UK Train Attack

This prediction has happened. Please pray for all those affected in this horrible attack in the UK.

They described a much worse situation, showed horrible numbers. But it does not change the horror of the situation. Timing is wrong.

In other news, I had a visual last night that a plane was taking off. Whether its this horrible plane crash or terror attack, its coming now. That implies today or tomorrow. Whether related or not the 17th is marked. Here are the different messages:

Prediction: Train Attack

I had a visual of what looked like terrorist walking up and down an isle, people were seated on the left and right. (In some ways I question if they are talking about two different events, one train accident and one bomb attack)
Location the UK.  From there it became a bit foggy. First Spirit said ‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges Then they said South Whales. Then I had a visual of a lady crying as on old German train begin to move down the track.
“There is a bomb” I had a visual of a crude bomb, that looked like a pressure cooker. “They will threaten the passengers.”
Around June 13th
“The United States is next.” (We are already working on the predictions but I want as many details as possible)




Predictions 9-14-17

The value of the dollar plummets.. basic food items, gas, products, seem to rise.   Other nations position themselves away from the US, isolating its position.   A gaping hole grows. The mistake bringing the US to this situation is already in play.

Another horrible storm (Hurricane?) in Mexico.. extremely rough in the south. Spirit pointed to an area around Tabasco. In September

President.. someone tapped (taped) it.. Who tapped it! He is showing shade in the conversation, very bad words, Obama a target of the verbiage.

Hacking.. some one has control over the systems. (The implication was serious, reflecting something like power plants)

The credit people.. trying to convince you everything is fine.. it is not.

I had a visual of an electrical box, then large sparks came out of the box that in turn created a large explosion, setting the entire area around it on fire. There was a huge inferno.

I believe it was at a factory of some kind.

A horrible plane crash is coming. Gears. (perhaps landing gears?)

Eric you are in error this is not a terror attack, just a very tragic plane crash.

Eric prepare yourself for some backlash. That doesn’t sound good.

I had a visual I was standing outside, there was a massively large TV in the middle of the park. On the screen they showed one massive Hurricane. The Hurricane was heading towards Florida.  I was shocked that another Hurricane would arrive soon after the last one.

Spirit has confirmed that another Hurricane will hit Florida. The Hurricanes damage will have a great deal to do with the fact they have not recovered from the first one. They have great concerns that the people will not listen to the evacuations, which would be a horrible mistake. We will now focus on the details in the coming days.

I also believe that this prediction below is separate from the school shooting that took place and is about the horrible tragedy that took place in Malaysia. My heart pours out to all those who are affected by this horrible tragedy. Symbolically rain represents sadness and mud represents being stuck. It is unfortunate that I did not pursue the details, I assumed that it was related to the school shooting. So very tragic.

Prediction: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

The facts reported on 9-13 by AP : “Twenty-three people, mostly children, were killed Thursday by a blaze that tore through a Malaysian religious school, trapping them in a dormitory with metal grilles barring its windows.
Pupils and teachers inside the Islamic study center in downtown Kuala Lumpur screamed for help as neighbors looked on helplessly.”






Washington School Shooting

Is this what Spirit predicted? Such a tragic situation please pray for all of those children.

I had a visual of the barrel of an automatic weapon. I had a visual of a school bus in a ditch. “Children shot.. 20 injured or killed.. by a mad man looking to make a name for himself.. next week.”

Previous prediction: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.



Hurricane Irma Causes Jacksonville and Carolina Flooding

This tragic part of Hurricane Irma’s prediction has arrived. The second prediction was posted before, but they could have been talking about Irma. The number 10 could be seen as the 10th. My focus in the coming days will be to gather details on the projected second Hurricane they are predicting for Florida.

The Carolinas will be greatly affected by these Hurricanes.
Spirit implied the Carolinas would be hit the worst along with Florida.
Though Spirit implies the eye of Irma stays in the sea when it reaches Florida, it will still do overwhelming damage.

J A C K S O N was spelled out, then a voice said ’10 minutes’ (10 days)
I had a visual of a massive tide hitting a beach front.
This is a reminder that this older prediction is about to happen.
I had a visual of a hurricane, it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.: Hurricane? I had a visual I was standing in the middle of a city, the spirits told me that the real threat of this storm was any location near the shoreline. The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
Where am I? What city is this?
“Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.

