Predictions 8-17-15

The new order, titled differently, all of these predictions are expected to happen in less than a month with the exception of the ‘black villain’ which will unfold over a longer period of time. Please also understand this new order of predicting events literally right before it happens is going to take time to master. Many of you have asked about the incomplete predictions, Greece, airplane hijacking, and other events. The plan is to revisit those predictions when Spirit feels they are around the corner. They also plan to remind you of existing predictions if they are about to happen.

The pepper prediction is coming. Notes on 5-18-15

“Independence and revolution
The climate of the people demanding a new system of government mounts
Ecuador  and Brazil
Brazil will eventually clean up the stain of corruption
Ecuador explodes in violence, blood spilled.
The tone of the Arab Spring arrives in South America” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man sitting in a throne like chair, but it was just the shadow of a man, the seat was consumed with blackness, all the light from around him was consumed with in him.
“The black villain, not just the darkness, but pure evil.
Who is he? He is the chief.
A banquet of a speech is coming where he calls on his followers to attack.
The first attack.. Clergy
He will demand complete and utter obedience
His rule is the only rule.
Who you are as a person becomes his
Like Hitler he will seduce the many, have his own Mein Kampf, his own Swastika and bring horror to the world.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of people getting prepared for a massive storm, they where racing to get all of there belongings together as a great wind surrounded them.
“A Hurricane is coming (Cyclone).”
“A moderately sized earthquake will strike Australia.” — Spirits Voice

Japan I saw a massive Volcano eruption, with a massive display of fire.

In the US fire will spread fast and uncontrollably, all at once.

I had a visual of a school bus exploding. Spirit kept me at a distance so I could not see the horror within the bus.
“Revenge for the deaths”
I had a visual of spears running through several people. (They implied Ethopia but this time it wasn’t clear.)


73 thoughts on “Predictions 8-17-15

    • Eric, I don’t see how can Japan as “black villain” attacks when the volcanoes on high alert and monitor the nuclear implants at the same time. It’s impossible all at once. Why in the world Japan would want to attack and for what after the major earthquake and tsunami in March 2011? The US and around the world contributed relieved funding to aide the victims. Am I confused?

  1. Yikes! That is some horrifying stuff to see. Is it the Anti-Christ or just some other horrid tyrant? I wonder if we already know him or if he is someone new to come into power? And the school bus explosion sounds horrific just like the fire spreading across the US. Prayers for the world.

  2. Eric, Collegues , the “mein kamp” has been found
    “Found in Pakistan’s remote tribal region by American Media Institute (AMI), the 32-page Urdu language document promotes an “end of the world” battle as a final solution. It argues that the Islamic leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims, under a religious empire called a “caliphate.”

      • R2D2, yes I am up in N. Idaho,
        @60 miles south of Canadian Border.. Moved up from CA ( native), Waiting for my house to be finished , on a Lake Looking forward To the time I can move in.,(in the next few months.) , I hope..before the snow flies.
        The fire season, has been brutal in all the West..CA , OR, WA,ID,Montana, British Columbia too.
        In ID alone 93 fires in one week ,many started by lightning. The smoke from WA and other fires has been migrating over the region. Very difficult for many who are sensitive, as well as for horses and other large animals..we have many bears coming down to local homes looking for food. In fact in our local Ski resort ( not far from me) one stuck his head in Dog door …on the news…check it out.,
        The firefighters have come from all over… In my area alone we had significant fires we had hotshots come in from Montana, New Mexico, British Columbia.. There has been little relief for them and they are stretched thin.,Oregon and WA have been hit especially tourist areas, grouse habitat, and Apple growing regions.. People are getting nervous when they smell smoke is it near ?or is it from another area? On local blogs they are upbeat but beginning to feel beleaguered .
        So keep PNW in your thoughts and prayers as many are in distress, or are being displaced.
        Many help each other, ….that spirit is very strong up here, one of many reasons I love this area, and the people…Blessings…

  3. what really pisses me off about religion. No one follows any teachings! how did this happen. Thou shall not kill! it truly is becoming laughable. Japan/china need major healing. This evil teacher has not learned a thing. He is a student who thinks he is a master. Common problem in the world today.Going thru a past life issue were he drags everyone else into his own problem.

  4. Thank you Eric for my reading, it has helped me sleep better!!. I would recommend personal readings to everyone!! Hear anything else from my relatives in the classroom, email me! lol, Is the Hitler like character in the US?

  5. Eric, a dark villain in the making,, excerpt.
    “Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza, who the terror leader was reportedly grooming as his successor before American forces killed him in 2011, has released a message calling for attacks on western cities, specifying London, Washington, Paris, and Tel Aviv as targets for action, including lone wolf lone wolf attacks in the United States and attacking Jewish-American interests globally.”

