Brazil Floods

This prediction has happened. Prayers please.

World Predictions: 10-7-20 I had a visual of Brazil, the land was barren torn down, then it switched and everything became flooded. I flew across a very large portion of land all of it flooded. 
This message is concerning. The amount of water and scope of the flood was massive. This would have to be a historic flood. However perhaps they are predicting overtime this land being destroyed now does not bare its fruit, perhaps it turns into a marshland? 

12 thoughts on “Brazil Floods

  1. Eric, This is a water year, will see much more damages from the weather. People do not believe, unless they have to go thru the damages from the weather. Spirit, will talk soon, about the major water rising, due to the ice sheets breaking apart, plus, do not forget the three volcanoes, that will erupt, many many changes, in the next three years.

    1. Yes a water year.
      La Nina in the southern hemisphere.

      A predicted higher than average quantity of cyclones (aka hurricanes) will start at the end of the southern summer & early autumn, which starts now FEB – MAR.

  2. Eric
    prayers for those in Brazil …love and light to help and keep the waters clean and safe from this flooding ..
    and damage …

  3. I was wondering if you have any more predictions to post. Including some about Brazil.

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