The facts reported by LA Times on 9-11-17:  “Jacksonville may have been spared the most ferocious winds of Tropical Storm Irma, but the torrential rains and storm surge have swelled the St. Johns River to historically high levels and inundated low-lying areas of the city.

Tom Bossert, the White House homeland security advisor, called it some of the worst flooding to hit the city in 100 years.

“Get out NOW,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office warned people in evacuation zones. It advised those who needed help escaping flooded homes to visibly display something white – a shirt or a pillowcase.” —



Hurricanes Irma Strikes Florida

This tragic prediction has now arrived. Please pray for all those in Florida. This is the first of two Hurricanes they predict for Florida. Please note the locations they have marked in the storms these years, Florida, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Carolinas, New York, New Jersey. Here are all the predictions below. The last set of predictions are what we are still expecting to come. This prediction is not without its flaws. It was predicted for October not September. I misconstrued the prediction that predicted it would turn towards the ocean. It moved to the west not east. Here are all the predictions:

This year a storm like Katrina after striking the islands will bury the US devastating all in its wake. – The implication is Florida but we will refocus our efforts on this one event.

I had a visual of the US map. On the map there were certain areas painted in patches of grey. Patches on New York and New Jersey where colored grey, so was several gulf regions most of which where on the south east part of the gulf. Then there was Florida that was entirely painted black. This map reflects those areas affected by Hurricanes or Tropical Storms.  I had a visual of a Hurricane heading towards Florida.

Another Hurricane strikes Florida.. beyond horrific.. its so massive in size.. the tide so high it will reach very deep inland.. the eye will cross Florida.. EVERYONE.. EVACUATE.. no place is safe.. none.. the trifecta is now complete.”

After predicting Hurricane Matthew in 2016 – they  would predict another Hurricane that would strike Florida but then correct the work by saying the message was for 2017 not 2016

“Not now Eric.. you need to undo this.. 7:7.. but a tropical storm will strike Florida creating flooding.” — Spirits Voice
Ouch we made a mistake. The prediction about a massive hurricane is not soon and if I understand the numbers it is forecasted for 2017. I am very sorry for our error. — Eric

“When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished.”

Then they showed Puerto Rico and Florida, showing there concerns there as well.

“October will be devastating on an epic scale in regards to Hurricanes.. in the gulf.”

However in regards to Florida Irma will turn towards the ocean, spirit showed a visual of a sudden shift towards the ocean away from Florida, however the north could still be affected. Unfortunately they were very quick to tell me another storm is coming and it will strike Florida in the worst way.

Things to come: Even though we posted the flooding in Tennessee I believe this message might be talking about Irma
Predictions 8-30-17   Massive rain.. flooding.. the first half of September. Spirit implied the US in the South. Then said Tennessee.

The Carolinas will most likely be affected by the second Hurricane predicted:

While Irma slides up the coast of Florida creating damage in its wake, another Hurricane soon afterwards will strike Florida directly. Two Hurricanes affecting the state of Florida leaving unimaginable damage.
The Carolinas will be greatly affected by these Hurricanes.
Spirit implied the Carolinas would be hit the worst along with Florida.
Though Spirit implies the eye of Irma stays in the sea when it reaches Florida, it will still do overwhelming damage.



Predictions 9-10-17

Electoral college.. manipulation.. hacking.. cunning swipe.. security farce.. people from one district moved to another and visa versa to alter the win without eliminating the voter… each individual still counted.. the speaker will know.

Russia NOW..

We have two predictions in regards to Russia:

A very large landslide, mudslide will engulf the town of Mexico. One that comes from the Hurricane.

We are still expecting a large earthquake in San Francisco. It is still coming. Recently they made mention to ‘Wednesday’ and ‘afternoon’.  However the countdown, specifically 901 seems to mirror the Mexico earthquake. The urgent countdown has passed.  So the timing is in question.

The number 901 was made on the 30th, nine days later it would have been the 8th of September, which is when the Mexico Earthquake took place.

We plan to refocus our efforts and predict the next Hurricane  which they say will devastate Florida directly. A second quake.

Spirit is predicting that an article will come out bashing my work. So far we have only had a handful of articles and all of them positive ones.  I told Spirit we should respond, counter the negative feedback, and share the work we have accomplished, to which they said ‘absolutely not.. they will have silence.’ so this small note is the only response you can expect from us.

The Most Accurate Predictions

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