Steve Bannon Steps Down

This prediction has happened.

This specific prediction is one of many test we are running to try and create consistent predictions that happen days after we predicted them, out are the days when we predict events that happen months later, however this is a transition that might take awhile.

Predictions 1-6-18 “Bannon forced out.. pushed away from the chair he once occupied.”

Gap -4

In other news: There was a small Tsunami and massive earthquake in the Carribean yesterday. Is the prediction below that earthquake?  12? I leave it up to you to decide.

“Earthquake coming by a coastline
right above the location sits the bird
where the land sticks out.”
I had a visual of a duck or goose cartoon character right above the area that was hit with a quake.

They showed a digital clock and on the minute side was the number ’12’ then they showed the hour and it read ‘9’.– The 12th of September?


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  1. Betty Avatar

    Hi Eric, based on your Tsunami prediction you mentioned a duck or goose cartoon and also an island. There is an island from Warner Bros whom created such cartoons is called Yas Island and it is in Abu Dhabi,United Arab Emirates. I just thought i should mentioned it. Previous prediction also mentioned back to back earthquake or tsunami, I wonder if there is another one coming on the 12? and if 9 can be the magnitude?..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. They are very stuck on the Indian Ocean.

  2. LLG26 Avatar

    Not only did Bannon lose his position with the Breitbart website, he lost his Sirius XM radio show (which was in a contract with Breitbart) and can no longer try to influence politics the way he has been able to in past years (Trump was a frequent guest on his radio show).
    The article titled “Steve Bannon in ‘Denial’ After He’s Kicked Out of Breitbart” mentions, “Among Bannon’s inner circle, the term ‘denial’ was used to describe his mental state over the controversy. Over the past few days, Bannon assured friends and staff that he wasn’t going anywhere. As rumors swirled that the Mercers were seriously weighing severing financial ties, he told every associate, colleague, and reporter who inquired about it, right up until they were publicly confirmed, that they were “total nonsense,” as multiple sources recalled.” The Mercers are billionaires who have extreme conservative views.
    Below is a link to the article that suggests he will now try to form a dark money group to fund his new interests– “There will be some continuity, though. The new organization will focus on Bannon’s longtime pet issues: U.S. policy toward China and the Gulf region, immigration, and foreign trade.” The dark money will also allow him to get paid the large salary that he was used to and which he had to report on a personal financial disclosure statement he filed upon joining the White House last year– “$544,000 in 2016 by Breitbart and Mercer-funded entities Cambridge Analytica, Glittering Steel, and the Government Accountability Institute.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  3. Karben Avatar

    Canary Islands? An earthquake there could cause a volcanic collapse and tsunami that would devastate the east coast of the US.

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    Hi Eric. Today, Trump is reported to have said, “Stop the immigrants coming in from sh*thole countries.” Supposedly, this was a slip. Didn’t you have a prediction about a slip of the tongue that was nevertheless picked up by a microphone?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They talked about a camera. But yes it sort of fits because the verbiage was ‘shocking’

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