Predictions 7-18-17

Every effort to bring clarity of old predictions is countered with new ones. Sorry guys. However these are very serious events.

I had a visual of a man going on a shooting spree, he spent time hiding, shooting from the ground, from a tree, hidden in what looked like snow. Then he lit people and places on fire. Several people were kept under his wave of terror, as a standoff of some kind emerged.  (There were other parts I am excluding because it is too dark. Whether it important or not, its not appropriate to share.)

The visual very specifically showed a mountain terrain. My feeling was a Nordic country or Scandinavian country. There was oddly a residue of snow, but that might just be symbolic to the location. The victims seemed young as if apart of a school. The visual ended with someone injured who the culprit allowed to leave to get help. In everyway it was a gruesome scene, with multiple victims.

“The queen.. will now pass”

They implied Japan.

27 thoughts on “Predictions 7-18-17

  1. Eric, did they actually say the Queen will pass and then quote Japan? Surely in that case it should be Empress?, they don’t have a Queen.

    1. This prediction reminded me of the 2011 Norway attacks, which were two sequential lone wolf terrorist attacks — first was a car bombing and the 2nd was a mass shooting at a summer camp. 77 fatalities.

  2. “Kouhi = Ouhi = King’s wife. Kisaki = It’s originally from “Old Queen” in Chinese, nowadays in Japanese it means King’s Wife. Kougou = The Empress/Emperor’s Wife” – “Empress Michiko is the Empress consort of Japan as the wife of Emperor Akihito, the current Emperor of Japan reigning from 7 January 1989.” – Possible they could be talking about a Queen visiting Japan as “there are 26 monarchies in the world, a fascinating network of kings, queens, sultans, emperors and emirs who rule or reign over 43 countries in all.” Also, it could possibly be someone society refers to as a Queen, for example Beyoncé “Queen Bey”. There is also a performer in Japan that they refer to as the Japanese Queen Bey. “She still holds the title as the reigning Japanese Queen-bey and is now all over Japanese TV.”

  3. Eric,
    In one of your previous predictions, you mentioned a possible attack at a swim-meet or something at a school. Maybe this is related to that prediction somehow? Both predictions made it seem like children and/or their parents would be targets of violence.

    What was the age-group of the kids in this prediction? Teens? Pre-teens? Elementary school age? If we know that, it could help narrow down locations. Even though school’s not in session during summer, maybe certain age groups will have camps or recreational fairs or something.

  4. What if you could get a psychic answer to support Eric’s predictions and therefore change disasters on a Higher Level?
    This particular Blog is to get you started on the exercise, but in the next one I’ll put up what Eric gets and ask you to separate your thought/answer from that of your Guidance. As an example:
    Question: Will Donald Trump be impeached?
    Answer 1: Yes and before the year’s out.
    Answer 2: Yes but he won’t go till next year.
    Which answer is correct?
    The first one was my own thought, the second one was within my own thoughts but not from me.
    To understand what I’m talking about, you’ll have to have a look at my latest Blog:

  5. Not necessarily relevant to this post, but you have had flight-related predictions. This additional screening goes into effect today. I read it as a signal that something in the intelligence is making Homeland extra cautious. I remember that immediately following 9-11, we were blamed (in error) for being a terrorist gateway to the US.

    1. Canada’s sudden enhanced security, combined with the Supreme Court’s sudden (partial) support of the travel-ban, and the laptop bans on other flights….all these events make me wonder if authorities got word of a specific plot to bomb/attack airplanes.
      These security measures seems to be happening around the same time, so I’m wondering if they’re all related.

      IMO, It’d have to be a serious threat to make American airports, Canadian flights, and flights to America from the Middle East all increase security so quickly within a few months. That also makes me think of Eric’s predictions about the airplane attacks.

      Considering ISIS lost Mosul recently and their leader might be dead, I’ve been expecting retaliation attacks, and it’s kind of weird that it hasn’t happened….it’s probably paranoia, but I can’t help worrying they’re saving up for big attacks. That would fit in with Eric’s earlier predictions about multiple terror attacks, too.

      All in all…it’s quiet, but I feel like there are things going on that we’re not seeing.

      1. Yes Sara I agree. Trump is getting intel briefings everyday, any prez would, so if course they know way more than us! Yet still those that hate him can’t or won’t see that. Director HLS, Kelly, said recently if you knew what I know you would not leave the house.

  6. To iamtot- talking about security issues, I believe Intel briefings are very important..trump is not doing this only by himself, he has great amount of guidance. As I said, those that hate him will never give him any credence…..He may turn out to be a poor president in the end or not- if left has their way, will be not. Still, better than a corrupt career politician! imho.

    1. I meant left would prefer he be a poor prez……also I think Eric predicted earthquake very well, blessings to him and those affected.

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