World Predictions 3-6-19

The earthquake.. CA.. fault line in the middle.


4:49 could be ‘for’ the 9th or is more likely April between 24th thru 26th.

The number 4 being April and the 49 being the end of the month.

I also had a visual I was in a large gym. There was a global competition of young athletes happening, one of the teams was from Kenya, outside was a very large storm happening, lightning crashing. The athletes continued their competition while outside the street became a river, the grassy area now completely covered over with water, it happened so quickly, and then the water begin to creep into the gym. Then it shifted to show people in vehicles stuck because of the tide of water, other images of people being stuck because the outside was covered in water. Then I felt myself floating above the land. At a distance a second storm was approaching.

I need to work on a location. This storm dealt its blow in one days time.

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  1. Mary Greely News shared a Russian Forecast for a big one >9.0 3/20. They pointed mostly to the Cascadia Fault off Seattle, but also mentioned the New Madrid Fault.

  2. Could the San Francisco Giants stadium reference mean anything other than possible location of earthquake? Because there is a home game April 26th at 7:15 pm.

    1. Meant to say could it mean *anything more than* just a possible location because the 1989 Bay Area earthquake started at 5:04 pm, right before the game was about to start (game time was supposed to be 5:40 pm) and was a 7.1 earthquake.

  3. Maybe it means (4:49) ……..for San Francisco ( the 49ers?)
    Or it might mean that it hits at 4:49 PM.

  4. Hi.I’m a huge fan of you and an insatiable reader of your predictions.I have some premonitions qualities which are not yet unfolded to fully predictable premonitions .I live in Romania and since last year and the while current one I’m getting different messages through dreams about a massive earthquake which is about to come in my country.I usually get to hear voices which warns me that ‘An earthquake will come’.Take into account that last year, in 2018, 2 weeks before the mid size earthquake ( 5.8 Richter ) occurred on day 28 of October heard the same voice in my dream ‘An earthquake will come’.I remember the first thing I did in the next morning was to tell my wife about my dream and make sure I make someone else aware of it and approx. two weeks after, the earthquake stroke.In the 2nd day of this earthquake got a new voice ‘The big earthquake will be on 17-19 of month..’ – I didn’t exactly get the month, I believe it could be March or big changes September/October.
    I might be wrong about the specific period 17 – 19, and the big earthquake will strike on another day on random year and moth.But still this earthquake might kill at least 20.000 people in Romania ,particularly in Bucharest where many buildings are affected and compromised by the previous massive earthquakes in 1977 and 1940 and I know for sure it’s about to come soon.
    I urgently ask you to give me your opinion on this.Is this the year when the massive earthquake will strike in Romania?Is 17-19 period significant ?What might be risky month of occurring?

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for sharing. I have not picked that up however our focus is on events that happen fairly soon so technically they would not mention situations in October.

  5. eric did yu think the dream of kenya gym it could be sign of terror attack ,becouse 2nd aprill 2019 is 4th is 4 years since 2 aprill terror kenya university 2015

  6. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and have dreams that usually endup happening. I dream last night about it flooding here and my mom saying we’re about to have a big earthquake.

  7. Eric, this just in:
    “Intense floods in Latin America’s business hub Sao Paulo, which turned roads into rivers and tossed cars atop buildings and into trees, have killed at least 11 people, with authorities bracing for more rain.
    Sao Paulo is Latin America’s business capital and expects more heavy rain 110 millimetres fell on the city from Sunday to Monday. Central transport corridors have been gridlocked due to water inundation.
    Five people drowned. The others, including at least one infant, were buried alive in mudslides, according to the Sao Paulo state security secretariat.”

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