World Predictions 11-17-18

“An immediate threat looms.. very bad.. right around the corner”

I have to assume they are either talking about the assassination of the world leader or the Washington shooting spree: 
Prediction: Shooting Spree
Prediction: Assassination in Europe

I saw a leader at a podium, then it went black and I could hear screaming and wailing. There was a great sadness that consumed me.

Later Spirit kept saying “Jack” which could be a reference to John F Kennedy. In the prediction about the assassination they compare it to his murder. Jack was JFKs nickname. 

I had a visual of ambassadors and senators walking together, then it shifted and I heard gunfire. 

I had a visual of Madagascar “The bodies and debris will come in from the ocean” 

Pompeo.. no more

I had a visual I was on air force one, there was an empty seat with a gavel on the seat. 

The mood was sad on air force one, perhaps someone passed away.

When the great storm strikes the northeast US it will be the Island and shoreline that will be demolished. I had a visual of pier that was ripped apart. 

The Catholic Church.. scandal.. so many lies.. the truth exposed.. the big lie is the book that was edited, altered.. parts removed. 

Something new Spirit has started is this consistent whisper of just one word. Two weeks ago they kept saying “fire” and then soon afterwards the predictions about the California fires happened. Right now the word is “Trump”


The Q

The Spirits refer to it as the ‘Q’ since we are tapping into an old power held by the late Nostradamus. It was also used by the Oracle of Delphi. Quatrains (Q) were the poetic verse used to predict the future. This ancient process of Skrying was used to gather these specific predictions from Spirit.  We aren’t trying to copy his work but pay respect and admiration to it, but at the same time we will not limit ourselves to the poetic verses he used. To call them Quatrains would be inappropriate. These are predictions that range from decades to thousands of years in the future.

We have been working on this project on the side for the past two years, and I have no idea when Spirit plans to share it, but here is just a small example of a message that will eventually become apart of a larger body of work.

The Golden Era Closes: Expected timeframe is the 33rd – 34th Century

Earth struggles to hold on to its grip of the colonies across the galaxy.  The colonies on different planets across the galaxy shift away from Earths order and replace it with their own. At first revolutionary.. but then cruel cold ways return to humanity who for over a thousand years, made world peace and unity the foundation of the human race. The vast distance within the stars fractures humanities unity.  The great golden era humanity has enjoyed  begins to crack.

I had a visual of a strange land, the ground was reddish the sky was dim in the afternoon. There were large structures half in the ground, half out. A young boy in the visual kept throwing what looked like rocks at others, and as punishment everyone as a group threw rocks at him. A cold cruel justice in an older humanity that should no better.

Truth 17 Death P3


According to Spirit the Creator gave birth to race of individuals that the Spirits refer to as the Ancient Ones. They were the first created. They existed before the stars and galaxies. They described the ancients ones this way; If the Creator was the white light they were all the colors of light that would follow. They struggled like we do. They suffered like we do. They loved like we do. They lived like a family as we do. But at some point they reached a state of perfection where there was nothing left to learn, there was no more to grow. So their roles changed. They became caretakers of both the Universe and the Afterlife.

I had a visual of a father who told his children he wanted to build a much larger house. But unlike the first house that was solely constructed by the Father, this house would be created by all of them together as a family, through the bond of love they set out to build this new house. Once the foundation was built, they began to build endless rooms. Once the house was constructed they set out to fill the rooms with so much life. The house you see every night when you gaze up to see the endless bright stars, while your feet are planted on a small piece of that boundless house.

The ancient ones oversee it all, they ensure balance and structure. They help oversee all the Spiritual essence that exist. Another way the Spirits presented the ancient ones;  They are the grandparents of the space, time, and the afterlife while humans are toddlers who think they know so much when they know so little.

My point is simple. Remember how important your family is, family is first. I told you once before that the bond of love is eternal and your love with that family extends in an endless multitude of lifetimes. Here is the first family, that loved so much, they ended up creating the stars, the galaxies, and the order of life on the other side.. what will your family build? What will your family create? And remember you have forever to build it just like they do.



We might be adding a chapter to this knowledge of the afterlife. In their words:

Why? Why again and again are you born just to wither away and become born again? The answer…

The final chapter will be the “Eviction” as they call it.

Predictions 11-13-18

I had a visual of two lights off and one on. Then it shifted to show a bright light on later in the night.


