Predictions 5-5-17

I had a visual of the number 7 7

“In about 5 minutes.. already a threat.. ISIS style attack.. over 100 affected.”

Spirit then showed the number 7 in box, like what you would see on a calendar. Then they wrote 7 4 9

“There will be a defining moment.. at its end… when the righteous prevail”

This small prediction is marking a timeframe when there is a direct terror threat. In five minutes would be sometime around the 9th, 10th, or 11th. But oddly they seem to also mark the 7th in a box? Are they talking about this months 7th or next month?   “Already a threat” I believe is a reference to an existing prediction. We actually have a terror related prediction that marks the 10th.

Predictions 4-16-17

I had a visual of several cop cars with sirens  headed down the road.  Behind them where fire trucks. Then afterwards they showed a 0  That implies they are tying this visual with another existing prediction.  I had a visual of a building. Then the entire floor of the building exploded. “In 10”

From the visual the location seemed to be Turkey.

There is another possibility, the post mentions the number 7 several times, and there is one set of predictions that talk about a hijacked plane while also mentioning a massive explosion in a hotel:   Prediction: US Terror Attacks




Turkey Stadium Bombing

This tragic prediction has happened. My heart pours out to the people of Turkey. Please pray for the safe recovery of those injured.  We failed to provide the location.  There is an implication that France might be a target along with the previous UK and US predictions. My hope is to ask Spirit to warn us which attacks are coming immediately next and hopefully in order. One part of the prediction I look forward to seeing is a united front.

Predictions 6-8-16   I had a visual that I was looking down at a stadium, or music hall. Then there was a large explosion in the stadium. Then the visual switched and they drew a large 8.

Prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks   Here is the list of predictions we are still concerned about. Remember the message warned us that we would have two different groups of terror related attacks, the first predicted in late September and the other in December, so some of these events might not happen now. However the battleship attack, the base attack, and the airplane hijacking are expected soon.

Predictions 6-16-16  “At a stadium.. the attack does the opposite of ‘terror’ because it unites the people.
The French.. France.. it missed the journalist.. last week.
Then.. the police will be attacked
Then protect the Lou! Protect the Lou!
Such a vicious cycle again and again.
France, the UK, the US, all will be hit very soon”



Suicide Bomber Strikes Turkey

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Turkey. Its unclear what the black bat represents, perhaps a heavy handed government response. Their timing is off by a few days.

Its possible that their urgency was in regards to this attack and not the prediction regarding the expected US attack. I asked about the attack on the US and they again showed the number 2. Two months? On the 2nd?

Predictions 4-18-16  I had a visual of a bomb going off, there was a building with a large hole in it. The visual shifted to a man holding a large black bat. He began to swing the bat violently.
“Backlash.. behind the chairs.”
237  (either they are talking about the 23rd or its a countdown from 15th of April which should put it around May 8th)

The Facts: ISTANBUL — A female suicide bomber blew herself up in a historic district of Turkey’s fourth largest city on Wednesday, wounding 13 people, according to officials.

The assailant was “aged about 25” and only fragments were left of her body after the attack in the city of Bursa, said Turkey’s health minister, Mehmet Muezzinoglu.

He said 13 individuals were wounded in the attack but none of them were in critical condition. Another seven people sought medical attention over ear pain and hearing problems as a consequence of the blast. Quoted by:

Ankara Bombing

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the people of Turkey.

Predictions on 12-4-15   “The next attack.. ”
I had a visual of a bus with the number 601. The bus and other vehicles were in danger.
Is 601 a date perhaps, the 6th.

The facts:  At least 28 dead, 61 injured, in Ankara car bomb blast


Its unclear if this is the military base bombing prediction is related, in the original message it was implied to have ties to the US. It could be, and is just one day off. I need to ask the Spirits: Notes on 9-16-15 Military Base Bombing

“The military base will be bombed.
way in the back
56 people, fire, fire
Thursday.. 18
The sadist will gloat about his evil work. (I had a visual of a computer)
Get out! Get as many people out as you can.
Please help us! Alert all. Alter this horrific event. Put it on your wall” — Spirits Voice


Turkey Bombing – 8,9

Is this the Turkey Bombing that was Predicted under Notes on 5-5-13 , it reads:

Next.. bomb.. 8.. They skate until tomorrow.. Oh my god 9.. They showed a train and subway, people were walking on the streets in shorts then they showed people skating away.
I had a vision that the actor from the Mentalist (Actor S Baker) was crouched down with his ears closed. A small light was blinking and then a massive explosion. Then there was rubble.

The Facts: “Turkey nabs 9 bombing suspects with alleged ties to Syria’s spy agency. Twin car bombings on the Turkey-Syria border left 46 dead this weekend. But Turkey insisted it would not be provoked into a war with Syria”. Quoted News :

The fact that both 8 and 9 are used to describe those detained is to close of a connection to the situation to ignore. “They Skate..” could refer to Turkey’s response towards the Al Assad regime. The people’s need for justice is starting to boil over and for now Turkeys leadership is saying it won’t be drawn into a war with Syria.  However, there is no train.