World Predictions 3-22-19

The Boston prediction approaches.

The previous Boston predictions: Notes on 8-30-14 Prediction: Spring Attack World Predictions 3-11-19

On a Monday Mueller report… it’s highlight money, money, money… cashes in.

New Zealand.. they screwed up badly.. the truth exposed.

Spirit wants us to disregard the previous prediction about Mueller as it seems to be a separate controversy that comes later. Again they are saying there is a scandal and it’s financial. The next Truth will be out tomorrow and is a contradiction to what we have been taught.

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  1. jules104 Avatar

    Eric can you tell me which earlier Mueller prediction the Spirits are referencing to disregard. Is it this one with the Mueller Report findings in it from 7-21-18?

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric the “123rd Boston Marathon” is coming up on Monday, the 15th of April. It is always held on the 3rd Monday of April which they call Patriots Day. It will be the 6th Anniversary from when the Boston Marathon bombing took place. There is a staging area for the runners in a grassy area with white tents called the “Athletes Village” … very open lots of people. Can you ask Spirit if this Boston Marathon is the event? There are all sorts of other special events taking place that day which revolves around the Marathon also.

  3. Aiden Avatar

    I think you’ll find the truth has already been exposed. One the current prime minister of nz made it easier for people to buy these weapons last year because they no longer needed to be vetted in person by the police. But as for the shooter he had no record, was on no threat lists so no way he could be found. Although what could be expose to the world is our current government in nz is anti immigration and two of the main government parties used racism in the election against immigrants and Chinese to try get votes. It’s also a government that has recently kicked a few hard working immigrant families out of the country

    1. petemedium Avatar

      Are you sure re the gun laws in NZ? My understanding is that the Ardern Labour Government actually tightened the laws from previous administrations a year ago.
      And as to anti immigration, Australia and NZ are negotiating the possibility of Muslim refugees to NZ and this is claimed as one of the reasons that Aussie individual shot up the two Mosques there.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hi Eric. Not sure which of you were referring to. I used Wikipedia:

      2. Aiden Avatar

        Ah no they are not, Australia will not allow the boat people into NZ because they will use NZ as a backdoor to get residency in Australia. Australia is not negotiating with us. Also if you google labour and NZ first you will see countless articles on how they are anti immigration especially Winston Peter’s.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Can I have the link to some of that news, thanks

  4. chime18 Avatar

    Well, Mueller has finished his report and it has been handed to AG Barr.

    1. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

      This prediction could be about the report becoming public.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I took it to mean that on a Monday we hear about this financial situation. Which Monday?

  5. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    They have talked about this money issue previously.

  6. HiHello Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    I remember the Spirit saying something about Mueller and July. So is that now over?
    What does the Spirit now say about 45’s first term? Even that Avenatti guy walked back on that.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will ask again but they said previously that Trump would resign. That both July and 12 (December?) are key. Honestly all of it sounds unrealistic to the way Trump is.

      1. Aiden Avatar

        Trump will win the next election. Dont care for American politics, but that’s what I’ve been told before he won the last one and still being told it.

      2. Panda Avatar

        Hi Erik, my main interest on your site is politics. I do remember your July prediction well, so maybe this is the year. A Vedic reader predicted that Nancy will have the votes she’ll needs to impeach Trump in June and he would leave in July. I think he’ll be threatened with humiliation over his finances as you’ve indicated, plus the house investigations, & all the court cases that will be closing in on him this year. A reader on YouTube (Intuitive Celt) predicted that Trump will end up in prison for treason. Please let me know if you and your guides see this as a possibility. Thanks.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          No they implied he “leaves” or quits. It’s not about impeachment according to them. In another prediction he gets extremely ill, so his departure might be unrelated to his scandal.

  7. Psychic Chris Avatar

    In regards to the prediction about New Zealand and “screwed up badly”. This is already in part come to fruition. Both the police and SIS (New Zealands security service) had no Intel on the gunman neither did Australian police and Australian intelligence agencies. However the incident will ultimately have a Royal Commission (Government enquiry) into what happened. Maybe the state enquiry will expose any flaws in intelligence and bring out the truth but having said that PM Ardern and Minister of the SIS Andrew Little have promised a review into state intelligence so such events won’t happen again.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Others have said the same, can I have that news.

