement with the military. (Something like that) Anyway I’m wondering if the Russian Military decided to test something thinking the fires would cover up what they were doing. Or something caught on fire and exploded releasing some type of gaseous cloud. Seems shady to me.

    1. Star 48 Jules 1o4
      Noo star that’s sounds like movement of some sort is about to occur somewhere ..
      Hope all are prepared.
      Side note
      Spent two hours during a storm last night trying to secure our side gate and fence that was trying to do a wizard of Oz .
      Son and I were drenched and had to look for fixtures to batten down the hatches in the dark
      Power was coming in and out
      I felt like Claire on board ship..
      I was singing sea shanty songs haha .
      Quality time with son ..we finished at 12.30am
      Other son working hubby away.
      I said to singer don’t dare call me singer .
      How IS this singer is chimming in with
      ” The Last Fairwell” song haha ha ..Elvis is singing it on radio as I type
      A ship sails in the harbor for England she sails 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶lalala ..cheeky singer ..

      1. Rhona2,
        Rip roaring…oh my….
        Glad you are 😌 …okay…
        Singing sea shanties…⚓️You need plenty of grog for that!🍺
        Take care…

      2. Rhona oh my gosh you are so funny! 😂 I’m picturing it all in my head with cheeky Singer piping in. 😎 I sure hope all is well and safe now and no more storms heading your way. 😇

    2. Oh my Star48, had to read that a couple times. 😆 Thanks for the link. It’s amazing what they can do with science these days.

    1. Star 48
      Well its certainly good he only injured himself …serves him right if he is in pain its his doing
      I’m not sorry for saying it either .I’m fed up with them trying to hurt others .
      Thanks for link

      1. Eric,,
        China wiping info
        It is hard to get accurate picture..

        First Embassy says bomb..china says firecracker..when that did not fly..

        Man from Inner Mongolia..(26 yrs old) injured taken to hospital.
        No info..

        News about the explosion was quickly censored on Chinese social media, and within hours most mentions of the explosion were wiped clean from WeChat and Weibo.

  6. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Star thanks for volcano report
    Noting Ebeko Russia code orange and Sabancaya Peru a watch .
    Indonesia is a hot pot as usual .

    1. Thanks Star48, that video with color chart is amazing. Definite change with reds and orange and no blue! Really speaks volumes.

    1. Wow Star48. That’s crazy. It makes me wonder about all the sand they bring back in to fix the beaches after hurricanes. Maybe not such a great idea? They seem to be literally trying to hold back the tide! And we know who’s going to eventually win that battle right?

    1. That is like someone’s worse nightmare. I can’t even imagine falling into that crater or it opening up near my home. Yikes!

  7. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Wow the N Carolina cliff appearing from erosion .we had the same thing happen here a couple of year back at Quinns Beach gone was the tree that stood there for years upon years the car park disapeared was aweful ..
    They put in a groin with rocks and back filled with sand . But yes the shore line changed for ever .
    And it was sad to see .
    Lakes disappearing are a real worry ..
    Oh my goodness hope it doent happen up near you Star ..big lake though isn’t it? ..huge really.
    Yes my bones told me thanks Jules I would have missed it been a bit preoccupied of late .
    Yes and no the this quakes in Indonesia are on the same stretch of Island almost Inna line from each other only 40okm there about apart feeling more to come from there ..soon .
    Hope not.

  8. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Just to reiterate .
    Fiji had two deep quakes one at 10.58utc
    One at 19.44utc .
    Wow both around 500km deep .
    Not unusual for Fiji just the time is closer than usual .

    1. Thanks Rhona. That Is a watch. Also on the latest dutch forecast from Sunday pm I added to other thread, I remember him mentioning that AU should be getting hit this week I believe in the center somewhere, not big but just an FYI for you.🙏🏻🤗

  9. Star48, Rhona…sending prayers for safety to all of the people who are caught in the wildfires and praying for all of the fire fighters in CA and S OR.
    Star how is your brother doing? As far as I see he’s further south but I know they will all be helping one another out there. Will be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏻

    1. Star48, thanks for the update. Villarica Volcano in Chili is a watch it sounds like for sure. That area looks really beautiful, hope it stays calm there.

    1. Wow! That would have been terrifying. I know the officials say it’s caused by the clay soil and heavy rains, but it makes me wonder still.

