Sao Paulo Brazil Flooding

Please pray for the safety of all those in Brazil over this horrible flooding.

We failed to complete the location of this prediction, however the visual is identical to the situation. It’s unclear if there were any global tournaments happening.

World Predictions 3-6-19 I also had a visual I was in a large gym. There was a global competition of young athletes happening, one of the teams was from Kenya, outside was a very large storm happening, lightning crashing. The athletes continued their competition while outside the street became a river, the grassy area now completely covered over with water, it happened so quickly, and then the water begin to creep into the gym. Then it shifted to show people in vehicles stuck because of the tide of water, other images of people being stuck because the outside was covered in water. Then I felt myself floating above the land. At a distance a second storm was approaching.

I need to work on a location. This storm dealt its blow in one days time.

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  1. rhona2 Avatar

    Just a quick fyi
    The Favelas areas were hit quite hard with flood ..These areas were where the African slaves in 1897 populated two million of them ..
    Maybe a very diverse ref from spirit with Kenya .The storm also damage a large area of the Olympic area of 2016 ..maybe thats the global sporting ref .
    Just thoughts …

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
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