South Africa Train Crash

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a train coming down the tracks, next to it was another set of tracks.

Spirit implied another train tragedy in the near future. I assume that its direction towards me reflects a very ‘near’ timeframe.

The Facts: South African train slams into the back of another train, injuring more than 200. Rough cut

523 thoughts on “South Africa Train Crash

  1. Jules Star ..
    I’m here ..too oooo wish travel was so easy..
    It’s exciting… wonder what changes we will encounter as we share this thread.

  2. Star 48
    Oh my 😲 who wouldn’t be worried after that ..this island has been rumbling for months as we all recall but to see the uplift to that that height in the poor people’s yards ..the cracks are scary and now a huge concern on what’s next there.’s all starting to show its force Venuatu is at risk especially Ambrym …
    Praying for the sth Pacific love and light to mother earth ..I hope it settles

  3. Star48, Rhona. Wow thanks for all those links Star. It definitely seems like something is going on underground beneath our feet lately! That giant sink hole does look like it could be from things shifting around down under and the volcanos are showing above normal activity…there must be a lot of pressure coming up. I feel that there will be something bigger happening soon. Maybe a much larger eruption coming or that large earthquake… praying for a peaceful planet!🙏🏻

    1. Jules104,
      Thanks for info! Now..I understand why had a hard time sleeping last night/ early this morning…

      1. Star48, I totally get it! Sleep eludes me even more so lately. Sheesh…right you are picking up on it sounds like. Hopefully you can get some better sleep tonight.

  4. Start jules104
    Oh my goodness that sinkhole in Indonesia is just over the top ..words fail me ..can’t believe there say no injuries so far ..

    The 7.4 Russia hmm I would watch Japan and Aluesians for transferance that a large unexpected quake …
    Hope you sleep better tonight star it wouldn’t surprise me if you were picking up vibes

    JULES I get the Google Chrome I thought about it too let me know how you go..
    I have grandkids for couple days ..will be a bit scarce ..but will check in .I’m happy I have done all Xmas shopping and wrapped and ready to go..

    Blessings you two

    1. Rhona, I’m trying out the “Firefox” browser. Way faster without the advertisements so far. They’ve blocked them. I’ve heard “Firefox Focus” totally blocks everything even more so I think but won’t have bookmarked pages. Can only have one at a time…I think? I’m so computer technologically behind… I swear.😂 it just had gotten to where I couldn’t even type anything without a pop up showing up. So I took that person on the threads advice and switched! Never crossed my mind it was the google chrome. But supposedly it has become pro advertisement overload lately. Which is fine but it was getting crazy where I really could not type anything. So we will see how this Firefox goes. So far so good. I’ll let you know.
      Glad you have everything ready for Christmas and get to spend time with grandkids. I’ve been the same way with grandkids out of school…scarce but trying to check in and keep up as best I can. We will see eh? Blessings

      1. Rhona the plain Firefox lets you use bookmarks. The Firefox Focus doesn’t. From what I gathered. I’m on the plain Firefox now. Oh great idea… a break from technology!

      1. Jules 104
        Happy your getting better results so far with Firefox browser..I will consider it .
        Only draw back is I bookmark frequently…oh the pains of technology ..
        I’m having a tech free day soon ..going to tell family I’m having a break for one whole day from technology of any kind .
        Wish me luck ..
        My gift to me …
        I trust nothing urgent will happen ..

    1. Star wars 48
      That didn’t look like a regular fireball.
      Intersting. .hopefully get some feed back on what it was ..

    1. Star Star48 Jules 104
      That’s the second storm to hit east coast in a week …heaps of flooding last week ..
      And Queensland too…
      They are having a really tough time ..

    2. Wow that’s some big hail! Have experienced such in Arkansas fore. It just tears everything up!😟 Those poor people. 🙏🏻

  5. Star 48 Jules 104
    Sunda strait tsunami Karakatoa eruption created land slide .under sea ..details still filtering through ..20 killed 100s injured .
    I have only been out of bed a half hour so I’m still gleening info ..
    No tsunami apps have registered this I suppose seizmic activities play into that .
    Otherwise why not ?

    1. Rhona thanks for the updates. I was busy with family and missed all that earlier. Wow that’s just horrible that wave came in like it did without any warning. Praying it’s not the beginning of something bigger over there also. 🙏🏻

    2. Rhona2, Jules104,

      Thanks for updates and info..
      Out of the loop….past 4 hrs…terrible…Indonesia getting pounded this year…
      Underwater landslide at night…no warning…( stuff of nightmares)

    1. Jules104,Rhona2,
      Could be.
      ..I also remember ref that the 25 th is lost…
      I took that as possible Christmas ref…

      1. Eric while searching those old predictions I found two related with a tsunami and wondered could they be mixed. One had meteors for SanFrancisco another airplanes and SF bridge as in regarding attacks. So in other words it seemed a reference to things occurring after or around the same time period as this tsunami. It seemed that way anyways while researching. Hope that made sense.