    1. AyYiyi Star48! I’m watching that…but sad to say it doesn’t seem like people are aware or paying any attention here. 😕

    1. Hey Star48, What?😯 I hope your surgery went well. How are you doing now? Sending healing prayers for you🙏🏻💗🌟
      Also on the dutchsinse update I recently added on main thread today, he mentioned being curious that low of an EQ would be felt by so many people (4,000) and showed where most of the EQs detected for that one were about 4.5, so he thought a downgrade. Makes me wonder.🤔

      1. Jules104,
        Had cataract surgery on my right eye👁 To see long distance..
        I can legally drive now..hurrah..however , I have to wait until license renewed..
        Next surgery around 13 August? Second eye..👁Will see close..( to read)
        So it will as close to my 20/20 regular vision that can be done..
        ( just call me one

  10. Star48, I’d never have guessed with all the updates and news info, links etc you bring to Eric’s blog that you were having any issues with our vision. Sheesh you are very dedicated and I appreciate you that much more! I don’t know how you do it. The ink must run through your veins due to your family’s history with journalism!😉. Well I’ll be saying prayers for you on your next surgery date of the 13th and sending healing energy your way for a total recovery of 20/20 vision 🙏🏻👀🙌🏻🙌🏻 Blessings and take care not to do too much while inbetween surgeries and recovering. 😇💗🤗😎

    1. Star 48 Jules 1o4
      Your welcome Star We are very lucky in this day and age to have such surgery ..
      The algae in a Baltic never seen anything like it .strange enough though hopefully it will cause no concern ..or lastingvl illnl effect ..
      Side note sister has finished he chemo .
      All seems well .me will know more soon
      After first scan .
      Blessings you two

  11. Star48 Jules 104
    Just had another flag for San Francisco ..thats two flags from singer .
    I put one on thread about quakes Eric posted .

  12. Star48 Jules 104
    Yes I put it on
    Destructive earthquake coming thread ..
    30th July posting it is .
    So yes 2 for San Francisco. .
    I meant to add first one here but must have thought I did 😆

  13. Jules104,Rhona2
    Ecuador 🇪🇨
    Volcano Cayambe…
    Erupts after over 200 yrs…
    Found visuals yet.,will wait to post when there is visual..

    1. Star48, I still can’t find anything on Cayambe for the eruption, pics wise. Is that unusual do you know? Dutch said yesterday that Smithsonian had blocked him from info which seems really strange.

  14. Star48, Rhona. Just an update on PNSN tremors map. Remember to scroll through the hours up top. Biggish swarm around Olympia, WA. I think it moved down from Vancouver, BC recently. I wish they included CA on this map.
    I hope you are healing nicely Star48 and getting ready for your “Super Hero Vision!”😎👀

    1. Star48, the foul smelling odor would seem to be out gassing…but then watch the video attached.
      So now I’m wondering what the black fluid is that fell from above onto the ladies car during that whole foul odor episode. Seems a bit strange to me.

      1. Jules104,
        I am familiar with that tar like substance…microscopic as well as between my toes while walking on the beach…it happened before oil and gas off the coast..
        It is a natural part if there could be outgassing..
        I still say it is seismic..due to the faults off that area…and the amount if activity..
        San Clemente Island etc..

    2. Star48, thanks for the info and explanation. It seems very likely that it is due to seismic activities off the coast then. 👍🏻

    1. Star48, where have we heard that before?😆 Dutch has been talking about this for awhile now. I can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. Thanks for the link.

    1. Star48, How can we be sure it was actually a meteor? I know they are saying that, but I’m curious. How far out did JPL track this I wonder? Hopefully nothing more sinister.

  15. Rhona 2,Jules 104,

    I do not know what thread to put this on?
    Duane Feinstein….had Chinese spy working for her.

    SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – New details emerged Wednesday about how a mole for the government of communist China managed to stay by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s side for nearly 20 years.

    It happened five years ago, but additional information is just surfacing about how the Bay Area senator’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy.

    1. Star48, yes this and the spy in the Embassy in Moscow is very concerning. I’d venture to say we will be seeing more of the same who have infiltrated our government in one way or another in the near future. The dark is getting pushed out and exposed by the light I feel.

