Predictions 7-26-17

I want to cover a few topics that are incomplete predictions.  I asked Spirit last night what is coming next? I had a visual of a box that read ‘cracker’ on the side. That implies an earthquake, the box implies a large earthquake. In old predictions a cracker was a small quake, a bag was moderate, and a box a large quake.  Then Spirit presented the numbers 22 12, my only thought behind the numbers was a reference to Predictions 12-22-16 which to my surprise has a prediction about an earthquake. I need to clarify this message, is the location in the old prediction what we should expect?

I also had a visual of young people playing around water, some jumping into the water like they were diving. Then the visual shifted to show a train track, the background looked like New York but it could be symbolic to a large city. Then the visual shifted again to see a very mad man accelerating his vehicle with the intent of hurting others. Predictions it might be related to: Predictions 7-14-17  Predictions 5-24-17

In regards to Predictions 7-18-17 There was a gruesome attack in Switzerland of a man attacking six people with a chainsaw. The individual had ties to the forest and the location mirrors the prediction. However their are many different parts of the prediction that do not match.

27 thoughts on “Predictions 7-26-17

  1. Eric, one of your other regulars mentioned Dutchinse and I’ve been trying to watch his videos. His last one was about a huge deep quake that occurred a couple of days ago and that’s apparently usually followed by a significant quake nearer the surface that causes damage. Maybe the person who mentioned it can jump in. I think it was in the Mediterranean but I watched so many of his videos I may be confused about the location. Definitely worth watching — I found at there’s a supervolcano literally located at the North Pole. Wow.
    I was trying to find the right link, I think it’s on YouTube and Twitter. His regular website isn’t current on this. Maybe this one?

  2. Your previous prediction implied the Philippines for the quake.
    The chainsaw attack wasn’t a terror attack. The man lived in the forest. Sounds rather strange, I wonder if it was mental illness.

  3. A visual of young swimmers, then a train track in a city, then a vehicle driven by a maniac. I wonder if the maniac visual is separate from the other two, or if they’re all connected.

    The train and the swimming visuals remind me of earlier predictions about attacks happening in similar circumstances. They could mean “multiple attacks” possibly?

    1. Sara I was just wondering the same thing, are the swimmers and the madman connected or are they two different predictions?

      Eric, did this appear to be a pool with kids playing or was it like a swim meet?
      Eric, I believe your earthquake prediction that had the nine in it means there will be nine earthquakes, that’s just my guess.
      Since you haven’t posted lately I was beginning to worry that something had happened. I’m glad to see you back.

  4. Eric!! It’s i think your mickey mouse themed prediction for the 27th just happened. Ohio state fair accident. 😣

  5. the way u referenced the numbers made me wonder that when I get numbers maybe they refer to older posts. so older posts give heads up then they reference these when things get closer. just a thought.

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