  6. Star 48 Jules 104
    Yes 25th is lost could be Xmas day .
    Thanks for all the updates you two
    Especially Dutch .
    Though he keeps saying west Pacific which it is in a way but the Sunda strait enters Indian any problems will hit Indian Ocean
    I was reminded when I watch there are no tsunami bouys there that’s why our Australian tsunami warning Centre didn’t register it ..normally it shows up …unbelievable poor Christmas island Coca Island etc no warning it’d something up around there again .

    1. I noticed that also Rhona. Unbelievable there are still no buoys. I wonder is it having to do with funding? I don’t understand why there are none in such a seismically active area otherwise.

    1. Rhona, Star48…that’s a watch I’d say. Dutch has mentioned that the whole of Japan had gone quiet the other day…but then so had Oregon and Washington… for a while I think. Maybe the scientist just aren’t reporting any off our coast. Could be I suppose. Just waiting for the planet to balance out over here on our side now.
      Sending healing light energy to Mother Earth.🙏🏻💫❤️

  7. Star 48 Jules 104
    Sister Anne just had her last full body scan
    She is officially Cancer free .
    Best Xmas present ever .
    No more tests for six months .
    Thank you two for your ever loving prayers
    And light .
    A true gift from friends
    I love you dearly

    1. Rhona2,jules104,
      I pray for her and your family everyday…
      Just as I do for Bea/Eric..
      As well as Jules’s family…
      Love to all ❤️

      1. Thank You Star. Such a beautiful friend, Spirit and Lightworker I have in the both of you! So Thankful for You Both!!

    2. Rhona, Woohoo!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So happy to hear about you sister Anne.
      That IS the best Christmas present ever!😇⭐️🎄🎁💫 I love you dearly too! Such a beautiful Spirit and Lightworker that you have been from WA!

  8. Jules 104 star 48
    Singer is coming in with Italy flag he says .and He coming in with a very Merry Xmas
    For the two of you with gratitude he says for the past year 2018 communication and support .🎅🎅🎅💓

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      Tell him Merry Christmas right back…🤶🏻🎅🏼
      There is a major commercial, with Apple..using singing Elvis 🕺
      From all over the he world…I thought it is a good tribute to him…( pretty good)🤶🏻🎅🏼🎄

    2. Rhona tell Singer Thank You and Merry Christmas! I appreciate all the help we can get!☺️😇😎
      Also there were a few 2 mag for Sicily, Italy earlier.😉 So hopefully not building to anything too much bigger.

      1. Jules104,
        Excerpt from Etna eruption I posted…

        “Etna expresses itself with great elegance. I just hope it doesn’t express itself with too much energy”
        Tremors as large at 3.9 magnitude were felt ahead of the Christmas Eve eruption as the ash cloud begins to loom over the nearby Catania.

        “Etna today is making a mess and obviously could not miss the shock of earthquake,” said a local.

        The eruption has reportedly stemmed from the base of the south east crater where a fissure has opened up in the mountain.

        Others said Etna is “very angry” and “merry Christmas from Mama Etna” – while some added the eruption was “very scary”.

  9. Converting…
    12°c is 52°f…that’s and extra 52 degree hotter .
    46°c is 114°f…

    1. STAR ..JULES
      Actually 50°c in upper north west Australia.
      That’s 120° f I hope it stays up there where there is less poulation
      Bush fire over all Australia is huge threat now with this .

    2. Rhona that is what I’d call some extreme heat!!!🤯 Holy smokes! I was thinking the same as Star48 about the prediction.
      Praying for beautiful Australia.🙏🏻❤️💫

  10. RhonaJules104,
    Saw this in a post on FB…did not even notice..except..had 2 major pipes break just now..and one other this week..
    ( did not know about Ecuador)
    In California and diagonally across the USA burst water pipes. Tsunami in Indonesia caused by underwater shift within the same time frame as smaller tsunamis in Ecuador and Florida. Plates shifting. Earthquakes on the uptick and in unusual places like Massachusetts. Volcanoes awakening and erupting. Earth wobble intensifying, etc etc etc

    1. Star48, thanks for the info. That’s really interesting. It does seem like there is a major shift going on right under our feet right?🙃🙂🙃

  11. Rhona, Star48…Merry Christmas early!! I am so thankful for our special bond of friendship and spiritual light work on Eric’s blog.
    I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season and a Very Merry and Abundant 2019!!❤️🎄🎅🏻🎁😇⭐️💫🎄❤️

  12. Star 48 Jules104
    Merry Xmas from Australia ..enjoy your Xmas Eve stay safe 🎄🎄🎄🎉🎉🎁🎍🎋

    Sicily is swarming not surprising with etna
    And blowing her stack ..
    Singer was onto it ..
    Eric s prediction for 25th has a volcanic eruption in it ..pompeii like he says .
    Hope it all settles ..