  16. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Just an observation seems last few days
    HAWAII seems to be settling somewhat .
    Hope the fires are at bay or at least not raging so much star how is going ?
    Blessings you two

  17. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I felt this one sitting at my table outside reading outlander ..the book was humming or buzzing ..
    I checked for unknown vibrations everywhere and could find a source .my hand kept buzzing on when placed on the book .
    Now I know why
    A 6.8 m had just struck Indonesia
    Hmm hope that’s it .

    1. Rhona hope all is well there in Australia for everyone. I remember you mentioning the buzzing that occurs for you prior to EQs. You sure got more than you bargained for when you began your Outlander book! (I’m thinking buzzing prior to going through the stones.) Oh wow though…Glad no tsunamis for you. Do we know if Indonesia received any yet? Thanks for the info. 😇 Praying sending love and light to them all.❤️🙏🏻🌟

      1. Jules104,Rhona2,
        Tsunami was 6 ”
        Dwikorita Karnawati, head of Indonesia’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, told MetroTV that the tsunami warning has ended, adding that the warning was for the lowest level of tsunami, and that small waves just 6 inches high were detected in three villages.

  18. Star48 Jules 104
    There is a reporting time error on link ..
    It says 1246 Local time ..not correct ..
    Thats utc time ..
    It only happened just over an hour ago approximately 8pm local time Bali is on same time as Perth .

  19. Star48 Jules 104
    Thanks for updates Star 48 goid to read with morning cuppa..
    Have relatives in Bali I’m sure they are safe..
    Its always a given someone you know is there its just so popular in Australia and really cheap to fly there …
    Yes hahaha Jules I thought about the stones and thought be careful Rhona that buzzing could be nasty …singer didn’t appear so im safe lol …

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Just recieved 3rd Flag from singer in the form of California Dreaming …won’t be long .
      I’m thinking it is san Francisco area ..will ask for confirmation though .


    1. Wow that’s horrible. I was remembering that hurricane predication also Star48. Doesn’t seem good. Sending light and love to that area. 🌟❤️

    1. Thanks for the updates Star48. Fuego definetly needs watching. Happy to hear they are evacuating emergency personal and others.
      Hope your eye check up went smoothly so onto the next one now. Praying for good outcomes.🙏🏻

    1. Those poor zoo animals that lost their lives…and the people who were hit and injured too. That is some major hail falling out of the sky. Softball sized yikes! Praying everyone’s safe at home now and they find the meerkat underground safe. 🙏🏻

  20. Star48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness unbelievable those hail stones in Colorado ..
    GUATAMALA volcano for sure they need to keep an eye on that one ..
    Vexing to see the results of the algae on the wildlife ..

    1. Star 48
      Oh good grief they are under natural disaster attack heartbreaking for all of them to have to face this typhoon now ..light and love to Japan and may they be free of earthquake disaster..may mother earth be calm under their feet ..

    1. Star48
      Wow that’s probably a good way to do it but wow exteme measure ..They must feel its Warrented good Luck .
      Bombing the fires

  21. Rhona2,Jules104,
    A large amount of 5 ‘s & plus magnitudes cropping up…
    Last time it preceded a large Eq..

  22. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Glacial outburst flood from Vatnajökull largest on record, Iceland
    A glacial outburst flood began at Vatnajökull on August 3 and quickly became the largest on record. The flood peaked on August 4 at 1 400 m3/s and the flow restored to normal on August 9, according to Icelandic Met Office.

    The flood delivered 500 gigaliters (500 billion liters/132 billion gallons) of water to the ocean, IMO said.

    The second largest Skaftárhlaup outburst flood was in 2015, with 425 gigaliters.

  23. Star48
    Thank you so much for all the updates .
    Yes and I too think too many 5m quakes .
    We even hadca 4+ mag here in Norman WA
    Just a few hundred k from Perth a couple of days ago ..Dutch picked up on it .

  24. Star48, Rhona… have to do catch up. Grandsons birthday today. Been too busy. Thanks for all the updates and links Star48. 🤗😊

    1. Star48
      I know it was an aweful scene the cows .
      We are having a national fun raiser for our farmers ..The Government has given a reasonable amount but more is needed .

    1. Star48
      Oh no this is not looking good magma on the move exploiting from Karla may relate to Erics prediction a while back of ice cap volcano ..I will look see ..has that prediction happened ..
      I remember Bardarbunga but I think there was another a little later predicted too.

