World Predictions 2-7-23

Your all waiting for someone to save the day. Recognize that savior was always in the mirror.

I had a vision of a white and yellow Boa constrictor, that had an oversized lengthy body. In the background was waves of water racing towards me. I felt like I was in South America, perhaps Brazil. It had an Amazon back ground.

Then a voice switched subjects “NATO prevails”

Then again another switch, I could feel another earthquake approaching, a large one.

This is Spirit and the Universe giving me a menu of options, three separate messages about three completely different topics. Now I wish at times, that I could just spend all my time doing World Predictions. I could honestly look at all three events. But unfortunately I don’t make any money doing this task. I still have my day job that occupies a great deal of my time. I Still need to put food on the table, so until that changes I am stuck putting World Predictions in the back seat.

So the universe presents three different events. I have to choose. You would think that this force, would choose for me. That spirit would take control of the moment. It clearly knows better. It even knows which event will occur with greater magnitude and concern. But the universe does not operate that way. It fully expects us to choose, and most likely it will be the wrong choice. So we can see it was wrong. So we can stumble, so we can get lost. So we can find the right path and the solutions that come with it. It is a parent that is allowing his children to make mistakes, to fall down, and get back up. This is us learning. They will never, ever, deny you a learning experience. They will always put learning first.

Its as if all of us were children on a play ground. Some having a splendid time, while others suffered at the hands of the bullies, then once in awhile it turns into the Lord of the Flies. The entire sandcastle that is our empires and structures are solely ours. Racism. Do not expect them to fix it. You built that sand castle, you live under it. And you are responsible for smashing the sand castle. They are there, parents, elders, always watching. Just like parents sit on the benches outside of the playground, always keeping one eye on their children. This is the role of the Spiritual Realm. Recognize that we here at World Predictions aren’t just sharing a future we hope to shatter, they are showing you they know. They are watching, and they can see what will happen next. They know, they see and clearly with that power they are in charge.. We told you Putin would turn into a nightmare, We warned you of January 6th and Covid19. They are showing you, they are watching, they see, and my messages validate that presence.

So choose. Know it probably won’t go well. Thats OK, as long as you learn. Learning is the point of it all. The boa looks like a very fascinating message to look at, but first on the list is the cryptic message. “NATO prevails” NATO? It sounds awesome at first. Putin clearly loses. But NATO isn’t currently apart of the conflict. So exactly what does that mean?

Three questions, one will become a prediction, perhaps a second. But the third will most likely happen before we get to it. Thats my life, I wish I could remove the obstacles, I wish I could choose the right path, but odds are I will stumble. But I am growing, I am evolving and that is the universal point.

In other news, a reminder of things to come, time to put your tin foil hat on. We fully expect a splendid find coming on our timeline one of the many “Eyes Opening” moment.

“You believe that the human race evolved from ape like ancestors.. that no advanced society existed.. we counter that belief by telling you that humanity evolved and de-evolved on multiple occasions.. deep underneath the earth is proof.. the remanence of an ancient humanity, that like you was on the way to an advanced society.”
“When the ice melts it will be easier to see the truth.”

Truth’s 1

25 thoughts on “World Predictions 2-7-23

  1. If I have to pick, I’ll take the NATO revelation, purely by the numbers. Whatever it is, it affects the populations of 30 countries, soon to be 32. That’s too big a percentage of the world’s inhabitants to ignore it.

    1. I totally get what your saying. In 2019, I had this message that never got posted because the other predictions seemed larger. It was a silly message, just like the commercial, I had a vision of just one “Corona” beer in the sand. Then the vision leaned up to show one epic storm coming from the ocean, I thought Corona, who cares about a beer? What is with this silly message. But as time would show the Coronavirus came. So I take a cautions step with these messages.

    1. No, because it will be urgent for someone, whether in Europe or Brazil, or American. I threw that train prediction under the bus, we did not complete it, yet the event is very urgent.

  2. Snake messages concern me.

    Mr. Eric, I thank you for all you do here.

    I ask everyone to pray for me as my health has not been good lately. Thank you.

  3. Peru is right next to Brazil and it has a glacial lake called Lake Palcacocha. It’s on top of a mountain. There’s an event that can happen where, as the glacial ice melts, the lake rises until it spills over and then goes rushing down the mountain taking everything with it. I hope this isn’t what the prediction is referring to.

  4. I would ask about the waves predictions. NATO outcome seems positive and earthquake could be tied to the waves. If you can predict the timing of a tsunami or even an earthquake it could be that spark for more to follow and start sharing your warnings.

  5. Oi, sou do Brasil. Parabéns pelo trabalho Eric. Não consegui compreender pelo tradutor o que foi lhe mostrado sobre o Brasil.

  6. The NATO prediction MAY relate to the ongoing discussion on the enlargement of the military alliance. Except for Hungary and Turkey, all the member states have ratified the accession of Sweden and Finland, but Erdogan has been procrastinating with ratification, demanding concessions from the candidate countries. Especially Sweden has been his target, see
    He is using the ratification of the agreement already signed by him in last June as an election weapon, demanding things that are partly incompatible with the Nordic democratic rule to demonstrate his power to his electorate. On the other hand, Hungary, also lead by an autocrat leaning towards Putin, has promised to finally ratify both countries’ accession this month. In the meanwhile, there have been some demands in the US to kick Turkey out of NATO, and all this has made the public image of the unity of NATO suffer a dent.

  7. As regards the first, flood-related prediction, I think the snake in this case may be about the concrete outcome of the flood, instead of symbolism, as snakes are displaced by floods, see, e.g.: (too bad for this specimen). Boa constrictors are also excellent swimmers. This snake may also serve to relate the vision to South America, as the boa constrictor lives in wide areas in South America.

    1. That was my take as well. Anacondas are related to boas and they are mostly aquatic.
      Pythons, at least the Indonesian type, are also excellent swimmers and there are sea snakes.

      Flood the land, the snakes will swim. Though, the white and yellow variant is manmade i.e. a pet snake.

  8. So does this mean by this post, That we do not pray to God, or Jesus, because none of them are going to help us in our current lifetime? It is so confusing, your other posts say a lot of higher helpers are coming to Earth. So, do people move away from their religious beliefs and just consitrate on just helping themselves with no spirit helps? No disrespect to anyone, Thank you so much for all you do in helping others!

    1. If an Astroid was going to hit the earth they would stop it. If we (this happened) were about to destroy ourselves, they would stop that too. However a concept like racism is ours. NO one in the entire universe believes that the color of ones skin has anything to do with status or place. Just us on planet earth. If they came down and fixed racism which was an absolute absurdity in the first place what would we ever learn.

  9. I remember a private conversation some years ago with a renowned futurologist (now late), a scientist associated to the Club of Rome. However, he was also open to the existence of true information other than scientific. He told me he always felt in his body a few days before when something big was going to happen in South America.

  10. Then again another switch, I could feel another earthquake approaching, a large one.

    when do you except it ?

  11. I just heard groups are calling for FEB 25th to be a national day of hate… not sure if there would be a specific event or location where awareness can be spread.?

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