  13. Star 48
    Oh wow is the Apple commercial
    There’s Always me ..??.
    With various Elvises
    I love that song ..
    Lovely tribute anyway 😆😆😆🎶🎼🎸🎸

  14. Star 48 Jules 104
    Those pictures are saying thousand words
    Much love and light to Etna .
    I’m feeling really apprehensive about this ..It’s not looking good .

  15. Jules 104 star48
    Italy Sicily a big watch ..
    It is swarming still even though Etna has uduced its emmisions hmm sometimes as we know they take a breath before next explosion.

    Hope your Xmas day is going well and fun ..🎄🎁🎋🎉
    Rest up tonight you two ..New Year is not that far off time flies .

    1. Star48, I got a bad feeling about this area having an eruption that’s possibly much larger. Praying it calms down.🙏🏻🌟💫

  16. Star 48 Jules 104
    Mt Etna is really having a go at it ..when she calmed down there was still swarming so thought she might do this ..prayers for the people on Mt etna ..
    Thanks for updates and links
    I have asked singer to let me know if it gets worse . We will see how I go ..

    1. Rhona, Star48…I saw those also Rhona. I looked at the map for where they were and saw to the east of this is a “Barcelona”, and a “Port of Spain”. It made me think of the strange prediction of Eric’s where Spain is switched around somehow. Do you two recall that one? It also reminded me of an audible voice I heard a while ago, I believe I mentioned it then. I heard “French Guyana”…which is east of this area. I’m not sure what it all means though. Odd I know but wanted to mention it.

  17. Jules 104 star 48
    4.4m at 200km for Peru
    Watching for higher mag shallower maybe Chile way or Bolivia ..
    Nicaragua 4.4m at119km
    A watch as well

    1. Rhona thanks for the link. Glad to hear they are taking precautions. Praying sending light to this area for peace and calm.🌟💫🙏🏻

  18. Star 48 Jules 104
    Seriously between Iceland ..Philippines Indonesia etc all these volcanoes are just too much or maybe a great safety valve ..
    So.many lives at risk in so many places ..
    Venesuala earthquake did do some terrible damage..bless them

    1. Jules hi yes that was a 6.3 downgraded
      For png that’s quite a bit of a downgrade .

    1. Start
      Hahaha soooo funny you are ..yeah stomping
      Mild tremor felt at your house ..unkown source says usgs 1.2m or no wait 0.5m at o depth .no ..1.0m

  19. Star 48 jokes 104
    It seems singer is flagging a volcano again
    Not sure if Etna if it is I gave asked for Italian song or a more specific local ..

    1. Star48, that’s just down right scary! I can’t imagination that happening all over at any given moment. Those poor people.

  20. Star 48 Jules 104
    Oh my goodness Bangladesh …that’s just too
    Horrid to contemplate ..
    I’m shocked though these days it seems all sorts of weird changes and occurrences are happening .
    That is scary very scary indeed .
    Unimaginable to live there and be threatened like that ..oh prayers love and light to them ..
    What to do ??? It could herald something really catestrophic there ..and surrounding areas including the ocean if all cracks up ..

    Indonesia Son of krakatua collapsing is just as much a worry ..wonder if that’s singers flag or Bangladesh ..
    I WILL Have to ask him to be specific ..on which area he implied .
    Will let you know ..maybe there is more than one simultaneously. .of dear .
    Thanks star for those links .😯😊

  21. Star48, Rhona…just an FYI…I’m out of pocket spending time with younger daughter over the holidays.
    Star48, stomp stomp stomp…hilarious!! That made me laugh so hard!😆🤣😂
    Hugs You Two. 🤗🤗❤️❤️

      1. Eric Jules 104 star 48
        Yes it’s like which smoke stack is going to cause the biggest problem and when .
        Certainly some big time releasing going on ..

  22. Rhona2,Jules 104,
    Volcano 🌋
    Russia’s volatile Shiveluch volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula blows big…
    A powerful explosion has sent ash possibly up to 40,000ft (12km), prompting KVERT to raise the Aviation Colour Code to Red.
    Activity has recently returned to a moderate level following a hiatus for most of the year.
    Explosions like this are typical for Shiveluch, many have happened in the past 25 years as dome-building continues

    1. Star48, Thanks for all f the volcano updates. There’s some serious pressure being put on a lot of them from below right now it seems. Ha…it makes me think of all of Eric’s Spirits light switches being turned on! Though I believe those were for attacks?? It sort of feels like flipping switches from below. 😆😳

