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World Prediction: New Guinea – Australia Quake Coming

I had a visual of one large scroll, what you see at the bottom of the news report It read:

7.3 .. New Guinea.. Australia .

The date. I need the date! Ideally though we want to get to this place where all new predictions would happen in a about 7 day timeframe, here that would be between the 10-12th.

Previous prediction: I had a visual of a jolting collapse, sudden loud cracking noise. Then I could see what looked like a large whole or crack on the ground. Earthquake? The scope of the size seemed extensive. 
Originally the message was for Australia or around Australia. Oddly they attached India, however it could be two back to back incidents. 

Notes on 8-21-15

I had a visual of a massive cyclone in the Ocean heading north.

“There will be a massive cyclone, massive in size and scope, it will hit China.”

I had a visual of bushes lining up. This is a message that an Australian prediction is about to happen in the next few days. Long ago before I could converse with Spirit and was limited only to visuals, they used ‘the bush’ to describe events in Australia, now they say “A..U..”

These mini messages are something new they are doing. On one end Spirit will predict events that are coming around the corner, or as they call it ‘next’. To add they will also warn us, poke at me, when one of their predictions is about to happen. It’s their solution to predicting time.

Previous possible prediction, but there are others:Predictions 8-17-15

I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of there belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”
“A moderately sized earthquake will strike Australia.” — Spirits Voice

ISIS has Chemical Weapons

Its official ISIS does have chemical weapons, this prediction is starting to unfold. Turkey be diligent and safe please.

Notes on 9-24-14  “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of massive smoke everywhere, nothing was in view except the smoke. (Smoke in the past represented destruction) I had a visual of terrorist holding a string of VX nerve agent, the visual showed small neon green gum ball sized spheres attached to a metal plate. They had several strands. They showed a man drop off a box in a busy city, there was a fountain in the background and then he put on a helmet and walked away, then smoke exploded everywhere. The visual switched and “Intelligent Agents” as spirit called them cleared a path of rubble.

They showed a man on a bike or moped bike, waiting to cross a desert border. I assume that is Turkey
“Such an absolute horror
Stuck, Stuck
They acted like wild animals
Turkey now thrusted into war

Predictions 8-17-15

The new order, titled differently, all of these predictions are expected to happen in less than a month with the exception of the ‘black villain’ which will unfold over a longer period of time. Please also understand this new order of predicting events literally right before it happens is going to take time to master. Many of you have asked about the incomplete predictions, Greece, airplane hijacking, and other events. The plan is to revisit those predictions when Spirit feels they are around the corner. They also plan to remind you of existing predictions if they are about to happen.

The pepper prediction is coming. Notes on 5-18-15

“Independence and revolution
The climate of the people demanding a new system of government mounts
Ecuador  and Brazil
Brazil will eventually clean up the stain of corruption
Ecuador explodes in violence, blood spilled.
The tone of the Arab Spring arrives in South America” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man sitting in a throne like chair, but it was just the shadow of a man, the seat was consumed with blackness, all the light from around him was consumed with in him.
“The black villain, not just the darkness, but pure evil.
Who is he? He is the chief.
A banquet of a speech is coming where he calls on his followers to attack.
The first attack.. Clergy
He will demand complete and utter obedience
His rule is the only rule.
Who you are as a person becomes his
Like Hitler he will seduce the many, have his own Mein Kampf, his own Swastika and bring horror to the world.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of there belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”
“A moderately sized earthquake will strike Australia.” — Spirits Voice

Japan I saw a massive Volcano eruption, with a massive display of fire.

In the US fire will spread fast and uncontrollably, all at once.

I had a visual of a school bus exploding. Spirit kept me at a distance so I could not see the horror within the bus.
“Revenge for the deaths”
I had a visual of spears running through several people. (They implied Ethopia but this time it wasn’t clear.)

Notes on 7-30-15


“NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

Spirit showed the words “NOW” in bold print, it was followed by seeing the number “200”

It’s in August, three could be seen as in 3 days making it around Sunday the 2nd, or they are talking about Monday the 3rd. They would later add ’20’ but I question if that is for the prediction below. So we have three possible timeframes. Historically they have used countdowns, so sometime around Sunday is the most likely answer.

I had two dueling visuals of the earthquake, one showed bodies being brought out of the rubble one after another, while the second showed frighten people standing outside looking at the rubble, unloading stacks of water bottles and water jugs.

This is the second time they have presented two dueling possible outcomes. In my entire time predicting the future this is a first for me. I am asking for your help, we can alter the tragedy of this prediction, imagine what could be accomplished if we successfully warn the people of New Zealand. So please join us, help serve the Spiritual force I answer to. Share this prediction with others. If you’re in New Zealand or Australia share it with as many people as possible. Attach one of my previous predictions that reflect our accuracy to help convince them of our position.  use “The Most Accurate Predictions” Page (https://worldwidepredictions.com/major-events-predicted-in-2013/) so they have an idea of our previous work. Under the comment section please share ideas on how to get our word out there, and please share what you have done with the rest of us in regards to altering this earthquake prediction. Its time to change the fear we create into hope.

These predictions are incomplete and need more details:

I had a visual of people in a desert mourning the loss of life. Then they showed a large metal eagle fly over the desert. “The bomb dropped is in the wrong place.”

“76 passengers killed.. 182..” — Spirits Voice

“Two..” — Two people involved or two events?

They would add the number 14 later. I had a visual of a man walking through an airplane from the back all the way to the cock pit.

“A mad man.. will commit a great horror.. one of the worst.. Greece.”
Is this a separate message about Greece or apart of the airplane prediction?


Notes on 10-7-13

“WAR is coming.. I had a visual of a seismograph running wild, this time it had a line through it, off to the side was the letters AU. An earthquake perhaps around Australia, more likely New Zealand because it has a fault that runs straight through it.. I also had that shaking under my feet that would imply an earthquake is coming very soon, it could be two separate situations.. 108, the 8th perhaps.. Eric, your wrong on your opinion.. Millions will be affected when the clay plate shatters, TIDE..” — Spirits Conversation

My opinion: A mixed bag of information, the war is a title prediction, it’s what they do when they start a brand new prediction, the details should follow in the next few days. Unless someone else has an idea of what AU could stand for we are expecting an earthquake in that area, however there are several other local possibilities, New Zealand, New Guinea, Indonesia. The clay plate is a reference to a previous prediction that implies mass damage, now they are adding millions would be affected, they keep using the word TIDE that points to a large Hurricane/Typhoon or the one event this blog talks about the most, a Tsunami expected on the west coast.  I am wrong on my opinion,  maybe 14 represents something else.