Fiji Cyclone

This prediction has happened,  the flood is more symbolic to the affects of the tide and cyclone that came in. We failed to get the details in a timely matter, there is another prediction very similar that is separate from this one. Please pray for the victims in Fiji

Predictions 2-14-16   I had a visual of this massive flood sweeping up everything in its path, like a raging river, structures were turned to rubble, the debris floated along with the current.



187 thoughts on “Fiji Cyclone

  1. such a powerful force of nature to happen to a beautiful place and its people..sorry Figi this occured..
    love and light and q speedy recovery…

      • oh haha ga this is sooo funny 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂im loosing it
        I will sttempt to explain
        Jules when you said Fiji CycloneI thought oh Jules didnt add link ..
        so i then went searching for current Fiji Cyclone and there is a little one
        so I promptly posted a link on new thread
        Dilma Roussoff thread …
        We were talking at x purposes
        when you said I was only two comments I was goggle eyed looking ….stil
        laughi g at me …😉😂😂😂

  2. Jules 104 star 48
    Im here in the beautiful sourh Pacific ..
    Ahhhh we’re on vaca ..🌴🌴🌴🍉🍉🌞🌞🏊🏊
    This is living ..

  3. Star48 julesz104
    STAR thank you for all the updates .
    The sink holes in Indonesia are very alarming

    Mt Agung is a concetn too as i mentioned .
    My kids are always travelling ..Son and hus family two grandbabies 4 and 7 are goingvto Bali at end of May hope settles and they have no airport delays or at least stay safe .

    Im very concerned for.Philippines I have been watching that swarm closely .Prayers for Metro Manila ..

    So much happenning or threatening to.
    As you have both said its hard to keep up at times ..mother earth keeps us busy .
    Blessings you two .

    • Star 48
      Thank you
      But he did flag a larger one between 7m and 8m ..we will c ..i will c if it was downgraded 😀😁😉

  4. Star48 jules 104
    Im still locked out it just wont renue my password ..
    It comes up rhona if i sign in below every time

    • Rhona, sorry that’s happening to you. I wonder what’s going on. Are you able to stay signed in at all? Or you have to sign in every time and it’s not using your Rhona2 account?
      Try going to Eric’s blogs main page and adding a comment. When it says put your info in at bottom, add and see if it asks for you to stay signed in. Make sure you are putting Rhona2 info and password in. Or go to the WordPress page and see if there’s a place for you to stay signed in. Next thing I’d do is ask Eric if he can fix it maybe? Let us know what happens.

  5. Jules 104 star 48
    Yay back to Rhona 2.
    Go figure …wouldnt let me reset Rhona .
    Oh well at least im back ..

  6. Jules 104
    Thank you for articles on u.s. ships ..
    Hmm im really shed light on these situations .
    Im not feeling any pressing urgency ..but if your feeling something you could be more in tune with it than I am ..let us know if your feelings grow or intensify ..will be praying for all concerned ..

    • Thanks for the links Star48. I wonder what’s up with that.🤔 Hope no larger EQ’s on the way for CA.
      Also praying for peace during the Ramadan Holiday time period.🙏🏻🌟

    • Rhona, Star okay think I fixed it.🤞🏻It seemed strange because it was telling me to sign in. When I went to sign in here it wouldn’t let me add a password. I checked the WordPress site and they had my boxes that ask do you want to see comments from all and then replies etc on OFF. Not sure what happened with that but I had not done it myself. Turned them back on. Then I went to the regular blog page and added a comment. Worked fine there. I hope someone’s not messing with Eric’s followers to where they aren’t receiving the comments and replies. 🤔😤

      • Jules 104 thats strange because there has been some posts of mine diappeared in last 2 -3 days as well ..
        There is a glitch in the system at present .

    • Star 48
      Now this Bangladesh subduction zone stress
      Is alaming and yet fits so well with whats been happening and the Indian Ocean prediction seems more prevelent ..what a great risk to an enormous amount of people an 8 to 9 mag .
      It reminds me of millions affected prediction to around many countries ..which this threat seems to fit …hopefully its not to be with this area any time soon .
      Great article informative ..
      Blessings .