    1. Star48
      Like oh my goodness get out a that hoke you guys it wouldn’t be me standing on there for a photo ..
      Oh my there it is scary evidence of changes theses volcanos are causing ..

    1. Star48
      What’s with all these sink holes can’t even going shopping anymore and expect to park safe…I hate sink holes they are insipid creepy events ..and there is definitely a trend .

  25. Rhona2,Jules104,
    (Attacks starting?) ???
    Plane taken from Seattle/Tacoma airport …(Alaskian Airlines)
    2 military jets pursued…the Alaskian airplane did a loop to loop.
    Than there was a puff of smoke in the air..
    ( see pictures)
    An unauthorized person reportedly took control of a jet Friday evening and took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Waqshington state, though authorities have not yet confirmed the reports.

  26. Star48 Jules 104
    Wow 240cubic miles of magma is certainly topping things up ..she really is a worry at times …
    Thanks for article on plane ending up in trees on island least the loop part fits .lol .

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Oh wow holy water thats just nasty ..what next ?
      I’m not sure what’s going on in North Alaska but it is a sizable swarm ..makes me nervous about where the resonance will occur ..
      Not seen it like that up there .

  27. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Singer reminded me today of his song flags for the song North to Alaska …I guess that’s a tick for him..yes ..good call .. I believe ..

    1. Jules 1o4
      Love it sooo true and makes perfect sense
      I thought there was an article a while back that says science thinks maybe the cor is plasma .but it may have been an article dutch posted .
      Anyway all seems true in what he is saying .

    1. Star48, Rhona did you catch it? “This near Earth object belongs to the “Apollo” group of asteroids.” Could that be Eric’s Apollo prediction?

    1. Rhona, Star…I was trying to figure out the antipode yesterday for N Alaska but it kept telling me it didn’t know the location I was entering.😳 Glad you found it Rhona. And I just saw that South Sandwhich pop up. Thought it odd. Now it makes more sense!😉

      1. Jules 1o4
        I KNOW I struggled to get it too ..
        But it came up on a different site that was hard to navigate .I’m pretty sure it’s right actually came up soth west of sandwich Isles but close enough I think .

    1. Okay I’m guessing they mean 11,000 feet and not 11 feet.🤔 Sliding into the Mediterranean isn’t good though either with potential tsunamis and land slides. Wow wouldn’t have wanted to be climbing that while it’s erupting!

    1. Wow every 25 minutes? Yes Dutch predicted something right there. He mentions N Alaska swarms…I wish we knew what was going on up in N Alaska.🤓

  28. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I see Aguana CA is having a small swarm .
    This could be significant . A WATCH .
    Those poor mountaineers on Etna. .that would be a surprise but hey its a volcano guys .
    Krakatoa dutch was talking about that on his last update and yep warned of a quake as the standing waves as he puts it now comes from both directions indonesia southeast and west along the island ..

      1. Jules104,
        The Indian reservations are out there..gambling,resort type.
        Also the city is between
        In the middle
        Vineyards and Palm Springs…not good …

  29. Star48, Rhona. Thanks for info on Aguanga, probably why I’ve not heard of it. Rhona no worries on misspelling and thanks for correction. Oh my made me think of akuna ma tata from Lion King. 😉🦁 There’s definetly a swarm going on there though.

  30. Star48, Rhona. Is the Aguanga, the same area in the Inland Empire that had a 4.4 EQ yesterday? I had missed that. Must be why it is so actively swarming I think.

    1. Jules104,
      Yes, the inland empire..and remember the Eq was very shallow..under 2 km I think..
      It is the watch zone..for a big one..

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      JURIAN Bay hmm lots of tourists up there and locals from Perth for vacation .
      It isn’t far from Geralton that has had quakes off coast in past ..but both areas are rare ..
      Not sure about this its a watch not an area of regular movement ..
      Only about 370k from Perth ..
      Geralton itself is well populated ..quite a small city ..

      1. Eric it was off the coast 50 km south of the volcano. Fairly remote area, so I don’t think so. And no tsunami that I’m aware of.