  6. Eric, not sure which post to reply for earthquakes active is on alert in USA today. Could be related to nearby volcanoes(Alaska, Hawaii, Mt. Helens, etc) undersea volcanoes in Northwest coast or coming up big earthquake. It’s VERY ACTIVE in USA right now. Could be anytime up to a few days. Stay alert.


  7. The salt and pepper prediction could be that the musical group will suffer a tragedy. Now you see it, now you don’t?

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  9. Eric, regarding Central Americ Spring. Grows..
    See. Excerpt…”.As people began to gather at a small traffic circle in front of the IHSS for a recent Friday night march, Varela likened the movement to uprisings in the Arab world in 2011. “This is our Central American spring,” he said.” From guardian source…( see next comment)

    See. For another source….2nd reference ….

    • Star48- what a nightmare battling all those fires. I saw the national guard was activated. Also read an article where federal staff was maxed out to help squash these wildfires. Thanks for sharing! I feel sorry for the wild life too. It’s obvious the importance of human lives and property but the poor biiiirdies…and the horsies…etc.. (sigh….sniff….sniff) they have to run for their lives. Prayers out to everyone suffering.

      • R2D2. I know it’s tough on wild life also. I sympathize them. All our mighty Prayers are with them.

    • Hi star 48 i been keeping watch of those fire a nd putting prayers all for the pnw ….spirits up your way are strong in the peoples up there safe everyone and may alk the help you need be speedily delivered…blessings….

  10. Eric,
    updated info on Japanese volcano.. Also Ecuador

    See.Volcanoes Today, 19 Aug 2015: , Sakurajima, Cotopaxi
    Wednesday Aug 19, 2015 18:00 PM |

    Inferometry map of Sakurajima showing large deformation (inflation) of the summit area

    Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): The most recent radar measurements done by ALOS-2 satellite of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) show that the summit of the volcano has inflated by the enormous amount of approx. 16 cm during the interval 4 Jan – 17 August this year.
    This suggests that a significant batch of new magma is currently stored in the volcano’s upper plumbing system and the question remains when and how it might erupt. While surface activity at the volcano has remained very calm, authorities continue to prepare for the possible scenario of a major eruption in the near future.
    …19 Aug:
    More worrying signs of volcanic unrest started to appear: according to FNN News, volcanic gas releases have been detected at the sea floor of the Futatsumata Port on the northern shore of Sakurajima peninsula (located approx 4 km from summit).

    Cotopaxi (Ecuador): volcano remains calm. Only low-energy degassing is being observed from the summit crater. During yesterday’s overflight, no significant changes to the crater morphology have been detected.
    The explosions from Friday and Saturday were likely phreatic in origin, i.e. did not involve fresh magma directly.

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  12. Hi Star 48 thanks for the update .I am cautiously watchung Japan ..North and South America is still very quiet….We are having winter storm here not too bad more ciming they say..i wish some of this rain could fall on the fires over the pnw and where its needed…To be honest i still feel we are going to have an earthquake in west Aus ..Blessings to you and site family …

  13. Vexed to hear that qill send prayers of lught and live to their families ..keep your chin up..these are difficult times for many of us…

  14. Collegues …i hqve to comment on this …often songs play as a heads up for me on the radio …it is 12-19 here in west australia…Sukiaki song just played …noe it usually is a hint within 24 hrs something pertaining to a situation im thinking of will occur …so Japan news within that time frame is likely..

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    • Hi Star48, haven’t seen you on for a bit. Just wanted to check in and make sure you are in good health and good cheer. I suppose I have gotten lazy because I have now become so use to your regular news updates, I am at a loss of what’s happening in the world! LOL Well maybe not that bad but…. Hoping you are just on a wonderful vacation, visiting your daughter, or busy moving into your new house you’ve waited so patiently for. Praying for your health and well being and being of good cheer always. Blessings

      • Jules104, still battling life’s challenges..
        .I have been distracted with new situations…
        Amazing to me.. I cannot remember maybe one or two times in my long life having to deal with so many..I feel like I am practicing triage! Grin.
        I am trying to be more present…let’s see how I do. Your very intuitive …your thoughts and prayers are appreciated and needed and is humbling, . Thank you..,and Blessings to you and yours.,

      • Hi Star48, Glad to hear you are well and as always in good cheer, though doing “triage” 🙂 Sounds like my families (daughters) life somewhat. It almost seems hilarious at times… there is so much going on all at once… I feel like I am in the mist of a comedy, and all I can do is laugh. Just when you think you have finished one thing another takes it’s place, and all you can say is, “Of course…why would I think it was going to be easy?” Though all I have to do is turn on the boob tube and see what is happening in Europe with the refugees, and it makes our problems seem very miniscule. And I know that it will/is getting better eventually. Blessings and buckets of rain being sent your way.

    • Thanks Star 48 im still visualusing that rain for pnw ….how are you fairing?…i can imagine how debilitating the ….relief must come soon…blessing all

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