    • Thanks Star48. Very good article. May be related to the Indian Ocean prediction. That would be catastrophic for Bangladesh and surrounding areas. Praying it’s a slow release there and not a mega quake. 🙏🏻🌟

    • Star 48
      Graphics are interesting on this cme article .
      Not knowing source is a curiosity for those trying to find ..but at least in was detected ..wish it left some sort of traceable trail probably does but we dont have the equipment to retrace its origin ..wouldnt that be great if we could do that ?..sometime maybe i the distant or not so distant future .

  7. Rhona, Star48 … I’m not really sure why but I’m picking up something underhanded going on possibly involving Russia and North Korea. I googled and found this recent article from May 9th. There’s another article that mentions it looks to be a Russian made missile. I’ll add in a minute. I just keep feeling that Russia is doing a lot of meddling. It brought to mind the old prediction of North Korea and striking and island. (Guam)? This could all be further out a few months. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Jules 104 star48
        Yes I agree Jules I remdmber that meeting with Kim and putin ..
        I thought at the time im not comfortable with that but hoped for the best ..or at least that spirit has their finger on the pulse with any potential scull duggery ..
        Not a good liason on the surface of things ..
        Hmm sending light to them both ..
        Thanks for the articles keeping a vigilant watch on this ..not feeling any really bad vibes as of yet ..

      • Thanks for the input Rhona. (There wasn’t a reply box so figured I’d add here.). I know it sounds a bit out there but I just have to listen to…not sure what it is…my intuition? Oh well, sending love and light out into the World, to permeate the darkness.🙏🏻🌟❤️😇

    • Rhona, Star48 … this happened today. The cargo ship is being towed to Samoa. Something is up, I just feel it. There’s more coming I think. I’m a bit worried about what else is on that cargo ship or if Putin is somehow involved in this, manipulating leaders somehow, doing something else behind the scenes. Pushing to see how far they can get, Trojan horse?? I hope our Military and Intelligence are paying close attention. Praying for our Military.🙏🏻🌟😇❤️

      • Jules 104
        The cheeky b…..s well i never….thats just
        Old school nonsense that could just work ..unbelievable sure your military is well and truely on to it ..
        Like good try fellas least they seem like they are well aware of the legnths they will go to ..
        Good point on Trojan horse ..
        Oh whish they would just give it up put it away lije jump in the bath and take your toys with you boys..
        Im not being flippant just over it this is not 1900’s has anyone told Kim and Putin its 2019 ..
        There head space is retarded and that kind of play …those kind of games can and do cause great harm ..
        I get sooo frustrated and concerned they are still out there trying to bully their way in the world ..its over fellas ..they dont get it …not sure they ever will ..

      • Oh wait the Russian brain scrambler weapon. Remember the Cuban Embassy? Well if they start feeling sick down there let me know, I’ll give them a ring.☎️😎📡🦠🧠🍳🙃😉

  8. Jules 104
    Sooo funny Russian brain scrambler yes.
    So you have their number to ring them 😨😲😶😛📞☎now that could be a chat to record .😂😂😂😂

  9. Rhona, I got your comment via email but I can not find it anywhere on the site. Like it disappeared. Odd. Let me know if you see it when going to site blog Fiji Cyclone prediction Also there was a 5.7 South Kermadac Islands Region 10 km depth.

  10. Jules 104
    Your right 😨😲 they have both disappeared .
    The one off coast statement ..and the apology saying it was on land ..
    Weird ..really weird ..

      • Jules 104
        It has there has been a few disappear and they were there when i signed out i always check posted ..dont.always proof read 😕😯😉 but check it posted before i come off thread..
        Its weird .. .

    • Star 48
      Yeah i saw the article on moon shrinking .
      Well i never ..imagine not singing by the light
      Of the silvery moon 🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤
      Seriously though its amazing the information they are gathering about the planets ..
      We have a few yearsxleft of sister moon though ..