  31. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Storms updates..
    Many formed on same day!
    Active tropical storms:::

    Name of storm system Location Formed Last update Category Speed Wind Gust Course Wave Wave Source Details

    Rumbia (21W) Pacific Ocean August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 04:22 PM Tropical Storm 24 km/h 65 km/h 83 km/h 320 ° 3 meters N/A JTWC

    Lane (EP14) Pacific Ocean – East August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 04:21 PM Tropical Storm 22 km/h 65 km/h 83 km/h 265 ° 3 meters 1006 hpa JTWC

    Ernesto (AL05) Atlantic Ocean August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 04:28 PM Tropical Depression 19 km/h 56 km/h 74 km/h 10 ° 6 meters 1008 hpa JTWC

    22W Pacific Ocean August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 04:25 PM 13 km/h 602 km/h 46 km/h 0 ° 2 meters 35 hpa JTWC

    Bebinca (20W) Pacific Ocean August 12 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 04:26 PM Tropical Storm 11 km/h 65 km/h 83 km/h 270 ° 3 meters N/A JTWC

    Leepi (19W) Pacific Ocean August 11 2018 12:00 AM August 15 2018 02:07 PM Tropical Depression

      1. Star48 Jules 104
        Wow on Japans web it was saying
        One was 6.4 at 12km and the other
        6m at 2km .
        Thats a worry ..and a watch ..

  32. Jules 1o4 star 48
    ITALY as well thanks for the updates .
    The deep one 4.4 japan ouch thats not to be ignored .
    I’m hedging the Aluesians one aided these ones for Japan .
    I’m just catching up on overnight activities with my morning cuppa .

    1. Wow! No more fishing for a while there. It’s pretty amazing how the Earth is shifting underneath us. That must be so devastating for the people who live right there though. I hope it doesn’t take too long before it comes back.

    1. Interesting map view. Odd how it makes a turn there. Hope it doesn’t get any larger. I am wondering if it could pick up again after it goes over the land.

    1. Oh my that poor child who lept from the balcony. They must just be on edge there with all the quakes happening. I don’t blame them. I hope the worst of it is over.

    1. Rhona, Star48. Yes that’s going to be a watch. Pretty high magnitude with that depth could cause a lot of problems. Thanks for info.

    1. Rhona2,
      Too deep for tsunami..I am concerned how big it is for the depth..
      That means the shallow one to come will be great?

    2. Oh glad to hear no tsunami Rhona. Though I hope the worst is not yet to come. Praying for Indonesia area. 🙏🏻🌟❤️

  33. Jules 1o4 star 48
    Yes aware too deep for tsunami
    Just adding what report said ..
    I too am concerned what the depth will bring
    DUTCH always says to expect 2m at least higher when depth over 200km..
    Guess we are looking at 8+mag may even shift over and up to Padang area or even up toward philippines could be Indian ocean ..
    I just woke at 2am to Dean Martin playing Volare..
    So more for Italy ..though that is expected I believe ..
    Ok back to 😴😴😴😴😴

    1. Rhona that’s horrible. Those poor people. It almost looks like a tsunami hit them. Praying for relief from the rains and that compassion from others comes in the way of prayers and boat and plane loads of necessities they may be needing. They certainly are going to need a lot of help now and in the days ahead. Thank you for the update.

      1. Jules 1o4 star 48
        Jules yes it makes me wonder if India /
        Ocean prediction was a flood and not a tsunami but Eric did say Australia would be affected ..or is there a mixed message and Australia is affected by 8+quake and tsunami from Indonesia given the last deep quake there..
        I just thought the same the 6s are up at the moment now with Costa Rica ..

      1. Rhona we got that one earlier. Think that’s where it began. Take a look at the EQ feeds for the last two hours. Just phenomenal with the depths and magnitudes.
        Need to keep watch for Indonesia and NZ and E AU I think. Could have numerous affects all over though. Eric mentioned the 20th for large EQ. Not sure where…

  34. Srar 48 Jules 1o4
    I KNOW I thought the same so many
    I’m just glad that 8. 2 was not shallow though who knows what thats going to create if dutches teachings applied ..another shallow one 2m higher possible travelling down to NZ
    Or west Indonesia or PNW
    Hope not Australia ..

      1. Hi Eric
        Great to hear your all well ..
        Yes singer came in with South Pacific
        Fiji Area but he implied or backed it with
        Japan large one
        When I get more I will post .
        I actually got the buzzing in my body in my tail bone all night before fiji 8.2m
        It left after quake occured ..its usually my feet but as this is going to resound east and west the middle of my body makes sense now ..
        Lombok is Bali Hi flag I had from him
        I’m on look out now for India / indian ocean will let you know when singer chimes in ..