  23. Rhona…HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎉🎊🎈🎉🎉🎉🎇🎆🌇🎇🎆🎉🎊🙌🏻🙌🏻🤦🏼‍♀️
    I hope you have a great first day of the year 2019!🤗☺️😄 May your year be wonderful and prosperous and filled with family, friends and loved ones.😇🙏🏻❤️💫
    Star48…HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!🎉💫🎊🎈🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉🎉🎆🎇🌄🎆🎇🌠🎊🎉🎉🎉
    May you have the best year ever in 2019!🤗😁☺️ May it find you surrounded with friends and family, loved ones and all that you hold dear. May it be abundant and prosperous! 🤗🙏🏻❤️💫😇
    Blessings to You Both

      1. Star 48 Jules 104 Eric
        Oh wow star 48 yes my dear friends
        For Ald Lang syne
        A tear to boot ..
        Have the best of the best years all of you if wishes come true your all well fit and healthy in 2019 💓🎉🎉🎊
        Here we all are celebrating another year together 🍷🍷🍷..
        Love you heaps. .

  24. Star 48 Jules 104
    Singer is flagging Japan ..not surprising they have had a couple near and above 5+m
    Last 24hrs ..sukiaka. .
    One flag he says high mag on its way maybe within 3 weeks or so but he is saying he will flag again if it need …time frame is not clear .

  25. Star 48 Jules 104
    oh my goodness he is coming in with Italy again volcano blowing .. (I don’t know where I’m gonna go when volcano blows ..) song .
    That’s the second time …

    1. Rhona Thanks for update. That link says 4.9. Ugh those darned seismologist! My app said 5.0 and one of the testimonies mentioned it felt like atleast a 5.2 and another one said felt like a 6 mag!
      Those poor people there can’t imagine it’s much fun with these “aftershocks”??🤔 Hope that’s it then. Bet they are ready for some peace and quiet.

  26. Star 48 Jules 104
    that quake is about 40km south of 5.8 of last but same latitude roughly ..hmm bit of movement on that fault again

    1. That should read 400 km south ..darn spell check doing it’s own numbers again ..bit like usgs. .

    1. Star 48
      Thanks for Italy notice …4.9 is getting up there
      In Populated areas…
      More to come though ..
      I also took note that over last 24hours Indonesia starting at Banda Aceh and travelling south along west side there has been others spaced out along the trench
      To Java …movement over a large portion of trench it’s a watch …

    1. Star 48
      Sorry it looks like I didn’t reply but I did and its disappeared ..
      I was saying how when Yellowstone swarms we can expect something of a quake somewhere it does seem to get active before a medium quake ..
      The link of the siesmogram was facinating.
      Thanks .

    1. Star48, that is just astounding! That was a big chunk of the Anak volcano which collapsed. And I think i read it’s now up to 437 killed from the related tsunami. Praying that’s it for now. 🙏🏻

  27. Rhona2,
    What is your position regarding the fire?🔥
    Event details

    Forest / Wild Fire in Australia on January 01 2019 06:28 AM (UTC).

    Darlington residents in Perth’s hills may need to be evacuated with a bushfire threatening homes surrounding Pine Terrace. A control point has been set up at the Darlington Fire Station, with crews currently working to protect properties. Bushfire advice issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services reports the blaze is out of control and unpredictable. There is a lot of smoke in the area and some roads may have been closed. Motorists are urged to avoid the area and residents are warned burning embers may be blown around homes. The fire, which started near the Hudman Road amphitheater and is burning in the Boya Quarry Reserve in an easterly direction, was reported just before 1 pm.

    1. Praying that’s not anywhere near your home Rhona. 🙏🏻😇💦☔️🌈☀️ Yes please let us know how it’s going there for you and loved ones.

  28. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Indonesia 🇮🇩
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Indonesia on January 02 2019 08:38 PM (UTC).

    The volcano observatory raised the alert status of the volcano to 2 (“Waspada” on the Indonesian 1-4 scale), as an increase of volcanic earthquakes and fumarolic activity had been observed during the past week. The observatory reported a light steam / gas plume rising approx. 500 m above the summit crater of Lowotolok. Since 29 December, the seismic network detected 4 earthquake swarms, one shallow and 3 deeper volcanic earthquakes. This could indicate magma intrusions under the volcano, which could (but not must) lead to a new eruption of the volcano in a near to medium-term future (weeks to months). Residents as well as visitors and climbers are advised to keep a safety distance of 2 km from the crater. At present, climbing activities have been banned, and residents should remain on alert. Lewotolok (or Lewotolo) on Lembata Island is one of the region’s most active volcanoes. It has erupted on average every few decades, the last time in 1951 and 2012.