    • Star48, I can’t even imagine what’s going on under the ground that’s causing those huge sinkholes up there. Think I’d be moving!😱

  11. Star 48
    It is a weird sound the wonder of the universe making alot of noise ..
    We have so.much more to hear …
    Hope its sweeter than that .😊

    • Star 48
      Thank you for Bali Agung update .. Red alert
      Kids leave on 29th for Bali ..will mention again closer to them leaving ..
      HOPE all settles …

      • Rhona, hoping everything calms down there in Bali. Praying for family traveling traveling to Bali on the 29th. Yes, please keep us updated as it draws near.😇🌟

  12. Star48, Rhona…I got this in my in box today…I’d forgotten that I’d subscribed for “New Posts”. Anyway I found it interesting. If you go to the top right under “Recent Posts” and then click on “Remembering Mt St Helens 39 Years Ago”…it has an update for recent activities and symptoms for her. Talks about areas all over the globe. Seems there is an uptick in her symptoms based on harmonic activity/quakes/volcanos, I believe is what she’s saying. Anyway wanted to add. Blessings You Two😇☺️

    • Jules 104
      Wow she really has it bad …i was relieved to hear some of her symptoms andcmatched them up to some of my own lecithin is a great tip ..i take my own ginger for spacey disorientation symptoms ..
      I ADMIT i havent been paying much attention to them lately ..though looking back can match them up ..
      What a crazy life she must lead .bless her .
      She mentions New Madrid as well ..
      I just realised i get cranky when Agung goes off kind of headache and irritable for no reason ..can c that now ..heaps of vibration in right foot for Solomons PNG area ..
      Vomited suddenly with last solar flare now i know why must have been a strong one as Star gave heads up for .usually just get squiggy in tummy ..was fine in everyother way .
      Will watch for that now ..
      Thanks Jules
      Blessings ..

      • Rhona I know right? I don’t know how she keeps up with it all. Funny on Thursday I think it was, I felt like I had vertigo or just a feeling of wonkiness. I thought maybe just stuffy head but who knows. Makes one wonder about it all and how we all are very connected to our planet. 😇

  13. Rhona 2,Jules104,
    Japan 🇯🇵
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in Japan on May 19 2019 03:57 AM (UTC).

    The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) on Sunday raised its alert level for Mt. Hakone as a seismic activity has been increasing in the popular hot-spring resort area near Tokyo. On the JMA’s alert scale that peaks at five, the agency raised its warning for the first time since 2015 from 1 to 2, advising people not to approach the volcano’s crater. The agency said it made the decision because the number of volcanic earthquakes increased to 45 on Saturday, compared with zero on the previous day. The JMA warned that large volcanic rocks could fall around the crater at a valley called Owakudani, about 80 km southwest of Tokyo. After the alert level was raised, the town of Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture decided to restrict travel around the crater and close a road leading to the area throughout the day. The operator of Hakone Ropeway also suspended its service running through Owakudani for Sunday.

  14. Jules104 mRhona2
    Mauna Loa
    Event details

    Volcano Activity in USA on May 18 2019 04:23 AM (UTC).

    Scientists on the Big Island are considering raising the alert level for Mauna Loa. Experts say there’s been a slight increase in the number of earthquakes at the volcano over the past month. The largest was a magnitude 3.4 on May 1. But gasses and temperatures within the summit caldera show no significant changes. The alert level for Mauna Loa and Kilauea – whose eruption last year in lower Puna destroyed hundreds of homes – are currently both at normal. The next step in the volcano alert system would be “advisory,” followed by “watch” and “warning.” Mauna Loa is the largest active volcano on Earth. Since 1843, the volcano has erupted 33 times.

    • Star 48 jules 104
      Star surprised mauna Loa is showing signs of unrest
      Mt Hakone is a bit worrisome ..
      For Japan ..

  15. Jules 104,Rhona 2,

    Other eruptions..and unrest.

    Side note….
    Do you think I post too much? I would like your true opinion…
    Am I being to helpful…or aggressive?

    After Eric’s and spirit reference to a possible reset site..

    I have had a long talk with myself…

    I only want to be of service to the site….if you feel I am too heavy handed. Please tell me…
    In email…I would only want the truth…I need you guidance and altruistic opinion.l

    I would do my best to modify my imput.,,

    How I view my contributions,may not be contributing in other people’s views…

    • Star48, I think you are fine especially since you mentioned already that you don’t expect replies for every comment or update you add.
      Also, I would think it’s helpful to Eric since you find a lot of predictions for him and it frees up his time so he can spend it doing other things like hanging out with and taking care of their foster kids and just being with family. You know? Plus you add a lot of really interesting articles, info and updates. So no worries.
      I’m not really sure what the “reset” is about. I thought maybe just trying to get rid of the glitches people have every once in a while or a brand new format maybe… 🤗❤️

    • Star 48..
      Your input to this site is enduring and inaugral
      Your research and postings are relevent and informative ..many of which we would have no knowledge if not for you posting ..
      Keep them coming Star ..
      Thank you for your service to the site and humanity ..your prayers are hearltfelt too.
      How can anything good be bad .