    2. Aiden Avatar

      Problem is if someone is not on the radar, not involved in anything bad they wont get caught until they play up. So no one screwed up her just done nothing to be noticed

  8. Flicker Avatar

    The dems and the media will keep harassing Trump and everyone associated with him until he’s out of office. They themselves are the ones who are tearing the country apart. We can see everyday how destructive their hate is.

    1. Cory Avatar

      Based on Spirit’s predictions, Trump and everyone associated with him have no one to blame but themselves for why they’re out of office.

      1. Panda Avatar

        I agree with you Cory.

    2. chime18 Avatar

      Sadly Flicker, Trump has already torn the country apart.

      1.  Avatar

        Sadly it appears the Dems are tearing the country apart with their indignant false accusations. Vindicated today.

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Wow! Time will tell who the real haters are.

  9. Perry Avatar

    One of my favorite psychics is Linda G on you tube I rate her just as good as Eric. She claims the Mueller report will show it’s all about the money that will bring him down here’s the link

    1. Aiden Avatar

      Seems to b it actually doesn’t show that. Looks like most of the left leaning psychics have never got any prediction on trump right

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I thought our prediction was pretty accurate. Timing is a bit odd, not sure if it is off or something else is still coming.

      2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

        You are bullshit.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Language, that is against the rules here. Please do not do that

      3. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

        I was talking to Aiden.

      4. jules104 Avatar

        I don’t agree Aiden.

  10. Ann Avatar

    The first part of this prediction seems relevant today since AG Barr’s report on the Mueller report concluded no collusion between Trump and Russia:

    No evidence of direct collusion with Donald Trump.. vindication! . But then the scandal is unearthed and this time it will not pass.

    1.  Avatar

      Yes, Erik was definitely right about this. It’s not over yet & I believe Trumps celebration will be short lived. This is the beginning of the end.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        This scandal coming is crippling but I question if it ends his presidency. However something in July does seem to affect his position. Oddly though it’s not about any type of impeachment but according to spirit he resigns at some point. Honestly I find it hard to swallow. Trump isn’t the quitting type.

      2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

        Yes, he is. His bankruptcies prove it.

      3. jules104 Avatar

        I totally agree!

  11. […] World Predictions 3-22-19 On a Monday Mueller report… it’s highlight money, money, money… cashes in. […]

  12. Panda Avatar

    Perry, I enjoy Linda G & Intuitive Celt too. They are both high quality readers, as Erik is.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, that’s a nice compliment

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I agree. Linda G is great too.

  13. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

    I still think you are an accurate psychic.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  14. jules104 Avatar

    I’ve found two other psychics that are fantastic just like Eric. And they pretty much are saying the same things. You can find them on this girl on Patreon and some of her videos on YouTube.
    “Tarot Politics” and she goes by “Rosie Psychic Investigator”. She’s very good and sometimes just does visions other times tarot and visions.
    Another one I just started watching is “Milou Polycarpe”, I’m not sure if he’s on Patreon but I watch and find his videos on YouTube.
    And of course the most excellent Eric Leigh Pink! 🤗
    They are pretty much all in tune with each other.

  15. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

    Here is an article I just found:

    It talks about a Mueller grand jury that is still continuing robustly.

  16. Ann Avatar

    “Alleged New Zealand Terrorist Donated to ‘Identitarians,’ a 21st Century Fascist Movement”

    “They eschew swastikas and embrace gauzy names like ‘Generation Identity,’ but they share violent, racist beliefs with Nazis and the man accused of gunning down 50 Muslims.”

  17. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::The Boston prediction approaches.

    Boston fires 🔥
    BOSTON (JTA) — One week, two Chabad centers, three fires.

  18. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::New Zealand.. they screwed up badly.. the truth exposed.

    New Zealand 🇳🇿
    Opposition calls for heads to roll

    Leader of the center-right National Party Simon Bridges told reporters on Thursday that party officials researching the budget had stumbled upon the access to the information, which he said showed the “incompetence” of the government.

    “It was in relation to a lack of confidence in this government which we absolutely have a duty to disclose to New Zealanders,” he said.

    He called on the head of Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf and Finance Minister Grant Robertson to resign over their handling of the matter.

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