    1. Wow that’s really red! I bet those villagers were scared. It says geologist think it’s from an oxode mine close by? But yes could also be related to plate movement which caused it to flow into the river somehow. That’s pretty interesting Star48. Wouldn’t want to see that in my back yard! Thanks🙂

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      The red river probably is volcanic / plate activity ..but very blood-red …😕 I wouldn’t like to see our river do that ..scary stuff for them .
      No washing either😯
      The strange lights are really weird . something
      Common going on ..the colors are pretty though..sorry but they are..kinda like a blanket northern lights ..
      Funny we are experiencing another power outage’s been 4 hours already they say another 2 no explanation from power company so far started 8.00am at the moment ..
      Fridge.. freezer defrosting 😨😨😨😨
      Phone nearly out of charge
      .will have to use car ..😉😛😶

    2. Those lights are really strange and pretty but wonder what’s going on lately.
      Rhona glad to hear your power is back on. No explanation yet? Odd right?

  29. Rhona, thanks for the link on the heatwave and info on the brushfire in Tasmania. That video was great! I found it really interesting to see how and where it begins moving west to east and the desert area is so beautiful I think…but hot! It said 42 Celsius 108. F almost. Sheesh… Hope they get the brush fire out soon.
    Wow how are you fairing there in Perth? Temps don’t look to bad now but I think it’s going up in the 90s F soon. I hope you have your air on and staying cool drinking lots of liquids. Blessings praying for rain in AU. 🙏🏻

    1. Jules 104
      Thanks Jules ..we are having beautiful mild weather cold even at night still putting jumpers on ..we are moving into 9o° f in next couple of days ..all is well …lawns we drench in.mornings getting ready for the sumner to arrive and arrive it will ..our summers have been extending into March last few years ..The seasons are shifting they are arriving later .
      MARCH is officially our Autumn.
      Yep heaps of water I’m a rugular camel 😁🐫🐪🐪🐪🐪
      Son has a pool so relief right there 🏊🏊🏊🏊..we beach🏄🏄🏄 it sometimes but it gets crowded and sand is oochy hot ..😈

      1. Rhona glad to hear you’re drinking lots of water when the temps go up. 🐪🐫 Hm camels…😄 That just seems so strange to me having Autumn in March! 😆🙃 Well I sure hope you don’t have too many days over 100F this summer. I bet that sand is hot…ouch…but pretty at the beach, and the pool sounds great!

    1. Rhona, Star48…I was thinking that yesterday also. It doesn’t seem to be finished yet maybe. Yes a watch. (Just saw a 5.6 in Banda Sea.) Blessings🙏🏻🌟💫

    1. Star48, there’s just a lot of volcanic activity going on around the world right now. Pretty amazing, the pressure they must all be under. 🌋

  30. Star 48 Jules 104
    Wow singer really surprised me with this one .
    Bionid he probabaly knew that word was not familiar to my lexicon ..wondered why he didn’t imply quake ..😀😉 hope they find it if it did hit ..thanks for link star .

    1. Star 48
      Oh dear this is not good at all Europe ..the Mediterranean it’s just awful …some of those pics are too much …polar vortex splitting is a terrible weather prediction …they say it could have an effect even a month later ..
      That’s not cold that’s freezing ..prayers love and light .
      Aside just saw this on Volcano discovery ..
      Krakatua son of is cracking again they are half expecting another land slide ..tsunami ..

      1. Rhona that’s not good! I wonder which way the wave would go this time if it were to collapse even more. Could you tell if it is in the same direction as the last one? Praying it doesn’t collapse!🙏🏻🌟

    2. Oh my that looks and sounds like everyone is looking at some really cold weather! I wonder where in North America it will be affected the most. Thanks For the info Star48

      1. Star 48
        I see.😶😯😕.. I was about to post to you .
        Oh wow almost smack bang in middle of Alaska ..can’t believe it ..Tanaga volcano too now ..

  31. Rhona, Star48…hope that’s it for Tanaga and the EQs! That’s getting up there now.
    Great link with the pick of Rakatta is it…the part of Anak Krakatau. It took me a minute to figure out I had to click on the twitter link also.🤔
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Rhona…I see you are feeling it too…I think so. Oh maybe where the 7.0 (6.6) came from? That was suppose to be “Tobelo” Indonesia, not Tabelo. 😳

  32. Rhona, and (I agree) Star48…whole area is unstable. Here is dutchsinse overview of things and he mentions the deep Brazil at around 23:45 minute. Calling for a possible 8.0 within 10 days? Same as EQ two years ago on Christmas Day in Chili. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. He goes on to talk about fractures in the plate up at Yellowstone after the deep Brazil I believe. Thought you’d be interested in that part. Wanted to get it off to you two. Blessings

  33. Jules104,Rhona2,
    The swarm near Tobelo,Indonesia….
    And the 6.6 M
    Are near Dukono Volcano 🌋
    So bears watching…

    1. Star 48
      Absolutey Dukono is the most likely of all those in that area ..a watch is wise ..
      Hope the Indonesians are preparing ..the lava completely blocked a staight in 1555 I think I read ..anyhow she is known to be quite showy..
      Thanks Star great spotting …

    1. Rhona I agree on the crack on Anak Krakatau. It seems just a matter of time.
      I don’t think I’d be going on any vacas over that way for a while. I sure hope the islanders are keeping a good watch on it. They definetly need a better tsunami warning system. Since tourism is now being affected, maybe it will happen sooner than later. Too bad it has to come to that though.

