Prediction: Mueller Findings

In regards to Trump, this is a list of the Mueller findings that are coming soon, as well as things hidden that will eventually come out. I am writing it word for word so expect it to be a bit choppy.

The question remains are they talking about Trump or Trump surrogates? The first message for instance might be about a surrogate, like Paul Manafort:

Started to borrow money from Russian Oligarchs around campaign time.

Historically laundered money

Owes money to Russian bank.

Russians hanging over him.. four prostitutes one of them fell ill or died.. cover up.

I had a visual of a man who was in a panic over a woman who was sickly on a bed, then a small group of people covered it up. In the visual he was in this massive mansion, that he would now become a prisoner of.

Putin had his finger on him at the very beginning.

297, 296, we are prosecuting this.

Look here! Here is all the proof that Russia hacked the elections, explain what your doing about it.. what are you doing NOW to stop that!

In other news:

Spirit showed the words NOW on a large rock.

“Timothy McVeigh is returning.” (We need to seriously focus on that.)

I had a visual of rolling words that said “ban” over and over again.




90 thoughts on “Prediction: Mueller Findings

  1. Wow. I don’t know what to make of all this, but whatever’s going on, I hope the truth comes out and things start getting better.

    Eric, what did the word “Now” on a large rock refer to? Which prediction prediction? Is it connected to your mention of Timothy McVeigh? (He was a domestic terrorist who killed a lot of people with a bomb, so that sounds alarming.)

  2. I guess I don’t shock easily. Men like Trump, and those who surround him, with privilege and power, see vulnerable women like prostitutes as objects, something that can be tossed aside. This situation wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    If Putin has something this…plus money owed…on 45, then the US gov is pretty much under Russian control.

    • I’m with you Joy, not shocked by most of this, a lot of the money stuff has been in papers/books for a long time, well before he started running for prez. I’d seen it in papers but didn’t pay much attention bc it was just about a private citizen. As long as it didn’t affect the rest of us, I ignored it. But now that’s it’s been dragged into our govt, it’s a different story.

    • I agree, a lot of people put down prostitutes. People don’t consider that they’re doing it to survive–and in many cases, because they’re fleeing worse situations such as severe abuse by family or a boyfriend. None of them do it because they want to or like it.

      I hope whoever that woman was and why her death was covered up will be revealed. And I hope that someday soon people see prostitutes for who they are–vulnerable women, as you said, not objects.

      • I believe that prostitution should be legalized. It’s not going to stop, and I’d prefer to have my tax dollars spent on police finding thieves, kidnappers, killers etc. Some women do it bc they have children to support, aren’t getting help from the fathers and can’t find a job that pays a living wage. Minimum wage is a joke. Plus, I can’t stand the double standard where women are looked down upon, but their customers are not.

      • Sara — McVeigh was a right wing domestic terrorist, so it could indicate a bombing of a mosque, Jewish place of worship, or something similar to what McVeigh bombed in terms of the victims.

      • McVeigh committed the bombing specifically against the ATF for Waco and Ruby Ridge. He was by all accounts a “white supremacist” or compassionate to their cause. That could be why he picked the Alfred Murrah Federal Building. Could this possibly be targeted at the US government or Oklahoma?

      • Someone , another psychic; recently said that they saw the Sears Tower / Willis Building being blown up. At one time it was the tallest building in the world. It’s in Chicago. Aside from Chicago, it is also the former home of Obama, which might also make it a target.

    • Yes, I am familiar with the case, Its a symbolic message. Remember, it was about two years ago that they showed the Nazi coin and said “there back”. Now here we are where White Nationalism is front and center. I believe they are predicting a domestic terror attack, perhaps even a major bombing.

      • Makes perfect sense. Very sad. I remember how many children died in the OKC bombing. 😦

  3. Isis has been very quiet in the West lately, and there were no attacks during the World Cup in Russia, so I hope they’re not a huge threat anymore. Eric, do you think this is the case?

