World Predictions: 10-7-20

Let me begin by discussing where I believe we stand with the Hurricanes.
“Tabasco prepare yourself” is a reference to either Avery Island Louisiana or Tabasco Mexico. I am expecting one of those regions to be hit with this elephant.
Which leaves Florida.
Florida is mentioned several times in different predictions. More than that are the messages of the southern tip being painted black. Then there is the beast. An old prediction about one epic sized hurricane that would arrive “when candy fell” . It’s expected to slide up the coast. The question remains are they describing one event or several smaller ones. Bottom line I am missing a piece of information and waiting with bated breath on their answer.

I had a visual of Brazil, the land was barren torn down, then it switched and everything became flooded. I flew across a very large portion of land all of it flooded.
This message is concerning. The amount of water and scope of the flood was massive. This would have to be a historic flood. However perhaps they are predicting overtime this land being destroyed now does not bare its fruit, perhaps it turns into a marshland?

I had this visual of a man with a badge saving the day at a bank. He was the hero of the moment. It was a nice change of pace.

I had a vision of a small window that was open two thirds of the way, still the window was at a slight distance. The window sprayed a spiritual mist, like glowing white and golden mist seeping and spraying like vapor through a window.. Then it shifted to show a man and some friends pushing massive ancient bricks to circle the bowl of Spices. “Be bold push it… do it now so the window will open later.” Then all of these green lights turned on from all sides.

The first part of the visual I am very familiar with., right before Hurricane Matthew I had a visual of a window just ever so slightly open, with small beautiful silver and white mist seeping through. Then it happened! The hurricane, the prediction, this site, you, all of it set off this wave of mini readings, those in Florida asking should they stay or go. It was a moment for us. This was our overarching mission playing out in real time. Change through awareness. It was actually happening! There have been five other windows. But this new one is open! Not just a crack like all the other windows. Open!
The second part seems to use what I have been writing lately. Spice and layered bricks. It sounds to me like they want to give our seat in the world a nudge. Media push perhaps? How else would a window open? Thoughts?

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  1. The Farm land might be destroyed from the hurricane if the salt water saturates the area

    It happens quite often

    1. I feel for the livestock and farmers. Sugarcane harvesting is around this time also.

  2. Our current forecast for Hurricane Delta has it coming up thru Vermillion Parish and then north. Avery Island, the Tabasco plant, is in the path. Avery Island is on high ground, so it will be will be okay. We will know more by tomorrow morning.

  3. Was talking with my cousin this afternoon who lives close to Avery Island. I live about 30 miles west of there. She was telling me about her hurricane preparations and so on. Then she started talking about her friend that works at the Tabasco plant on the island and I got the Spirit chills. I never mentioned the prediction to her and there was no reason for her to tell me about her friend. So of course I told her about World Predications website and the mention of Tabasco. Was a woowoo moment.

  4. Brazil’s Amazon and the Pantanal – world’s largest tropical wetland – have been scorched by fires started by humans and worsened by drought. Government did little to help as it burned.

    1. I was exactly thinking about the Pantanal too, it will become even wetter than already is/was.
      and the extreme weather and floodings, i think will be more damaging (and cleansing) than the fires and droughts.

  5. “Then it shifted to show a man and some friends pushing massive ancient bricks to circle the bowl of Spices. ”
    Hi Eric. This part of the prediction, I believe, is the ‘New Opening’ that my Spirit Friends told me about. You and I and obvious other ‘gifted’ people have been receiving Information in many ways … your Truths for starters …. but there is far more information sitting out there, in the ‘care’ of those who don’t know it. There are many, as you have said previously, who visit your site but don’t always comment. They are amongst those who need to release the ‘Flow’ they normally would keep to themselves.
    When I first started writing up Their Split Soul System at my Blog, I thought I’d gone mad. The flow of information that I didn’t know I was ‘sitting on’ got released.
    So as I read this message from your Spirit Friends; the Spice, Truth and other headings, need to be released. In so doing, the Flow, from not just your Spirit Friends, but also from the many who don’t know they are channellers for this New Age that is now dawning, will start to be released and discussed. Pete

      1. God bless you Eric!

        Just a quick question for clarity, so do you think this East Coast Beast storm is still coming this year before 2020 ends?

        1. They actually have two running predictions back to back a massive quake and a massive hurricane if you look at the predictions they are presented back to back. That’s why I hope I am so wrong.

  6. No coincidences Eric. I was listening to my talk radio this early am, thought Eric should be on the show. Haha. Collective consciousness. Then you wrote this later. Hey, on a different note. You had a prediction about Nevada and never gave details. It was lumped in with natural disasters naming northern lakes, Turkey, Florida and Nevada. I guessed a few things it may be in the comments section (June 2020 prediction?). Anyway…lumped in those predictions is past predictions of a Lee Harvey Oswald moment. We have Biden and Pence due in Nevada next few days. Please pray hard these two candidates are safe!!! Maybe its my mind running away but you also said something about there’s a killer on the loose in Vegas..and…like John Wilkes Booth on the run…and another reference of Las Vegas law enforcement looking for someone. At first I thought it tied in with the 1 Oct massacre. But police were not running around looking for the shooter as he died of a self inflicted gun wound. Does the debate tonight turn ugly and someone becomes retaliatory? Any insight? Anybody? Praying for our national leaders. I know we are a nation divided, but now is not the time to go goofy. 2020….I wanna hit the reset button!!!!

    1. I have actually been keeping one eye on those old predictions. I will say they used multiple historical references. Part of me questions if the message is for America at all. Technically the only reference I have are American.

