Papua New Guinea Earthquake

This prediction has happened, it would seem that ‘breaking news’ means an event that happens just a few days later.

Notes on 4-17-14
“Breaking news” I had a visual of a red mark, with a circle around it next to a set of islands. (Most likely an island earthquake is coming now or they are talking about the Malaysian plane again)

Quoted News on 4-20-14: An earthquake with a magnitude 7.5 struck off Papua New Guinea on Saturday and a tsunami warning was briefly issued for the Pacific Island nation and neighboring Solomon Islands, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

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  1. tom Avatar

    Eric- I’m not someone who predicts stuff, but I had very strange vivid dream last night. Please bare with me…
    I was on holiday at was supposed to be a relatives house. Though I didn’t recognize anyone there as relations. In the kitchen the elder folks are playing a game of (from what i gather) “what am I reading?”. They read lines while the others shout answers of what they thought it was. I didn’t think much of it and left the kitchen to a living area where someone was watching a quiz show.
    The quiz show was asking questions about some athletes I was not familiar with. I stated this fact to the person who was there, and he said that’s because they were Canadian.
    I started to get thirsty and went back to the kitchen where they were still playing their guessing game. I asked one of the ladies there if they could pour me some water and meanwhile I observed the game. Even a cursory glance I could see the old folks were reading from an almanac. Then someone guessed just that (who would of thought?:P) They all stood up and started moving out of the kitchen.
    I was about to leave, then remembered my water. I picked up the glass and followed some people outside. I sipped, then looked through the side of the glass and saw that a couple of ants were swimming inside. Then there was a couple more, and more still. Thinking they were falling from the trees, I looked up.
    In the sky there was a long dark band of insects moving away from the direction we were walking. Looking further ahead I could see the tops of some of the trees were on fire (These were huge pine trees? maybe) Then panic set in with the others and they started running further on to what I’m guessing was their previous destination and I followed. Massive lightning strikes started hitting trees next to me, while other trees became up-rooted and threatened to fall on us.
    This is when I woke…or became too aware I was dreaming. It’s not that I haven’t ever had exciting technicolor dreams before, it’s that thinking back about how I was told where I was, and the people playing the game with the almanac. It was obviously an almanac, it’s like they were playing it for me to realize that…If that makes sense. So I guess I’m predicting an unnatural thunderstorm that will cause a huge forest fire in Canada.
    Sorry for the out of place prediction – Tom

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sounds like something is making you ill. The dream implies the situation can be contained but is not. Are you consuming something that might be a poison, or are you neglecting your health. The dream warns if it is not dealt with the problem will spread like a wild fire.

      1. tom Avatar

        Wow LOL! / I feel pretty healthy…relatively speaking, and I haven’t been drinking if that’s what you’re implying. 😀

        Anyway I thought it was an interesting dream when I woke up, and looked for someone to lay it on. You had kind of a blog structure so I thought why not. I’m guessing now though a person has to have an open dialogue with “the spirits” to have prediction cred? Otherwise I’m just in a closet dreaming about smoking cigars. <_<

        As far as my thinking it was a good prediction of anything… With a little Googling I found out Almanacs only cover the United States, which is close to Canada, but not Canada. Also 50% of all wild fires are caused by lightning in Canada so…Yeah, not a good prediction at all.

        Anyway thanks for at least thinking about what I wrote and keep up whatever this is.

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