  34. Jules 104 star 48
    Thanks for dutch Jules ..
    Singer just came in quite quickly timing wise with south of the boarder Mexico way .
    A watch ..
    One flag within a week he says ..could be confirming dutch …

  35. Jules 104 star 48
    Italy flag ” Volare ” from singer .
    1 flag so soon .
    Probably Etna or a volcano and quake .

    1. Start Jules 104.
      Yes I believe he is on target ..
      6.3m I hope there is no more ..
      Area of concern there. .
      I will let you know I feel he is nudging for more blessings

      1. Great job Rhona and Singer! 👏🏻🙌🏻 Yes thanks for keeping us informed with the nudges. Praying nothing too big coming.🙏🏻💫

    1. Too many volcanic eruptions lately, seems too much pressure being put on the plate I think. May be looking at a larger quake coming up somewhere around the Ring of Fire soon. 🙏🏻

  36. Star 48
    South sandwich Isles has always facinated me with the quakes around there ..volcanic activity
    Mt Micheal that makes things clearer .
    Well that could be interesting if there is an eruption there ..

    1. Star 48
      MANAM in pnw wow that’s a blast pnw is a watch for quake and volcanic eruption ..
      The Pacific rim as Jules has said is living up to
      Its name ..The Ring of Fire ..big movement as earth goes so does humanity big shifts in consciousness. .
      Just wish we had spontaneous compassion instead of disastrous events that trigger the compassion …
      One day we will all get there ..lessons realised

  37. Jules104,Rhona2,
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Chile on January 07 2019 04:32 AM (UTC).

    Planchon-Peteroa Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: continuous ash emissions to 16000 ft (4900 m). Explosive activity continues. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Buenos Aires warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 16000 ft (4900 m) altitude or flight level 160.

  38. Star 48 Jules 104
    Just a note that deep west honshu quake wasn’t reported by USGS

    1. Rhona, Star48…Thanks for the update. Yes that’s deep for West Honshu area.
      But what is going on with the USGS? I’m beginning to think Dutch is correct on his thoughts of somebody getting paid under the table not to report, or withholding funding if they do. Odd!🤔

    1. Star48, I agree too close for comfort when it’s within one lunar distance. And that animation in the link really puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

    2. Star 48
      Hopefully they will start swinging back out..
      Not looking forward to getting closer ..
      😲😶 Asteroids are just plain random by look of it ..

      1. Jules104,
        Somehow I thought it is a natural occurrence…I am probably wrong…but that was my first thought..anomaly….

    1. Star48, could be right on the natural
      anomaly. Very weird that’s for certain. A lot of very weird things going on lately underground!😳

  39. LlStar48 jules 104.
    Hi you two .
    Yes my first thought was a natural anomaly as well ..frightening anyway ..oh dear ..
    We are springing leaks everywhere ..😨

    1. Star 48
      Facinating article about magnetic field .
      No wonder time is speeding up also .
      Another significant change to adjust to ..
      We are adapting I hope ..not easy but doable .
      Many changes to earth happening with it .
      The wonders of living on this magnificent ever Changing planet ..we are sitting in a different position in the galaxy now never been where we are now so new things occurring ..
      Thank you I love it

      1. Rhona, oh yes I missed those. What’s going on over there… Meckering fault then? Hopefully just a few small ones. 🙏🏻

  40. Hi just a note that last quake outside Perth is on that Meckering fault that caused a lot of trouble here years ago ..hmm I’m sure she is stirring again’s only an hours drive out of Perth ..
    Watching ..waiting ..prepared 😩😶😶😶😞😜

    1. That is an odd one Rhona. On the zoomed in google map that circle Bay Area near where it hit looks like a big old volcano with cone in middle, is it do you know? Interesting I thought.

    2. Rhona I looked up the area I was mentioning, French Island. Couldn’t find much in way of volcanic area but has lots of birds and koalas!😁 That is strange how it’s shaped though I thought.

  41. Rhona, Star48…4.8 off shore N CA, 2 km depth. USGS has at 4.1, its closer to a 5. Mag!😐
    Noticed Japan has same 4.8 mag off shore Honshu at same time. 🤔

  42. Rhona2,Jules104,
    Indonesia Volcano 🌋
    Event details

    Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on January 12 2019 08:09 PM (UTC).

