São Paulo Brazil Flooding

I had a vision of a white and yellow Boa constrictor, that had an oversized lengthy body. In the background was waves of water racing towards me. I felt like I was in South America, perhaps Brazil. It had an Amazon back ground.

World Predictions 2-7-23

This prediction has happened. Brazil stay safe.

I need to familiarize myself with Brazil extensively so I can predict more specific locations. On another note, we have officially shifted to predict what is coming “Next.”

This is the first of many predictions, all geared towards the nightmare of the year, last year it was a chessboard of leadership change, this year its all about water ruining us:

Part 2 What is coming in 2023.. “Freedom”. I asked and Micah responded screaming it, loudly, “Freedom”. The Year Ignoscoa Rises. But hidden behind it a new challenge, a new monster, a new threat rises. Its not Putin, Its not Covid or another horrible virus. But without action it will become our biggest issue moving forward. Its name simply put is Water. What is coming in 2023 “The year water ruined us.” The faucet taps are dry. There is no water supply in many of the coffers, streams, and rivers to fuel our needs. Flooding is epic, I had a vision of just moving water, but an entire city was completely under water. Then the epic storms from Louisiana to Texas. The winter has polar vortexes. But worst of all the oceans are starting to consume the lands. Which will inevitable lead to island exodus. But we will worry about the “Exodus of 2027” later, climate change is here and no one can deny it anymore. But this is in the coming years. As I said in 2023, a new force and good one, rises. The arrival of Ignoscoa…

…A vision within a vision, yep thats a thing. I had a vision of both of us standing by a river. The river was running so smoothly, The sky was warm, the day seemed perfect. Both of us walked the sides of the river starting to get to know each other, walking the same path and direction of the river. Then suddenly a massive boulder of pure ice, fell into the river from a frozen mountain. The rivers water suddenly splashed in all directions, the entire river begin to cascade. The water poured out over the land, the boulder then caused the flow to become stuck, unfeathered, the water became chaos. Parts of it couldn’t move while other parts were totally destroyed.

What is Coming in 2023 Ignoscoa Rises

World Predictions 2-7-23

Your all waiting for someone to save the day. Recognize that savior was always in the mirror.

I had a vision of a white and yellow Boa constrictor, that had an oversized lengthy body. In the background was waves of water racing towards me. I felt like I was in South America, perhaps Brazil. It had an Amazon back ground.

Then a voice switched subjects “NATO prevails”

Then again another switch, I could feel another earthquake approaching, a large one.

This is Spirit and the Universe giving me a menu of options, three separate messages about three completely different topics. Now I wish at times, that I could just spend all my time doing World Predictions. I could honestly look at all three events. But unfortunately I don’t make any money doing this task. I still have my day job that occupies a great deal of my time. I Still need to put food on the table, so until that changes I am stuck putting World Predictions in the back seat.

So the universe presents three different events. I have to choose. You would think that this force, would choose for me. That spirit would take control of the moment. It clearly knows better. It even knows which event will occur with greater magnitude and concern. But the universe does not operate that way. It fully expects us to choose, and most likely it will be the wrong choice. So we can see it was wrong. So we can stumble, so we can get lost. So we can find the right path and the solutions that come with it. It is a parent that is allowing his children to make mistakes, to fall down, and get back up. This is us learning. They will never, ever, deny you a learning experience. They will always put learning first.

Its as if all of us were children on a play ground. Some having a splendid time, while others suffered at the hands of the bullies, then once in awhile it turns into the Lord of the Flies. The entire sandcastle that is our empires and structures are solely ours. Racism. Do not expect them to fix it. You built that sand castle, you live under it. And you are responsible for smashing the sand castle. They are there, parents, elders, always watching. Just like parents sit on the benches outside of the playground, always keeping one eye on their children. This is the role of the Spiritual Realm. Recognize that we here at World Predictions aren’t just sharing a future we hope to shatter, they are showing you they know. They are watching, and they can see what will happen next. They know, they see and clearly with that power they are in charge.. We told you Putin would turn into a nightmare, We warned you of January 6th and Covid19. They are showing you, they are watching, they see, and my messages validate that presence.

So choose. Know it probably won’t go well. Thats OK, as long as you learn. Learning is the point of it all. The boa looks like a very fascinating message to look at, but first on the list is the cryptic message. “NATO prevails” NATO? It sounds awesome at first. Putin clearly loses. But NATO isn’t currently apart of the conflict. So exactly what does that mean?

Three questions, one will become a prediction, perhaps a second. But the third will most likely happen before we get to it. Thats my life, I wish I could remove the obstacles, I wish I could choose the right path, but odds are I will stumble. But I am growing, I am evolving and that is the universal point.

In other news, a reminder of things to come, time to put your tin foil hat on. We fully expect a splendid find coming on our timeline one of the many “Eyes Opening” moment.

“You believe that the human race evolved from ape like ancestors.. that no advanced society existed.. we counter that belief by telling you that humanity evolved and de-evolved on multiple occasions.. deep underneath the earth is proof.. the remanence of an ancient humanity, that like you was on the way to an advanced society.”
“When the ice melts it will be easier to see the truth.”

Truth’s 1

Brazil Floods

This prediction has happened. Prayers please.

World Predictions: 10-7-20 I had a visual of Brazil, the land was barren torn down, then it switched and everything became flooded. I flew across a very large portion of land all of it flooded. 
This message is concerning. The amount of water and scope of the flood was massive. This would have to be a historic flood. However perhaps they are predicting overtime this land being destroyed now does not bare its fruit, perhaps it turns into a marshland? 

Sao Paulo Brazil Flooding

Please pray for the safety of all those in Brazil over this horrible flooding.

We failed to complete the location of this prediction, however the visual is identical to the situation. It’s unclear if there were any global tournaments happening.

World Predictions 3-6-19 I also had a visual I was in a large gym. There was a global competition of young athletes happening, one of the teams was from Kenya, outside was a very large storm happening, lightning crashing. The athletes continued their competition while outside the street became a river, the grassy area now completely covered over with water, it happened so quickly, and then the water begin to creep into the gym. Then it shifted to show people in vehicles stuck because of the tide of water, other images of people being stuck because the outside was covered in water. Then I felt myself floating above the land. At a distance a second storm was approaching.

I need to work on a location. This storm dealt its blow in one days time.

Heavy Flooding in Brazil

Prediction 55 “Brazil Flooding” has happened as of Jan 4th, It reads under Prediction 55: Brazil Flooding:

In Brazil and on the north-east part of South America there will be a massive storm that will create very deep flooding, extensive destruction, mudslides, and raging waters. This unfolds in the first half of December.

The Facts: As of Jan 3th Heavy rains cause major flooding in Brazil, leaving hundreds of residents homeless. Various rivers in Rio de Janeiro northern districts overflowed. Quoted News, Mercury News: http://photos.mercurynews.com/2013/01/03/photos-heavy-rains-cause-major-flooding-in-brazil/

This prediction is off by two weeks. In the ‘Notes’ the star represents the Capital Rio de Janeiro, which was but not now, the Capital of Brazil, should have caught that.