  4. Eric this death of a girl matches up with what others have seen, but it was having to do with Trump. But that could also mean it just leads to other information about Trump.
    What I’ve heard is that Roger Stone (possibly others) somehow was in charge of these Madames and prostitutes and them getting info/pics/video on certain vulnerable people so that others could then falsify info, blackmail, falsely accuse and then expose them. This was done with help from the Russians.

  5. Thank you for posting these Eric, I know you weren’t sure whether to do it now or not.
    At least with me, I’m not shocked by any of this, I suspect most of our minds have been working overtime and came up with much worse.
    The silver lining is this will bring out a lot of things that needed to be cleaned up for a very long time.
    Thank you again!

  6. Eric could the large rock and “Now” in reference to the earthquake maybe?
    Also what someone (a psychic) saw recently during the Summit was Trump and Putin discussing the need for a 911 event to take the spotlight off what’s going on now. I surely hope this does not occur and pray we can foil this somehow.

  7. This *prediction* site is just turning into a political bullshit site, not worth visiting while the owner vomits his political bullshit, and no I’m not a trump fan, not even American.

    • Obviously you haven’t visited other psychic sites, because if you had you’d find they are all predicting similar messages and happenings. It is probably in your best interest, therefore, not to come here or to go to any psychic sites, because they seem to be giving the messages that upset you.

    • Hi Aiden, sometime in the next decade 2020 to 2030 a leader will rise to power making Hitler look like a choir boy. He will have more blood on his hands then anyone before him. We have every intention of becoming an obstacle for this leader. Prior to his rise in power my hope is to warn the world he is coming. Step one of that process is to master political predictions. He is a political man and if I can convince the people in that future by my consistent reputation, maybe we can stop him. Right now I do not have such a reputation nor have I mastered the political message. So I ask you if you could stop the future Hitler, would you? How far would you go? In future comments, please reframe from cursing, you are more than welcome to express your grievances without curse words, that is a WP rule not mine.

      • Thank you for the political messages you give us Eric. Most of the citizens of our world are as obsessed with the current abhorrent situation we find ourselves in. I hope negative posters don’t upset you. I have to why they bother making comments on a site they don’t appreciate. 💜

      • I just want everyone to know we are not obsessed with the happenings of Trump, that there is a completely different motive behind it all, Spirit even wants to start making political predictions in other parts of the world, this future leader must be hindered.

      • Is this the future US leader youve predicted or is it from another country?

      • If the current movements toward trade wars, isolationism, populism, etc, continue—it’s not all that far fetched to see someone like Hitler or worse rise. We’re living in the economic and political conditions that are ideal growing conditions for this. Historians are comparing our global situation to the 1930s. I also don’t believe Eric can control what he learns. And stopping someone like this from coming to power has to be paramount to anything else that comes across this site. Too bad if a few partisan toes get stepped on.

      • Eric — Oh, my bad. I thought the previous prediction about the next Hitler was a future U.S. president – the prediction you said you held back for a while because it was about our own future president Spirit was talking about.

      • Erik — So it’s the “evil man in the east” and not the “dark US president” that’s worse than Hitler? And they’re both in power at the same time?

      • I don’t think so The US president will be a demagogue, and will have no problem using his power in a violent way, that will stain the US reputation. The ‘King of Terror” will come from the east and will force the world into WW3. He isn’t just worse than this US president, he is the absolute worse ever.

      • Do you have any idea what their nationality they are? And their motives? Will it be military, perhaps WW3 or will it be ethnic cleansing ?

      • Yes but I need a bit more certainty. Religion is the motive. Yes it leads to WW3. They compare him to Genghis Khan, as if someone dead set on conquering the world in the most brutal fashion.

      • Eric,

        I am so very grateful for your selfless commitment to providing messages from Spirit in hopes to protect the world from evil. In regards to the rise of evil Hitler like leaders can Spirit convey what country this person will rise from and possibly their name (maybe it’s not safe to release this) ? There are obvious evil leaders already in power in many countries so is it someone who is not currently in power.

      • Some of their messages imply a very specific location, but that would mean there entire government would be overthrown, so I would rather not post it yet. I need certainty.

