Turkey Bombing – 8,9

Is this the Turkey Bombing that was Predicted under Notes on 5-5-13 , it reads:

Next.. bomb.. 8.. They skate until tomorrow.. Oh my god 9.. They showed a train and subway, people were walking on the streets in shorts then they showed people skating away.
I had a vision that the actor from the Mentalist (Actor S Baker) was crouched down with his ears closed. A small light was blinking and then a massive explosion. Then there was rubble.

The Facts: “Turkey nabs 9 bombing suspects with alleged ties to Syria’s spy agency. Twin car bombings on the Turkey-Syria border left 46 dead this weekend. But Turkey insisted it would not be provoked into a war with Syria”. Quoted News :http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Latest-News-Wires/2013/0512/Turkey-nabs-nine-bombing-suspects-with-alleged-ties-to-Syria-s-spy-agency

The fact that both 8 and 9 are used to describe those detained is to close of a connection to the situation to ignore. “They Skate..” could refer to Turkey’s response towards the Al Assad regime. The people’s need for justice is starting to boil over and for now Turkeys leadership is saying it won’t be drawn into a war with Syria.  However, there is no train.

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  1. perfectmotion8 Avatar

    I read about Turkey & all that you described above. I am relievd for people like you. This is how Predictive Work should be shared always…. You do this without your own real definition as you are what I call ‘Neutral’. Ego plays no part in a message, that has come to you referencing such words. This is how I know you are different from others. You don’t start with ‘Dearest Children… Etc’. As a Clairvoyant/Medium I know that huge messages are not correct, spirit/Guides/Angels etc are higher frequencies so, they have to Slow words down, making it quite a difficult communication for them too. So single words, pictures etc is how we connect.
    It’s simple words, pictures, numbers, smells etc. I believe you have been spot on at not only seeing but, stopping an event because free will plays such a huge role….
    Thank You So Much. Every Day I read your words and I now, meditate on helping the Collective Flow stop a negitive action by Positively reflecting on this. It has 10times more power over the Negitive.
    I support You Whole Heartily and I Love You & Your Guidence.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thank you!

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