Predictions 7-26-17

I want to cover a few topics that are incomplete predictions.  I asked Spirit last night what is coming next? I had a visual of a box that read ‘cracker’ on the side. That implies an earthquake, the box implies a large earthquake. In old predictions a cracker was a small quake, a bag was moderate, and a box a large quake.  Then Spirit presented the numbers 22 12, my only thought behind the numbers was a reference to Predictions 12-22-16 which to my surprise has a prediction about an earthquake. I need to clarify this message, is the location in the old prediction what we should expect?

I also had a visual of young people playing around water, some jumping into the water like they were diving. Then the visual shifted to show a train track, the background looked like New York but it could be symbolic to a large city. Then the visual shifted again to see a very mad man accelerating his vehicle with the intent of hurting others. Predictions it might be related to: Predictions 7-14-17  Predictions 5-24-17

In regards to Predictions 7-18-17 There was a gruesome attack in Switzerland of a man attacking six people with a chainsaw. The individual had ties to the forest and the location mirrors the prediction. However their are many different parts of the prediction that do not match.

New Idea

A reminder of this prediction, if it is a countdown then we should expect it soon:

“Destructive..Earthquake.. Philippines.. 20” (is 20 a date or countdown, a countdown would lead to sometime around the 27th?)

Also to bring clarity to the message “27th-30th” the Spirits clarified that they are not referring to any one prediction but a slew of them all happening back to back.

Calling SWC: Our first meeting will be in mid May. In the meeting we will discuss how we can better bring awareness to these predictions. What we can do to help change these events.  More details will follow.

I want your opinion on a matter: Both Facebook and Twitter have options to advertise your business.  Instead of advertising a business what if we advertised very specific predictions, ones that have the event, location, and time frame, then spent  $100’s to bring attention to that specific prediction.  I would like to hear from those of you who have used the Facebook advertisement, does it work?  I would also like to hear your opinions on how to reach a much larger audience for just specific predictions to alter. Imagine what we could accomplish by pushing one specific prediction to the main stream media outlets, by sharing it with as many people as possible, imagine the lives we could save, the suffering we could alter.  On the ‘buy now’ button used for personal readings we have added a ‘Donate to our Cause” to help aid us in our agenda. The aid would go directly to the Facebook idea, once we have a prediction I will share with you the amount of money we spent on that specific prediction. I understand that many of you might find this off beat, I understand I am asking for a leap of faith, but consider the positive possibilities of lives saved, and suffering averted.

What if we brought mass attention to these accurate predictions below from last year?

The Event: Hurricane Matthew Formed Sept 28 2016 dissipated Oct 10th 2016:

Prediction: The Florida Hurricane  posted Sept 20th: “A massive hurricane will consume Florida in the worst way.. everyone.. everyone in the southern and mid section needs to leave.. LEAVE! There is no part that is safe.”
“Tide.. Tide.. even the inlands will suffer.”
“10    513”
Spirit what does 10 mean? I asked
“October.. in 20 minutes (days).. in less than 1 hour (month).” — Spirit Responded
20 minutes would imply a timeframe between the 10th-12th of October.
There seems to be a question of timing unless they are talking about two different storms back to back. October is the month, in one message they talk about a timeframe around the 12th, but in other messages it happens at the end of October.

The Event, Ohio State Attack November 27th 2016:

The predictions:    Predictions 11-24-16   I am very sorry for sharing this disturbing news on the holidays. But many of you have asked for clarity and I wanted to share what Spirit had to say.

Nothing is expected for today. However when I asked when the shooting/attack will happen they said ‘right now’.

Predictions 11-21-16   “A person yielding a gun.. shooting in front of the many.. Such a horrible situation. Oh Brothers. When so many are out and about.  8  7 ” – Spirits Voice

Again, I had a visual of a big ‘O’ followed by the word ‘Ohio’ being written.