    National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) urges the public to not carry out any activity within the danger zone of Mount Ibu’s peak following the eruption on Saturday, January 12. “We suggest the residents and hikers not conducting any activities within a 2-kilometer radius,” said BNPB’s head of public relation and data center Sutopo in a written statement received by Tempo on Saturday, January 12. Mount Ibu in Western Halmahera, North Maluku erupted on 17:12 local time today. Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center (PVMBG) of Mount Ibu said that the height of the eruption was about 800 meters from the crater peak. The volcanic ash of the eruption is leaning more to the south. But Mount Ibu is still in alert level II. Sutopo stated there is an expansion of dangerous zone sector at the distance of 3.5 kilometer towards the crater opening in the north section of the active crater of Mount Ibu. However, he said that there is no need for evacuation since the dangerous zone is still far. He explained that Mount Ibu experiences eruption for almost every day within the past three months. “It’s an active volcano that could erupt at any time. Most importantly is that the residents are out of the danger zone.” According to Sutopo, PVMBG keeps monitoring the volcano activity. The public has been informed to follow the recommendation of PVMBG as the authorized institution in monitoring and issuing the early warning related to volcanic activity in Indonesia.

    1. Thanks for all the links Star48. Canary Islands… very interesting. Makes me think of where that darn bird sits! 😳🤨

  43. Star 48 Jules 104
    Oh wow Canary Isle has always made me wary I don’t trust that area at all ..
    The bomogenisis my goodness 58 hectopascals unbelievable doubt we may hear an update about this pest system ..
    Yes Jules watch out for increased wave size ..
    Monon volcano and most of Indonesia …😕
    Tongue in cheek comment …makes one wonder… seems that island chain is determine to create hovoc .
    Thanks for west Australia links Jules we really have spiked it up a little of late…
    Oh crap I just saw a rat coming from the house back of us ..darn date palms there they love them ..hubby said on phone while talking ..grab the broom honey go get him hahaha 😂😂😂😂
    Nah let’s put the trap or bait down ..
    Wish we still had a cat I miss my cats 😺😼😸😾😻😽

    1. Rhona… oh my…now all I can imagine is you on a chair with your broom in one hand and cell in the other…😆😎
      Praying no more EQs for WA!🙏🏻🌟💫

      1. Jules 104 star 48
        You got it ..cell in one hand broom in the other and it’s one of the few things I can cuss at ..a rat .hahaha
        Hope all is well with you two

    1. Star 48
      Thank you
      Singer is saying there is still a big bang he says coming for Italy ..
      The noise will be terrible ..
      Sounds like quake volcano ..
      Southern Italy ..
      He will flag with song closer to time ..I hope I don’t miss it but he is pretty good syncing .
      Hehe and singing. .🎶🎶🎵🎵🎼🎼🎼

    2. Star48, Rhona…I saw this eq and actually thought about Your and Singer’s messages Rhona😉…still expecting a larger one. That makes sense with a quake and then eruption. Praying not, sending light to Italy…🙏🏻

    1. Thanks for the link Star48. That’s an amazing looking volcano! Sounds like it’s going to go soon. Just crazy with all this volcanic activity on the planet right now. Sending love and light to the area. ❤️🌟💫

    1. Star, Rhona…TN and KS I sort of get but, not good either. There’s a lot of pressure coming in and across. Where’s the big one coming up at and how soon is my thoughts.
      Rhona saw those New Caledonia and thought it’s a watch for sure also.
      Got to say though I’m not feeling good about our West Coast areas either. Vancouver maybe? Seems like Fiji/Vanuatu area and Alaska are all connected somehow.
      Love and light to You Both!❤️🌟💫

    2. Star48, just noticed the New Madrid remark. I was thinking the same thing today. 🤔 That won’t be good if they just keep increasing there.

  44. Star 48 Jules 104
    KANSAS wow …
    New Caladonia had a couple too.. seperate from Venuatu .
    5.4m at 10km
    5.1m at 10km
    About a couple hours apart ..
    Watching Soufriere volcano
    Thanks for updates you too .
    Blessings ..

    1. Star 48 Jules 104
      MERAPI. ..SHE has been determined to cause hovoc …brewing for months ..the Booming is a sure sign the quakes should spike a little more too..
      Poor Java Marapi on land and Kakatua son of.. in the straits ..
      I’m having a chuckle ..some of us here call Kakatua son of …like that as she is a sob
      Hope that’s not offensive swearing ..😕😊😊
      Blessing you two

      1. Rhona that’s hilarious😆🌋..Krakatau son of…
        I bet those there feeling the affects are thinking, got that right!

    2. Wow Mt Merapi sounds like it may be having a major eruption soon. Sending love and light to the area and people there. Praying for safety. 🙏🏻

  45. Star 48 Jules 104
    2 flags Louisiana and one New Orleans .
    Something is coming up for the area
    I NOT SURE what it is singer is implying water .

