World Prediction: Large Earthquake

Sum of the Florida Hurricane

A large Hurricane will hit Florida around the end of October. The path of the of the Hurricane will cross through central Florida at an angle. Because of the rising sea level the flooding is expected to be extensive and far reaching. Key number 29. 28, 29, 30.

Now is the time to bring awareness to this prediction. I am asking you to share this with as many individuals as possible, especially those in Florida.

The only doubt of its arrival is timing as the ‘pumpkin’ in previous messages could represent a fall timeframe, instead of October.

Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

Here is a visual of what the Spirits predict will be the path of the Florida Hurricane, but emphasis this is a mammoth Hurricane that will affect the majority of the entire coast of Florida, they also added that the southern tip of Florida would be thrashed.

The Eye of the Hurricane
The Eye of the Hurricane

The sum of all the previous predictions about Florida.
Notes on 9-9-13 Florida Hurricane

Notes on 3-16-13

Clarity on a previous message:
“The mammoths storms of 2013, the whoppers are coming. Such a massively high tide.”
They have clarified this prediction below is more about a timeframe of the most horrible global storms of 2013 that are about to arrive as the year closes. Its destruction based on the rising sea levels, the tide will be a massive problem.

Previous message:
I saw a large clay square plate that was shattered and crushed. Followed by the words TIDE.
I am unfortunately familiar with this message. They have used the clay plate visual before, the horrible Tsunami that hit Japan. It’s a visual of how overwhelmingly destructive a situation is.