  7. If the southern FL tip being painted black means hurricane not Covid, then just ignore this:

    “Miami Dolphins have been given clearance to go to full capacity of 65,000 fans at Hard Rock Stadium, Gov. DeSantis’ spokesperson tells me.

    “The team, though, says their current plan of 13,000 fans remains the same for their next home game on Oct. 25.”

    1. Nevermind, the black is also mentioned in the hurricane prediction you linked to ECS. Didn’t you say something about an object falling to earth and hitting the ocean, which then could cause the southern tip of FL to flood?

  8. I’m glad we are making a difference.


    Start a Bitchute & YouTube channel. YouTube censors certain words like “corona” “conspiracy ” “Illuminati” etc so do not mention them or use them in your written descriptions. Also, YouTube takes 30% if they allow your videos to be monetized.

    End Times Productions YT channel made a video showing what software he uses & how he creates a professional quality video from start to finish.

    If you personally know people who have YouTube channels see if they are willing to promote yours.

    As for Patreon, maybe have a sustainer’s circle. If they commit to let’s say $10 a month for 12 months they can have 2 questions answered free after the 12 months to show appreciation.

    God bless you Mr. Eric!

      1. Eric, do you know anything about Mark Kelly who is running for Senate in AZ against Martha McSally. He is married to Gabby Giffords. Captain Mark Kelly is a retired US. Navy Combat Pilot, a NASA Astronaut, and an engineer. He is beating McSally by double digits. People were very impressed with his debate last night. Could this be the Military one? He used to be an independent. When I hear him speak I get this feeling that he is going to become widely popular throughout the country. How can anyone on either side not respect someone with so much experience?

        1. Lynn Ryan,
          It’s funny you mention Mark Kelly. I’ve had the exact same feeling about him for a while now. Guess we will see.

        2. Lynn Ryan,

          Older predictions have said he’s on the GOP side.

          I still think Trump gets reelected and then resigns later next year because there’s still a lot of Trump predictions and also predictions about Russia expanding its power that haven’t and wouldn’t happen if Trump isn’t president because he is being paid by Russia to make concessions on behalf of the US, which will become public eventually.

          I also think the prediction about Russia hacking the election and moving the districts around wasn’t in 2016 and could be this election because Trump has dramatically cut TV spending in battleground states and doesn’t seem worried at all, despite being behind or tied in most states.

          His White House has also downplayed Russian interference and up-played Chinese and Iranian interference, even though his own intel agencies say Russia is the major player.

          1. Sarah,
            I want to commend you regarding this post.
            You say that Trump will probably be re-elected so that other predictions come forth.
            I wanted to ask you and Eric, if free will can change the string of future predictions?
            Let me simplify:
            If Trump were to make a decision to resign. Won’t that change the whole string of future predictions related to him?
            Thank you both for your attention to this.

  9. Just after i finished replying on sara’s comment and closed the site, i had a flash/vision.
    Eric, have you ever had seen or heard from spirits, about a cruiseship in trouble in the caribbean?

    I saw from above, a huge cruiseship on its side in the water (like costa concordia cruiseship disaster in Italy, in 2012)
    next to the ship was what looks like a vortex/gyre (dont know how you call it)

  10. Hi Mr pink would Russia intervene in the ongoing
    Armenia Azerbaijan war .

    1. They made it sound like they would fuel the arms. It’s a good question because it is expected to carry heavy loss. I will try and see. Only humans can find the time to kill one another during a pandemic. I pray cooler heads prevail.

      1. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Armenia and Azerbaijan had agreed to a ceasefire, starting from 12:00 on Saturday, to exchange prisoners and bodies of those killed in the conflict.

        Weird how they do a ceasefire for that instead of just ending the conflict.

  11. Wasn’t there a prediction that 45 would make a speech or say something crazy that everyone would see?

  12. I’ve been casually following the concept of a Split Soul System; I wonder if this is related with alternate timelines? Basically another version of me is doing something else as I’m typing this and thus this other version is part of my split soul? Or is it more complicated than that?

    Its curious to me how little information there is on this subject; just not part of the mainstream for the time being?

    1. Oh I don’t know if I want to open Pandora’s box there. That’s hitting a beehive of shattering beliefs.
      Here is how I would answer that and think of all the endless unimaginable possibilities that come with it.
      Imagine the soul as just pure water, the cup it’s in is the body or shell. Once that shatters the water is free. But as water is it is not bound to just the cup.
      Now imagine what the more ancient spirits can do with that since their water flows more.

    2. Funny you have been thinking about it, Hollywood even made a tv series about this kind of stuff. Recently I started rewatch it.
      Maybe something for you?
      It is called Fringe. It ran for 5 seasons and was about pseudoscience and alternate worlds/universe.

    3. Around this time last year at my Blog On The Light Path, The Road Forward, as part of an answer for one of my regulars = Varakai, I started channelling the Split Soul System from my Spirit Friends. Its weird because the information is way over my head, yet the details are so deep so as to be beyond my imaginings. And there is more coming as soon as I can get a chance to post it.
      The full series of Q and A’s:
      I hope you don’t mind Eric. Pete

  13. Wasn’t there a prediction that 45 would make a speech or say something crazy that everyone would see?

  14. According to the website of the WHO, we will be tomorrow or day after tomorrow at the 37 million cases, the spirits and eric were talking about.
    it is still unclear to me, if all hell will break loose or covid will break.

    But if i have to guess, i think both. fall and winter are coming, so infected cases will go through the roof.
    but every week and even sometimes days, new insights and knowledge are coming in, in how to treat and defeat covid.

    anyway, stay healthy and safe everybody, at home … and beyond

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