World Predictions: Protect the Ships

PREDICTIONS ON 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming back” “The Mosques will be destroyed one after another.. soon” I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow. It looked like a bomb went off.
Predictions on 11-16-15 I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.
Prediction 51: Israel, Peace is Dead Posted 2012. The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead. Notes from the other side: “Netanyahu” “Peace is dead” A visual of two different explosions and a massive bellow of smoke.
Predictions 12-22-17 In; 6,5,4,3,2,1, now. Hundreds of people. Violence on a epic scale.The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs. The implication was Israel.
Notes on 8-3-14 “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice
Predictions 6-5-18 I asked for clarity on the ‘Spider’:“They are creating a bomb” I had a visual of a group of middle eastern individuals huddled around an old table making plans. Several of the people were women who hid their face with a hijab. Then I had a visual of a building in flames. Then I heard the words “Hezbollah.. Jordanian.. Hamas”.
Predictions 12-12-16 I had a visual of crowds of people running out of what looked like a shopping mall or strip mall. I could hear gun fire as people ran. I briefly saw the shooter in the background. Then the police arrived. “Shooting spree, in less than 3 minutes.. Suicidal” — There is a bombing coming.. Israel”
World Predictions 4-25-22 “Humanity.. two wars.. seriously?” Then Spirit gasped. A desert war is approaching.

I know I have used this coin before, but hate has risen to be the nightmare it use to be, in all of its vile antisemitic forms and again Spirit points to a direction towards ships on fire. Afterwards we expect hijacking of airplanes, and terrorism in the sky. Oh how I wish I found the ultimate solution for crushing the nightmares I see. But our moment has shifted. Our reputation for predicting weather has produced positive change in the lives of many which is shockingly awesome, but how to stop this?? Any ideas? Because now this very old prediction talked about several times, is set to make its appearance in the inevitable future:

In other news.. Class is today! I hope to see you there! As we connect and discuss the “Divine” the Shimmer. A being of enormous power that defies all logic. Still time to join. If you signed up for the class and did not receive your zoom link, please let me know immediately. See you all tonight.

New Class: 3
“How To Connect To the Divine”
Edgar Cayce called it the
Akashic Records. Buddhist call it Nirvana. Eric calls it the Shimmer, or Shimmy because the energy glows with white mist and ambers of fire lighting the mist with a beautiful glow. Together you and I will explore this being, this place, and all things related to this one force that fuels all of my work. Without the Shimmer there would be no World Predictions, it is the source of all the power.
November 17th At 6:00 PM to 730 PM

19 responses to “World Predictions: Protect the Ships”

  1. Brandon Parnell Avatar
    Brandon Parnell

    I fear NYC is gonna be hit by a terrorist attack before the year ends

  2. Sara Avatar

    How soon are the ship attack and hijackings expected to happen? This year? Into 2024?

    1. Sara Avatar

      I mean, I know you said this in an earlier reply to my question: “If you look at most events predicted its dated with a “one” some have 12. So I expected it at the end and beginning of the month. But we are expecting a hijacking.” but I didn’t really understand what you meant.
      Is “one” January and “12” December? The beginning and end of which month? Sorry for the hassle, I just didn’t understand what you meant exactly.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t think we have an exact date just yet. But the month is either December or January.

  3.  Avatar

    A few years ago I remember a prediction about bridges in California.Did you see the planned traffic jam on the bay bridge yesterday?Do you think there is more to it than just protesters?Maybe like a trial of some kind to see how authorities react

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The prediction was edited, I don’t do that anymore. After Covid, I just give it too you straight. But there were several bodies in the water, from what looked like a plane hitting a bridge. Or one epic explosion. It was nightmarish. What is unclear was how exactly it happened. Because at the same time the entire sky is empty because other places with planes are being attack. This is the beginning of the era of Blue Turban, someone who makes Osama bin Laden look nice. There is a small piece of me that believes the 25 might be 2025. But small.
      As for the protesters I totally have a prediction for that. But at the last minute decided not to bother, because it just seemed like we just posted that same message for the ‘right’ a few months ago, now its switching to the ‘left’ just like the prediction says. But here it is the last message of 3-12-18

      1.  Avatar

        Could this 25 be tied into the 25 lost prediction?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I need to find out its meaning first. Back in the old days we used numbers to represent multiple things. A flaw in the cog, as we do not do that anymore. It is for instance a small possibility they are saying 2025.

  4. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    I believe only Jesus Christ can permanently stop the fighting.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe our wonderful King will come with prophets, wise men, a great mother, and spiritual leaders that will marvel with such wisdom. This group will began a new way a new way to change all other ways. A new system to have us all follow one way, and be together as one whole. One humanity under, a new order. One I got to see, truly beyond anything you could imagine. All roads change with the return of the King.

  5. Sara Avatar

    A few days ago, the Houthi leader in Yemen threatened to target Israeli ships in the Red Sea over the Gaza war.

    1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
      Nathan Fleischman

      They are already targeting American ships.

    2. Sara Avatar

      That threat seems to have come to fruition–a ship in the Red Sea was hijacked by Houthi rebels. They say the ship is Israel-linked, but articles I’ve read suggested the crew members are not Israeli. In any case, I hope the people on the ship get released or rescued as quickly as possible.

    3. Sara Avatar

      I should have added “Iranian-backed” Houthis, just like the Iranian-backed militias that have been doing/still doing a tic for tac with the US in both Syria and Iraq for the past several years.

  6.  Avatar

    Looks like you were right about ships being at risk….I’m seeing something in the news now about a ship in the Red Sea being hijacked by Houthi rebels (who are against Israel). There’s a link to the article below:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When did this happen?

      1.  Avatar

        Sometime earlier today, I think.

    2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar
      Nathan Fleischman

      The Houthis tried to attack an American destroyer days earlier with missiles.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Before or after the prediction?

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