      • Kacky,
        I’d like to know the name too, but keep in mind–if it’s a common name, that could lead to people becoming hostile or paranoid towards innocent people.

      • Sounds like the Antichrist.

        Satan has to have one or more waiting in the wings each decade cuz he don’t know when Jesus is returning.

  8. 297 indictment for administering an unlawful oath 296 indictment for taking an oath to commit high treason. Could this be what the numbers are referencing?

      • Hi Eric,
        When spirit has used the word ‘Now’ in the past, what is the average time frame, from the time they say it, to the time of an event occurring?
        And thanks for the heads up on the future political leader we need to be wary of. I have heard of this before and they will initially appear fantastic- too good to be true. In a few years time when this person starts being public, I will remember your words from spirit.

  9. I wonder what happened to that Russian “model” who was arrested earlier this year in Thailand, she offered proof of Trump/Russia election collusion if she was brought to America, I read she was known to secretly record people, & if she was returned to Russia she would be killed, I can’t find an update to what ended up happening to her.
    Eric, I appreciate getting your political predictions, some of these world leaders are our greatest threat to freedom.

  10. Is the illness possibly drug overdose? That would seem like an easier coverup that wouldnt likely get big press.

  11. “Ban” + “On” + “a rock” could refer to the LeBanOn Kansas, the “Geographical Center of the United States.”

  12. Eric, we have a psychic in the UK who also picks up on some of the matters you do. She predicts the rise of this new tyrant. Her take is that he will come from the middle east although he may now be in a different country. He will have a visible injury/disability and his predecessor is fair haired.

    She predicts 3 big earth quakes to come. 1. Japan. 2. Los Angeles and 3 the South China sea. This one could cause a tsunami.

    • Its definitely the shooting with the blue door and number 23, but the visual of people walking down the street showed an explosion, so I am a bit confused? It is possible that unfortunately the prediction just has its flaws.

  13. Eric, Woke up today w/ a vivid dream/vision. All I saw was the red capitals of “CNN” shaking – 3-4 times. It was like the “Hollywood” sign in California on the mountainside. From my dream/ vision I knew that it was intense by the sign I saw shaking. CNN shows me it is newsworthy. It’s possible also that it is not a literal earthquake, but news reports that will shake us all up.

  14. Eric,
    This future leader, who’s worse that Hitler…..what exactly happens with him? Is there a war involved, discrimination, oppression of his people, or genocide? I know you said you don’t want to say much now, but maybe knowing more about this guy’s “modus operandi” would give us a better idea what kind of tyrant to keep an eye out for.
    But if you feel it’s too early to discuss all that, that’s fine too. I don’t mean to pressure you to reveal anything before we need to know it.

    It’s also concerning that a U.S. leader would prop up someone so evil.

    Whatever happens, hopefully we can prevent it. Also, what time-frame until he appears? I thought one of your posts mentioned 30 years, but I could be wrong.

  15. Eric could this be the start of the “ban” part of your prediction? The Whitehouse bans CNN reporter for asking so called “innapropriate” questions.

  16. I have been checking out your site for a couple of years now. It is unfortunate that it has become so political. I used to love coming here to see what you were predicting. However, that has changed. It is obvious your disdain for the President is now leading your predictions. That, and the fact that none of your predictions come to fruition is why I will no longer be checking out your site. It is no longer entertaining.

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  19. Eric/SWC… could this be about the visual of the rolling word “ban” over and over again? US States sue to get the 3D gun blueprints banned. Unfortunately though they were suppose to only be available online starting tomorrow, they’ve actually had the blueprints up since the 27th of July.
    This idea is just so concerning and absurd to me.

  20. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::Look here! Here is all the proof that Russia hacked the elections, explain what your doing about it.. what are you doing NOW to stop that!

    Revealed…Russia’s Social Media campaign against US.

    Russia’s influence campaign during the 2016 presidential election was a sophisticated and multifaceted effort to target the African-American community and sow political division among the public across social media platforms, according to new reports produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee.


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