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World Prediction: New Guinea – Australia Quake Coming

I had a visual of one large scroll, what you see at the bottom of the news report It read:

7.3 .. New Guinea.. Australia .

The date. I need the date! Ideally though we want to get to this place where all new predictions would happen in a about 7 day timeframe, here that would be between the 10-12th.

Previous prediction: I had a visual of a jolting collapse, sudden loud cracking noise. Then I could see what looked like a large whole or crack on the ground. Earthquake? The scope of the size seemed extensive. 
Originally the message was for Australia or around Australia. Oddly they attached India, however it could be two back to back incidents. 

Papua New Guinea Earthquake

This prediction has happened, it would seem that ‘breaking news’ means an event that happens just a few days later.

Notes on 4-17-14
“Breaking news” I had a visual of a red mark, with a circle around it next to a set of islands. (Most likely an island earthquake is coming now or they are talking about the Malaysian plane again)

Quoted News on 4-20-14: An earthquake with a magnitude 7.5 struck off Papua New Guinea on Saturday and a tsunami warning was briefly issued for the Pacific Island nation and neighboring Solomon Islands, but there were no immediate reports of damage. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Latest-News-Wires/2014/0419/Papua-New-Guinea-earthquake-One-of-six-strong-quakes-this-week

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