      1. Oh that’s great to hear Eric!🤗
        Also the only one I can think of would be Rhona and her Spirit Guide “Singer” who perhaps had a heads up for this area. But I can’t remember exactly and it’s night time for her. Perhaps she will be able to weigh in when she wakes…😴😉

  35. Srar 48 Jules 1o4 Eric
    Yes Yes I’m a little more awake now
    And remembering I did post Singer message on thread for San Francisco .
    Also I recieved an early hour of the morn a wake up from him about Italy ..
    At one stages many were coming in now I understand it it 2as because this 8. 3 in Fiji can resound almost anywhere in Pacific ..
    Will keep you posted I feel I will hear from him soon ..
    Stay safe all

    1. Jules 1o4 star 48
      Yes I am concerned the Indian Ocean Tsunami maybe next ..
      “Indonesia hit hard ” the predictiin says
      That could be what’s happening in Lombok now and is a precursory event flag ..
      Im sure I will get something of a warning from singer ..
      The 3oth maybe dated in prediction is within time frame of resonant quakes from fiji and Lombok ..
      The 11 in the prediction is just plain scary ..
      I hope its the hour or if you go 11 days from fiji
      8.2m its the 3oth …maybe that’s it ..
      Prayers love and light its not a mag though that would be unimaginable ..
      Couldnt be 😨😲😰
      No won’t believe it’s a magnitude ..its got to be days numbered from Fiji ..
      Stay safe

      1. Rhona that’s strange how you mention the 30th date and number 11. I was thinking the 30th as a date also but was trying to add the number 15 from one of those predictions. I was like, that doesn’t end up on the 30th though. But same concept as what you were doing. I’d not thought of the number 11 in that way. I always think of it as like the atomic clock numbers or months or something. Yours makes sense though.

        1. Jules104,Rhona2,
          Countdown from event…yes, that makes sense..
          Okay 👌 sounds like we are in syncs now.👯

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Hahaha they will be loving it over there most skiers anyway …Its always freezing in Victoria in winter ..Melbourne and Canberra burrrrr.
      I’m amazed at the picks thats just over the top just shows how weather patterns are changing or cycling happy here in sunnyvwest Australia

    2. Star48, Rhona…that’s just so crazy! Can’t believe all that hail and snow in AU. CO would get hail that covered the ground and looked like snow every now and then but I’ve never seen a foot of it!😱

  36. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Heard Volcano
    Likely new eruption at Heard Island volcano, Indonesia
    It seems very likely that a new eruption has been taking place at the remote volcano. Since mid-June, and in particular during the second half of July, a moderate to strong thermal anomaly has been present at the volcano’s summit, Volcano Discovery reported.

    The nature of this activity is unknown: it could be from strombolian activity, a small lava lake, and/or new lava flows (although a quick browse through satellite images did not show dark spots that would be expected in case of lava flows).

  37. Jules 1o4 star 48
    oh sorry Jules …
    😆 💖 didn’t read it properly then .
    Ok yes Star 48 Heard Island off West Australia coast …but its active again and that’s a notable point . Thank you

  38. Jules104,Rhona2,
    17 eq’s close or over 5.0 so far today..
    Looks like another great one is coming..

  39. Jules104,Rhona2,

    A powerful earthquake has rocked the Carribean and South America, as the first images of the devastation begin to emerge.

    A tremor has shaken eastern Venezuela through to Colombia and Trinidad, causing buildings to be evacuated in Caracas and Bogata.

    Cars have been flattened by collapsing walls, supermarket shelves have been completely wiped out and gaping holes in the ground have begun to emerge in Trinidad.

    1. Thanks Star48. I noticed Columbia had earthquake warnings, glad of that. I wish we had earthquake warnings here on the West Coast. Praying everyone is safe. 🙏🏻🌟

  40. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Oh dear I commented but it diappeared .
    So will do again .
    7.3m they say now concerned as it is coming in at 112km deep on some feeds.
    Such damage and wide spread felt .
    6.7m in venuatu as well.
    Got an Italy flag again last night that 2 …
    Whether a 2 or 3 flagger its going to happen anyway ..
    Also had a buzz in base of spine last night again so a big week ahead ..
    West coast USA has been quiet a watch there .
    Blessings all ..