      • Rhona2,
        Thank you for your imput…
        My self reflection …was not meant for cudos …
        Thank you for your kind thoughts…

  16. Star48, Rhona…check out this real time tremor map for PNG for Oregon. My first thought was the total solar eclipse that came in around Lincoln City and Newport Coast line there. Go from 48 hours to three hours. Not sure I’ve seen so many tremors in that spot before.

  17. Keyboard is playing up flashed off then on again all seems fine now wss able to click on earthquake sites

  18. Star 48 jules 104
    I believe i have it sussed i recallibrated keyboard and all ok there .speed has improved with deleting cookies but it wiped website data too so had to sign in again even if you have it saved it wipes it..
    Blessings will investigate better ways of doing it …

    • Wow so glad that didn’t hurt anyone or do any damage. Sounds like it could have been a lot worse. Isn’t our planet amazing!🙏🏻🌟

  19. star48 jules104
    thank you star for volcano report ..
    hmm getting a bit concerned ..son and family leave on 29th for Bali if they even get there its the coming home too ..they will be there 5 days .Asteroid fly by us a watch ..hopefully no drop ins from it ..
    blessings you two

    • Rhona, I’m getting a bit nervous too.😬 Are there parts of the island that are safe while the area around Mt Agung isn’t? Praying it calms down there.🙏🏻🌟

      • jules 104 star48
        jules Kuta is where most tourist stay
        its 71km from volcano ..the airport Dempasar is 61km from mt Agung ..
        most area are safe from volcano its the smoke and ash as we know ..that is a huge prob both in the air and in the ground ..
        not keen on the little ones 4yo boy and 8yo girl being there but they are very excited ..

        love and light to them

  20. Rhona good to know it’s further away from Agung. I bet it’s really beautiful there and lots of fun for the kids too. I wouldn’t mind a vaca to Bali myself!😁

  21. Rhona2 ,Jules 104,
    Sinabung eruption
    A high-level eruption took place at the Indonesian Sinabung volcano at 19:53 UTC on May 24, 2019 (02:53 LT, May 25). The Tokyo VAAC reported discrete eruption of volcanic ash up to 15 km (50 000 feet) above sea level.

    The eruption lasted just over 7 minutes. It came just 5 days after the official decrease of alert level from level 4 (highest) to 3. Sinabung was at level 4 almost uninterruptedly for nearly 6 years.

    The Aviation Color Code was raised to Red.


  22. jules 104
    yes Bali is beautiful it calls people back time and again ..some of my family cant get enough of it ..the shopoing is a huge draw card too .

  23. Rhona2,Jules104
    Event details

    Earthquake in New Zealand on May 26 2019 03:29 AM (UTC).

    A swarm of earthquakes has rocked White Island, with 196 of various magnitudes recorded since Thursday. White Island, or Whakaari, lies 50km offshore from Whakatane and is an active marine volcano. GeoNet duty volcanologist Natalia Deligne confirmed that a swarm of quakes started on Thursday and over the last 24 hours the rate and magnitude had increased. Deligne said the swarm does not appear to be linked to volcanic unrest but may result in increased landslide risk on the island. “Since Thursday, 196 earthquakes have been located, 22 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or greater have occurred in the last 24 hours, and the largest three are M3.9, M3.8, and M3.8,” she said. “The swarm appears to be tectonic in nature, unrelated to volcanic processes.” Deligne said there may be a heightened risk of landslides as the earthquakes were shallow and local and the island’s material was relatively weak.”There are no changes in volcano monitoring parameters or the level of volcanic activity at Whakaari/White Island,” she said. “Our observations are consistent with minor volcanic unrest and the Volcanic Alert Level remains at 1 while the Aviation Colour Code stays at Green. “While Volcano Alert Level 1 is mostly associated with environmental hazards, eruptions can still occur with little or no warning. “GNS Science continues to closely monitor Whakaari/White Island and our other active volcanoes. “There is no further Volcanic Alert Bulletin planned at this stage.”

    • Thanks Rhona… I missed that one. Wow that’s moving up now. The whole US West Coast just seems way to quite to me compared to the rest of the Ring of Fire. 🙏🏻


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