    1. Thanks for the update Rhona. I recall our watch for it being a possible tsunami area a while back. Praying all is calm over your way. 😇🙏🏻

  46. Start Jules 104
    Volcano blowing imenant …singer
    .1 flag he says . ” I don’t know where I’m a gonna go when volcano blows ” song .
    I’M ASKING WHERE ..will get back to you .

      1. Star48, sorry was trying to see if Dutch had anything on it. I added his latest update. Does seem something going on with the Juan de Fuca. Also the EQs north of St George, Utah is an ancient cinder cone, lava flow area.

    1. Star48, Rhona …a 2014/2015 ”geomagnetic jerk”?😆 But really that’s crazy isn’t it? And what the heck is going on in Siberia at Lake Bekail?

  47. Jules 104 star 48
    Thanks for the updates and links …that Capetown meteor seemed a bit strange the way it left the vapor like trail ..
    And Kansas again hmm
    Been out of loop a little flat out here
    1 keeping cool
    2 entertaining kids
    3 shopping for new baby
    4 Making curtains for baby’s room
    5 making curtains for Baby’s bro ‘s room .
    All the while standing on my head whistling Dixie hahaha 😯😯😯🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵

    1. Rhona glad you are staying cool!😎. A new baby and new baby things…sounds like fun! I bet those new curtains are going to be so cute!
      You are so funny whistling Dixie on your head.😎🙃😚🎶🎵😆 Now I have that image.

    2. Rhona2,Jules104,
      🎶🎶Everybody loves the baby, that is why I am in love with you…Pretty Baby 👶
      Pretty Baby 👶 🎶🎶🎶🎶
      You need to sing too! Lots if music…dancing…

      1. Oh goodness you too are making me smile so braid .
        STAR I’M SINGING ..
        Every body love a baby that’s why I’m in love with you .pretty baby pretty baby .. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼
        Awe I’m going to sing that to her when she arrives in 7 weeks ..yay ..from both of you and all of us
        Blessings 💖💞💗

    1. Star 48
      Canaria and tenerife bit alarming when it comes from there ..a watch …
      I’d be nervous over that way
      Thanks for update

  48. Star48, Rhona. I was watching this latest update from Dutch. Around 46:00 he starts talking about the West Coast. Before that the experiments going on at UCLA I believe. But what I found interesting is the line of real time tremors on the map in CA. Think it’s about 47::10 minutes. Dutch said he was going to watch and see what occurs there. It is rather odd. I think it’s done this before sort of around this area.

    1. Jules 104 star 48
      Oh my goodness the straight line is definitely a watch as dutch said he hasn’t seen that before. The Juan de Fuca fracture zone is an alert maybe Japan force transfering across ..west coast watch in my books ..
      Tremors telling a tale of possibilities. 😨
      Love the bend through Texas and into Kansas and east coast plate goes ..
      Pumping operations are a worry around Geysers California …such an informative report this time ..
      Over drive of all plate movements ..
      Oh yeah and Mammoth Mountain has been going on for over a year as he says ..
      Southern California nuke test sites 😨
      Yep area 51..fractures in the plate from these..Jacinto fault ..San Andreas ..Imperial fault ..Salton Butes all the ones we have noticed over last year or so ..slow slip comes up again ..
      Thanks for link Jules good one ..

      1. Rhona your welcome! I know, right? Lots going on on over here. All over really though. I hope Eric can find out where exactly that large EQ is going to occur. I was thinking about what Dutch said with the Japan transfer. 😳

    1. Star48, just thinking about how much has changed with all of these EQs in the middle of the US going on now. Seems just a matter of time there will be something a lot bigger on the New Madrid. Unless it’s like Dutch says… KS, OK, TX is the new New Madrid! 🤔😐

  49. Rhona 2,Jules 104,
    Vanuatu 🇻🇺
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Vanuatu on January 20 2019 07:41 PM (UTC).

    685 people on the Vanuatu island of Ambrym have been ordered to relocate to safe zones as the island’s volcano continues to erupt. Earthquakes triggered by the eruption have ruptured the ground, including one that opened in the middle of a village. The national disaster office says there are so far no plans to relocate people to other islands.

    1. Thanks for the update Star48. I hope they are able to evacuate people in time if there is an epic eruption there. Sounds pretty bad right now with the cracks in the ground! 😬

  50. Star 48 Jules 104
    Amazing explosion of Bezymianny volcano
    We will see how she fairs …
    It getting hard to know exactly what’s coming from where next so much is going on ..

    Side note Daughter and her family in Sydney for a weeks Vaca ..prayers they stay safe ..
    I’m sure they are going to love it ..the kids are 13 and 12 so great age to see for first time .

    1. Rhona will send prayers and bubble of love and light to surround and protect them while on vaca in Sydney.🙏🏻😇❤️ I’m sure they are going to have so much fun at this age they are at now. Sounds wonderful!☺️