This is an acknowledgement that we are off on our timing but one of the predictions will be right. Then a few moments (days) later the light is on?

I had a visual of a vehicle on fire, it looked as if it had exploded, a bomb had gone off. “In the Middle east.. Jewish people.”

I had a visual of a beach front, debris was coming in from the ocean. There was also bodies with the debris.

We are trying to find the landmass involved. The visual looked like a ship capsized. However it could be an airplane. 

Finally I bring good news:

“Its like a light bulb going off.. a reality that spreads across the country.. that comes as if our father tapped all of you on the shoulder to remind you of your obligation to treat others as you would want to be treated.. and like that, division is out.. unity in.. a mass shift.. the balloon of divisive cruelty pops.. the core of America regains its strength.. its roots.. the future evil leader.. no more”

“Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Poland.. Italy.. and pieces of the UK.. where hate flourishes”

This shift is great news. Spirit implied the shift would ignite because of the ‘child’ or ‘children’?  However Spirit also pointed to extreme radicals. They will not go quietly into the night, they will replace ISIS with home grown terror acts.

In the news: Axios Reported, President Trump wants to stop sending federal relief money to Puerto Rico.

This might be linked to a previous prediction, but there are no reports of ‘rage’ :

Puerto Rico.. rage.. rage.. Trump.

The next Truth will come out later today. 

Bea has her surgery on the 20th to remove the cancer, I will be unavailable from the 20th to the 24th to help take care of her. I am still doing personal readings right now. If you would like a personal reading please send us a request at  Thanks again to all of you who have given so much support, prayers and well wishes!





Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake around the 12th

I had a visual of the number 1 in a box and then the number 2 in a box, then they came together to make the number 12. “Remember.. 8.. 11”

Prediction: Another New Zealand Earthquake  I had a visual of New Zealand, the area of Wellington through New Plymouth was shaded in grey. “Large destructive earthquake.. New Zealand.. 1.. 2”

“Another earthquake.. one right beneath us.”

Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake  I had a visual of a bird with overgrown feet/legs and a large beak.  This message was followed by the prediction about the earthquake:

In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
The 25 will be lost to this.

The prediction implies an earthquake around the 12th, perhaps the 11th.

Are they talking about the Flamingo bird presented on Notes on 10-14-14 or is it a symbolic message about New Zealand as their nation bird is the Kiwi Bird?

Other predictions:

Totally annihilated, complete destruction, flooding, Bangladesh.

Spirit wrote; MHEY and then said (May).. There going to ask her to step aside, step aside.

I believe they are talking about Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Trump is going to be hitting an iceberg scenario.. the Titanic.

In a previous message they showed Trump boarding the Titanic with his staff, a symbolic message that this unsinkable ship will plummet. This message seems to be referencing that the timeframe is drawing near. They marked 12 as the timeframe. Perhaps December.

Puerto Rico.. rage.. rage.. Trump.

I tried to ask about the shooting or Assassination of a leader in Europe, who will it be? They only wrote the letter M

The base is under attack! Backyard.

This could be related to old predictions: Predictions 2-17-17   Predictions 1-31-17





North California Town Destroyed

This prediction has happened. Please pray for those who lost lives in this horrible tragedy.

Predictions 10-30-18  I had a visual of a massive inferno, the fire was burning down a town or neighborhood, so much smoke and fire

Prediction: Assassination in Europe

I had a visual of a president or prime minister, he was smiling or happy, then he was shot.

I had a visual of the number 11 then 12.

I had a visual of a newspaper that read: “The president killed by Nazis”

They implied a young leader. The Nazis might be a reference to a radical right. I have to assume they are still talking about the heart of Europe. Which implies France and Macron. Please take caution France, please ramp up your security. 

I had a visual of the center of Europe then a wave extending out. A ‘shock wave’.

A shoot out.. the leader is dead.. so much tragedy.. terror. in the heart of Europe.

This might go with an old prediction but for Europe not the US, the emotional pain in this last post felt very similar, so much sadness:  First it was blackness, I heard a shot then screams, then a tragic wailing noise. Then I was in a parking lot. A tall older man was comforting Jacqueline Kennedy who was wearing the bloody tattered pink dress she wore on that fateful day in 1963. The older man had his arms around her tightly with his hand cradling her face, which I could not see. She wept and whaled into his chest, the cars in the background were from this time frame.  I stepped out of the vision because it became to emotional for me