Heavy Flooding in Brazil

Prediction 55 “Brazil Flooding” has happened as of Jan 4th, It reads under Prediction 55: Brazil Flooding:

In Brazil and on the north-east part of South America there will be a massive storm that will create very deep flooding, extensive destruction, mudslides, and raging waters. This unfolds in the first half of December.

The Facts: As of Jan 3th Heavy rains cause major flooding in Brazil, leaving hundreds of residents homeless. Various rivers in Rio de Janeiro northern districts overflowed. Quoted News, Mercury News: http://photos.mercurynews.com/2013/01/03/photos-heavy-rains-cause-major-flooding-in-brazil/

This prediction is off by two weeks. In the ‘Notes’ the star represents the Capital Rio de Janeiro, which was but not now, the Capital of Brazil, should have caught that.

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