    1. Rhona2,
      All the lights are lined up
      So yes, the eq’s will be big…the plates are unstable…
      Here is some info coming in from Venezuela…pictures etc..

      Still developing…reports just coming in..lots of damage will probably be reported…
      Keep strong..

    2. Thanks for heads up on Italy Rhona. I’ve been wondering about the US West Coast also. I agree it’s been too quiet.

    1. Star 48 Jules 1o4
      Ok thats some speed hope it just whizzes on by ..
      Not kernbom the thought of that
      Side note Japan just came through
      SUKIYAKI singer says one flag so must be
      This next day or two .

    2. Star 48 Jules 1o4
      Ok thats some speed hope it just whizzes on by ..
      Not keen on the thought of that
      Side note Japan just came through
      SUKIYAKI singer says one flag so must be
      This next day or two .

  41. Jules 1o4 star 48
    I have been looking this morning and yes your right there are 5+ quakes all over the place .
    Makes me hope the pressure has been spread out ..we can hops for nothing greater.
    Kansas 😨 I got that one from singer last night
    So was surprised to see it posted ..hmm maybe more in that direction too.
    Stay safe anything could occur ..

  42. Star48, Rhona… Sumatra, Fiji, Aleutian Islands…too much going on. I feel like a plate is going to break somewhere. 🙏🏻

    1. Star48 I did notice that. Lots of activity at the volcanic areas. I’d not be surprised if we get a large unexpected eruption somewhere.😯

    1. Star48 Jules 104
      Oh what a week..
      6.3m in Tanga volcano thank you for your update
      Now Hawaii with hurricane ..the planet is really
      Active …all we can do is watch and send love and light to her ..
      Keep safe you two .

  43. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Oh goodness
    Kansas City Kansas City here I come is blaring from the radio .
    I take this as 2nd flag from singer for Kansas .
    I’m a little surprised as its not the usual to play this type of song twice on this station we have here ..
    Not sure if its a 3 flagger to come but two will do me as a heads up

  44. Star 48 Jules 1o4
    Cherokee nation has just played ..
    Thats the Indian Ocean flag I have been eating for ..
    Singer actually told me a couple of days ago that song would be the flag when I heard it play
    So I’m watching more intently now for the Indian Ocean quake

    1. Rhona thanks for the heads up. My first thought when I heard Cherokee Nation was Oklahoma.🤔 I had to look it up to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. I know Singer has given you a specific song that is a flag for Indian Ocean though, so I’m on watch for that area.🙏🏻

    1. Wow karstic soil and large underground caverns…?! It says it’s happened before as recent as six years ago. I can’t imagine the issues it will cause for the people who depend on that lagoon. I’m sure a lot of them can’t just pack up and move either. Though that’s what I’d want to do if I lived in that area.
      This does make you wonder what’s going on with the plates below too.

  45. Star48 Jules104
    Unbelievable the amount of sinkholes and the drainage of that lagoon is scary for locals ..
    It just keeps happening .

    1. Rhona, Star48… just caught your updates you two. Wow okay that’s not good. I’m a bit worried for possible larger EQ off shore causing a tsunami now for them there. I recall the old prediction for the Oreo broken. Is that the triple junction area? Or a bit north and west of that spot, like dutch says to look. I’ll research. 🙏🏻

    1. AP…(Associate Press) about Etna..
      Mount Etna volcano roars into action with ash and lava

      1 hour ago Link copied!
      ROME (AP) — Mount Etna in Sicily has roared back into spectacular volcanic action, sending up plumes of ash and spewing lava.

      Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) says that the volcano, which initially “re-awoke” in late July, sprang into fuller action Thursday evening by shooting up chunks of flaming lava as high as 150 meters (500 feet) almost constantly.

      On Friday, INGV said the action was continuing, feeding ash plumes several hundred meters (yards) into the air above the crater.

      No evacuations of towns on Etna’s slopes were reported.

      Sicilians farm on the fertile soils of the slopes of Etna. The volcano is also a popular destination for hikers on the Mediterranean island.

      1. Star48, I was actually thinking about that old Edgar Cayce channeling when I saw Mt Etna.
        Now his reading makes more sense considering what we are learning about how all of the plates interact.